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Christy Clark's 2017 Election Gambit(LNG Redux) and The Stunning Display of Postmedia Publishing Rubbish..A Straight Goods Special

Written by Grant G

It absolutely amazes me, no matter how stupid, how outrageous, no matter what this BC liberal government says or does all we hear from our employed by Postmedia or employed by Global/CTV legislative media is.....not much, usually nothing..

Vaughn Palmer..Michael Smyth..Keith Baldrey....last week education minister Mike Bernier threw a hail Bernie Madoff pass, eer, I mean a Hail Mary pass at the Vancouver School Board.

The pure unadulterated gall emanating from Christy Clark's governing playbook is almost too much to believe... 

Christy Clark's 2013 election campaign theme was "Families First" and something about a "$trillion dollar LNG windfall"...Let's discuss the former first..

Families First...Why isn't Vaughn Palmer, Michael Smyth, Keith Baldrey laughing at and or mocking in print, on TV or radio Christy Clark?

That answer comes first...The sold out to the far rightwing corporate agenda company, also known as Postmedia and Global BC...The only possible plausible answer is....

Postmedia and Global BC have forbidden their personalities to say, report, write about anything that could, or would harm business interests and or this corporate owned BC Liberal Party, no longer is the public informed of the truth, the realities on the ground, Global BC and Postmedia no longer inform Joe public of any scandals, any corruption if it involves their preferred side, that being the side of Mega-Corporation and Mega-Corporation's bought government, The BC Liberals ... with the loss of honest journalism, with writers handcuffed, with only one-sided skewed reporting and spin,  our mainstream media is no longer serving Joe public, in their eyes Joe public is merely an obstacle in need of being bent and twisted...

  None of those long serving legislative scribes had the courage to challenge their employer, i'm not talking about those above mentioned legislative scribes doing anything radical, violent or ill toward...writing the truth would be a good start, a little balance perhaps..

The hypocrisy..  Vancouver and surrounding areas are grappling with a real estate reverse meltdown, politicians are pretending to be scrambling to get it under control, press conferences and vague words, promises of doing something, sometime...and 11th hour blather and ridiculous proposal by Mike Bernier and the ministry of education...Telling the VSB, publicly(Twitter) I might add, to sell a money generating asset(real Estate) to pay a portion(1/4) of the budget shortfall...more fuel on a burning market, and the gall, the BC Liberals will take an ownership share to advance the sale quickly....come on..who is it Christy Clark?..Which one of the BC Liberal party donors wants Kingsgate mall..the Beedies, ?..Is it the Wall's...who wants the land Christy.....I remember too well the sweet deal Christy Clark made to sell(give) away Burke Mountain land at 1/10 of the value to her attempting to force the VSB to do the same....Only an idiot can't see where and or who thunk of the VSB proposal..Teacher hating public education hating Christy Clark....Families First..Christy Clark's party donating family first, and only her family..

Christy must be grinning, she gets to jab and poke the VSB while simultaneously rewarding her wealthy friends.. 

How can the three stooges remain silent, ...never mind.

Now the latter....Christy Clark 2013 election promise of a "$trillion dollar LNG windfall"

There was two LNG as it pertains to British Columbia articles published article, reported by small-time media Alaska Highway News...That article informs Joe Public of what a Petronas insider is saying about the Pacific Northwest LNG terminal project...and it's brutal news for Christy Clark's LNG election gambit....and more...if one looks at what the Petronas insider is really a nutshell...Petronas is not going to make a final investment decision regardless of the expected by the end of September federal decision on the project, even if the project gets the federal nod..Petronas will not make a final investment decision until June 2017...

That's right folks..three weeks after our 2017 provincial election.....!!!! That can't be a coincidence..It tells me two things, number one..Petronas is prepared to play with our 2017 election, by playing, I mean Petronas will suggest to BC's public that if the NDP are elected they won't go forward with the project..secondly..

Christy Clark, Gordon Wilson will put that scenario front and center in the BC Liberal's 2017 election campaign...something like this..

If The NDP are elected BC's LNG windfall will vanish, all the hardwork we BC Liberals put into developing a new mega-industry for British Columbian's will have been for not..

The article in AHN

the Petronas insider had more to say..much much more..


The head of an advocacy group for B.C.'s oil and gas service sector says it could be almost another year before Petronas makes an investment decision on its Pacific NorthWest LNG facility.

At the annual general meeting of Energy Services BC late last month, President Dave Turchanski told members that, according to a source within the company, the Malaysian oil and gas giant likely won't make a final investment decision on Pacific NorthWest until June 2017.

The facility, which would be built on Lelu Island near Prince Rupert, would process gas from Northeast B.C. for export to Asia. It is undergoing a review by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, with a decision expected by

"At the earliest is June of 2017, Petronas might come out with a final investment decision (FID)," Turchanski said in an interview.

"If they come out with an FID, that doesn't mean they're going to go to work right away. They might delay it another year, they might delay it two years, they might delay it five years."


A possible June 2017 decision(FID) one month after our 2017 provincial election, and even then, construction to be delayed up to another 5 year..that would be 2022/2023...and if the LNG glut looks to persist longer?..Then as this writer wrote last year...Petronas is out..they will never build in BC ..unless, unless we pay them to take the gas...

When is Postmedia going to report on the real LNG story...

There is a LNG glut until 2026 or later, with new technology, with renewable power, with country after country discovering they have their own domestic natural gas reserves...

With China building windfarms in Pakistan..With Egypt developing their own domestic gas, Israel developing mammoth gas deposits in their backyard...With China, India, Middle East, Qatar, Iran, Russia...neighbours working with neighbours...

Longterm LNG buying contracts inked for between $4 and $5 dollars per MM BTU,s...That my friends is the new longterm price bench and unless someone can deliver it cheaper, or has access to free gas reserves to liquefy...Petronas and others can't make any money to be made, no expenditure of $billions..

Those are the facts on the ground..

I did mention there was two B.C. related LNG articles published yesterday..The other article was posted by Postmedia's Calgary Herald writer(spinner) Chris Varcoe...

In the Postmedia article published the same day as the Alaska Highway News LNG the Postmedia article there is no mention of Petronas's NEW DELAY..the article does mention how bad B.C.'s and Canada's LNG is fairing, they mention the gas glut, they mention the LNG headwinds facing British can't deny the OVERT realities!...The Calgary Herald LNG article talks of a possible ray of hope for the B.C. LNG industry...

This readers is where propaganda and piss-poor reporting rears it's Postmedia head, where journalism leaves the page, where even the most basic background data is ignored, the Chris Varcoe article at this point relies on mere quotes from a LNG industry promoter..


Canadian natural gas producers have been battered by relentless headwinds in recent years and the challenges ahead look daunting, looming like summer storm clouds hanging over the Prairies.
But even with the problems created by low prices, shrinking exports, massive production increases in the United States and depressed drilling activity at home, there are slivers of hope on the horizon — if the sector can get through the gale.
A new report by the Canadian Energy Research Institute predicts natural gas production in the country is likely to rise over the next two decades along with prices. As well, demand inside Canada will continue to grow.....

We’ve come to a significant crossroads,” says Dinara Millington, CERI’s vice-president of research. “Do we want Canada to be an international player in the LNG game or not? It’s pretty clear where the industry stands on this. It’s not quite clear where the governments are.”

Canada could remain as a net exporter of natural gas through the next 20 years,” the report concludes.

However, the ray of hope for the sector’s future comes with the assumption Canada will approve and build an LNG terminal on the British Columbia coast — something that hasn’t yet occurred. 

If that happens, CERI projects an increase in exports of four billion cubic feet a day. If it doesn’t happen, Millington says the idea of ramping up production won’t materialize and Canadian gas output will stagnate or dip.

“We might literally miss the boat,” she warns.

First, Let me remind you who CERI is......


Mr. Mike Cleland?

Former CEO of the Canadian Gas Association


Mr. Terry Abel

Director, Oil Sands at

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

____________ Mr. Kendall Dilling

Vice President, Environment and Regulatory

Cenovus Energy Inc

Mr. Michael W. Ekelund

Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategic Initiative
Alberta Department of Energy


Mr. Allan FogwillPresident and CEO
Canadian Energy Research Institute

Mr. Fogwill previously worked for natural gas distribution companies in BC..Alberta and Ontario


Mr. Kevin Heffernan

Mr. Hefferman was a stakeholder in Trident Exploration, a private company developing coalbed methane..


CERI is a group of industry insiders with vested financial interests, in other words, the more gas and oil moved and produced, the more money those individuals make....(This reported in the link directly below)

Full Stop....

In that Calgary Herald article written by Postmedia's Chris Varcoe..he repeated a quote from ....

Dinara Millington, CERI’s vice-president of research

and I quote...

"However, the ray of hope for the sector’s future comes with the assumption Canada will approve and build an LNG terminal on the British Columbia coast — something that hasn’t yet occurred."

Do you see that..there it is, overt, glaring, as plain as the nose on your face...Vice president of CERI's research department..Research, are you kidding me, what research, read the, let me point it out again...

However, the ray of hope for the sector’s future comes with the assumption Canada will approve and build an LNG terminal on the British Columbia coast — something that hasn’t yet occurred...

First point...Canada isn't building anything, energy companies are proposing building LNG terminals and...

Shell Canada had all the permits to build, they had a 40 year export license, a First Nations deal, they had a federal environmental certificate and all the required BC oil and Gas Commission permits...

Shell Canada had everything except customers buying gas at a profitable price point...AltaGas, Christy Clark's Burrard bridge yogafest sponsor..

AltaGas had all the permits too, a First Nation deal, a NEB export licence, an EA certificate, again, they had everything except gas buying customers...Yesterday, in a article published in the Alaska Highway News...

A Petronas insider told the press that PNW LNG, even if it gets a greenlight from the CEAA they will delay constructing anything until 2022....

With BC gas revenues in the negative to the tune of $1 billion plus once all the drilling credits are calculated...How is a maybe in 2022 construction start going to create this miracle..the "ray of hope"

How can Dinara Millington, CERI’s vice-president of research state such a blatant lie? is a can a Postmedia scribe repeat a blatant lie...Shell Canada and Altagas's federal approvals were not kept in a secret vault...This is basic information..


Vancouver, British Columbia, June 17, 2015— LNG Canada announced today that the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) has approved the project’s Environmental Assessment and the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) has issued an Environmental Assessment Certificate for its proposed four train liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminal in Kitimat, B.C. The provincial and federal approvals conclude the project’s environmental assessment review process.

“We have made significant progress to advance our project over the past year,” said Andy Calitz, CEO of LNG Canada. “Receiving both provincial and federal approval of our Environmental Assessment is a critical milestone on our path to making a final investment decision. We could not have achieved this without input from the local community of Kitimat and First Nations, and we appreciate the local knowledge they shared with us.”




Posted February 25 2016

In another blow to B.C.'s nascent liquefied natural gas industry, AltaGas Ltd. is shelving the development of its Douglas Channel LNG plant near Kitimat.
The decision to halt work on the project was blamed on poor economic conditions and worsening global energy prices.

"We believe the project could deliver LNG to Japan at very competitive prices," AltaGas CEO David Cornhill said Thursday.
"However, without a meaningful offtake agreement the consortium can no longer continue the development of the project."
AltaGas, along with its global partners in the project, had been aiming for the project near Kitimat, B.C., to begin exporting LNG in 2018.
The announcement comes just weeks after Shell Canada announced it was postponing its final investment decision (FID) on their huge LNG terminal proposal in Kitimat until the end of the year.

Significant decisions to come

Minister of Natural Gas Development Rich Coleman said today's news does not mean B.C.'s LNG industry is in trouble.

"I don't think so," Coleman said Thursday.


Sure thing Rich Coleman..whatever you say...

You see folks, here is what bothers me, how can a mainstream omit such facts, repeat industry lies, Altagas had all the needed permits, they were greenlighted, they, Altagas cancelled the build because no banks were going to lend money for a project that was destined to lose money..thus the plug was pulled..

So how can a Vice president of research at CERI  say with a straight face that no approvals have been granted...

How can Dinara Millington, CERI’s vice-president of research say the only thing that can save the LNG industry is if Canada grants federal approvals... when in fact the federal Government has granted two approvals..

 CERI’s vice-president Dinara Millington needs a new title...

Vice president of CERI's word salad division..


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Danneau said...

Smoke from the keyboard, steam from the ears, and all for good reason. The intransigence of the press in support of greed and corruption is particularly galling because of the perhaps mistaken assumption that, given reasonable information, we might, as a collective electorate, choose a different direction. Sadly, even that is not assured, and I worry that I seem to be able to find a wealth of real content and analysis, but this seems to be beyond the reach of a vast majority of my fellow citizens. I would love to draw some hope from RossK's little reference from yesterday, but I fear it may be overly optimistic, and that, in any case, it might amount to some of the "too little, too late" routine. Compliments to you and the rest of the valiant Cassandra Brigade. I'm going through some technical issues, or i'd continue to do my bit from out here on the periphery.

Anonymous said...

Keith was taught by his parents not to talk with his mouth full. By now you should realize that he has liberal sausage in his mouth at all time. He is just being polite and showing good manners.

Anonymous said...

Bc public getting placated patronized pacified and bc railroaded with site c and Massey bridge projects?

Ruthy M Boehm said...

BC Liberals Propaganda specialists taken from WW2. Not in the least surprised anymore

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