Monday, December 24, 2018

Cedar Trees and Earl Grey,The Legend of BC Mary

Written by Grant G

There is something about the rain, a soothing rhythmic song that descends from the clouds, in a moment the harbour is afroth with bubbles and fresh ozone, pattering drops pelt out an energetic medley upon our metal roof, not a day for indoor indulgence, rain like this must be experienced in the flesh...But first a cup of Earl Grey tea...

Dependence, I miss the three eager faces that used to greet me with kisses and purrs, the love of animals can run deep, maybe it`s human nature, the need for rain, the need of dependence, humanity in the form of crumbs, satisfaction and emotional release all accomplished under the guise of mutual dependence, Earl grey tea with one small teaspoon of sugar...

There is a young ancient cedar tree outside my window, it must be a hundred years old but basically it`s still a baby in old cedar terms, it`s home to a family of raccoons, the mom had a litter of 2...She has lived in the cedar tree a long time and every 2 years she has another batch, long loopy lower branches allow easy access for climbing and today, well, momma raccoon and her teenagers came meandering down this old tree, I see this routine every other day and....And about halfway down the full of play baby(teenage) raccoons took a different route, the mother sat back on the main trunk and just watched, this plump little tyke gingerly walked down the skinniest of branches(still 20 feet in the air), I could see that the branch was way too skinny to support this plump baby, half way down this branch it starts a bending, the raccoon stops, only to have its eager sibling come racing down the same skinny branch, this is gonna be good I thought, the branch bent over, both plumpsters went for a wild ride but surprisingly they both clung on, the look on the mother`s face was priceless, she growled out a harsh message and the babies came a runnin, meanwhile the skies were thundering liquid gold but the beauty of this ancient cedar tree is underneath it`s bone dry, mother nature`s umbrella, warm sticky drops of rain falling like strands of syrup from the outer branches while mischievious raccoons annoy momma in complete dryness, dependence is so empowering to one`s own soul..

The blackies, the crows spotted me as I went by the kitchen window and started cawing, nothing goes to waste, dinner leftovers, old bread, meat scraps and lots of cooked rice, you see you can`t cook good Chinese sticky rice unless you make a whole pot, alright crows, I hear ya, no leftovers for me as I toss rice and bread out the window, my mom loves the blackies, they are very orderly, they have a set pecking order, quite civilized, and the most interesting new member is a little smart black bird, the size of a Robin but different, he has white spots on his black fantail, similar to the tail of a bluejay, this little feller comes out from this low ground hedge, looks right at me and chirps, he gets a couple of crackers everyday, I toss it to him/her, the bird grabs the cracker in a shot and darts back under the hedge, meanwhile back at the old cedar tree the baby bandits are still goofing around, having survived their thrill ride on the now broken branch the little raccoons are pushing the envelope, both are slowly climbing out on two more rather thin limbs, these branches leading to a nearby arbutus tree, momma raccoon looking totally twisted really started squawking but her babies were having none of it, down the skinny branches they went and when they started to bend the little raccoons made short leaps onto the Arbutus tree, only to realize that Arbutus trees have no bark, no grip, a smooth shiny hardwood tree and I swear that momma raccoon was laughing it up as her babies skidded and slid at speed all the way down the Arbutus....I `m sure the playful bandits learned their lesson, a minute later they climbed back up to console with mom..

Squirrels, raccoons, crows, humming birds, little black birds, my mom, Gin Gin(orange cat)...Dependence is very empowering and all one needs are but a few crumbs of humanity, I haven`t written much lately, reading mostly, reading stories and blogs, why is it when I read certain writers like Ross K or Laila Yuile, BC Mary I come away feeling warm and included while other sites are cold, desperate venues for hate and self grandization..

Normally I don`t put up guest posts but I was worried about our Dear friend Mary, BC Rail is her story, more than even Bill Tieleman, more than any mainstream media, BC Mary`s site did more to keep the BC Rail file alive than any venue in Canada, every revelation every nuance, from a corrupt investigation conducted by the RCMP, BC Liberal political insiders in charge of the prosecution, the betrayal of Loukedalis, all the meetings, meetings on Savory Island, meetings with lobbyists, the Bruce Clark connection, David Mclean funding Gordon Campbell, every angle from the missing $1 billion dollars to the now $600 million dollar and growing tax indemnity CN has against the province..

BC Mary has the archives of thousands of BC Rail stories, from radio tricks in Prince George to bogus financial statements used as propaganda, it`s all in BC Mary`s archives. ...

Dependence, it`s very empowering, a little rice, a chirp, a caw and a trip down to the dock to dance in the rain...

Thank you for all those years of crumbs and crackers Mary.

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BC Mary said...

Beautiful, Grant ... 3-dimensional beautiful.

And thanks for letting me feel ... well ... alive and lively to the things which happen deep in the soul of most British Columbians. Where Arbutus trees are Arbutus trees. Where you can feel the trees smiling when it rains.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Grant. And thank goodness for writers such as you, Mary, Laila, Ross, Norm, Ian etc. We certainly can't get the info from others that should be writing the proper, truthful stories and events. You truly are the best.

Congratulations to all of you and please, keep up the good work. We are reading and posting your blogs for others.

Gary E said...

Every once in a while someone comes along and gives me reason to stop and smell the flowers. You've done that here Grant and I really appreciate it even if I only drink coffee and have a small bit of natural honey in it. Only because I am not too sweet myself.


ron wilton said...

Truer words ne'er were spoke.

Don F. said...

Thanks for this one Grant,very true and right on.
Your list of bloggers could be mine and for the same sentiments although mine includes yourself also.
Mary certainly is precious as are yourself and others you mention.
Thanks for sharings this with me today!

Anonymous said...

I feel so angry about your three innocent little cats, that did not deserve their fate. I too love both wild and tame creatures.

I and extended family were moving to a new location. As houses sold, we all ended up in mine. My son and wife have dogs, I have a black cat. One day I heard one of the dogs whining. I called out, to ask what was wrong with the dog. My daughter-in-law said, the cats in the pathway and won't let the dog by. I'm thinking, she's just a little cat, I doubted very much, that the cat was doing that on purpose. My daughter-in-law said, she's a cat and a female cat at that??? Of course she does it deliberately??? As the days went by, there were dog whines several times a day. The cat stole one of the dogs beds. She stood in the doorway and wouldn't allow the dogs in the house. She sat by the water bowl and wouldn't let the dogs drink. The cat was also blamed for chasing the biggest dog around the kitchen. The dog is 20 times the size of the cat. I'm still thinking, she is just a dumb little affectionate mouser.

THEN ONE DAY, my daughter-in-laws mom was in the laundry room. The stairs to the basement are there as well. My son was getting the dogs food bowls ready. The cat went to the laundry room and positioned herself, right around the corner of the stairs. As each dog came tearing upstairs for their food, she swatted each one of them, as they raced by. I was in disbelief. The cat was doing absolutely everything she could, to upset the dogs. She ruled the dogs, with an iron paw.

As soon as the cat heard the dog's food bowl clatter, she knew where the dogs were. The cat knew the dogs would race up the stairs for their food. I had to admit, yes she was doing everything to the dogs on purpose. I had to revise my thinking, cats are not just dumb little animals. She was a scheming little witch, terrorizing the dogs and loving it.

My son and daughter-in-law, live out on five acres. There is a running battle with a squirrel every winter. He/she was using the bird feeder to store his acorns and such. The acorns would plug up the bird seed. My daughter-in-law, cut a milk jug in half, and put the squirrels stash in that. The squirrel moved them right back into the bird feeder. She finally had to give up, and the squirrel won the battle. She moved the bird feeder over to another tree. Didn't matter, the squirrel still put his stash in the feeder anyway.

A priceless video on U-tube, is an owl and her cat. I couldn't believe it. Have a look.

Another video on U-tube is, twin baby moose play in sprinkler. This was in Alaska. I would have never thought, a mother moose would take her calves around a human habitat, but there she was.

That's why I don't want them to log the Rain Forests off the Douglas channel. There would be Chinese freighters, going in to pick up our raw logs. Depending on which country's Harper can con into accepting the dirty oil, there would be even more oil tankers as well.

In the channel, there are our beautiful Orca and Humpback Whales, and thousands of marine life species. The Spirit Bear and the unique small wolves live there. Salmon runs will be destroyed by the logging.

Campbell thieved and sold our rivers. What an eco mess they made damming up the rivers. They even steal water from lakes, to top up their dams.

Harper and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, dismantled BC. This province was financially ruined by Harper and Campbell. Are we not even allowed to keep the beauty of this province? Or will government greed, also steal that too?

Doug Pyper said...

Beautifully written Grant!

A 'feel good read' on this cool crisp fall day here in the Koots. Makes me think that where you live is very similar to here in many ways.

Awake to nature is awake to life. You are very much alive my friend.

And I love your photo of the coons.......

All the best.

Anonymous said...

I can't even imagine, what would happen to this province and the people. We everyday BC citizens, would be forced to believe the media. We would never know, how badly we were being lied to, by the politicians and their government, until it was far too late.

We politically challenged people, totally rely on you bloggers, and we learn from you. We can't even put a price, on your hours spent in research. I only know, it has to be hundreds of hours. You really are, our only lifeline to the truth.

All of you deserve the OBC. I forgot!!! You have to lie, deceive, be corrupt, and cheat to win to earn that award.

Leah said...

Grant, I'm not sure we still have that indemnity with CN? I'll be darned if I can remember where I read it - but I did read that Campbell quietly let the track go with CN in order to avoid that...and to make it easier on CIBC as well. That might be something to dig for - we do have a right and a reason to know. IF the tracks are gone as well - then we're a few billion short on the "sale" the very least.

Grant G said...

Goodbye Mary, see ya soon..

Powell River Persuader

Kim said...

I'm crying again.

Peace brother.


Love Kim

Anonymous said...

What a lovely sentiment for Mary, Grant. Beautifully done.

Our BC Mary will be sadly missed by all of us. Mary's wonderful dedication, to her beloved BCR never faltered.

You have had far more than your share of grief. Losing your Dad. Losing your three beautiful little companions. Having your life, burned out of existence. There are times when life just isn't fair, your losses were certainly more than....just one of those times.

Keep writing for us Grant. You are very gifted. I have been missing your posts, cuss words and all. I marvel at where you find all of your, very funny descriptive nouns. I keep my sister informed, of every new one that shows up.

We do really owe all our bloggers, so very much. How can we ever pay back such a debt? I think about that a lot. All I can say is, thank you so very much.

Don F. said...

Grant, I am struggling with my thoughts on how to say what it is I want to say to you.
You my freind have had more than your share of lifes shitty hands. You have endoured more than anyone's share of grief!
I read a lot of blogs Grant but I must tell you I consider you the most real true deal.
Please excuse me if I'm too presumtuous but I feel I have to say that you have given enough, perhaps more than enough and now healing is what you deserve. You have given so much and now must give that much to yourself.
I know through our peculiar way of communicating that you are a caring and decent person far above those of whom our blogging is about and because of that we must stick together through all.
I am here for you bro as are many including Mary.
Please accept our humbleness Grant and our love for who you are.

bLady said...

Dear Grant

Thank you so, so much for your postings.
I am in awe of your writings and I have no idea how you find the info I crave to read here.
Please know that many feel the way I do, I am SURE, CERTAIN. We need you for ourselves, to give us hope and insight...please, please do not leave us stranded more in the wilderness.
I love you for your steadfastness, your sensitivity, your mind.
I do not pray much but I pray for you.
Acquire another companion for your cat...animals are so loving. I send you my love and peace to your soul.
Please do not give up and all of us together can and will change what needs to be done.

Anonymous said...

Dear Grant. your are so precious. I wrote something here (long) but for some reason it all managed to get f...up, so I will just say that I love you and all that feel do. We need you so much: sensitive, loving, deep deep concern for your fellow persons and animals, etc. I could go on and on but I want you to know that you would be so missed if we lost you.
Thank you for your fine writings...I and many others so appreciate you. Love

Laila said...

Grant,a brilliant writer,gifted in ways others could not be taught in years of hallowed halls of university, your words woven together of strings of thoughts emotions tears not unlike a treasured tapestry.Yes, you are the real deal,and seeing this post again as homage to Mary brings tears as I write, forgive my errors, her words like yours, poetry for the soul as only a true in spirit and soul British Columbian could understand the trees do smile when it rains.

It's just so hard thinking we wont see those kind of comments, thoughts words again.This is the most beautiful post I've ever read. And you must write. Strength and courage Grant, strength and courage.

RossK said...

Thanks Grant.

What amazes me is how much the true amateurs of the blogosphere really can do.

And I don't mean that it should replace good proMedia stuff, because that is out there too as you and I both know.

It is just different - more inclusive and, I hope, less judgemental (or at the very least, less dismissive) when it comes to its readers who want to truly engage.

Which is what Mary always wanted to do - she was so patient with everybody, as long as they proved to be on the up-and-up, who had something to say - even when she didn't agree with them.


kootcoot said...

".Bam, news came and the visions made sense.."

Wow talk about serendipity, BAM was sort of a nickname of Mary's husband the father of Nadina and her siblings, who was with her and very appreciated at the end.

BAM = B. Allan Mackie

Grant G said...

Thank you all so much, don`t know why it hit me so hard, perhaps it was Mary coming to me last week, my mind flooded with visions then...Bam, news came and the visions made sense..

We have work to do people..

Time to put a few thoughts together and Mary had but 1 goal...

Justice, we need top see this one through to the bitter end.

Good Day

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the bloggers who have worked and are working on the BC Rail file. The most important thing is that an official inquiry is eventually held and the guilty parties publically shamed.

Anonymous said...

Much work is needed, the lies need to be challenged.
A friend of mine said he believed that Harper was the best Prime Minister ever, today.
I reminded him that I frown on discussing politics. He will never know how much I do not trust the "UberCons". Good day.

kootcoot said...

"I reminded him that I frown on discussing politics. He will never know how much I do not trust the "UberCons". Good day."

Do you realize, anon on the eighth of August, how STOOPID that is. What does it accomplish to keep your opinions to yourself? How does that help you, your children, my children? Your attitude is what assholes like Harper and Campbell count on to continue their ongoing crime spree against us and the planet itself.

That is why assholes like Karl Rove, Tom Flanagan and too many others advise their charges (the candidates, premiers or Prime Ministers) to do everything possible to degrade politics and take it out of the realm of public discussion, so that hate-attack ads can carry the day with the mostly "low knowledge and less involved by the year" electorate.

If you ain't trying to point out what is wrong, especially if you have an idea what is wrong, then you are definitely part of the problem. The less people involved or who even bother to vote, the better it is for the criminals in our midst posing as politicians.

Skookum1 said...

good post, Grant, hadn't seen it before.


clipping path service said...

Great post.thank you so much.

e.a.f. said...

was just checking the blog and saw the notes regarding B.C. Mary. She did some really good work and her writing is missed.

The Tyee is reporting a trial starts tomorrow against Timber West, they've set aside 40 days in the Nanaimo Court. Timber West is being sued by TLT Trucking. Rich Coleman and the Hell's Angel's get special mention in the head lines.

My line is I want to live long enough to see Gordon Campbell come back in handcuffs, but that may not be possible. I may settle for seeing Big Rich put through the wringer by Mr. Leroy's lawyer.

So Happy New Year.