Tuesday, November 24, 2015

British Columbia Media, Inoculated!

Written by Grant G 

Directly below is the Webster dictionary meaning of the word INOCULATED...


Full Definition of INOCULATE

transitive verb
a :  to introduce a microorganism into <inoculate mice with anthrax> <beans inoculated with nitrogen-fixing bacteria>
b :  to introduce (as a microorganism) into a suitable situation for growth
c :  to introduce immunologically active material (as an antibody or antigen) into especially in order to treat or prevent a disease <inoculate children against diphtheria>
:  to introduce something into the mind of
:  to protect as if by inoculation
Don`t know exactly when it happened, not sure how many of you can see it, almost positive that promised financial gain is the motivation, allbeit those incoming dollars come at a cost, the meager price is one`s own soul....
 Yes, I am talking about Keith Baldrey, Vaughn Palmer and almost all mainstream media and legislative press reporters.....!

It must be very frustrating for educated and clear thinking persons, imagine, a child-mind can figure out that, by nearly doubling British Columbia`s emissions with fracked gas(That is IF any LNG terminals get built)...And not counting upstream emissions, not counting emissions to transport back n forth across the Pacific Ocean this fracked gas, not counting 70% of fracked gas`s emission`s and then taking a massive leap of faith by incorrectly assuming selling gas will compel or mean less coal will be burnt in Asia...

( Cheap coal threatens LNG's toehold



For Christy Clark or Mary Polak to make those empty claims at the upcoming Paris climate summit is stunning in it`s intellectual stupidity!

What is even more pathetic and intellectually sad is that our illustrious BC media repeat, echo and report these Christy Clark utterances as fact, or believable...

Just think about that for a minute, highly educated individuals like Andrew Weaver, David Suzuki and thousands of specialized scientists, climate modellers and brilliant minds have to listen to British Columbia politicians defend their economically foolish push to have 20 LNG terminals in British Columbia.....Canada`s NEB has greenlighted and permitted 16 LNG proposals for B.C....With nary a thought on any of the accumulative affects...No, the NEB hands out LNG permits like breath mints, ..They don`t take in regard the financial ability of the proponents, even bankrupt companies like Quicksilver hold a NEB granted LNG export permit....  The NEB granted Quicksilver an export license after the fact, after Quicksilver went belly-up...

Christy Clark and Mary Polak are planning on telling the Paris summit(COP21) attendees that doubling BC`s emissions with natural gas spew, by drilling tens of thousands of methane leaking fracked drill holes, wasting trillions of gallons water is environmentally friendly and a road to lower greenhouse gas emissions, a way to save the planet...

Maybe Christy Clark and Mary Polak should just tell the COP21 Paris summit attendees that their speeches and confirming data got lost by the airline, or eaten by a security dog, or that alien (Martians) visitors to earth were so impressed with British Columbia`s GHG reducing climate saving plan that they stole the "Plan" and quickly returned to planet Mars to start on saving(restoring) Mars atmosphere......(The above paragraph is not meant to be funny, merely meant to highlight how ridiculous and how morally low western politicians go to sell snake oil....Christy Clark and Mary Polak should be laughed right out of the Paris summit, or arrested for providing false testimony!

 Christy Clark`s blather on LNG reducing coal emissions in other parts of the world is a patently false statement, for Christy, for British Columbia or even Canada to make that claim is folly, ..indeed, make all Canadians look like uneducated idiots!   

Sad and pathetic, oh indeed, we expect, from past experiences that our BC Liberal government lie their face off, make up facts and burn, delete, and remove any and all paper-trails to cover their crimes but how come BC`s media, Keith Baldrey, Vaughn Palmer and company play stupid, pretend gibberish and verbal spittle emanating from Christy Clark`s mouth is legit, or accurate or even believable when a childmind can plainly see it isn`t..

Triple delete delight, a Vaughn Palmer special, oh how Vaughn writes in the Vancouver Sun that triple delete record destruction at the hands of the BC Liberals is just comical, as in nobody really cares and everybody knows that those rascally BC Liberals delete and burn records, ...as in carry on, nothing to see here just more of the same from those rascally BC Liberals...

A dead health researcher, a man murdered by the BC Liberal Government, all pertaining records burned,.......BC Rail records burned before the farce trial, .....Mount Polley records destroyed...

And what does our illustrious BC legislative media report....Those rascally BC Liberals deleted records again, ho hum..

Records, files, emails and papertrails are destroyed only when crimes, corruption and wrongdoing happened, burn records to protect the guilty and why the hell isn`t that being reported, when did Keith Baldrey and Vaughn Palmer get inoculated, injected with cash and serum so blatant corruption, crime and broken government stories bounce off their ears, reflect back from closed eyes and by the time the scandal of the day meets pen and paper....

By the time the stories are aired....Nothing to see here, move along, merely rascally BC Liberals doing what they do best......Controlling a meek, inoculated press corp....

Sad indeed..

Norm Farrell....  The man Norm Farrell is clearly getting frustrated, an investigator, a researcher and a spade caller.....Facts are facts and the truth will set you free and almost everyday Norm Farrell is revealing disturbing facts, the $billions in IPP private power that bleeds BC Hydro..The $billions in drill credits owed to a dead LNG industry, the collapse of gas land leases and auctions... 

No LNG terminals built...No final investment decisions...An LNG industry in tatters, a world glut of natural gas, countries can`t give it away, LNG prices so low you lose money to take it out of the ground..

Mr. Farrell doesn`t have to say he is frustrated, you can feel it in his written words and tweets, day after day Norm Farrell tweets his indisputable data to Vaughn Palmer and Keith Baldrey almost pleading with them to report these simple, easy to understand data that points to a bleak oil n gas industry in BC,...Bleaker today and getting darker tomorrow..

Silence, mute, barren newspaper articles devoid of anything relevant....Nothing but tales of those "rascally" BC Liberals and mindless repeated quotes uttered by Christy Clark and Mary Polak....

Keith Baldrey...Vaughn Palmer, I have a question for you, ....When you know that Christy Clark and Mary Polak, along with many other BC Liberals are lying, or are making statements that are false, not true, blatant lies a child could see through why do you quote them..Why do you fill your paragraphs with quotes and political statements that are lies, provable lies?...You Vaughn Palmer have no courage, too long in the tooth....

Keith Baldrey, I have another question for you.......Are you proud of your job, do you feel you are keeping the people informed of facts, are you researching data like Norm Farrell, or are you just a waste of space, an inoculated TV face doing time, adding nothing to British Columbia, adding nothing to journalism...

How come you media aren`t laughing at Christy Clark, I don`t mean in private I mean laughing at Christy Clark on the front pages?  

Remember these statements from Christy Clark... "18 LNG terminals, two LNG terminals up and running by 2015...5 times the North American gas price in Asia...A $trillion dollars...over 100,000 LNG jobs...BC debt paid through LNG...A $100 billion dollar prosperity fund..the removal of BC`s sales tax..LNG monies for First Nations, for northern communities, LNG monies for schools " and and and and and........

Petronas`s profits are down 95% year over year, the Malaysian state owned Petronas has cut the dividend they pay to their own country by 40%..Petronas top man and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak appears to have embezzled nearly $800 million US dollars from his own country and now faces political ousting and soon to be jail, or worse..


Keith Baldrey and Vaughn Palmer don`t have the guts or courage to admit they dropped the ball on journalism and ethics... and it was bloggers and internet writers that told the truth, reported the facts..

Bloggers had the BC Rail scandal nailed...Not BC`s mainstream media....Bloggers and citizens had the IPP scandal covered from front to back...Bloggers on LNG and bloggers on the Site C boondoggle...To many $billions of dollars wasted, too many lost $billions stolen from the BC public, $billions looted and piled on BC`s debt...

All the major British Columbia multi $billion dollar scandals reported accurately by bloggers, and by bloggers only...

Again, Keith Baldrey...Vaughn Palmer...Are you proud of your journalism, your research, was the public informed?...Were facts told, the true numbers revealed, did you big-time media personalities through your dogged research and hard-hitting written articles save British Columbia taxpayers from any of many multi-$billion dollar scandals/boondoggles?

No, you stopped nothing, you media not only enabled but abetted the crimes!, inoculate disease...

 Well, ....There is some good news in this posting,,,BC won`t have to worry about all those unreported, not counted emissions from a LNG industry, because ...As reported by bloggers for several years...The LNG industry is not only an intellectual fraud, the LNG industry in British Columbia is dead...We are`t getting multiple LNG terminals and $billions of tax dollars...The industry is dead..

Oh, remember all those Christy Clark LNG promises she made during the 2013 election...$trillions of dollars, 100,000 plus LNG jobs... Remember that..

Perhaps you sleuthy British Columbia media should read the latest BC Government labour market study going out to 2024...There is only one mention of LNG, (it comes on page 6)...Here is what the Christy Clark BC Liberal led Government NOW has to say about LNG.....



In 2013, the Province commissioned an independent
analysis of LNG’s job-creation potential in British Columbia. The study, conducted by Grant Thornton, and assuming the construction of 5 LNG plants, concluded that an LNG industry in B.C. could create more than 100,000 jobs in the long term. In 2014, another independent study was ordered to show the demand for various specific occupations as the LNG industry develops. That study, by KPMG, was based on direct input from industry proponents; the results were provided as a stand-alone section in the 2022 Labour Market Outlook.
The Province continues working closely with the industry to maintain and update
occupational workforce projections for the LNG sector. However, these projections will factor into the Labour Market Outlook only once there is a final investment decision on one or more projects.


There is Keith Baldrey...Have a look Vaughn Palmer.....Do you see it, ..The BC Liberals know LNG is kaput, even if something, some LNG terminal is built there will never be big provincial profits..LNG is now a corporate welfare industry that will only survive if the public subsidizes the industry,,As in welfare..

That BC Government statement above...It says a whole lot more, read between the lines...The BC Liberals have set up their scapegoat...Look, read it, ...The BC Liberals are blaming, or should I say, are preparing to blame those studies for their miscalculations....

Keith Baldrey....Vaughn Palmer....Those studies cited above as blame for the BC Liberal`s pre-election LNG rhetoric...

Christy Clark..Rich Coleman and all BC Liberals were talking the big LNG hype talk before any of those bought studies were done,...Those studies were purchased to downplay the real disturbing LNG facts bloggers brought forward...In other words the BC Liberals purchased those tainted LNG studies to silence the ever growing number of truth-tellers ringing the alarm bell...

And now those same studies that the BC Liberals bought, bought to provide cover for Christy Clark`s whopper LNG lies are now being converted into scapegoats, scapegoats at that ready to deflect  blame from the BC Liberals to industry..

My gut and history tells me that the inoculated ones will be more than happy to sell the new LNG narrative. that being, it wasn`t BC Liberal bullshit selling snake oil it was the fault of those bought studies that LNG was nothing but hot air!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open  


Jon Ghun said...

The mass media corps(e)is nothing but mind control. Those that do this sort of bidding know what they are there for--to promote their masters' causes and run cover for the political whores.

Their souls are paid for and exploited as needed.

They swear oaths of secrecy in darkly-lit lodges and revel in delusions of importance.

To expect them to take a public stand against the overlords is naive at best.

But i share your disgust at what has happened.

As i keep saying, there's going to come a day when we're going to have to throw down against these bandits; because they are not going to stop doing what they do unless we make them.

Thanks for being here, G.


Anonymous said...

And we must not forget Mt Polley incident. And what's going on over at Shawnigan Lake. How many more? As long as the dumping continues and is allowed by government, things will get worse. Look what has finally made it to the ocean down in South America.


And you don't believe it can happen here. Wake up people. The corporations don't give $hit about you and I.

Anonymous said...

Kieth are those rosey red cheeks of yours from all the free booze your bribed with, or the fact that every word that comes out of your mouth is liberal bullshit. Just wondering. Just figured it out, its from sucking.

John's aghast said...

Do you think anyone in Paris will go to listen, or laugh? Best thing Chrispy could do is triple delete her speaking notes, smile and wiggle her...hard hat.
Its absolutely amazing that no one will call her on her bullshit. Do you think 'not ready' Justin will let her get away with making 10% of Canada a laughing stock? I hope he has enough balls to stop her foolishness on Site C!

Anonymous said...