Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Anatomy of a Jellyfish, Michael Smyth Edition

Written by Facebook Commenters

It absolutely amazes me what passes as journalism, in particular political/legislative journalism..

I`m not talking about some recent graduate from journalism school but no other than Michael Smyth..

How on earth can the Province Newspaper and Michael Smyth keep a straight face after putting their names to Smyth`s latest..

You see, this is what Robin Mathews writes about, what I and many other internet scribers write about...A Failed media, but it`s more than that, one can only come to the conclusion, that these MIchael Smyth type scribers are either getting financial benefit from the current sitting government and or their job and paycheque are at risk by corporate bosses, what other conclusion could one possibly reach?...Because, who in their right mind would print this article or admit to actually writing it!...

Michael Smyth`s latest effort is stunning, and, the word "effort"  was meant as sarcasm, what effort, Michael Smyth`s latest Province Newspaper column is lacking any effort, a piss-poor pre-Christmas mail-in useless column produced by veteran legislative columnist Michael Smyth.....

Columnist, Michael Smyth considers himself a columnist, but in fact Michael Smyth has in fact found the fountain of youth...He has gone back to his early days, a time when he wasn`t asked to research facts, Smitty has gone back to his "cub-Reporter" days...Michael Smyth merely records comments and statements from the sitting government and then prints them verbatim ....That`s it, not a second thought, whether the government statements and comments or true or false matters not..

Michael Smyth typifies BC`s legislative media community to a tee....Lazy, going through the motions, no interest in scoops, scandal, or the truth.....

British Columbia`s legislative/political media are all vying to win the Sean Leslie prize, ...That prize is lifetime employment with the current corrupt sitting government, employment for life for Sean Leslie and Spouse...To win the much coveted award...One must show the ability to deflect, diffuse and disassemble any and all BC Liberal scandals and crimes to a gullible listening public.

Hey Michael Smyth, rumor has it you leading the pack, leading the nominations, although Tom Fletcher`s people believe he`s in the running too....And I agree, Tom Fletcher is gunning hard for the next awarding..

I recommend everyone reads Michael Smyth`s latest Province Newspaper column..

The above picture atop the post poses a question...."What is a wimp?" We`ll come back to that later..

Directly below is the second best part of Michael Smyth`s lame article, that being the Title..

Smyth: Premier Clark tries to mop up her government’s mess from 2015

The best part of Michael Smyth`s column are the Facebook commenters that respond to Shitty Smitty`s latest column

Here they are..


Ben Dixon ·

There was evidence which was destroyed, and not accidentally, with respect to the deaths of children. All forms of correspondence within the ministry could have been retrieved and examined. To avoid fault and or negligence, the government didn't accidentally delete one or two items by accident. The entire system was run this way! This government has been running this province for years, and even have a deputy premier who is ex-rcmp, and has been there since day one, along with a number of other ex-RCMP within the ministry; so don't give us this lame excuse of having the system reviewed after all these years and now making appropriate changes (to resolve this problem!!???)
PLUS with the executive director from the previous Liberal 'regime' in Ontario is hired by Clarke and pegged for the same crap. At least they're doing a proper investigation back in Ontario. Where's our investigation?

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Andy Amp
Ontario has a police force that does something.
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Marg Hurley ·

Step on up to the curb Christy, it's trash time
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Laurie Lesko ·

..Alas...The Duchess of Kelowna speaks out. Big deal...More lies. Watch as she sees to it that Mary Ellen Turpel Lafonde is turffed. Triple deleting will continue as will the hiring of her close friends. Just another year with the liberal rackateers in power.
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Richard Ewing ·

Jobs and economic growth? I foresee increasing demand in the torches & pitchforks sector...
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Randall Isaak
Clark's plan has been triple deleted by market forces beyond any politicians controlling desires! Billions of promises is far more accurate than billions from LNG! Cue up the inevitable plethora of excuses why her big promises will never happen!
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George Custer
That must be one big mop!
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Vernon Russell ·

how be we mop her rught out of office what a greatb christmas present that would be to the province eh
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Alfred Ian Overton ·

Clean up the trash? She is the trash.
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Howard Tweed ·
Works at Retired

Exactly . Krusty and her Lie Liberals are total trash .
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Nan Nemo ·

Howard Tweed NOT True Liberals, Gordo changed the name to fool the foolish electorate who werent paying attention. Thier SOCIAL CREDIT! Cockroach Clark, cantvwait to stomp you in the POLLS
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Rick Clarke ·

The women must be delusional yes?
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Stewart McKay ·

Hey Christy. ..GFYS
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G Barry Stewart ·

"“We have a plan, we’re following the plan and we’re delivering on the plan.”

Last week: "All you can do is try and do everything you can do."

The woman is a fountain of excess gas.

I'd like to hear what her plan is and what the results are. Mr. Smyth should have made her squirm on that tangent. Perhaps she was talking about the "Prosperity Fund"? http://northerninsights.blogspot.ca/.../distortions-and...
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Bryan Weist ·

if she really wants to clean this place up she should start by resigning. mind you, only honourable people do honourable things , so that won't happen.
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Those are some great comments.....

There is better journalism and factual data all through those Facebook comments,....Funny though, where does Joe-Public get this information, get those facts, how is it Facebook commenters have all this information on BC Liberal corruption and Christy Clark dirt when senior, longtime, as in decades long veteran of the BC Legislature Michael Smyth has no data,..as in zero, scoopless Michael Smyth is a mere stenographer, again..!

There was one more Facebook comment under Michael Smyth`s column and it deserves honourable mention, however, you must first read Michael Smyth`s column to fully appreciate Michael Sevigny`s comment(Smyth`s column is linked directly below)

Below in italics is that comment.....Take note British Columbia....And Hey, Michael Smyth, yes, your year ending column is just that lame, ...it certainly didn`t fool Michael Sevigny...

Michael Sevigny

How charitable to help Christy explain her potshots against the NDP in the middle of the article supposedly about all the bad stuff the Liberals did. Although I'm not sure Smyth actually says the Liberals did anything bad, just that bad things happened, somehow, in the general vicinity of the Liberal party, and boy will that be a pain to clean up, hey did you know the NDP loves deficits? The BC Liberals have been in power for fifteen years! How can you let them slide on saying they'll start trying to fix things NOW?!
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Yea, we do notice Michael Smyth....

Oh, and the answer to the question posed in the picture atop this posting...

Answer-Michael Smyth

Merry Christmas everyone

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Hugh said...

BC Total provincial debt growing by over $2 billion a year, most years, see Table A13 p. 60:


Jon said...

Sure, you're right to call this out: these guys are smothering our democracy. And smyth is surely one of the worst. A sold-out scribbler for the party. These people are employed because they're comprised to such an extent that they'll do as they're told. Hell, ya', he's paid off to go easy and divert. He wouldn't last log acting as a real watchdog and looking out for the public. Many better than ole' smitty toil in obscurity while the political conversation of this province withers from lack of solid media.

No doubt he's also a member the media wing at the local lodge. He's of that society with secrets, and a asset to that all-but secret society. No, brother smitty couldn't tell the truth in print even if his soul depended on it. He's taken too many backhanders and pledged himself for another cause.

But when the abuses stretch from the government, to the media, onto the police and beyond to the judiciary, so completely that they allow for no way to right things, it is then you shall know the time to rise has been engaged.

May you all have a Merry Christmas.
And let's hope there can be peace on the earth; and that all men show good will toward one another (for at least this one day of the year:-)