Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Mike De Jong Campaigns For Unfettered Name Calling in our BC Legislature

Written by Grant G

Faggot, wetback, nips, lesbos, waps, ......there are far too many derogatory names to cite here...

in 2001 the NDP party was reduced to two seats in our legislative house...Then Gordon Campbell refused to recognize those two NDP MLAs as a political party...It was petty politics then..

For 16 years BC Liberal appointed legislative speakers allowed this disrespectful sickness to fester.

Linda Reid was partisan in her rulings, she too allowed disgusting behaviour to fester unchecked.

When I was a boy....racism was everywhere, and today, in 2017, things are better, there are anti-bullying campaigns, pink shirt rallies, those gendered different have equal rights, yet for some strange reason BC Liberals want to remain in the ugly past...Their last leader, Christy Clark was nasty and divisive 24/7...Christy Clark lost the election, ...Christy Clark's personal nastiness cost the BC Liberals power..

Postmedia, and Global BC....Vaughn Palmer and Keith Baldrey want the childish name-calling to continue...their reasoning calling is a long standing in it was done in the past.

Done in the past...lynching, internment, extermination based on race, or religion..

I've watched the proceedings in our BC Legislature for the last 17 years and..

And, this current session, an angry BC Liberal Party are hurling insults, glaring, screaming and worse...BC Liberal opposition members are making demands as if they were still government...Lois Jackson, mayor of Delta...Before Christy Clark quit, and ran away, ..Lois Jackson was hollering for a meeting with government, a meeting that included Christy Clark...Lois Jackson was confused...opposition leaders are not part of the decision making process, opposition leaders are not included in meetings, trade missions, ....

and therein lies part of the problem, BC Liberals still haven't learned their new role, and what I believe to be, longterm role..they are opposition, not government..

Election 2017...."I am Linda".....false accusations made by Christy Clark against John Horgan, accusing Horgan of crimes, of hacking the BC Liberal Party website..a claim Christy Clark knew was false, Christy didn't care that she lied...Christy Clark and the BC Liberal Party accused "I am Linda" of being an NDP plant...another false claim, a claim the BC Liberal Party knew was false....

BC Liberal operative Shane Mills drove around in a nasty "troll truck" stalking the Horgan campaign..

This strategy came directly out of Christy Clark's office...

PostMedia and Global BC, Black Press....Palmer, Baldrey, Fletcher, ...all endorsed these activities, only after the BC Liberal defeat did these corporate clowns call these BC Liberal tactics stupid...if it would have worked..Palmer and company would have praised those BC Liberal activities..

Name calling by Province Newspaper hack writer Michael Smyth...he too loves the childish name calling..

Yes, I called Michael Smyth a "hack" writer...that's fair game, when Michael Smyth makes assertions he knows are false, ...Like the departure of Petronas and CNOOC was the fault of the NDP...HAWGWASH!

That is/was hack writing...Petronas left, CNOOC left because BC is a greenfield proposal and there's a massive LNG glut..neither LNG company could secure any buyers of LNG...just like Woodfibre LNG, they too have stalled, no buyers of LNG, equals no FID..

Back to the name-calling bru ha ha....

If Mike De Jong, Rich Coleman, Shirley Bond and all the other BC Liberals want to run on a campaign of unfettered name calling in our BC Legislature...have at it..

As a political hawk, and accurate reader of public sentiment....

This BC Liberal red meat tactic only appeals to their hardcore rightwing base...

Welcome to perpetual opposition BC Liberals...

As for Keith Baldrey...Michael Smyth, and Vaughn Palmer....wayyyy past their best before date..


I applaud Darryl Plecas for showing courage by trying to bring our Legislature into the 21st century(thank you..Grant G)

I called Michael Smyth a "hack writer"....that moniker has been confirmed....70 people died last year on BC roads because of distracted device using drivers....only a crude bitter Michael Smyth would write this...

My gawd Smyth.....time for you to go..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes and Ears Wide Open



North Van's Grumps said...

Have you noticed .... Baldrey, Palmer and Smyth have taken great strides in pointing out the gender imbalance of the Members of the BC Legislature per Party and yet the journalists have neither 'Female' nor 'Other' manning the reporters desks

Unknown said...

There is no fury like a theif who's had the loot snatched away...How ABOUT those pensions?