Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Christy Clark`s LNG Fantasy, Death By Sock Puppet

Like the cat, contentment, and not a worry in the world, a peaceful easy feeling is running through my veins, I could almost laugh at the futile flailing from both Stephen Harper and Christy Clucking Clark...

Where to begin, snake eyes, deuces and sevens, stars have aligned against both of those named above, Stephen Harper is about to announce approval for Enbridge, I suspect he will make the call on Friday...It doesn`t matter, First Nations, who have a long running winning record in our Supreme Courts have vowed to tie up any construction for years, barring that there are thousands pledging civil disobedience to stop Enbridge, civil disobedience is justified in this case, ...

Stephen Harper is so toxic, so hated that riding rich Ontario is about to elect a corrupt, mismanaging provincial Liberal Government, so afraid of anything named Conservative Ontarians would rather vote in a dirty ratpack than a Harper disciple named Hudak....I`m predicting a Liberal majority Government tomorrow...A black Thursday for Stephen Harper indeed...Despite Ezra Levant and Bryan bible thumper Lilly at Sun News frothing away at Wynne and Justin Trudeau...

Don`t read anything into Ontario`s election result tomorrow except....Except the hatred of Harper by the masses...And it gets worse for Herr Harper...Rob Ford is done too, Olivia Chow, Jack Layton`s wife, a staunch NDPer will be Mayor of Toronto...Another deathblow for Harper....The Conservative marker, akin to the sign of the beast(666) is in it`s death throe...

I mentioned laughing, can`t help myself, Stephen Harper is the architect of failure, Harper was waving his fist at Vladimer Putin, idle threats from a limp sock puppet, ...How many of you know the real reason why Putin signed a sweet deal with China for natural gas.,...Because of Harper`s mouth, Christy Clark blathering away about being a gas spewing super-power...Christy pointing middle fingers at Putin too...ahhh....Putin single-handed destroyed Christy Clark`s LNG fantasy...I laugh at her, and Harper..

There has been several interesting polls as of late.....Read the tea leaves friends...Christy Clark is losing the media war against teachers, parents by a 2 to 1 margin support teachers....77% of British Columbia oppose Enbridge`s pipeline proposal and...

And a majority of Canadians in a poll are sick n tired hearing our politicians praising China, labeling China as our economic saviour, ...Canadians don`t believe it, we hear about Chinese cyber crime, counterfeit goods, toxic foods, patent stealing, blatant government corruption in China too, for over a decade our elected politicians have been singing the Chinese national anthem,, for a decade plus our services have been diminished, our healthcare threatened, education threatened, pensions, that rotten Harper is even taking away postal delivery, all the while praising China as our saviour....

Bam...out of the blue China signs lucrative gas deals with Vlad Putin, ...Stephen Harper with his scary sock puppet aimed at Vlad Putin, ..and BAM...our economic saviour China hops into bed with Mr. Putin...Ending Canadian`s last thread of respect for China and Christy Clark`s LNG fantasy in one fell swoop..

Oh indeed, Christy Clark in the last 2 weeks has dropped her LNG pom poms and replaced them with crude refinery placards...Marky Marissen is begging Ottawa for $10 BILLION DOLLARS IN LOAN GUARANTEES, ....for a mythical refinery...Its the pipeline people, refinery is a smokescreen..

Yet Stephen Harper and his Convict party are on the way out, endless ads attacking Justin Trudeau, ..remember Ontario?..They are about to elect a corrupt provincial party because of Stephen treason Harper.....Justin Trudeau, not a deep thinker, not funny, not sharp,..good hair but he isn`t labeled with the mark of the beast, not 666 but "Conservative"...

Vlad Putin is selling gobs of natural gas to China for less than $12 dollars a gigajuile...

Did I tell you about the tea leaves in a Vancouver Sun article tonight..It was about natural gas..

The article tells us that it cost $6 dollars to drill a gigajuile of natural gas in northeast B.C.,,and that the North America price for a gigajuile is $4.25..meaning gas drillers are losing money...

$6 dollars...that price doesn`t include a very expensive trip in a natural-gas pipeline to the B.C. coast...add another $1 dollar to the price...($7 dollars per gigajuile)....add in First Nation`s cut of the action(?)..Add in the cost of freezing the gas to -161 degrees...($8 dollars per gigajuile)...Add in the cost of building a $10 billion dollar LNG liquefaction plant and financing($10 dollars per gigajuile)...Oh, we aren`t done yet...Shipping LNG across the pacific, to and from gobbles up another 10% of the product..($11 dollars per gigajuile)....What about Christy Clark`s LNG tax......???

Russia has beat the price any LNG company can offer...There will be no longterm lucrative contracts signed by Asia thus ending Christy Clark`s LNG fantasy, and she can thank Stephen Harper and his angry Vlad Putin hating sock-puppet!..

Did I mention that Japan is getting into bed with Vlad Putin too....


Proposed Japan-Russia Natural Gas Pipeline Would Be Good News for Tokyo and Moscow, But Bad News for Washington(and Canada)

the price of the gas. High demand for LNG in the region allows suppliers from Australia and Qatar to sell it at exorbitant prices.
In order to obtain cheaper gas, key policymakers in the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and the New Komeito Party are resurrecting an old plan to import natural gas via pipeline from Russia.  By supplying gas at a much cheaper price than LNG suppliers, the pipeline would be a major victory for power-hungry Japan. And it is no coincidence that the pipeline is being considered just a few days after Russia inked a deal with China to build a China-Russia pipeline. But as Russia’s Vladimir Putin expands his natural gas prowess to East Asia, the United States – and its abundant supply of shale gas — may be affected by these recent turn of events.
Over the weekend, Bloomberg reported that Japanese policymakers decided to renew a push for a $5.9 billion natural gas pipeline from Russia in an effort to cut energy costs


Oh, I did mention a tea leave filled article on LNG in the Vancouver Stun paper tonight....Here is the money line, bubble tea anyone?


"Pacific Northwest LNG, led by Malaysian stated owned firm PETRONAS, is the closet to a final decision, having promised to give a yes OR NO by the end of this year"


That is the first time any local mainstream media has ever mentioned the dreaded N in NO...

Without longterm contracts at $16 dollars or better no LNG liquefaction plants will be built...

Take a good look at Christy Clark...her LNG pom poms are gone...So is her LNG unicorns for every BCer fantasy..

Contentment and laughter..a pleasant combination..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open



Anonymous said...

Why is harper referred to as steve rather than steph as his first given name would suggest?

Every stephen I know is called stef or steffy, not steve or steven.

Is it because he really was named steven and his religious fundamentalism quickly saw that steven joseph harper has six letters in each name thus revealing him as 666?

Anonymous said...

I would say? Russia and China are laughing all the way to the bank. China and Russia sign a NG deal.

Another mill in BC shut down because, of a shortage of timber. Meanwhile freighter after freighter of BC's raw logs, sail to China. It is said? China is also after BC's ancient forests.

There will be thousands of Chinese for, Harper and Christy Clark's Northern BC mining plan. One court case already gave, China 200 BC mine jobs.

Petro-China put in a bid to *help* build the Enbridge pipeline, no doubt with their own cheap labor. China has a solid foot in the oil sands.

Harper and his Cabinet are mulling a, massive Chinese resource project in our High Arctic.

I believer there is still the final reading in Parliament of, Harper's FIPA deal with China. I signed the petition against, Harper's FIPA deal with China.

Now the Chinese want their culture and history, taught in our schools.

I would say? Russia and China outsmarted Harper, big time.

Jon Ghun said...

Good to have you back and in fine form. Too quiet without you. Nary a soul has got the stuff to talk truth to power (Norm Farrell and Ross K excepted)

Tides are turning to be sure. We're about to find out who's been swimming without trunks. And God help the person that has to bring crispy in from her naked near-drowning.

Loved that jab you threw at harpie's sock-puppet routine. Take a seat, stevie-boy, we'll call ya' if we need ya' (not). Guy's a zionist ankle-biter, with a fascist mind-set and a narcissist complex that makes him easy to lead around. Putin must chuckle at the thought of nerdy stevie trying to flex on Russia. Seriously!?!

And it's true that Japan has allowed in Russian engineers (without visas) to begin preliminary work on that pipeline you noted. They are deadly serious about getting a deal done and making it work as soon as possible. Which is a lot more than we can say about any proposed LNG play in BC.

Also super glad to have the promise of our native brothers and sisters playing a constructive role in calling the big money boys to account when the rest of our system has been corrupted and can't do the right thing. BC is super-naturally beautful and should be kept this way as far as possible.

Start milling at a sustainable rate and stop the wholesale export of raw logs.

BC LNG is a small play on the global stage. It may get done in some small way later on; but we are definitely not all about to enjoy some heavy windfall of sparkle ponies . Not a chance.

As you point out, fracking is becoming cost prohibitive, to say nothing of it being devastating to the environment as well as hugely wasteful of precious fresh water.

The country desperately needs a national energy policy designed in the interest of all Canadians. Government-backed refineries near the tar sands extraction make the only real sense at this stage. By reducing energy costs to the average Canadian, we could thereby stimulate demand with more discretionary spending in other areas.

Problem is, harpie and crispy have been bought off and won't do the right thing for the province or the country. Both need to be removed forthwith.

Stay strong, be wise, never give up. Good people are taking the place back.


Grant G said...

Thanks Mr. Ghun...

As predicted...A Ontario Liberal majority...

Justin Trudeau friends, ...Justin Trudeau stumped for the Wynne Government..

Stephen Harper must be shitting his pants..

The Ontario election..

It was a rebuke of Stephen Harper....Asign of things to come in 2015..Adios Harper, you piece of shit!


Anonymous said...

Yup, great to have you back and even better when you are back full time!!


Harper Counting on This said...

Ukraine to halt gas imports from Russia
June 14, 2014, 5:27 am

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk has ordered a halt to natural gas imports from Russia from June 16 after the two countries failed to resolve their gas price dispute, the Ukrainian government said Friday.
“By its deliberate unilateral refusal to settle the conflict, Russia has been undermining the energy security of Ukraine and the European Union,” Yatsenyuk was quoted by the government press agency.

Yatsenyuk had also instructed the country’s Justice Ministry and state-run energy company Naftogaz to complete preparations to file a lawsuit with the Stockholm arbitration court over the dispute, the press service said in a statement.

Moreover, he asked the National Regulatory Commission to set “economically justified” tariffs for the transit of Russian gas through Ukrainian territory, it said.

Earlier in the day, Naftogaz Chairman Andrey Kobolev said Kiev was ready to compromise with Russia on gas issues, offering to pay a “compromise temporary price” of $326 per 1,000 cubic meters for Russian gas deliveries for the next 18 months.

Moscow currently charges Ukraine $485, but Kiev claims a fair price would be $268.

The two sides have been locked in dispute for three years over a 2009 contract, under which they agreed to tie the price of gas to the international spot price for oil.

Maenwhile, the Russian Foreign Ministry sent a note of protest to Ukraine over alleged border violation by Ukrainian soldiers, an official statement said Friday.

“The state border was violated by armed units, as an infantry fighting vehicles crossed the border. An attempt was made to defy Russian border guards’ orders,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday.

An infantry fighting vehicle of Ukrainian armed forces crossed the Russian state border in the Rostov region of southwestern Russia earlier in the day, according to the Itar-Tass news agency. Russian border guards detained the vehicle and its crewmen retreated. No arms was used and no casualties reported.

An investigation is underway although Kiev is yet to react to the Russian reports.