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Friday, June 30, 2017

John Horgan, British Columbia`s Next Premier

updated June 30th/2017.....the below post goes back to 2011....pay special attention to the second to last paragraph....what I wrote over 6 years ago about John Horgan..let's just say I had a vision...and there are more visions from me awaiting...Premier Horgan and i haven't always seen eye to eye...be we found common ground...

Congratulations John Horgan....

(April 8th/2014....I wrote the first bit below immediately after Adrian Dix`s stunning failure in our provincial election...Grant G)

May 14th/2013..This is a repost from the time of the B.C. NDP leadership campaign..
 I have no words right now, congratulations to the BC Liberals, I won`t be posting for a while, anyone needing to contact me can email...All I can say is, we couldn`t win with the honest Carole James, and I knew back when I posted this story, we couldn`t win with Adrian Dix`s baggage, not with a corrupt media...If John Horgan was elected leader at that time, we would have a NDP Government today...

Adrian Dix, I think you are a good man inside, however, you must resign, John Horgan is my pick as new leader, he was my pick 2 years ago.....I suggest all NDPers read this post below, written 2 plus years ago(April 13th/2011)...Faithful readers like Leah and CherylB knew like I did...Adrian Dix was toxic, many left my comment thread after Adrian was elected leader, because I was prepared to give Dix a chance...

They were right, I was wrong, with a corrupt media we need the best to win, Adrian Dix was not that man, and it isn`t personal, it`s logical

My condolences to the people of British Columbia.

May 14th/2013


After I wrote that above statement, a short while later John Horgan and I had a little talk....I called John Horgan out, challenged him to get off his ass, slap the party and carry us to victory as only he can....I had a few commenters and contributors get testy with me for being so direct...Here was my open letter to John Horgan .........written on October 18th/2013.....


Open Letter To John Horgan

(This is a copy of the letter I sent to John Horgan earlier today)

Thanks for the heads up notice?....You know John..Adrian Dix and the NDP owe everyone in British Columbia an apology

John....Like it or not you are the only real choice we the people have...Yet I know, actually, I feel your predicament...The NDP at present is lost, no message, not knowing what message to even present to the public, the economy is so fucked up, there are no instant cures, LNG will be a bust, the gravy is leaving the movie industry, forestry is in a mid-term to long term mess, our fisheries are collapsing, so here stands the NDP..

Scared, no message, Brian Topp and his buddy Ken Boesenkool threw the last election...Robin Austin is panting like a puppy dog on the LNG file, while Adrian Dix speaks like he is wearing dishwashing gloves, as to not tarnish his skin...Soft/bland milktoast speak.

OK, so you are worried you can`t make a difference, you have no answers, not prepared for the big fight, maybe you have health issues..

John Horgan, maybe you aren`t the big picture guy, no great dreams, the movement where sustainability and reason rule the day can be led by someone else...

The NDP is laying on the ground bleeding, dying, no vision...SO WHAT THE HELL, DUST OFF YOUR JACKET AND GRAB YOUR PENSION..


Say hello to your family for me....And tell them, the task before the NDP and John Horgan was too difficult.....I and the party decided to quit..

Four years until an election, and we don`t even have an opposition..

(P.S. .....Mr. Horgan, telling the truth about our B.C. economy and near future no matter how frightening IS the path to victory...

It is never too late, you can change your mind)

Good Day..

Grant G

My letter to Mr. Horgan was rather snarky.....We 4 million losers in B.C. deserve to speak to the NDP in stark, and snark terms.

The reason why this writer lit a fire under John Horgan, Horgan has the right stuff, our best speaker, a winner, straight talker, fast sharp wit, a man who will take nu guff......
John Horgan.....The next premier of British Columbia.......Grant G April 8th/2014...

 April 13th/2011

 Born To Lead, The Honourable John Horgan

Written by Grant G...

Well here we go, coming down to the wire in the NDP leadership contest, three men left standing, Adrian Dix, Mike Farnworth and John Horgan, three superstars in their own right, let`s break down the nuts and bolts and get into meat of things.....

Adrian Dix, a pit bull, antagonistic, aggressive and capable, however, unfortunately Adrian brings out visceral feelings in people, he`s a love em or hate em type guy and those who hate him really hate him, personally speaking if Adrian didn`t have two sets of baggage with him I might have considered voting for him, the first set is the infamous memo-gate, Dix back dated a memo to cover Glen Clark`s rear end and got caught, that wasn`t a mistake of spoken words it was planned and executed, the Liberals will key on that in election ads and it will hurt, actually it`s probably fatal, that would be hard enough to overcome by itself but when you add in the sack of cash separate from the stack of memberships Adrian dropped off at the deadline for new members, I`ve been told a few hundred of those ballots have been rejected...I suspect the BC Liberals would run an election ad like this....The caption, (A young Adrian Dix), they show a young Adrian sneaking into an office using white out on a document then return it to the file, then the next caption...(An older Adrian Dix)..They show a man with sacks of cash and stacks of memberships laughing and tee heeing, it would doom our party..But Adrian Dix would be a marvelous health minister.

 Mike Farnworth, a fine man, dedicated, friendly and boring, he calls himself the most electable, actually he`s most like Carole James, too much like Carole James for me, Farnworth talks tough but he portrays weakness and mushy policies, his policies are good on paper but verbally not, his next liability is his speaking, he`s not bad with a practiced script but on his feet he`s mister eer and umm on every other word, it comes across badly, at least in my eyes and ears it does, liability number three, he`s gay, a life long partner, I would like to stress that it doesn`t matter to me but it will matter to some, probably at least 5% percentage points will shun Farnsworth because he is gay, imagine trying to win with Christy Clark and her family values routine and favourable press with CKNW, CTV, Global, Vancouver sun and Province, you might think I am over playing that angle but you would be wrong, let me give you an example of what the media is prepared to do for Christy Clark, let`s call it a Professional set, a professional picture, her make-up is perfect, let`s say she`s wearing a hockey jersey and talks about her son Hamish and their love of the game of hockey and they splash that on the front page, the media wouldn`t run puff pieces like that would they?....Think again, take a gander at this, no need to read the story just check out the picture.

Shocking eh, look how the Province newspaper tries to connect Christy to canuck fever, what a staged picture, no bloody way was that was some media scrum photo, i`ll bet they took 50 shots from different angles and picked the best, the lighting was perfect, the story was syrupy drivel,  so that is what Farnworth is up against, Christy and family against alternative lifestyle Mike, just imagine what the likes of a Phil Hocstein could do with that, can you imagine what ads he would run, remember his tactics in Ida Chong`s riding, heck, that was a vicious attack ad on a recall campaign, just imagine in a general election and especially if it was a close contest... The BC Liberals muse about running a positive campaign, I`ll bet dollars to doughnuts that the next Provincial election will be the dirtiest campaign on record, Farnworth also has ties to bingo-gate, regular readers here know already about the Farnworth tapes Global news has in their possession, it`s video of Jas Johal running after Farnworth who ducks into a car and speeds away, it`s a pretty damning video, it can and would be spun to high heaven. We can`t afford to give any percentages away if we want to win.

Then we get to the Honourable John Horgan, the man has a way of drawing your attention, he`s a policy hawk, the best speaker of the three, he speaks in clear positive terms and his platform is solid and complete, no mushy middle, some have said he has a temper, I have never seen it, he`s answered all my requests for years now, he`s open, friendly, easy to access, he never dodges a question, Gordon Wilson recently did a hatchet job on Horgan citing his temper, if he had one 15 years ago I don`t know, I consider Horgan`s speaking and style as...Politely firm, the other advantage Horgan has is his memory, he can pull accurate stats and minute details from thin air at will, another big plus for John Horgan is no baggage, no memo gate, no bingo gate, no membership snafu, everywhere Horgan has gone he has won over the crowd and dominated the debates, I have heard from people all over this Province who never knew Horgan but after an hour or two hearing him speak he won them over, that folks is a quality that can`t be manufactured  either you are born with or not, ...... John Horgan has a pretty wife and she`s real folksy, two good sons, he`s also a bladder cancer surviver, he`s a fighter!....Horgan knows the value of public health care, his number one goal is to preserve public health....

On the economic front we have a BC Hydro problem, no one has more experience than John on electricity, he`s been energy critic for years and he was on the energy file in the 90s, only Horgan can clean up the BC Hydro disaster Gordon Campbell created, John is on the record as saying that every secret IPP power buying contract will be reviewed and if deemed not in the public interest they will be renegotiated no matter what, Horgan will peg the price to the spot market, no more power losses.

I know many of you may choose Dana Larsen, you may like Adrian, some like Farnworth, I like Horgan but for me it`s not about favorites it`s about winning the next election, we can`t afford as a Province to lose, BC is spiraling out of control under the BC liberals, I implore all NDP voters to vote with their heads and keep emotions out of the picture, whatever happens happens, we have one more chance, let`s get it right this time.

The list of Horgans endorsements is long..Nicholas Simons, Harry Lali, Dana Larsen(who is still in the race).The Corrigans, Kathy and Derick, Burnaby city council, Dan Miller, Shane Simpson, Robin Austin,   
 Gary Coons, Maurine Karagianis,Scott Fraser, Bill Routley, Claire Trevena, former MPs Bob Skelly, Ray Skelly, Jim Manly, Construction trades council executive Tom Sigurdson, former NDP cabinet ministers Elizabeth Cull, Ann Edwards, Paul Ramsey, BCGEU general secretary John Flyer, CUPE president Paul Faoro, economist John Summerville, and this endorsement..and many many more, he`s attracted both our union brothers and a little business, he has dissidents and superstars, Horgan has a way of attracting people from both sides, in fact even the BC Liberals showed Horgan respect in the house.

Anyway, I`m not easily won over but I`ll tell you what, I was so impressed with John Horgan years ago and he has gotten stronger, better, sharper, he so impressed me I wrote this story in January 2009, a full year before the NDP cleansing, Carole was still in charge, the NDP were united, I wrote a hypothetical story about John Horgan becoming the new NDP leader and I find it a bit of a coincidence, I dated my hypothetical story (authored by Vawn Pawmer).March/15/2010...I was only out a year, I also wrote this story as well, it was called, "Born to Lead" and again that was well before any NDP infighting, that story was dated March 11/2010...A year before the squabbling.

Maybe I knew something then, like a vision, John Horgan emailed me at the time about those two stories I wrote last year, he thanked me for them, he was very gracious but he told me over and over again,

"The job is filled and Carole James is our leader"

I respected his solid support of Carole James especially since at that time I was very critical of Carole James but I remember like it was yesterday, in our email conversation, I told the Honourable John Horgan....

You were born to lead, you have a rare quality that can`t be manufactured, it`s a gift, use it, you have a unique karma, you don`t know it yet but you will be premier of British Columbia.

And the man has answered all my questions I`ve asked of him ever since, he`s not in my riding but he still answered all my requests and promptly, not just automated responses but thorough responses with clear details, Horgan does not hide, he`s a straight shooter and I fully endorse him and I hope all you fellow NDP members will support John Too!

(P.S......Thank you Mike Farnworth for getting out of the way of the John Horgan Express..April 8th/2014....One more thing, from inside politics, BC Liberals are terrified of John Horgan...There was a planned coup by the BC Liberals, their plan
 was to have BC Liberal members on masse join the NDP party and vote for anyone but Horgan......More on that a little later..As of now, that BC Liberal plot has been dismantled in its tracks!......Grant G)

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Blogtalk Radio..End of the Road for Christy Clark

The archive is up.....Blogtalk radio featuring Norm Farrell...Canadian Glen and yours truly..topics covered...

Site C.....BC Hydro..Run of River....our never ending election, lazy agenda driven mainstream media...Judith Guichon...Craig James....Mike De Jong..Christy Clark.....we cover a myriad of BC centric topics....have a listen.

Tune in, Turn on, get angry.....become informed...2 hours of The Straight Goods....


The Straight Goods

Cheers Ears Wide Open

Monday, June 26, 2017

Will the Real British Columbia Government please stand up, or is that sit down

Tune in Wednesday June 28th 6:00 PM PST for an enlightened BlogTalk radio broadcast featuring the illustrious Norman Farrell  .....BC's foremost critic of BC Hydro...Norm has revealed so many BC Hydro inconsistencies...illusionary profits, forecast failures going out over a decade, debt accumulation, and now of course...the impending Site C boondoggle...no economic case, dire warnings from a myriad of respected nonpartisan sources...IPPs power buying disaster...

Norm Farrell...https://in-sights.ca/

Along with CanadianGlen..

Canadian Glen pulls no punches, he'll be weighing in on the legality of Guichon sending BCers back to the polls and possibly denying John Horgan and Andrew Weaver of forming government. (link directly below)


Site C...BC Hydro...throne speech..MSM....political games, critical thought and look forward..

and i'll be there too...what are the chattering classes whispering, who's in, who's out...are we going back to the polls....back to the polls with a suddenly resurgent BC Conservative party getting back in the game?...not 10 candidates but a near full slate?...Conservatives won't win a BC provincial snap election but they'll be there to pick up the carcasses of a dead BC Liberal Party...

Factions.....BC Liberal party, behind the scenes, the new buzzword is "sides"

Tune in Wednesday June 28th at 6:00 pm....

The Straight Goods

Cheers Ears Wide Open

Friday, June 23, 2017

Judith Guichon and Craig James..Partisans?

Written by Grant G 

I can be reached at......      grant.go@aol.com

"What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive"

There has been much blather by corporate newspapers and BC Liberal pundits about Judith Guichon ordering a snap election rather than letting John Horgan and Andrew Weaver attempt to govern..

What I am about to say must be clearly heard by Judith Guichon and Craig James...

We just had a provincial election(May 9th)....there is no indication that a snap election would yield a different result....most ridings were won with wide majorities...in fact there is only a half-dozen or so ridings(at this time) in play....a snap election most likely would yield the same result....if the NDP picked up one seat...42 to 42 with 3 Green seats....if BC Liberals picked up 1 seat they would be at 44 seats...putting us right back where we are now....with the media calling 44 to 43 majority unworkable..."instability"

A snap election...the cost..$50 million dollars....more so..a snap election means the end of August for voting day..and if the results are the same...we will go through this agonizing game of thrones(groans) again...however...an end of August vote..2 more weeks to swear in a government...another 2 weeks for throne speech, throne speech number III in 2017..or IV...and if the result of a snap election is 43 to 41 to 3...BC Liberals could play this game once again...2017 budget has not been passed, ..Government monies run out in September..not to mention a myriad of urgent provincial matters needing tending..

it is now a matter of legislative urgency to install a government...we need a government sooner rather than later..

Judith Guichon has donated $$$money to a political party...to one political party only..BC Liberals..


Who appointed Judith Guichon to the position of Lieutenant Governor?..Governor General(Federal) on the advice of Stephen Harper....a rightwing corporate conservative Prime Minister...

So, we have our LG appointed by a rightwing, now deposed Stephen Harper....an LG who donated money to one political party...BC Liberals....There is no indication a snap election would change the current legislative make-up...

Therefore Judith Guichon, if Guichon calls for a new election upon the defeat of Christy Clark's government,,,that would be deliberately causing legislative instability...FACT.

Craig James...I watched Craig James, clerk of the BC Legislature make a political statement pre-throne speech yesterday..an unprecedented political interfering statement by Craig James...

Who is Craig James...is he neutral, is he a partisan, is he a BC Liberal mole..in my opinion, and others..yes..

Here is Craig James background info..


VICTORIA — British Columbia’s former chief electoral officer spent more than $40,000 on travel in just four months, including airfare for his wife to join him at a conference in Kenya, a self-appointed government watchdog has found.
IntegrityBC released documents Tuesday showing Craig James — acting chief electoral officer from June 2010 until August 2011, and now clerk of the B.C. Legislature — claimed $43,295 from Elections BC for travel between Aug. 25, 2010 and December 12, 2010.
“This is an individual who chose to fly in the lap of luxury whenever possible on flights, and to stay at some of the finest hotels throughout North America,” IntegrityBC executive director Dermod Travis said Tuesday.
“It demonstrates a sense of a culture of entitlement,” he added, saying his non-profit organization requested the travel expenses after receiving a tip about the costs.

Documents show James’ expenses included $14,523.58 for he and his wife to fly to Nairobi, Kenya, to attend the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association annual conference.

BC Liberals also illegally appointed Craig James to the position of Chief Electoral Officer...BC Liberals flaunted Parliamentary rules...not a peep from the mainstream media..

There's more....Craig James in his role as Chief electoral officer came under fire for what appears to be...partisan decisions..

Craig James yesterday in our Legislature overstepped his authority, he made a political speech pre throne speech...and what Craig James said was not only disturbing, it was wrong...the rules Craig James cited were interpreted wrongly..(you can read the political posturing Legislative clerk Craig James said in below link)


So disturbing what Craig James said....even rightwing political experts are dismayed..

I urge everyone to listen to this audio program featuring Norman Spector..Elizabeth Cull and Martyn Brown....pay very close attention to the last few minutes of audio..

Friday Political Panel on Liberals' throne speech and NDP-Green prospects


So...we have Craig James in the pockets of the BC Liberal Government....we have Judith Guichon, a rightwing Stephen Harper appointed Lieutenant Governor...an LG who donated money to only one political party(BC Liberals).....We have murmurings about a snap election being the choice of Judith Guichon....yet there is a strong likelihood that a snap election call would yield the same result, with a slim chance 1 or 2 ridings turn...not enough to fundamentally change the scenario we now find ourselves in...
So...will Craig James do more partisan game-playing...Does Judith Guichon leave British Columbia without a functioning Legislature until September, or longer...
Will these legislative appointees do the right thing or send B.C. down the undemocratic rabbit hole...

Will British Columbia see Parliamentary trickery...breaking convention, secret in private discussions that result in Parliamentary/Legislature bullshit..like this..


Over to you Judith Guichon and Craig James...
Pitchforks and torches...possibly coming to a legislature near you...

The Straight Goods
Cheers Eyes Wide Open 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Most Nonpartisan Speaker of them All(B.C.'s New Government a Cometh)

Written by Grant G

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most nonpartisan speaker of them all.....?

I've often wondered just that.

Boy oh boy....Michael Smyth is Postmedia's pointman in trying to incite a new election, rather than let Judith Guichon allow/decide to give John Horgan and Andrew Weaver a chance governing with a bare majority.....Postmedia and Michael Smyth are definitely corporate agenda driven..they are so see-through transparent, empty rhetoric suits.....

I wonder if Justin Trudeau and his Federal Liberal brew crew are also lurking behind the scenes....it makes sense, Justin Trudeau has gone all-in on expanding Alberta bitumen exports(Kinder Morgan)...approving uneconomical LNG proposal on the Skeena river estuary, a direct threat to our few remaining vibrant salmon stocks(even with Petronas walking away from the project, he still approved it) ..Trudeau approved the Site C boondoggle and the Retirement Concept takeover deal by the corrupt Anbang Corporation....again, what looks like more corporate money laundering by Chinese players(?) into British Columbia....yea, sure does...Christy Clark and Justin Trudeau fast tracked the Anbang takeover of Retirement Concepts....even when alarm bells were ringing, the entire deal start to finish was completed in a blip of time, mere weeks...someone was in a hurry to move money here...and with what now is going on with Anbang...the shit is about to hit the fan for Anbang....amazing what happens when you make deals at pay to play fundraisers...isn't that correct Prime Minister Trudeau..?


Trudeau was loudly warned about approving the Anbang takeover of Retirement Concepts..


and...we here in British Columbia know that Christy Clark and her BC Liberal government have been promoting BC real estate in China, Christy Clark Liberal led government had trade missions to China with representatives from BC's real estate sellers, .the GVRD market was running away and still Clark was pumping it...


Right now, as in today, Vancouver pre-sales to Chinese buyers have spiked the condo and townhouse markets...continuing to drive the price upwards, pricing regular people out of BC's southern cities...a average worker housing crisis..a fullblown disaster complete with shadow banking, mortgage fraud, holding companies, numbered companies and dummy paper buyers...

And now we have Justin Trudeau about to create a taxpayer financed $350 million dollar Postmedia bailout fund....

Justin Trudeau interfered in our B.C. 2017 provincial election by momentarily approving of Christy Clark's writ period ramblings on banning or taxing coal .....only to quickly dismiss Christy Clark's retaliation trade threats to the Americans immediately after our election was held....Trudeau tried to prop up Christy Clark, without a doubt.....didn't work Justin!

So....Justin Trudeau gave Christy Clark political cover the week before our BC election..he approved Kinder Morgan...Petronas' Skeena River estuary LNG project..he approved Site C dam, even with no business case or BCUC review...Trudeau did not do due diligence with Anbang..even worse, Justin Trudeau ignored advice on the Anbang takeover, he approved this sketchy looking money moving/laundering takeover, a deal that added nothing to Canada's economic portfolio. ..unless you count letting China and the world know that Canada, and B.C. in particular is wide open for money laundering, parking money, hiding looted Chinese money.....for what purpose and for what reason was this Anbang deal fast-tracked and greenlighted...

Postmedia has been beating the drum about instability in store for B.C. under a Horgan/Weaver majority...creating problems before they occur, creating situations that aren't real...Michael Smyth..Vaughn Palmer...Black Press...Keith Baldrey...all playing the same corporate cards.

And what does Justin Trudeau want from Postmedia in exchange for $350 million taxpayer dollars?....Justin Trudeau wants his agenda promoted by a corporate media he soon may hold power over..$350 million taxpayer dollars worth of power and control...imagine that, going into election 2019 with the MSM media licking their chops...it stinks, optics and illusion baked into a good press pie..

According to Andrew Coyne....the $350 million dollar Postmedia bailout fund is virtually a done deal....fast-tracked, will Federal Conservatives vote against bailing out Postmedia and other media sources...that is why governments can never go down that route, corporate media bailout funds dictated by he who pays the piper calls the shots..


Paul Godfrey of Postmedia receives cash bonuses in the 10's of millions every year..Postmedia is owned by a New York hedge fund...CEO making millions and now Postmedia is in line for hundreds of $millions in bailout money...We are about to pay the MSM to work against the public good, a near done deal negotiated in closed rooms..

It all ties in quite nicely....buy more big oil and gas push from Postmedia(how much more who knows).....here in B.C. fan the flames of provincial government instability...while a federal government dangles a $350 million dollar Postmedia carrot...

which brings me to this...who ultimately appoints provincial Lieutenant Governors....?

Has Justin Trudeau spoken to Judith Guichon in recent days....I believe he has..FOIs might take awhile eh Justin Trudeau?

"The Lieutenant Governors. Each of the ten Canadian provinces has a Lieutenant Governor. He or she is appointed by the Governor General, on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, usually for a period of five years"

This whole speaker issue is a manufactured nuisance ......because if one thinks about this issue...when B.C. political poli watchers were hanging on absentee vote count news for Comox/Courtenay....our BC media talked about how Christy Clark may still get her 44 seat majority...there was no Postmedia chatter about any problems arising with a 1 seat BC Liberal majority...in fact on election night Christy Clark displayed cocky assurity that with all those Comox/Courtenay absentee serviceman votes that they were going to win their coveted majority...
but alas...Clark did not secure a majority...Postmedia freakout begins straight away...Clark stalls/stalling until the end of June..Mike Dejong telling media in a presser that 10 days of debate are required for a "dead letter" throne speech...Likely dragging debate into early July....then week(s) later for a new NDP/Green government to be sworn in and another throne speech..Throne speech number three for 2017.....

In other words...is Postmedia saying that in a Westminster Parliamentary Political System a majority is no longer a majority...it appears now that Postmedia is saying that to win government you need 46 seats, not 44....perhaps Postmedia can define their new meaning of majority..

This fake manufactured nuisance....A speaker will vote to support the government...BC Liberals will appoint a speaker on June 22nd and when a confidence vote is taken on Christy Clark's second 2017 throne speech she will be brought down..the speaker will not need to vote...44 against..42 for....Adios Clark...

And when Horgan/elects/selects a speaker....after Horgan and Weaver's throne speech and debate the MLAs will vote....if all BC Liberals are present and the MLA vote is 43 to 43 tie on the throne speech the speaker will vote to break the tie..the same goes for voting on a NDP/Green budget...the speaker will break ties in favor of the government...

as for voting on legislation that IS NOT a confidence vote.....Will Christy Clark vote against Andrew weaver's high heel ban Bill?...a bill that died on the orderdesk because Christy Clark shuttered our legislature early so she and her gang could hit the hustings early..in other words, our legislature closed early so premier photo-op could go fulltime photo-oping...

Will Christy Clark vote against legislation to ban cosmetic pesticides(again) like most other provinces have already done(long ago).....will Christy Clark vote against a bill to ban pill presses(again)...will Christy Clark vote against a bill/legislation to ban corporate and union donations?(again)...

Postmedia knows something else too....Christy Clark hates spending time in Victoria, she doesn't like the legislature...does anyone really think that Christy Clark wants to spend most of this summer and this coming Fall in our legislature...vigilantly waiting to bring down Horgan with a vote when a MLA is absent....Clark busy working away, reading reports, talking facts, fighting for her constituents...especially when her taxpayer creditcard and private flight privileges are revoked...HA HA...that is funny...

let me remind you of what Christy Clark thinks about attending our BC Legislature..from 2012/2013


Premier Christy Clark says she tries to avoid working at the legislature because there's "no real people in Victoria" and the "sick culture" is unhealthy.

Clark, whose government cancelled the regularly scheduled fall session of the legislature, blasted working conditions in the provincial capital during an interview with a Vancouver-based columnist for the National Post
The interview was apparently conducted before the end of the spring legislative session in May, but republished on Tuesday.
"When the House rises at the end of [May], you're never going to find me in Victoria," she said. "I'm going to be travelling the province for the next year.
"I try never to go over there. Because it's sick. It's a sick culture. All they can think about is government and there are no real people in Victoria, and you get captured by this inside-the-beltway debate, and it's really unhealthy."
Clark's apparent disdain for the legislature contrasts with comments she made while running for the B.C. Liberal party leadership in 2011.
Then, she told reporters she loved the daily cut-and-thrust of question period. After she won the party leadership, she expressed a desire to run in a byelection as quickly as possible to get her seat in the house. "As you know, I love question period and I hate to miss it," she told reporters.
When Clark was resigning as an MLA in 2005, during her first stint in office, she also professed love for the job in her last speech in the chamber.
"I have a deep, deep love of politics. I love question period. I love debate. I love the people I've met. I even love the protesters. I love politics."
The Opposition NDP slammed Clark for her most recent comments.
"It's little wonder that the Liberals have little support on Vancouver Island if they think the people who live here are part of a sick culture," said John Horgan, NDP MLA for Juan de Fuca.
Her view of working at the legislature is also questionable, he said.
"In my view, it tells people she will say anything to get through the photo op or interview," he said. "You wonder if there's anything genuine there at all."
Clark did not respond to a request for comment.
So, now, according to Postmedia...a 44 seat to 43 seat majority is no longer a REAL majority....and according to Postmedia..Christy Clark is now going to embrace our legislature and attend every single session and spend all her time doing Government business...ha ha...man oh man you Postmedia echo chamber clowns are really reaching deep into your bag of misinformation angles....give it up Smitty!..you'll have to wait for that government communications gig..
Tradition in our legislature....the thing about traditions...like hazing..like wearing hoods, like traditions of church official silence when children were being harmed...goofy hats and giant ornamental scepters do not make good governance.... NDP in 2001 were denied party status by the BC Liberals because according to tradition 4 elected members are required to attain party status...and the 2001 BC Liberal government needed no support...even though the NDP of 2001 garnered 21.76% of the electorate..far more that Andrew Weaver's 16% he garnered in 2017...
Yet in 2017 the BC Liberals offered Andrew Weaver and his Green MLAs official party status..breaking from tradition...I heard no MSM/Postmedia howls about rewriting the rules
Does anyone remember this Globe and Mail headline...

B.C. legislature sits 36 of 579 days. Is this responsible government?

After some speculation last week, Premier Christy Clark announced on Tuesday that there would be no fall sitting of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. Although not entirely unexpected it still is a disconcerting development.
By cancelling the fall sitting, Ms. Clark is effectively announcing that the legislature will not sit again – pending some unforeseen emergency – in 2013. The announcement effectively means that the legislature will have only sat for a total of 36 days in 2013, the fewest number of days in any year since 2001. In case you have forgotten, this is not Ms. Clark’s first go-around with limiting how frequently the legislative assembly sits. Indeed, with her party burdened by the weight of political scandal, Ms. Clark also cancelled the fall sitting last year after the assembly rose in May, 2012. As an indicator of what might follow, the B.C. legislature did not meet again after last year’s cancelled fall sitting until Feb. 12, 2013, before rising again March 14, 2013 in advance of the May, 2013, provincial election.
So actually, it is not just that the legislative assembly will have only sat 36 days in 2013, it is that by the end of this year the B.C. legislature will have only sat for 36 of the previous 579 days going back to May 31, 2012 – 17 days in the seven months that followed the election earlier this year plus 19 days between June, 2012, and May, 2013. That the B.C. legislature will only sit 36 days in 2013 is shameful enough, combine it with the previous sitting and it’s astounding.
Ms. Clark’s decision to have the legislature sit for only 19 days in the year before the 2013 election meant citizens were asked to vote in a state of relative darkness, inhibiting their ability to fully hold the government to account. This was met with barely a murmur of discontent
I have watched our legislature for years...BC Liberal appointed speaker has never exhibited a nonpartisan tone...Partisan to the core has been Linda Reid and speakers before her...and if a speaker opts to support a government with a vote, whether done once, twice or every-time matters not..a speaker can vote, ..to now split hairs about tradition and say a speaker voting once or twice is okay but voting often is not.... hooey I say.

If Christy Clark chooses to vote against a cosmetic pesticide ban, or campaign finance reform or banning pill presses than so the hell what...good legislation should be voted for, especially if it's something the public yearns for..

Tradition in BC under BC Liberals...partisan speakers....a shameful amount of sitting days...questions unanswered..BC Liberals voting against every NDP private member bill for no other reason than the fact it was a NDP bill/legislation....a 2009 Gordon Campbell election year $3 billion dollar budget deficit lie...is that tradition...? 

Postmedia might want to ask the BC Liberals about party brass asking near every member of the BC NDP and Green party in recent days to cross the floor, and asking near all opposition members to be speaker...BC Liberals promising everything to retain their perilous grip on power..

Lastly....there has been rampant Postmedia and BC Liberal propaganda fanning the flames of impending political instability...fanning the flames for Judith Guichon to deny John Horgan and Andrew Weaver a chance to govern....

If Judith Guichon breaks with tradition and denies Horgan and Weaver a chance to govern a slippery slope future stares us in the face....Partisan bought government functionaries are walking among us...Revolt...Recall and a new election...driving a final stake into Christy Clark and the Liberal gang will be the result if Judith Guichon goes that route.....

Traditions....It would be nice if we had a government roll up their sleeves and get to work sooner rather than later...it would be nice if blatant corruption was rooted from government and in particular, campaign finance...call it what it is....corruption, buying favor, buying government...buying access..

BC Liberals are going down to defeat in short order.....John Horgan and Andrew Weaver are going to attempt to govern....the speaker is going to vote in favour of a NDP/Green government...

Whether that speaker votes once, twice or every single vote matters not...

If BC Liberals want to vote against good legislation for partisan purposes..matters not..Postmedia's corporate agenda matters not..

Over to you Justin Trudeau and Judith Guichon....

P.S....Happy Fathers Day....you gave me everything I needed dad, with one exception, not enough time with you....


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Friday, June 2, 2017

John Horgan, Andrew Weaver...BC's New Government

Grant G and Canadian Glen......BC's hottest political talk...


the first 25 minutes is Canadian Glen on Nova Scotia's May 30th election, then after a short technical issue I join Glen in slicing and dicing BC's political hot potato.....Who is gunning for Christy Clark, how long will BC Libs be lost in the wilderness....who played who....hope you enjoy the commentary..

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