Friday, September 24, 2010

Bill Good, Nothing but a Gordon Campbell Shill

Unbelievable, that is all I can say about the media and Gordon Campbell`s pimps!

As I predicted the other day, the great study commissioned by Rail for the Valley was completely ignored, Gordon Campbell and Shirley glug glug Bond met with the Mayors and the Translink board to discuss funding for Transit, specifically the nevergreen line....

The story was plastered all over the news, the radio, a very vague MOU(memorandum of understanding) was signed, I read the MOU, it`s nothing, propaganda, meanwhile on the news the babblers were asking how do we pay for transit?

And the light rail option was omitted, no mention, scuttled, the Translink wealth transfer lobby have killed light rail again, in fact there wasn`t even one mention on the cutting ledge today about that LRT report, yesterday John Macolm had a segment on how to fund transit, he took callers and I tried to get in.....It wasn`t nick answering the phone so the phone guy took my name and asked what I wanted to say, I told him about the LRT study and why not go that route, but as usual, John Macolm had his marching orders and only let callers speak who recommended more taxes, vehicle levies, property taxes, user pay...Obviously the Translink lobby has big clout with media, and my friend Malcolm J commented on my LRT post that the big dalies were going to run with the story yesterday, they didn`t then and nothing today!

Gordon Campbell in the meeting with the mayors and Translink made the suggestion that the HST could be used to fund Translink ???????

Bill Good day after day keeps blathering on and on how people don`t want to pay taxes but everyone wants services, Bill Good at least once a day states,

"How are we going to pay for services without the HST.......What tax would you like if not the HST"snip

Isn`t that special, and it was no other than Vaughn Palmer himself that wrote an article 6 months ago that stated the HST in its first year will cost the B.C. treasury about $400 million dollars and in further out years that the HST is revenue neutral to Government,(here was the title of Vaughn Palmer`s column about the loss to the B.C. treasury)

Liberal economic wizards manage to lose money on a hated tax grab


Read that article here

In other words the $2 billion dollar yearly tax shift from business onto the backs of consumers does not bring in ANY MORE MONEY TO THE B.C. GOVERNMENT than the old PST DID! $400 million less money than the old PST would have brought in this year alone.

And Colin Hansen, he has made the same claim that the HST will pay for health care, Margaret McDiarmid has made the claim that the HST will pay for education, every B.C. Liberal MLA spineless jellyfish has made the claim that the HST will pay for all these extra services and increased funding for everything else.....Yet the facts don`t bear that out, the HST is a drag on the economy, the HST is putting people out of work, the writing is on the wall, B.C. and the Ontario economies have tanked since the HST was implemented...

If the B.C. government needed extra money thet could have easily raised the existing PST by 1% percentage point and that would bring in about $1 billion more dollars to Provincial coffers, and believe me folks, the outrage would be gone, for those with short memories, Gordon Campbell raised the PST up when he took power in 2001, he raised it to 7.5% from 7% he then made a big deal about it when he lowered it back to 7%.... That way we keep our taxing authority in provincial hands, all the existing exemptions would stay in place, a win win...Except for one thing, the HST was never about anything except big corporations pulling Campbell`s strings and making Campbell dance like a marionette!

So lets review this, Gordon Campbell states that the HST will pay for more health care, more education funding, the HST will pay for transit infrastructure and operating costs, I`m getting so confused, who to believe.....

Do we believe Gordon Campbell`s buddy and neighbor Bill Good? Do we believe Vaughn Palmer?Do we believe the government apologist Keith Baldrey? Or perhaps, just perhaps we should believe Gordon Campbell....!!!!

Look folks, you can`t make this stuff up, today, September 24/2010 Gordon Campbell stated to a crowd of people in Coquitlam......

Gordon Campbell September 24/2010
"The HST will bring in less money this year than the old PST would have, the HST in future years is revenue neutral to Government" Snip....And double snippity doodah day!

And then Gordon Campbell made another hilarious statement today...

"We lowered the HST from 13% to 12% and that cost the provincial treasury $800 million dollars" Snip, snip, snip

Am I missing something, I have heard Campbell over and over again state that he lowered the HST to 12% from 13%....When did we have a 8% PST....Campbell must be on the sauce big time again, our PST was 7%...The GST is 5%....Add them up it comes to 12%.....If he thinks because the Ontario HST is 13% he made us a great deal, Ontario`s PST was 8%....8% and 5% adds up to 13%......Gordon Campbell has lost his marbles!

2010 Rate

Provincial Web Sites

BC 5% GST / 12% HST(1) 7%(1) / n/a BC Consumer Taxation Branch PST in BC and BC HST
BC Harmonized Sales Tax
AB 5% GST n/a
SK 5% GST 5%(4) Saskatchewan Provincial Sales Tax
MB 5% GST 7% Manitoba Retail Sales Tax
ON 5% GST / 13% HST(5) 8%(5) / n/a The Basics of Ontario Retail Sales Tax (RST)
Instructions for completing the Retail Sales Tax return Ontario HST
Ontario What is the HST?
QC 5% GST 7.5%(2) Québec QST and GST - for businesses
Québec QST and GST - for individuals
NL 13% HST(3) n/a
NS 13%/15% HST(6) n/a
NB 13% HST(3) n/a
PE 5% GST 10%(7) Prince Edward Island Revenue Tax
NT 5% GST n/a n/a
NU 5% GST n/a n/a
YT 5% GST n/a n/a

As you can see from this chart Gordon Campbell did no such thing, in Ontario they added their PST with the GST ....Since their PST was 8%.....Added to the 5% GST = 13%

In BC the PST was 7% added to 5% GST = 12%...........And yet Gordon Campbell today again stated that he lowered our HST from 13% to 12%.....For christ sake Campbell can`t you ever stop lying, how much booze are you drinking, are you on crack cocaine? PATHETIC!

Vaughn Palmer got his numbers from the B.C. ministry of finance, so let`s have a look, deduct $400 million dollars from the $1.6 billion dollar bribe and as you can clearly see the bribe is shrinking, now down to $1.2 billion dollars, take in to consideration the drag on the B.C. economy and HST related job losses and we actually get nothing out of the $1.6 billion dollar bribe!

Gordon Campbell, Bill Good and CKNW after learning about the HST referendum stated with the referendum a year away there will be plenty of time for honest debate on the issue...Really? Debate, honest debate, more like a year of propaganda....

On Sunday past, Sean Leslie had on as a guest David Robertson from Martineau LLP accounting, he praised the HST, and it was our good friend Crankypants(Cam) who did a little research and found out that the accounting company that this accountant worked for has donated nearly $200,000.00 dollars to the B.C. Liberals in the last 4 years....That folks is a conflict of interest, a blatant conflict!

This week alone on the Bill Good Gordon Campbell press release and spin show....He had on as guests, Colin Hansen, Terry Lake, Kevin Kreuger, bill Barisoff, John Rustad, Michael Levy, a representitive from the film industry, a representitive from the mining industry, Shell Buzzy was on promoting the HST too, and don`t forget the other 2 stooges, Vaughn Palmer and Keith Baldrey, Bill no Good had on Phil Hocstein last week and pretended to be in "SHOCK" over Hocstein supporting the HST, and we know how much money he has donated to the BC Liberals....The Vancouver Sun ran a brutal puff propagada piece by Johnathan Fowlie today, read his brutal garbage here

And this lowbrow unauthored editorial

And as predicted ...The 3 stooges on CKNW today went after Bill Vander Zalm, they slammed Chris Delaney, they attacked Bill teileman, they threw barbs and mud at everyone...And not one word about BC Rail, not one word about the $900 million dollar tax indemnity that B.C. is on the hook for, not one word about the shennanigans at Elections BC, .......

What is your position Gordon Campbell, yesterday the HST was paying for health, education, transit, government services, now today you ADMIT that the HST this year is a massive hit to the B.C. treasury and revenue neutral in future years, so what is it Campbell, were you lying yesterday, or are you lying today, never mind, you have never stopped lying and your finished, caput, history, your party is done....R.I.P

So this is what CKNW and the BC Liberals call an honest debate on the HST! You are a sick demented man(?) Bill Good......The day of retribution is coming fast for you Bill Good!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

I know I listen to the garbage.At least through the audio vault you can skip it when it's to hard to stomach.Bill Good is a complete ass kisser.I notice that when it is someone anti HST they get 15 minutes interrupted by news and weather for about 5 minutes of air time.Then the lackeys come on for what seems like eternity,for some real softball questions.CKNW is overrun by Matini Gords' ass kissers.I would love to stuff my fist down Fog-Horn Bill Goods throat.It's probably nice and lubricated fom that PIF(pre ejaculated fluid) meant for Laura but it's first come first served and BG is right there. Palmer and Baldrey are not far behind the head ass kisser.Bill(boots)Good.That's all you see sticking out of Gordos ass are his boots.Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

Billy Bob is in touch and in tune with the average BC'er - that's why he's 'NW's top DOG.

Yeah, boasting about his BMW, his swank digs in Coal Harbour, and how $20 in HST for his evening dinner doesn't even faze him. Just a regular schmuck!

And he looks down on people like Brian, because he's better, because he knows everything, and because he's friends with the Preem and other well-to-do powerful folk. What a schmuck!

Anonymous said...

Grant, this new interview with Billy Bob just came out and made me want to upchuck. Have a "Good" read - LOL:

“(The media) gives a lot of people a voice. It gives them a way to challenge authority. Look what’s happened with the HST,” the longtime CKNW talk-show host pointed out."

“The premier (Gordon Campbell) asked me to hold him accountable” Good said."

"Good counts the Internet’s ability to “give every person on the planet” a voice regardless of the person’s ethical intent as an ugly aspect of the information age."

“It allows downright nasty people to say whatever they want. Meanwhile the mainstream media is trying really hard to get things right,” he said."

Billy Bob should have been a script writer for a comedy series! ROFLMAO

PJ said...

I wonder how many of the 'too big to fail' businesses that have Gordo as their talking head, the ones that are raping this province and sucking the people dry are on this list of so called SMALL businesses.
Follow the link to read a comment by Keith Olbermann, then scroll down and watch the video. This is truly scary stuff.

Anonymous said...

Grant, did you here that Carole James equated herself with John Wayne and Lady Gaga last night? What a stupid woman!!!! When did you say the next New Democrat leadership vote will be held?

Dave-O said...


I was cut off by Bill Good in 2002 the subject was fat kids, as I was explaining how the kids in my neighborhood were very active (this was going against the storyline) Bill Good stated "this is not the class were discussing here today" next caller?

Not the "class" we are discussing need not reply!!! lol

Crankypants said...

First of all, thanks for the mention on digging up the donations by Fasken Martineau to Gordo and his gang. I just think that sometimes the commentaries we get served by the media are not as innocent as we are led to believe. These people are being portrayed as being neutral, politically speaking, when in fact they are nothing but a plant.

Today on Sean Leslie's show he was interviewing Mary McNeil and they got onto the subject of the PAB. I was almost floored by Sean's revelation that his wife is employed by us as a member of the PAB. How neutral can he be when interviewing BC Liberals when he knows that his wife will serve up a dinner of hot tongue and cold shoulder should he take her employer to task. We also know that Keith Baldry's wife was and may still be employed by the BC Liberal Party.

Think about it. How impartial can these two be considering their partner's ties to Gordo & Co. Next question is, how many other so-called reporters are not as independent as we are led to believe?


Grant G said...

Thanks Cranky...I heard that too...I emailed Sean some data from the 90s after Ryan(brian) called in to dispute some phone in callers...

I said the same thing to Sean Leslie in my email...

And one of the questions from Sean L to Mary Mcneil was...

"What do the PAB do".....

What a useless question..His wife works there!!!

And then Sean L said to Mary M..."I think the PAB need a raise, chuckle chuckle"

I was shocked...And it got me to thinking, Sean Leslie has a young family,when did Sean Leslie`s wife get the job???

Because....Sean Leslie has changed radically his opinion on BC politics in very short order...Changed to spin and distortion and a slagging attitude towards the NDP...

CKNW..Sean Leslie,Michael Campbell,Bill Good,Michael levy, Keith Baldrey, Christy cluck cluck Clark,Palmer,Gord MacDonald....

Anyone who can`t see that CKNW is nothing but a BC Liberal(PAB)Cheerleading rah rah station...


Anonymous said...

They are all liars. They nw staffers, cannot tell the truth. They are so far up gordo 'The drunk" ass. I would love to be king for a day, and jail all the so called free press. Then let them sit there, thinking of what to write,,,,, hmmm, maybe they could shorten their senrenses by teling the truth! RECALL IN THE FALL. BTW, when is billy boy retiring, isn't he due for a senitorship? All are a waste of skin, When the new government comes in, they will disband the PABsmears. Then and only then will there be truth spoken.
Kam Lee

Anonymous said...

Yuk, I see all of that media, as Campbell's bum boys and girls. I see the newspapers, as reading the funny papers. The media have lost so much respect among the readers and listeners. When Gordo is gone. What will the newspapers and media, do for readers and listeners? There is no such thing, as good honest journalism anymore. The bloggers, are the best way to get, to the truth. I really like, the Tyee and Bill Tielman, and of course, the Straight Goods. BC Mary, and several others. They are the most genuine.