Thursday, April 12, 2018

Justin Trudeau, all Huff, no puff, and more importantly, no political clout..Kinder Morgan Stageplay Unplugged

Written by Grant G

Electoral reform, "The last federal election under a first past the post electoral system" Justin Trudeau said ....I clearly remember that 2015 Justin Trudeau election promise...oh indeed, once granted his federal majority that progressive election promise was the first promise to bite the dust...buried, dead, not even a lackluster attempt....Justin just blew it off..

Trudeau made many promises in 2015....including restoring faith in a tainted, oil industry dominated NEB(National Energy Board) ...Justin talked of reforming the NEB...Trudeau himself said during our 2015 federal election that the NEB was captured by industry..

Many registered intervenors into the NEB Kinder Morgan review quit the flawed, predetermined outcome review


Intervenors are pulling out of hearing about Kinder Morgan's proposed pipeline expansion
NEB says anyone who doesn't like the process, should talk to the federal government
National Energy Board says it's following the law, despite criticism of limited scope of Kinder Morgan hearing
BURNABY (NEWS 1130) – The National Energy Board says the parties unhappy with the policy side of the process for the hearing on Kinder Morgan’s proposal to twin the Trans Mountain pipeline should take their issues up with the federal government.
The comment comes as intervenors continue to quit.
The conservation group Watershed Watch Salmon Society is the latest to abandon the hearing, saying it has no confidence the proceedings are fair.
Expert intervenors have also quit including former heads of BC Hydro and ICBC while municipalities have called the process biased.
The City of Vancouver has criticized the limited scope, but Tara O’Donovan with the NEB says they have to follow the rules Ottawa gives them.
“Our mandate is to establish, through legislation passed by Parliament and that’s what we use to conduct our reviews of any application that comes before us.”
She adds it’s disappointing groups are withdrawing because now there’s no way to have their opinions considered otherwise.


Robyn Allen quit the did Marc Elieson..

Kinder Morgan was able to avoid answering questions...they've yet to prove they can even clean up this diluted bitumen dirt oil...

Justin Trudeau....I mentioned political clout....Trudeau buckled with the Energy East pipeline proposal...he knew he'd lose many Quebec ridings...Trudeau caved, a pipeline east to bring Alberta bitumen/oil to Canada east and Trudeau buckled under...yet now drama boy prime minister wants to throw British Columbia under the bus for a dirt oil pipeline to supply Asia with this lowgrade condensate filled, petcoke filled sulpher oil...nasty toxic shit..

Justin Trudeau wants B.C. to accept a flawed NEB review, where countless intervenors quit the process, a NEB review that hid from and denied BC's public from attending...police and guards, moving the venue to non-advertised locations...The process was flawed, Justin Trudeau admitted as much while running for prime minister in 2015....Trudeau won and now he wants us BCers to accept a flawed predetermined outcome NEB review.....

I want the prime minister of Canada talk to me like an adult, an adult with at least half a brain...a pending carbon tax does not make, or grant social license to build dirt-oil pipelines here, there and Alberta tarsands emissions cap in 20 years hence, again, that is not social license to carry on polluting...

On one hand provincial and federal politicians want to take credit for reducing emissions in Asia with fracked LNG...that is a fool's thought...on the other hand these same politicians refuse to count emissions of refining the dirtiest dirt oil in the world in other parts of the same world........

Full Court Press by big media, in particular the entire coast to coast corporate rag known as Post Media...

Doom, gloom, financial ruin for Canada they proclaim....Alberta is running a $9 billion dollar deficit this year...Alberta ships 3.1 million barrels a day now...does anyone think another 400,000 barrels a day is going to remove Alberta's won't...Alberta can remove at least $6 billion of yearly deficit by merely doing what all other provinces are's called a sales tax...

And more, and more and even more....where are the other 2 1/2 million barrels going to get piped to...Prince George..Kitimat, ...another Vancouver terminal...what am I talking about...industry captured Alberta, and CAPP(Canadian Association of Pipeline Producers) is forecasting that by 2030 Alberta will be exporting 5.5 million barrels a day and that more pipelines will be is what CAPP is saying..

Executive Summary Image

Canada will need more pipelines built through to 2030 to transport an additional 1.3 million barrels per day of oil sands production to markets across North America and around the world, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) announced June 13th in its 2017 Crude Oil Forecast, Markets and Transportation report.
Overall Canadian oil production will grow to 5.1 million b/d in 2030, up from 3.85 million b/d in 2016. This 1.2 million b/d growth will be driven by a 53–per-cent increase in forecasted oil sands production of up to 3.7 million b/d in 2030 from 2.4 million b/d in 2016.

Conventional oil production is expected to remain flat, producing 884,000 b/d on average throughout the outlook.

New offshore production from the Hebron project Newfoundland and Labrador, expected at the end of 2017, will contribute to a rise in eastern Canadian output to 307,000 b/d by 2024, but thereafter, due to natural declines, forecasted production will drop to 186,000 b/d by 2030.

The projected growth will exceed the existing pipeline transportation capacity, highlighting the urgent need for pipelines heading east, west, and south. Today, the pipeline network can transport 4 million b/d of oil and oil products but by 2030 it will need to move more than 5.5 million b/d. Increased pipeline capacity to reach more Canadians and new, growing markets around the world will ensure Canada remains globally competitive.


Where are those pipelines going to go Trudeau.....? How on earth can Trudeau...or Canada say with a straight face that we give a flying fuck about the environment...?

Carbon Taxes....I've said it before and i'll say it again....i'm not completely opposed to a carbon tax...unless, if I see emissions falling, or an honest effort being in BC our emissions will skyrocket with an LNG industry, a carbon tax exempt LNG industry...BC will blow up our emissions, miss every target again, miss badly while regular folk pay more and more....Trudeau's national carbon tax, contingent upon shipping millions more barrels of dirty bitumen per day...

I don't like paying a carbon tax while watching our emissions zoom skyward....emissions from refining dirt oil in other countries must be counted...Big energy want to take credit for lng possibly lowering emissions in Asia, although fracked gas, turned into LNG, shipped across the big ocean, regasified then burnt...that whole process, counting all the methane leaks is as dirty as coal...however.

We can't ignore the emissions from transporting and refining Alberta dirt oil overseas...

Let me be perfectly clear....If Trudeau wants to be a dirt oil emperor...take off your green coloured Paris climate summit thinkers around the world are already laughing at Trudeau...laughing at Canada...word salad, bafflegab political blather coming from Trudeau..Carr..McKenna...more bafflegab coming from Rachel Notley....what happened Rachel...who are you, you've destroyed the Alberta NDP Party and you are now pitiless desperate to capture some Conservative votes..

Political clout....Rachel Notley is going to get thoroughly thrashed in Alberta election 2019.....Jason Kenney will win, I despise him badly but that isn't the issue, those are the facts on the ground...Rachel Notley is making a complete ass of herself for naught...Notley will be unemployed in 2019, or at best, still the leader of meek, weak shrunken bit party....those are the facts on the ground...Notley rather than trying to bring in progressive regulations and leave her mark on Alberta before she's, instead oily Rachel has gone to bed with big oil....Rachel Notley will leave office with nothing to show for her time there with the exception of an oil-stained mattress..

Jason Kenney....He will be Alberta premier and Kenney will go to the wall in fighting any federal carbon is Saskatchewan....and more...Doug Ford very soon will be premier of Ontario, he too is vowing to fight any federal imposed carbon tax....and as for Trudeau's off in the distance Alberta tar sand emissions cap...CAPP/big oil...they're already lobbying for exemptions on emissions reporting, and any money collected through fines or carbon tax, CAPP wants that money returned to industry too...Trudeau's carbon tax is in big trouble....Trudeau's Alberta emissions cap is a figment of one's imagination, it's decades off and any government, at anytime can remove it....a Federal conservative government will remove the proposed emissions cap, and if Liberals remain in power...They won't enforce a emissions cap, they'll merely water it down...just like what happened to BC's 2020 GHG reduction goals...I remind..BC was supposed to reduce our GHG levels measured in  2007 by 33% by 2020....those targets have been punted to 2030..and LNG makes it impossible to reduce, our emissions will skyrocket....The point being...a carbon tax, a proposed emissions cap...these acts and deeds are meaningless when our provincial and national emissions skyrocket and our target goals get punted decades away....the public isn't stupid...

We have election timing on our side....Justin Trudeau is already sagging in the polls, Andrew Scheer is polling higher than our Jack of diamonds prime minister Justin Trudeau..


Justin Trudeau has 18 seats in British Columbia.......Trudeau has 4 Alberta seats....and 1 seat in Saskatchewan....

Those seat numbers....Trudeau will not gain in Alberta...Alberta is going back to Conservative rule bigtime...Notley is gone..she can't deliver Trudeau any more Alberta ridings in 2019...Rachel Notley can't even save her own seat...or save her bizzarro NDP oil Party...

Saskatchewan will not turn Liberal red either, no gains to be made there...With Trudeau hemorrhaging support in Ontario...a Ontario soon to be governed by Conservative Doug Ford...With Trudeau wobbly in Quebec....his electoral reform broken promise...his not-fooling-anyone carbon tax/emissions cap social license bafflegab routine...

Justin Trudeau doesn't have the political clout to push Kinder Morgan diluted bitumen pipeline through....BCers will call Trudeau's and Notley's bluff..

That brings me to Premier John Horgan.....who i'm not sure is really against Kinder could be, it probably is mere posturing theatrics...after he approved the Site C boondoggle and offered $billions in subsidies to foreign fraccers and big energy....after losing the environmental and progressive factions of BC/s NDP Party...with teetering with Andrew Weaver befalling his corporate uturn government...Horgan may merely be play acting...

However...if John Horgan is serious..

Horgan has been summoned to Ottawa for a sitdown with the principle..eer, I mean drama teacher Justin Trudeau and nurse Ratched...eer, I mean Rachel Notley...


If John Horgan is serious about stopping Kinder Morgan...

Postmedia, Global, CTV, CBC...Radio...none of our Canadian mainstream media is showing what can happen when oil/diluted bitumen pipelines go wrong...

There's a oil slick right now in the China sea the size of France....There was the big Husky Oil spill last year...The Kalamazoo river pipeline disaster, there is a ongoing pipeline disaster right now off the coast of Borneo..and who can forget the Exxon Valdez disaster....still not cleaned up, and court imposed fines still not paid, 30 years later...

We need a B.C. government advertising campaign highlighting these disasters..government ads showing the environmental of dead fish, oil covered birds...John Horgan can whip up public sentiment...someone has to, our mainstream media is only talking made up financial one is talking about or showing the carnage from spilled oil, or spilled diluted bitumen...

The people of BC need to be reminded, shocked, our worldwide reputation as a green environment is at risk...our coastlines at risk, our Salmon and Orca....our tourism industry and gawd help us all, what would a major Burrard inlet spill do to property values....Diluted bitumen cannot be cleaned up in water...Kinder Morgan walked away from the clean up question, because they couldn't provide an honest answer....hundreds of rivers and streams put at risk..avalanches, earthquakes and human error...

John Horgan was granted an electoral mandate, he has the power of the purse, he has the ability to inform the public with visual messages, visual information and shock the people with images of the carnage, he can counter the full-court press being employed by Postmedia and Capp, and those sellout media personalities who were ordered to walk the corporate walk or lose their job....Tamara Taggert and Mike Kileen were axed for that exact reason...they weren't corporate bible thumpers...thus they were Drex was shuffled off into the wee hours...too lefty for prime time....

John don't deserve my advice, however, I care more about the environment and future generations than anything I bite my lip and offer you advice...bring the BC people onboard, visualize the disasters, show the oil carnage....

We have federal election timing on our side....

Justin Trudeau doesn't have the political clout to ram it through....

Time to make hay....Time to play political hardball..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

It seems to me you have summed it up very well, as usual. It will be interesting to see what Mr. Horgan does next. I remain disappointed on Site C, so I am not expecting much different from Horgan this time. Seems the only thing politicians of all stripes do consistently these days is sell us out to the corporate interests. And they will say anything at all to position themselves so they can do it. So unfortunately this is kind of like watching clowns or maybe the three stooges - fighting with shovels complete with stupid sound effects, with our coastlines at stake. It's hard to take them seriously, except the stakes are so high.

I really hope Mr. Horgan will surprise us, but based on track record so far, not holding my breath.

Young Mr. Trudeau - disappointed, but not surprised. The bloom is definitely off that plastic rose. No respect at all for that serial promise-breaker. A tiny bit better than Harper? Not sure at this point.

Ms. Notely - totally despise her tactics, but I suppose one could say she is representing her constituents. Actually feel a tiny bit sorry for her - not too sorry, though.

Rob said...

The traitor Horgan is in Ottawa today and was interviewed by CBC. He stated that maybe going to court was not the best way because "Horgan suggests he's open to compromise"

I am ready to give up! Where do we go from here?

Anonymous said...

Nice to have you back Grant.

Mr. Horgan has a great opportunity to stand up for the rights of all those who cannot speak but exist on our fragile coast. LOOP is one of the primary reasons Kinder Morgan has apparently backed down - not because of BC protests. They can sit back now and let the TM pipeline fail, sue the government for 7+ billion, and all the shareholders will be happy.

Hugh said...

Robyn Allan said BC drivers would pay more for gasoline to pay for the KM expansion.
BC drivers also will pay a rising carbon tax on gasoline to supposedly address GHG emissions.
Now we hear taxpayers may be funding the risky KM expansion.

Anonymous said...

I watched 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' the other night. Where your pics are from - which younger people probably don't know.
Brilliant film from a brilliant book.
The depressing thing is that things have not gone forward since then. they have gone backwards.
Ironically the saying 'money talks, shit walks' was a misnomer. It should actually read: 'money talks, truth walks'
It, in the earlier days of the internet, used to read, 'money lies, truth flies', but since the net has largely been taken over by huge corporations there is very little truth to be found there. They (corporations) watch every move you make and if they don't like you they will take away your ability to comment, record every thing you type and if you don't have money will destroy your ability to get a job or earn you own income. With the help of fascist young cunts and of course AI bots. The 'Age of Communication' has already turned into the 'Age of Nightmares'
kinda depressing.
Money talks truth walks? Money lies truth cries? Take your pick.
Truth is,
money has largely taken over opinion on the internet. It sucks.
Make it clear to you: I do not want to have to register with a huge company like Google or Facebook or Disqus in order to make comments on anything. Especially as I know it will likely be slighted off and denied comment, and definitely know that everything I say will be available (conveniently) to any company I have applied to a job from.
They trace everything you do and record everything you say, putting every thought you have under the microscope of fear. It sucks!
Young people grow up with that, realizing that every thing they say on line will be examined by probably hundreds of for profit and against idealism companies; and decide they can no longer tell the truth about anything because they have to find a way to survive. How's that for 'democracy'?
Get real Grant. You and I know that putting down Natives is a sure fire recipe for destroying them, and if we destroy them we destroy ourselves. As an example there are Native leaders right now who went down to Texas to address the share owners in Kindred Morgan and tell them that it is not a done deal: Sure some of them have agreed or given in to money to not oppose the pipeline expansion but there are some tribes who just said no.
I wish them the best of luck because they are the ones who have the GUTS to campaign for all of us in having a safe and environmentally friendly environment for the people of BC to live in a healthy environment.
Here's where it gets interesting. Do you think that they do that because white people in the environment industry try to influence them? Maybe, but not really, they see that their environment and way of life is about to be hugely negatively impacted by foreign corporations like Kindred Morgan. And I am behind them 100%
Because my environment and way of live is also about to be 100% negatively impacted.

Anonymous said...

Hey Grant ... bye.
Hope they don't surround you with a rope and call it democracy.
cuz, in OUR definition MOCKRACY, is anyone who don't believe in our definition should be burned at the stake. Whooops! That happened a few centuries ago. Or did it?
Can't remember when or if we ever had a picture when Nurse Ratchet wasn't in charge.
All heil Freud, all heil fake news and history, all heil the current paradigm of forever.
I HEIL the current corrupt beliefs in 'mockracy' cuz if I don't,
they will first capture me and fill me with preHistoric drugs, Then hook up my brain cells to electricity to sort me out, then reach into my brain and surgically remove my 'anti-democratic' thoughts, leaving me a compete dummy for history to contemplate. In case anyone happened to agree with me. We haven't gone forward, we have gone backward.
'magine if I were an alien in Texas. And got captured by gubmint money. They would put me in a hole three times six and deny me any right to speak on anything, but especially the right to fight for my own country and environment. That is the digital definition globalism.
If I disagree, there is nurse Ratchet (USA/Israel) with all the drugs and surgical (digital) equipment to set me straight. Oh yay, oh yay!
The only decent part of that movie is the big Indian got to escape and I hope he is still roaming free somewhere.
Reminds me of Tony, the big Indian I knew who took no shit from anyone.
You remember Tony in the movie? Played deaf and dumb to avoid being taken over by the white woman nurse Ratchet? Well, that wasn't the Tony I knew.
Yours Sincerely,
Billy Bibbet.