Monday, September 20, 2010

The Story that Gordon Campbell ordered obliterated from Cyberspace.

"Fictitious' funds can`t rescue B.C. Budget

The Provincial government`s recent presentation of its revised budget in insulting.

Finance minister Colin Hansen announced Tuesday that British Columbia`s deficit for this fiscal year is now expected to come in at $1.4 billion -$335 million less than when the plan was tabled.

That much is good.

But then Hansen went on to invite taxpayers to tell him what to do with the government`s newly found "available dollars" for next year. Fund new services? Cut taxes? Reduce the debt?


It doesn`t take an accountant to understand that these dollars are fictitious.

The province isn`t making more money than originally planned, it`s only borrowing less. There is not, in fact, any "extra" money available at all.

To treat the difference between the old projected deficit and the new projected deficit as cash is misleading and irresponsible- And doubly so coming from a Government that only just repealed its own law making deficits illegal.

Worse, to suggest that this discrepancy could be used to pay down debt crosses the line from ill-advised to ridiculous.

Since when can negative funds be used to cut debt?

Its nothing new for a government to use sleight-of-hand to buy votes, but to do so in such a blatant fashion is disrespectful.

Any voter with a credit card understands our province`s predicament very well.

No amount of silly rhetoric is going to change that.

If the B.C. Liberals want to gain the respect of the voters , they have to stop trying to CON them, and begin treating them as the thinking adults they are.


Anonymous said...

Everyone, make this article go viral!

Gary E said...

Anon2:16 pm

It has been sent to my (3)email lists already

Anonymous said...

The VanderGate just screwed us out of the chance to get rid of the Lieberal party and not a peep? Not a word?
'If the B.C. Liberals want to gain the respect of the voters , they have to stop trying to CON them, and begin treating them as the thinking adults they are.'
Well, butter me no roses. You know and I know that that will never happen.

Grant G said...

6:35 pm....I think you are missing the point of this post, this editorial courtesy of the Burnaby now.....

You might find some reassurance in the comments in the below post....

Check out the last Grant G comment in that thread..and...

Have no fear!

jaydee said...


Good to know Fight HST knows the go to site for B.C. politics!


Crankypants said...

Let's face it. If bulls**t was music the BC Liberal Party would be the New York Philharmonic. They have used every lie and deceit one could possibly think of to attain and retain power. They make Bernie Madoff look like a rank amateur. I guess it helps having the MSM in one's back pocket.

Hansen's assertion that projected corporate taxes will suddenly explode just doesn't pass the smell test. The economy is still in a very fragile state, and when you couple that with the precarious situation in the US, there is no basis for optimism for at least a couple of years.

However, once again, we are faced with the problem of having the MSM cherry pick what they will report and the slant they will use in said reports.