Tuesday, November 29, 2016

LNG-Site C-Phony Press Releases-BC Liberal Bullshit Exposed

Tune in Wednesday night and listen to CanadianGlen and Grant G discuss the burning issues facing British Columbia...

The myth of LNG riches debunked...

The economic boondoggle Site C....The bankrupting of BC Hydro and financial threats to Hydro ratepayers.

Kinder Morgan...The prosperity myth exposed, ..The real environmental risks highlighted, you can't undo the damge of a bitumen spill in waterways.

The never-ending Christy Clark ad nauseum election 2017 called out for what it is...nauseating, desperate, lied-filled....and as usual, BC Liberals promising to fix the problems they let fester while governing over the last 16 years..still blaming the NDP of the 90s...And yes, $$$ millions of taxpayer dollars squandered on feel-good back-patting advertising....The hypocrisy of corporate Christy Clark...The gaseous lies of Rich Coleman....Fraud, corruption, and morally depraved BC Liberals...Premier Christy Clawback bus passes Clark..

Christy In Wonderland - Will The Lies Ever Stop? with Grant G


Tune in, turn on, become enlightened, informed and most certainly.....ENRAGED....!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

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istvan said...

well well now the young fellow has approved a pipeline that will not happen.