Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baldrey and Palmer, Fools!

Absolutely amazing, Keith Baldrey and Vaughn Palmer think they are smart, I have one thing to say to those clowns, bring it on......

Monday morning on Global news, Keith Baldrey starts playing his spin game, right now Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen are freaking out, all 85 ridings have got at least 10% sign up on the NO HST Petition, there is still 6 weeks left for gathering signatures, so I was shocked when I heard Baldrey on Monday and read Vaughn Palmer`s column today, the advice they are giving to Gordon Campbell is terrible advice, 90% of BCers are opposed to the HST and Keith Baldrey are Palmer are advising Gordon Campbell to hold a Province wide referendum on the HST in 2011.....

Baldrey and Palmer know how the Province wide referendum would go but..........According to Baldrey and Palmer on referendums that for it to pass the NO HST vote must get roughly 1,600,000 votes against the HST......Apparantly the 50% of people who don`t vote, if they stay home again everyone of their votes will count as a vote for the HST, ......Let me run that at you again, ........

According to referendum law 50% plus 1 of all voters must vote against the HST, but with only 50% of all people on a whole in B.C. who actually vote, that means that everyone who voted in the last election must vote 100% against the HST referendum or the tax will be brought in....

Think about that for a minute, how can the 50% who don`t vote have their vote count on one side of a referendum?

Now that may or may not be the law but, just think about this scenario, Gordon Campbell puts the HST to a Province wide referendum as a trap, the people vote, the hypothetical result is.....

1,500,000 people vote against the HST............150,000 vote for the HST.......And Gordon Campbell and the B.C. Liberals stand up and say ....."The people have spoken, the pro-HST vote has won the Province wide referendum" Snip

You see how silly your advice is Keith Baldrey and Vaughn Palmer? If the HST referendum went down like that to ignore the large majority would be political suicide, so by all means Gordon Campbell, bring on the referendum!

Looks like since the BC Liberals are going to lie, cheat, and delay," Recall in the Fall" will be starting on November 15/2010......I mean really, to think you have 90% against the HST on a referendum only to have Gordon Campbell claim victory for the HST.......

Palmer, Baldrey, you 2 clowns are so stupid, Gordon Campbell, you want some advice, drop the HST by July 2010 or your party will be wiped off the map, if you B.C. Liberals play a stall game and or run a phony referendum and allow a 10% vote for the HST to win the day you will be punished to the point of not being a viable political party ever again.(You can read Vaughn Palmer`s column here)

Take your pick Gordon habitual Liar Campbell, you can take some advice from Grant G or follow Keith Baldrey and Vaughn Palmer to the depths of hell!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Gary E said...

You are absolutely right about Palmer and Baldrey being clowns, Grant. Personally I would call them "puppets on a string".
We have a man in this area, who is European born, and a small business owner. There was a discussion put together and people from both sides invited. One or two people hadn't signed the Initiative yet and wanted to wait until after the meeting to have a better informed decision. When the meeting was over they signed.
Because the invited opposition (in particular our MLA) didn't show I believe the meeting went quite well. You see, the main speaker covered all the Pros and cons of this system of taxing. The cons outweighed the pros by far. Our speaker even said that a HST could be a good thing if presented correctly. But regardless of how it is presented it would lead to "underground economy". The reason being, that when it is instituted, and over time, the government will increase it. And there is a threshold at which the high tax will lead to more underground economy, leading to less revenue for government, causing higher taxes, leading to even less revenue. And this is exactly what is happening in Europe today. Greece in particular.
The so called money people, like Michael Campbell, want to bail Greece out. But the only solution there as I see it is for Greece itself to drastically lower there taxes in an attempt to at least reduce the underground economy.
I am not an economist. Don't want to be one. But I do understand that unless we get away from a market based economy and this system of HST we are doomed to follow in the footsteps of Greece. And here in BC the only help on our Horizon is to dump Campbell and Hansen. And for crist sakes don't let that buffoon Coleman in as leader of the Liberals.
One last thing. Although I'm not supposed to give numbers I can tell you that at least a week before the 40% in six weeks we will have gone over that target in my riding. Recall In The Fall.

Anonymous said...

Grant - The LIEberals are scheming and already have this one figured out. They will go the referendum route. Here's their game:

1. The referendum won't be held for another year and 4 months;

2. The LIEberals will be hoping that voter anger against the HST will have dissipated by that time akin to the drop in voter anger against the carbon tax;

3. The referendum will be held on a Saturday;

4. Municipal elections are also held on Saturdays and the voter turnout can be dismal - around 20% in most cases;

5. The referendum will require more than 50% of registered voters to vote in favour of the referendum and more than 50% of registered voters in 2/3 of the ridings to vote in favour of the referendum;

6. That would mean, 100% of voters in the last election would need to vote in favour of the referendum;

The sneaky LIEberals think that will fail and when it fails they will focus the blame on the NDP for crafting the difficult to win referendum legislation in the first place. That's the LIEberals end game.

Anonymous said...

All this as well as the BC Rail trial. Gordo the impaler, you can't run! It will show that he, as well as his minions, gave the rail away. Payback for his friends. Maybe all that extra loving from so many females, like a harem eh gordo? Raising taxes, breeding children, like the old Roman days here. Stop the drunk now.

Kam Lee

Anonymous said...

Real journalism is dead. It's more like copy and paste. Nobody digs for the real story anymore.

Best Wages on Earth, Worst Services on Earth.

Leah said...

The fact is, in BC we simply cannot trust anyone in media, government, or the judiciary anymore. How unutterably sad is that?

That leaves it to us, the grassroots, to force change upon all of those systems. City by city, town by town, village by village - let's get like-minded people together. When I say like-minded, I'm not talking NDP, Liberal, Conservative, Greens, or any other political party. I'm talking every day people whose interests are the future of their neighbours children, as well as their own. People whose interest involves the well-being of those in their community, as well as themselves. In other words, people whose peace and well-being comes from serving others interests first, in order to have their own met.

Politics in all BC systems has to be stopped in order for integrity to reappear. As it stands now, only liars, cheats and thieves are fit for success in any, or all three of our "systems."

Kim said...

Gordon Campbell, Why do I hate thee? Let me count the ways.
I hate thee for the children, 1/4 of whom live in poverty.
I hate thee for the very earth we occupy, which you continue to rape without precaution or principle.
I hate thee for the waters, rivers desecrated, oceans sold to Foriegn Interests, and lakes, pristine and wild, given away for tailing ponds.
I hate thee for the lowest minimum wage in Canada, and the insulting Training Wage.
I hate thee for the lies you have told, over and over since you decided to enter politics.
I hate thee for making us pay your concubine, seriously.
I hate thee for dredging up the most corrupt caucus ever to do your evil bidding.
I hate thee for the secret, scheming, and psychopathic little vengeful mind that drives you to commit Breaches of Public Trust.
I hate that you have corrupted the Police and Judicial Systems in this province to hide your crimes.
Most of all, I hate thee for demolishing Democracy in this province, and selling off the Public Trust to your corporate Friends.

Josef Fisher said...

Corrupt Police and Judicial Systems flourish in this province with impunity since being created. Generations of good and innocent (except being poor and native)children and families' ruined health and lives prove it.

Anonymous said...

Sam the Sham gets on the 'Cutting Edge of the Ledge' but where's Brian from Garden Bay who can tackle the fools Baldrey and Palmer? He's the only one who ever made any sense!

Anonymous said...

Best place on earth......

Crankypants said...

I don't know if it's only me, but from what I heard on Bill Good's HST marathon today, none of the proponents were very convincing. If I was sitting on the fence, I think I'd be leaning towards the NOHST side.

The economist that was on with David Schreck was a joke. I couldn't believe it when he stated that tourists would pony up a good chunk of the $1.8 billion. I guess someone forgot to tell him that as the Canadian dollar rises versus foreign currencies the number of tourists coming to BC goes down.

I read somewhere that the BC Liberal lightweights and some cabinet ministers along with some backroom arm twisters are having a bit of a weekend retreat in the Okanagan to get everyone on the same page. I guess some cracks are starting to form in their caucus and some of the lesser lights are starting to fear recall now that the NOHST initiative is all but a done deal. It looks good on them.


Crankypants said...

The article I referred to in my last post is on the Globe And Mail Website and titled something like the HST may be the Liberal Party's Waterloo by Justine Hunter and Ian Bailey. It's a pretty good read.


Anonymous said...


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kootcoot said...

Grant, don't apologize for not paying more attention to the BC Rail Trial. You are the GO TO guy on the ridiculosity of the Hey Sucka Tax and your combination of facts and passion is THE BEST coverage of this nail in the LIEberal self constructed coffin.

However you did make a minor error with your final statement above:

"Take your pick Gordon habitual Liar Campbell, you can take some advice from Grant G or follow Keith Baldrey and Vaughn Palmer to the depths of hell!"

Gordo isn't following anybody to the place that, rumor has it, is warmer than Maui not just all year round, but for all eternity. Gordo is leading the way to hell and the fence posts with hair in the BC liaR caucus and the PABlum Brigade and their private sector allies like Vaughn, Keith, Lucinda and Pointy Kirk are just following him down the road as fast as Gordo paves the way.

Hopefully most of the rest of us now realize where he is taking us (some of us have known for quite awhile - since 2001 or before for myself) and are getting off the train, and trying to derail it!