Friday, December 5, 2014

Been AWOL for a week

Yes indeed, LNG is a colossal bust....unless the energy giants get everything for free they won`t build..

Mr. Don F.....your comment about John Horgan is correct, ...I warned Mr. Horgan personally about what just went down....It appears even the NDP  drank the LNG kool-aid..stupid asses..

So afraid the NDP were/are... Afraid to be labeled anti-business....Stupid asses...After the cowardly NDP voted in favour of the LNG tax bill they still got hammered in the Palmer, By Gary Mason, by Smyth...Christy Clark slammed them..

After all these years you would think the NDP would have learned that they have no media friends, and that they never will have media friends..

So wake the hell up John Horgan, ....Stick to NDP causes, stick to fighting the good fight, if..if they remember what the good fight was/is..

Maybe the NDP will start listening to BC`s most prolific LNG expert.....That being the Powell River Persuader!

Anyway....I have a long post to do, ....In the last week I`ve been touched by angels and danced with spirits of the night...

Stay tuned ......Should be ready by tonight.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

The Powell River Persuader is absolutely right. Rock on. The media are bought and paid for. That door is closed to the NDP. By definition.

Wayne in Victoria

Anonymous said...

How true: The NDP haven't been that bad in this last Leg session, but they've been painted that way. Clark called them out as being irrelevant, but that sounds like a bitter Clark as they expose the Gov't in question period etc. for what they are. Keep in mind, Clark jumps on the defensive when she feels threatened - seen this as a pattern.

The TV & radio media mainly cover what they think are the good Lib government stories, leaving out 95 percent of what the NDP hammer them on. If any one of the NDP MLAs passes gas as quiet as a mosquito, the media is on it immediately, sometimes a top news story. Where/when was there fairness ever as far the media is concerned as long the Libs have governed?

Anonymous said...

Yeah Grant, I hear you on Horgan. In fact, always was NDP, but they've lost me. Having had dealings with one of the new MLAs, well, sorry, it's not about people any more. All talk.

Anonymous said...