Friday, August 10, 2012

Somewhere Over the Rainbow


It`s only now that I realize just how much my Dad taught me, when given no choice but to do-it-yourself or not have it done at all, the answer is we do it our self, life on the edge, will-power, determination, no cheque book, no sugar daddy, no support among sibling blood, the team is two..

As chauffeur, mechanic, carpenter, some even muse about doctor, truth beknown I am but a son who cares about tradition, respect, honour and the afterworld, regular talks with dad, talks as if he was physically standing before me, nothing has changed, vigorous combative caring and most importantly, wise words exchanged between father and son, the path forward shines like a bright beacon, somewhere over the rainbow the reason for my life is no longer in doubt..

Shaking and trembling, fury, rage and disbelief overwhelms me, the thought of Governments both provincially but mainly federally that are willingly to destroy our coastline, our rivers, our pristine Edens, yes Stephen Harper knows oil will be spilled, super-tankers will crash and burn and lay-waste to my home, our home, that`s acceptable to Stephen Harper, it`s also acceptable to Christy Clark, it`s not acceptable to Dad, to Mom or other First Nation`s children like me, our skin colour isn`t brown and we can`t claim territorial rights going back thousands of years yet no one is more in sync with nature, the common bond linking water, rivers, tidal forces that bathe huge swaths of kelp forests, migration routes that depend on brimming with life river marshes, an inter-connected world where lemon drops and rainbows exist, we don`t have to be First Nation by decree to have a say or to have influence to stop these oil powered forces from conspiring to destroy what no one owns and what no one can replace once spoiled.

It matters not that Christy Clark went cap n hand to Alberta last Thursday to meet with Allison Redford, Christy was looking for a multi-billion dollar bribe to bring home as a gift to you, there are no gifts, a phony review process where our lackluster provincial leaders abdicated their moral responsibility to China Harper`s federal agenda, Alberta wants more royalties, Canada wants royalties, big oil wants more money and along comes Christy Clark begging for crumbs to soothe an angered electorate and when snubbed Christy fakes concern over environmental risks, no Christy, they are not environmental risks they are guaranteed environmental disasters, inevitable human disasters, spiritual suicide for some, including me,  how to wish upon a star where cloudy scars are far away, somewhere over the rainbow where assault rifles and tanks aren`t used to shoot up movie theatres or suppress hungry stomachs but used to stop facist oil company Governments from taking away the future..

When Enbridge announced because of increased scrutiny and resistance that they would use thicker pipes in (some areas) and add more valve and monitoring stations, add more 24/7 staff my Dad laughed and I cried, the response between us was the same, it`s kinda of half empty half full thing we have going, yes Enbridge was prepared to use thinner pipes, fewer shut-off valves and little to none in the way of real-live staffing, did Enbridge see the light or did Enbridge just promise us lemon drops, neither, Enbridge would promise the moon, and despite any assurances from this company that`s had over one thousand major oil leaks in the last decade alone, Enbridge will promise the moon while conspiring to turn our coastline into a lunar landscape, Enbridge can`t guarantee super tanker safety, heavy laden vessels carrying two million barrels, two million barrels traversing the World`s most dangerous waterway, where hurricane force winds blow many times per year, where earthquakes and tsunamis, where human error and or terrorism could and would steal the future from all four million of British Columbia`s First Nation`s people. it would also destroy the past, for without a future the past didn`t exist..

 Christy Clark can feign concern over our environment, she can pretend she cares, we know Ken Bosenkool,(Enbridge Lobbyist) is her chief of staff, we know Stephen Harper controls the BC Liberal facist Government, Christy will grasp any straw for votes, Christy will be prying and plying for votes, she will use an anti-Enbridge rhetoric ruse to cling to power, and if given that mandate Christy will applaud the killing of Fish lake, Christy will pose for a photo-op as digging for Enbridge`s pipeline begins..

Cold hard polls that confirm election victory rests with opposition to Enbridge, no other stance will even come close.

Somewhere over the Rainbow 100,000 British Columbians will rise, will fight, will stop Stephen Harper and the oil companies from taking away the past, present and the future..

No Gateway, no northern pipeline, no oil port in Kitimat, no super tankers plying our inside waters, there will be no compromise, no amount of bribes, no amount of safety assurances, Gateway dies today, any politician who goes against the will of past, present and future life cycles will too die

Start talking to China Stephen Harper, tell them you were wrong and Gateway is dead, or pay the ultimate price..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

I feel the same fury.

Not once has Enbridge, Harper nor Premier Redford, said one word about the F.N. food sources being wiped out, by an oil spill on land or sea.

Of course, Christy supports the Enbridge pipeline, just as Campbell before her did. Campbell and Harper signed a sneak deal, behind our backs. The deal that permits Harper to force the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty tar tankers, onto BC and the citizens. This includes the F.N. people.

In BC, the F.N. people, have to constantly fight to save their food sources, from government greed. The Salmon are a staple of the F.N. to feed their family's. Harper and Campbell permitted dirty diseased fish farms, that are killing our wild Salmon.

All of the BC liberals work for Harper. The BC Conservatives, also support the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty tankers. The entire ruddy lot of them, are one and the same party.

The only party that stands up for the BC people, is the NDP. Thank Heavens, the NDP are still the NDP and, they don't work for Harper.

Anonymous said...

You're on fire Grant.
The argument needs to be clear as day, as we know that Christy and Friends will try and keep it in the mud to cause confusion. This is a much easier way to garner votes for the on its' death bed Liberal party.


Mission teacher said...

Check out Chris Hedges new book "Days of Destruction,Days of Revolt"to see that corporations have decided to create "sacrifice zones"(the gulf, mountain top coal destruction) in pursuit of quarterly profits.We know this fight against Endbridge is life or death. Keep up the good work, Grant

e.a.f. said...

We have the right to vote. People need to look critically at who they are voting for & what & who the party is affiliated with. If their interests are not your interests it is better to find another party to vote for. Don't like any of them, start your own.

Harper has sold out Canada to China, U.S.A., South America, & the E.U. He will continue selling Canada as long as he is in power. I just hope he is voted out of office before the oil/bitamen starts spilling.

In a way I'm glad I have seen the best of Canada, in a time it was the best. Once the country is destroyed by Stevie Slime & the corporations & the enviornment is totally polluated I will be dead & won't have to grieve for my country, the way it was. I am very sad for the children of today who will never see how beautiful Canada once was.

Anonymous said...

So the fuzzy wuzzy sociopath is vacationing in Canada from the west coast to the east coast....away from her criminal government's weather modifiying here in BC.


Anonymous said...

The criminal Bruce Carson, that was working for Harper. He played the push for Canadian Petroleum products, on behalf of Harper and Premier Redford.

Bruce Carson is the godfather to Harper and Redford. Gee whiz!!! Harper didn't know why, he didn't know Carson was a criminal. However, Harper did know it, and hired him anyway. Now we know why.

Have a look at the site.