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Monday, September 6, 2010

B.C. Liberal Booby Prize Sweepstakes

Does the phrase lame duck come to mind, it does for me............

We have written on this already, Gordon Campbell is unfit to Govern, the usual excuse makers were blathering on the radio today, Bill Good was explaining how Colin Hansen didn`t lie, Bill Good was explaining how Gordon Campbell panicked when he learned after the election that his promised deficit of "$495 million max" turned into $3 billion dollars and so he sent the finance department scrounging for money, Good elaborated how Gordon Campbell couldn`t bear running deficits, it couldn`t happen to the B.C. Liberals!!!......

First off, Gordon Campbell ran deficits for his first 3 years, and deficits last year, this year and the next 2 after that, that will make 7 or 8 deficit years out of 12.....Not exactly a stellar performance, yesterday Scott Nelson asked Campbell to resign, today Scott Nelson was making the circuit, I found Nelson`s reasoning for a leadership change to be self serving and typical...

Nelson told some partial truths, he told how business is down through out BC as a result of the HST, how bad the HST policy, how bad a tax it is, how badly Colin Hansen and Campbell rammed it down our throats, .......He admitted the truth that the HST is a millstone around the BC economy yet.......

Yet that is where Scott Nelson got lost, he claimed that Gordon Campbell has a great legacy and has done fantastic things for our province, how Campbell delivered 3 majority governments, but now he states how Campbell must leave before he completly annihilates the BC Liberal brand......

I had to pause after listening to Scott Nelson, the first thing that came to mind is.....What is Gordon Campbell`s legacy?

Has he transformed health...Education....Has he fought for the environment, human rights, tackled child poverty or seniors care issues, what about workers, has he improved their plight, we lead Canada in child poverty, second to last in Canada on health spending, the highest tuition rates in Canada, lowest minimum wage and the only Province with a $6 dollar starter wage....

The environmental assessments in BC have been gutted and he has looked the other way on toxic salmon farms, even his economic record, forestry is on life support, his clean energy act and power buying agreements will cost billions for decades, other than opening the door wide for big industry, gas drillers specifically, other than that, add a handful of way over budget infrastructure projects, Canada line($1.4 billion over budget)...Convention center($500 million over budget)..Golden ears bridge($400 million over budget) sea to sky($3.5 billion over 25 years)...Port Mann???....The outsourcing of BC Hydro through Accenture is another $600 million dollar hit.....

And then there is the law suits, tearing up contracts, $95 million dollar settlement cost to BC...BC Rail trial, $100 million dollar cost plus with tax defferels we got nothing for BC Rail, BC Ferries sold through debentures to German Consortium of banks, Translink out of control, Gag laws, assaults on autistic children, funding cuts to every conceivable charity yet bigger subsidies to profitable gas drillers and bankers.....And then there is the HST, the big fraud, a drag on the economy and Scott Nelson claims that Gordon Campbell has a great legacy?

Talk about delusional, there is no legacy, maybe a legacy of corruption, who is better off under Campbell, if what Scott Nelson said of Gordon Campbell was true, if he had a great legacy the HST wouldn`t bring him down, what Nelson is really concerned with is saving what is becoming increasing clear....."A dead and beyond revival BC Liberal party"...

Scott Nelson claims with a new leader like Carole Taylor or Dianne Watts and a couple of years they can woo back their base, what a dreamer, what would they run on, removing the HST, defending it, blame it on Gordo?

Every BC Liberal MLA and cabinet member have dirty hands, a 70 year old wealthy Carole Taylor isn`t coming to the rescue, Dianne Watts is against the Port Mann tolls, is fighting Translink, hates the HST, and is even advocating tolling every driver in BC to reduce the cost to Surrey drivers, spread the road tolling costs around....

Well Dianne Watts....Don`t you know how the game is played, the north shore doesn`t get tolls, Whistler doesn`t get tolls, only working stiffs get tolls, ...........

Dianne Watts was on with Michael Smyth today, right after Scott Nelson, Watts said she was running for Mayor of Surrey, although when Smyth asked her if running for mayor was etched in stone Dianne Watts paused with her response.....

That pause was so staged, staged to give disgruntled Liberals a glimmer of hope.....Even the media now realizes that the BC Liberals are dead, I suppose if they cleaned house, if they dumped Falcon, Heed, John Les, Thornthwaite, Bill Bennett, Ida Chong, McDiarmid, Bond, Abbot, Penner, Cantelon, Coleman, De Jong.....If they dumped all those BC Liberals and ran on a get rid of the HST platform maybe, just maybe they could win. But I suspect the MLAs involved in dangerous driving, drunk driving, election fraud, illegal land removal from the ALR, blatant racism, vote buying, lavish lunches, illegal forest giveaways, assaults on the Canada health act, dirty tricks, adultery, backroom deals with Patrick Kensella, Ken Dobell, Casino`s, money laundering have other ideas than burning themselves.........

Meanwhile, if anyone could tell me what Gordon Campbell`s legacy is I would appreciate it....The only thing I can think of is the 1919 Spanish flu, a time so terrible, so frightening, so end of the world, mankind has nearly purged that event from history.....I suspect the Name Gordon Campbell too will rarely be spoken of if ever, and the word legacy won`t come to mind!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I wish more of the 'general' public knew about our losses due to Gordon Campbell sell-outs of BC Hydro, BC Rail and BC Ferries...maybe there would be marching on the streets against this corrupt government. Seems our Aboriginal peoples and environmental groups are the only ones with guts to stand up to Injustices in this country.....
Best wishes to Fish Lake Chief, 600 bands and 12 environmental groups in their fight to stop Harper's approval for Prosperity Mines to proceed with plans to turn Fish Lake into a 'tailings pond'....another Gordon Campbell government approved travesty.

Anonymous said...

His legacy is that he has managed to be the worst premier in BC history. I mean, he will be talked about for decades in classrooms everywhere.

Crankypants said...

First of all, I couldn't help but notice that Scott Nelson was wearing an Armani jacket during an interview that was televised this evening. Kind of lets one know which side of the tracks he resides in. As such, one could probably excuse him for thinking that Campbell was the greatest thing since sliced bread prior to the HST debacle. No doubt his holdings have done well since Campbell to power. The only thing I would give him credit for is that he didn't fold like a cheap tent the way Bateman did after getting the riot act read to him by Hansen and most likely Coleman.

I wasn't too surprised by Bill Good's defence of Campbell because he has been doing it ever since Campbell won the election in 2001.

What I found particularly distasteful was Monty Paulson's defence of Hansen and Campbell with respect to the timing of when they decided to implement the HST. I think that even Bill Good and Norman Spector were caught off guard by Paulson's statement. All Spector could say is that he had nothing to add.

There is even an article online at the Globe & Mail website that states definitively that the BC Liberal Party did not decide to go the HST route until after the election last year. Of course this article offered no proof, no inside information, just uncorroborated claptrap.

As for Dianne Watts, I think that she may not be quite as commited to running for mayor of Surrey as she was a while back. Even though she stated that the leader's job for the BC Liberal Party was not yet vacant, she never stated categorically that she would not throw her hat into the ring. I suspect that she is just keeping all options open. Cracks are starting to emerge from within the BC Liberal silo, and I suspect if she thinks she could become the next leader of this party, she would go for it. The media has been stroking her ego for quite a while and she sounds as if she is now believing her own press clippings. She has become a media darling of the MSM which will not be lost on the hierarchy of the Libs.

The electorate is made up with a lot of gullible people and as such, nothing can be taken for granted. Even many of Campbell's cohorts now sitting in cabinet will choose to do whatever it takes to remain in power no matter who their leader is. After all, most of them have very low standards as shown by their willingness to stand mutely by while Campbell has raped and pillaged the citizens of BC. They have proven over and over that they will take the low road whenever it is presented to them.


BC Mary said...


When I get a moment, I'll look at CPAC (the Canadian Public Affairs Channel) for the amazing documentary I happened to come across on Monday evening, Sept. 6.

It was about BC's fight against the HST. Interesting segments showed Vaughn Palmer saying passionately that the people had been lied to, before the last provincial election.

It concluded with the commentary which really caused my eyes to pop ... and which is why I need to go back and find the details ...

Commentator said that if the people of BC win on this issue, it will change politics forever in the whole country ... and politicians will never again be legally allowed to falsify the facts in order to win elections.

Can you imagine? ...

It was only at the conclusion that I realized how exceptionally important this CPAC documentary is ... I promise to search for the link ... meantime hoping that others saw it too, and will report the co-ordinates.

Thanks, Grant.

kootcoot said...

".....I suspect the Name Gordon Campbell too will rarely be spoken of if ever, and the word legacy won`t come to mind!"

Gordon Campbell's name should no more be forgotten than the Halocaust. I think it would be more appropriate to use the name Gordon Campbell to replace the "boogie man" as a device to scare children into compliance with adults' agendae.

By the way, I ran across speculation that Bird Brain Falcon would be tapped to replace the beyond rescue Deputy Liar in Chief, Colon Hansen. Kevie is guaranteed to make a mockery of any ministry put under his fevered control. Just think of the wonders he wrought with Highways and the destruction he is currently wreaking on the Health Ministry.

I say Falcon for Premier........if anybody can put the province out of its misery....it's BirdBrain.

BC Mary said...

Got it! With a little help from Cable Public Affairs Channel:

Hi Mary,

Thank you for your email and your interest in CPAC programming. At the following link, you will find "British Columbia's Tax Revolt" on
Video-on-Demand (VOD):

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you again for your interest in our programs.


-----Original Message-----
From: bcmary
Sent: September-07
To: Comments/Commentaire
Subject: New feedback has arrived from the CPAC Web site.

Date: Monday, September 6, 2010
Time: evening
Topic: British Columbia fights the H.S.T.

Wonderful documentary!

Please, let me have the LINK so that I may recommend it to people in
British Columbia who will be greatly encouraged to see this film.

BC Mary
The Legislature Raids

BC Mary comment: It rather puts Gordo's legacy into perspective. Please check it out and tell us what you think. I'll be watching it over at my place too.

Thanks again, Grant.

Anonymous said...

Christ, the sooner that liar Gordo goes the better.

If Dianne Watts runs to become premier I would vote for her any day over Carole James - she's just an annoying school marm. Sad but true.

Paul said...

Hi BC Mary - I looked for the CPAC program. Is this it?

British Columbia's Tax Revolt - CPAC - Video on Demand

13 Jul 2010 ... CPAC Special British Columbia's Tax Revolt The B.C. Liberals are facing their biggest political crisis since first coming to power in 2001. ...

Here is the CPAC page for this video.


Here's the direct network stream to play this program without going to the CPAC page.


Here's the file it plays.


(CPAC videos are encoded for streaming only and are currently not downloadable.)

I hope this is the one you wanted.

Grant G said...

Thanks Mary....This is what I have been trying to say for a long time, the initiative, recall, calling elections null and void....

This is more, we here in BC can change/have changed politics in Canada forever, proven liars will be punished and removed.....

I am proud of our efforts,

The media, the media will start telling the truth or they will continue to lose readership to the internet, to the blog, to the Straight Goods..All of the truth telling blogs.

Look what we have done with no media help, we destroyed the BC Liberals, highlighted the NDP shortcomings, exposed the liars, without the blog Gordon Campbell would sail off into the sun...

Now his legacy has been gutted, he will spend his remaining years looking over his shoulders, permanent body guards, hated and ostricized by his own kin...His Brother Michael Campbell outed as a Bilderberg proponent, a privatizer, a corporate stooge....

The Liberal rats are scurring, politics will never be the same, Gordon Campbell will never live in peace, Harper too will now pay the price, he will never get his majority, that too will be laid at Campbell`s feet, that is the only thing Campbell will have done that`s positive...

He exposed Harper for what he is...

This fall, no legislature, BC Rail trial, legislative charges against Colin Hansen...Bill Barisoff will either approve charges against Colin Hansen or he too will; be charged will covering crimes through a corrupt legislature...

Then there is the surprise double the reported deficit for this year and next, Kash Heed with the new charges against him, John Les(criminal)..

And when the BC Hydro money losses are reported...Well...

Let`s just say that the Federal Government may have to call something like a war measures act ..And place some sort of legislative authority to run BC until the next election is called...

And it`s all of you bloggers and new media that made this possible...Canwest Global/CTV/CKNW...They can bow their head in shame...

They earned no quarter!


Anonymous said...

Diane Watts? Never. We will continue on the road we're on now. She's still catering to big business out in the Surrey area. Something going on with her husband's business also. Clear cutting, removing ALR land. I may not like Carole, but I certainly would NEVER VOTE for Diane Watts.

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is not about this topic, but of interest. Still selling off hydro. Not going to be any "public" hydro left when the lieberals are through and we've already started paying through the nose with more hikes coming!


Paul said...

re: Blair Lekstrom

This is from a G&M story today.

"Despite his high-profile resignation from the cabinet and the caucus, Mr. Lekstrom said he retains his Liberal membership and is considering attending the party convention in November."

Blair Lekstrom: "I’m not saying yes or no, but I’m looking at it."

From the Toronto Star, Monday September 06 2010:

Two sources have told the Toronto Star the premier plans to replace Hansen with Health Services Minister Kevin Falcon.

NDP Finance Critic Bruce Ralston: "The obvious problem with that is if he gives the finance minister the boot, why is the premier still standing?"


*** From Wikipedia *** ("BC Liberal Party")

The Campbell government: 2001–present


"Governance was also re-arranged such that Deputy Ministers were now to report to the Chief of Staff in the Premier's office, rather than to their respective ministers."

Does that mean that the Deputy Ministers have been answering to Chief of Staff Martyn Brown, since 2003?


BC Mary said...

Paul, many thanks for finding and clarifying the links to British Columbia's Tax Revolt.

Grant, I hope it's OK by you that I picked up Paul's comment and re-posted it at my place.

Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Some time back. I read, Campbell was going on vacation. Lara Daphnee was mentioned, that she was going. There was no mention, of Nancy, what-so-ever. I have just seen Nancey, whenever Campbell get's caught, in some disgrace or other. The picture of her, when Campbell got his criminal charge of his DUI, the look on Nancey's face, was pure venom. So, Nancey on vacation, with Gordo???? Campbell not calling a Legislature this fall? Just another, dirty tactic Campbell learned, from his buddy Harper.

Anonymous said...

I struggle with, why did Campbell do this to himself? He seems not to mind, he is disliked by 90% of the people. He keeps right on going with his corruption. Even people from other countries, have heard of him and his dastardly deeds. We are ashamed of him. We no longer want him as premier. He can't be so stupid as, not to see that. It's sort of what Hitler did. He lost the war, and so the German people were made to suffer, Hitlers proclamation, they can all die, and refused to stop the war, to save the people. Germany was utterly destroyed. BC is going to crash. The economy is again, slowing down. The provincial budget tax hikes, and the HST, is beyond, the citizens ability to pay. Like Hitler, Campbell has no concern for the people, too bad if they lose their homes. Campbell is a tyrant, and is grinding this province, right into a corrupt mire. Campbell has thieved this province, nigh on to death. The next big wave BC hits, BC is going under.