Thursday, May 22, 2014

Christy Clark Puts On Her Red Shoes And Dances The LNG Blues

Written by Grant G

Panic, frozen sweat, fear of the cold hard truth bearing its pearly whites, what to do, call in emergency media intervention to calm the nerves of an increasing doubtful public, the dream, the myth, the fantasy of LNG riches must live on... ..

Yes I did read Vaughn Palmer`s article last week where he confirmed that the BC Liberals proposed 7% tax on LNG exports is gone, caput, off the table, the new number is 0.....That`s right folks, zero taxation on LNG exports, only royalties charged at the wellhead will be applicable or nothing will be built....I had to laugh, because even at a 7% tax level on LNG exports British Columbia would never receive the largesse Christy Clark promised, ..

Even the head dude at PETRONAS says whoa, taxation equals we will build nothing...

During the 2013 election Christy cluck cluck Clark blathered away, not a thought between her ears, memorized talking points designed to dupe an unwitting public, with a complicit media assisting Christy Clark every step of the way..We will get four and five times the money for our gas in Japan and China, the money will be ours, a debt free province, a $100 billion dollar golden unicorn fund, tolls removed, new schools(without teachers), new hospitals, money for northern communities, money for First Nations, all the money will be ourssssssssssss, $$$$$$$$...Those big energy companies will just hand over the cash....Oh Christy, you silly goose..

1 LNG plant, 2...3...6...8....13 LNG plants, now 18 projects with 28 partners, grow baby grow, with the first plant up and running by 2015...uhh, I don`t think so,

Pacing back n forth, cold sweat running down gasman Rich Coleman`s face, help. help. help. we need the media to keep the dream alive, at least until our 2017 election, we gambled everything on LNG, all future revenue, all bills coming due and past due solved with LNG cash..oh no!..Mr. Bill..OH NO!

I read an article 2 weeks ago, it was about China, they have gone small scale fracking crazy, I did say small scale but so numerous that these small scale operations are adding up to really big gassy numbers..


"Fuling should be considered China's first large-scale shale gas field, marking the arrival of commercial shale gas development," Fu said.
Rival PetroChina, whose 79 bcm of gas output last year accounted for two-thirds of national output, is aiming for 2.6 bcm of annual shale gas production in 2015, higher than 1.5 bcm indicated earlier. It has been conducting trial production mainly in Sichuan province.
A Reuters report quoted a company source and a government source as saying PetroChina plans to spend more than 10 billion yuan (HK$12.55 billion) on shale gas drilling this year alone, compared to three billion yuan between 2010 and last year. A company spokesman said spending would rise, but would not confirm the figures, adding: "The actual spending will depend on the results. If efficiency is good, we will increase outlays. Otherwise, we will stick with trial exploration."
Together, the two oil and gas giants should comfortably reach or surpass the 6.5 bcm shale gas output target set by Beijing for 2015. But meeting the government's 60 bcm and 100 bcm target for 2020 will be challenging. Credit Suisse's analysts said in a research report that the 2020 target was likely derived from the growth trajectory in the US between 2006 and 2012.
Xinhua on Tuesday quoted PetroChina vice-president Sun Longde as saying it is targeting 11 bcm of shale gas output in 2020.


Those industrious Chinese people, hmm, doesn`t look like they are waiting patiently for someone, or anyone to make a final investment decision on building a gas plant in LNG land, also known as British Columbia..

Poor little Christy Clark, her dreams dashed, well, she still has daggers and darts to throw at teachers, fuelled by a hatred of her father, Mr. Clark, the school teacher, Christy Clark`s father, wow, someone named Christy needs not a psychiatrist but a whole team of them, dagger, dart and bad gas directed at teachers, wheee, wheeee, let`s talk LNG, our BC gas will help single mothers on disability, it will help poor hungry children in destitute families, the cure-all to fix all that ails, step right up and buy some Christy Clark juice, whee wheee wheeee..

A funny thing happened on the way to never never land, we got lost, took the wrong turn, Russian pipelines pumping gas directly into China, pipelines from Turkmenistan too, oh, Iranian and Qatari gas too, all going to China..

But but but, but Russia can`t compete with British Columbia`s 18 count em, 18 LNG liquefaction plants...Ya know, ya think, how could they compete, we have the cleanest burning and coldest gas in the world, what methane, what fugitive gasses, our BC gas is like what comes out of angel`s bottom, sweet perfume of the gods, that`s what British Columbia has to offer, ..Ya know, and Russia is so far away from China, they aren`t across the Pacific Ocean like we are, Russia doesn`t have to freeze their gas either, we have cold gas, Russian gas is warm, yuck!..ya know, like warm beer, who drinks warm beer, .....!!!

Well Christy Clark, Russia and Turkmenistan, Iran and others don`t need to spend like $200 billion dollars on gas freezers, and China doesn`t need to spend $billions on regasification plants, pipe to pipe, ready to use warm gas....Well gollee Andy, ya think..

Not sure Christy Clark is sleeping well tonight, tossing turning, flipping and flopping, fluff those pillows and pray, pray and hope to hell the gullible public bought the emergency Vancouver Sun article, it was full of names and not a naysayer in the bunch, what Russia-China deal, means nothing, na na na na, can`t hear you my hands are covering my ears, please please please gas gods, let me Christy Clark wake up tomorrow and all is well, just a bad nightmare,...phew, what a relief, and, and ya know, isn`t Thursday the start of the 400th BC Liberal Government sponsored LNG summit.

Oh know, it wasn`t a nightmare...I`m sure the public bought the emergency Vancouver Sun spin..

No Christy, the public just dropped their jaws, the article I`m referring to was a desperate ploy, you could smell the fear, connect the dots, da players are bluffing with rags while China and Japan are holding aces...

Smoking gun, how many barrels do you fine folks need, ?..No final investment decisions, still no final investment decisions, Japan restarting nuclear plants meaning the already satisfied world demand for LNG is about to be a glut, Alaska getting in the game, the USA starting already exporting LNG, surely those Vancouver Sun energy experts quoted today in that emergency promotional article couldn`t be wrong, or lying, or have ulterior motives...

Let`s have a look shall we..Oh no Mr. Bill!...The Vancouver Sun pulled the article, could it be that readers could smell the fear, see the utter bullshit being blathered, maybe, however I did find the article in another place, bear with me...


``I've never said that B.C. would be the only supplier of natural gas to any country, but what I have said is that every country, every receiver of natural gas is going to want to have one reliable partner in their portfolio,'' Clark said at a conference in Vancouver.

You mean other countries have gas too Christy?....Greg Richford didn`t sound too convincing either..

So far, seven export licences have been granted to proposed West Coast LNG projects, said federal Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford.
``Canada's vast energy supplies represent an opportunity for countries looking to diversify their energy imports, especially in the Asia-Pacific,'' he said in an emailed statement.
The International Energy Agency predicts a quadrupling in Chinese gas demand by 2035, he noted

Diversification is the word, look for it in 2035...

Ed Kallio, director of gas consulting at Ziff Energy, said the Russian exports to China will be ``just a drop in the bucket'' when its future gas consumption is taken into account.
``It doesn't even come close. This doesn't even scratch the surface.''

Ziffity doo da, ziffity day, didn`t feel a thing, what gas, what Russia/China deal, just a wee little scratch, no reason for me to even be quoted in this emergency pre-eve of the LNG conference de-fusing article, if you can`t trust a Ziff, who can you trust..

Hal Kvisle, CEO of Calgary-based Talisman Energy Inc. (TSX: T.TLM, Stock Forum), agrees the deal shouldn't rattle Canada.
``It's not a quantity of gas that's going to swamp the market,'' he told reporters on a conference call.

``It certainly doesn't shut the door on LNG exports from Canada.''

Hal Hal Hal, you are indeed a special person quoted, no ulterior motives with you or Talisman Energy is there, it`s not quantity it`s swampy, or something like that...Yet you Mr. Hal Kvisle are not interested in Canada`s west coast LNG super industry, you don`t want to waste your time, and of course this announcement wouldn`t have any bearing on your shale gas assets you and Talisman have for sale in Northeast British Columbia would it?....

Talisman has been active in Western Canadian shale gas, although it is looking to sell some properties and has no ambitions to invest in West Coast LNG export infrastructure. The company is also a big natural gas player in Southeast Asia, but Kvisle said it's a ``huge'' market that shouldn't be affected by the Russia-China deal.

Gordon Houlden from the University of Calgary`s China institute states...

``Time is of the essence. The faster we can move, the more nimble we can be as a country in terms of getting energy infrastructure built, the better our options will be and the greater benefit to the country.'' 

Hurry hurry hard, if only we had a final investment decision, or if only we had a taxation scheme, you know, like the one that was promised by the BC Liberals for September 2013, if only...

And I`ve saved the best quote for last, Christy Clark, you have claimed British Columbia has 150 years worth of gas for export, no matter how many LNG plants we have, 5..10..13...or even 18 LNG plants, we still have 150 years worth...

Barry Munro of Ernst n Young, ...isn`t that the same outfit who the BC Liberals had confirm their LNG job numbers, and revenue claims..I believe they were...

However, there are some ``real concerns,'' Munro said, not the least of which is getting First Nations on side with the projects. Plus, Canada is at a very early stage in the game.
``It's a greenfield industry in Canada, so not only do you have to prove up the natural gas reserves, we're going to have to build all the pipelines and facilities.''



Hmmm, prove up reserves and get First Nations on board....but but but...We don`t need to prove up reserves, Christy Clark says....


Premier Christy Clark is floating on air after receiving a National Energy Board report indicating B.C. has 150 years of natural gas reserves, as opposed to 75 years.
Clark said Wednesday the additional reserves add more clout to B.C.'s plans to support the development of liquefied natural gas plants in the north, which she has heralded as a trillion-dollar industry that could create 100,000 jobs and eventually help pay off the provincial debt.
"We have some of the richest, best and largest reserves to be found anywhere on the globe," Clark said in Vancouver. "Reserves that belong to the people of B.C. and resources that will mean 100,000 jobs for the people of this province."

The 23-page National Energy Board report assessed the Montney-area shale gas formation that spreads from northeastern B.C. near Fort Nelson to Fort St. John and across the B.C. border into northern Alberta. The energy board, the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission, the Alberta Energy Regulator, and the B.C.
Natural Gas Development Ministry all contributed to the report


I wonder why Ernst n Young doesn`t believe the 4 mentioned groups above on their shale gas estimates, the NEB..The energy board, the B.C. oil n gas commission and the Alberta energy regulator, you`ll never find a more trustworthy group than them(sarcasm insert here)

Christy Clark is floating on air, hmmm, or is that flying on her broom..

We aren`t in Kansas anymore Christy Clark....Taps your shoes together three times and say...There`s no place like home, there`s no place like home, there`s no place like home...

Written by Grant G

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Christy, you're out. Steve too.

Anonymous said...

The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals are, Harper's fascist satellite Party.

Harper gives away our resources and also, our Canadian resource jobs to foreigners. Harper permits Communist China, to bring over their own cheap labor. Petro-China put in a bid to, *help* build the Enbridge pipeline, with their own slave labor no doubt.

Even Harper's European trade deal? That only means, Europeans will also come to Canada to take our jobs too. That is in, Harper's trade deal.

Christy Clark is doing exactly, as Harper is doing. Their theft of millions of our tax payers dollars, to pay for their economic and job action plans that don't exist. The jobs BC has are for foreigners and not for, the every day Canadians, nor for the people of BC.

Harper is an evil fascist dictator. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals are, every bit as a lying evil cabal, as Harper's scum is.

Christy Clark is busy kissing the Chinese peoples butts, for votes and donations for Harper and for herself. Thousands of Chinese are, going to be here for, Harper's Northern BC mining plan.

Another BC mill shut down because of a shortage of timber. Freighter after freighter of BC's raw logs, sail over to China. There is also Harper's asinine FIPA deal with Communist China.

China also wants their history and culture, taught in our schools. There had better be a spare room, where our children can be. I don't want my little Granddaughter, anywhere near Communist teachings.

Jon Ghun said...

Yup', I'm afraid you're exactly right.

The empty promises are turning out to be gassy mirrors, as you said they would.

Government’s primary concern is not to protect its citizens or the economy. Instead, it aims to transfer more power, status, and wealth to the elite who control it (the One Bank and its oligarchs). And to do that, it must keep the masses sedated.

As Charles Hugh Smith, chief writer at, explains:"The State has two core mandates: enforce quasi-monopolies and cartels for private capital, and satisfy enough of the citizenry’s demands for more largesse."

What worries me is that the show can't go on much longer. There will come a time, quickly approaching now, when the fog machine runs out of dry ice and the curtain has to come down on the actors. The performances will be at an end and the props will be gone, either plundered or sold off.

Regressive taxes can not be raised any higher on the rubes because they won't be able to take any more burden. And then who's going to be able to pay the sky-rocketing debt built up under this band of shameless grifters. Who's going to settle up with the bond-holding international loan sharks backed by the guns of freedom? We, the people are on the hook for that debt, and they are going to get their pound of flesh!

Now I know the voters/rubes can kept sleeping for a long while; but the dawn approaches and there will be a wake-up call one fateful morning.

Mark my words, the future is foretold by that siriusly bright light beaming on us from the east. And then the shite is going to hit the fan.

The government of this province is rotten and headed for a financial default and/or a bout of vicious austerity, at just about the moment when Horgan will be ready to assume the premier's office (sorry, John, i have to call it as i see it). Social instability, including civil disobedience and a tax revolt, will be in the works, if anyone still cares for justice. Or else, we'll all have bow down and accept serfdom under their neo-feudal rule for good.

Call it coincidence if you want; but I'd cal it a set-up by a bunch of bandits to stick the good guys with the bill for their dirty deeds.

Just for the Record said...

The US Shale Oil Miracle Disappears


The US shale oil "miracle" has about as much believability left as Jimmy Swaggart. Just today, we learned that the EIA has placed a hefty downward revision on its estimate of the amount of recoverable oil in the #1 shale reserve in the US, the Monterey in California. As recently as yesterday, the much-publicized Monterey formation accounted for nearly two-thirds of all technically-recoverable US shale oil resources. But by this morning? The EIA now estimates these reserves to be 96% lower than it previously claimed. Yes, you read that right: 96% lower. As in only 4% of the original estimate is now thought to be technically-recoverable at today's prices.

Grant G said...

Thanks Mr. Ghun...Always appreciate your thoughtful comments..

Off the record..

Yes indeed, shale gas and fracking is merely another Wallstreet Ponzi scheme.


Anonymous said...

Did you hear that delusional fat fuck Coleman on the radio this morning saying he's not worried about the China-Russia gas deal, what a moron. What I also find disturbing is Colman acknowledged that the LNG producers know what they'll be taxed at, how come we the peons don't know this, it shouldn't be a secret.....

James F said...

'A Government Of Thugs': How Canada Treats Environmental Journalists:

The federal government places numerous obstacles in the way of those who try to disseminate information about the Canadian tar sands. Many believe this has amounted to a full-on war.

Agent K said...

"Just for the record, Communist China is a much bigger threat to civil liberty than Russia and no one seems to have a problem with Communist China. They have launched a new campaign to demolish churches there. It's hard to conceive that kind of communism can still exist in our modern world. Telling someone they aren't allowed to be Christian or Jewish or Muslim. It is bizarre. That is not a free republic.

This is why China should not have our oil rights. We should not be funding their military expansion and their destruction of civil liberty every time we get gouged at the gas pumps."

Anonymous said...

Not sure of another to get in touch with you Grant but because I have an important question here I am.
Do you remember if a Smelter operation did not proceed in the Howe Sound because the NDP said the environmental review could take 10 years when the company was originally told 5 years. The company (name unknown) packed up & left. I searched everywhere and then I thought to ask you. Hope you can help.

Guy in Victoria

Grant G said...

Never heard of any smelter proposal for Howe Sound..

Britannia mine has been closed for decades,

There was a pulp mill, (port Mellon)

Smelters require lots of power...

Glen Clark talked about 3 smelters in the late 90s, nothing was never proposed for Howe Sound..Then commodity prices crashed and all new proposed mining and smelting projects were cancelled, existing mines too..

I was fishing regularly in Howe Sound and the coast in the 90s, never ever heard of any serious proposal for Howe Sound..

If there was anything to the story the BC Liberals would have used it in an attack ad..


Anonymous said...

Thanks So much Grant. I knew you were the guy to go to.

Thanks Again

Guy in Victoria

Elwood said...

Grant, have missed your missives or "missiles" for so long. Wonder what happened to your "bang-ons". Finally you are back in stride.

And yep, you are again "bang-on" here while the sheeple have the LIEberal MSM pounding out their press releases.

And do you know what is really hilarious?

Almost 33 years ago, the major BC news was about a proposed westcoast LNG plant by PetroCanada, Westcoast Transmission Pipelines, and Japan's Mitsui.

And 33 years later... we hear the same political BS. Sad. Very sad.

BTW, here's the UPI story carried by none other than the New York Times back in November, 1981:

Quite an entertaining read!

Grant G said...

Thanks Elwood...Was wondering where you have been too..

I`m on the tail end of 3 months of a major construction project..

Pictures to follow..

Another few days and I`m done..

Exhausted and sore..

Dog days of summer are a coming..

Time to catch a few wild salmon..

And of course, holding the BC Liberal`s feet to the fire..


Anonymous said...

And Christy and Steve continue to want to do business with them? Ah yes, why wouldn't they, right? Got the same happening here imo.