Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another B.C. Mill is Being Mothballed!

Well well well....Remember my post berating the Conference board of Canada and Pat bell, you might find this post here interesting....That post will make this post make more sense.

The Conference board of Canada claimed that B.C. Forestry industry was on the rise and everything was rosy in B.C. ...I of course laughed...

And you must remember me berating Pat Bell over the MacKenzie mill and his PLEDGE PIN, Pat Bell vowed to wear the pledge pin until the MacKenzie mill re-opened, yet he wasn`t wearing 70 pledge pins, that`s how many B.C. nills have closed since Gordon Campbell came to power, the MacKenzie mill did re-open after an Asian company bought it to supply pulp, pulp for mills in Asia, I warned Pat Bell what would happen...Cutting our own throats!

All Gordon Campbell is doing is butchering BCs forest industry, the jobs are going fast, B.C. is turning into nothing but a raw log whore(no offence meant to any whores)...Selling the MacKenzie mill to Sinar Mas was a grave mistake, not to mention Sinar Mas is one of the most environmentally destructive companies in the world! I recommend that you read this here....It will tell just how brutal Sinar Mas is, and this brutal company Pat Bell raved about...Talk about a raving idiot!

We sell out to environmental butchers for a quick fix that in the long run will do nothing but hurt B.C jobs.....But that has always been Gordon Campbell`s method!

Pat Bell,Gordon Campbell, glug glug Shirley Bond and all the invited Canwest/Global press flew into MacKenzie for the photo-op....Yet there was no photo-op for the Elk falls mill in Campbell river that closed throwing hundreds out of work, and no CKNW or Vancouver daily reported the story about Catalyst demanding a 21% wage cut for all their coastal wokers or they are shutting down, no siree bob, that never got reported...

And Canwest has never reported about all the Asian mills that have opened up at the same time 71 BC mills have closed!...And isn`t that funny, raw log exports from B.C. are up 3000 %percent since the Campbell crime family started ruining the province, only idiots can`t connect the dots, massive increase in raw logs exports and 71 closed mills!...

And then there is the Conference board of Canada, a who`s who of appointees, including Paul Taylor ...You remember him, he was in charge of ICBC during the chop shop/rigged insider auction scandal, and he was removed from the failed Naikun wind project!....And guess what folks, the CBOC is at it again, CKNW blasted the airwaves all day with beaming news from that outfit!....

I looked at the report and the Conference board of Canada had nothing but glowing things to say about every Canadian city....The report was so thin, so lame, nothing but speculation yet it gets reported like it`s the gospel truth...Their track record is brutal,....Read the generic full report here

Don`t worry folks, the CBOC report will take 30 seconds to read it`s that thin!....

Read the story about yet another BC Mill closing here

This mill is in Clear lake B.C.....There goes another rural town down the tubes...And what about the HST...

The HST was touted by Gordon Campbell and all the lying BC Liberals as a Forestry saviour, yet we have done nothing but bleed jobs in forestry since the HST!....I and others already gave you the Straight Goods, the HST is a fraud, it means job losses not job gains!

Net job losses in forestry since the HST....How long folks, Falcon is dismantling our heath care, we lost BC rail for ZERO dollars, our deficit is ballooning, hydro rates going up, up, up and up some more...Carbon tax, elections BC gutted, freedom of information gutted, corrupt courts, environmental reviews gutted, lowest $6 dollar per hour minimum wage, highest child poverty rates in Canada for 7 straight years, students drowning with the highest tuition rates in Canada, highest fuel prices in Canda, highest insurance rates....And our Government lies, delays, breaks law after law, .......I have never advocated a general strike but I think it`s needed, one day a week until this government falls.....

We cannot wait until 2013 to replace these criminal thieves, we must recall them out of power whether Campbell moves on the HST or not...It really is that serious.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Grant said "I have never advocated a general strike but I think it`s needed, one day a week until this government falls....."

Bravo! As a citizen journalist maybe you should help spearhead such a campaign! People are more apt to join if it's from the grassroots upward as opposed to Jim Sinclair calling for same.

We need to send these f#$%in LIEberal buggers a strong message!!!

Anonymous said...

When they ( so-called experts ) talk about the economy, IT ALL depends on who is doing the talking. After reading the link to CBOC, I remembered another article I read today in the Post
" The Canadian economy had a great run immediately following the recession, but analysts warn that the stark reality of a slow, painful recovery — like the one gripping the United States — is beginning to sink in.
Growth forecasts are being scaled back on the emergence of weaker economic indicators — highlighted yesterday by a report on the surprise drop in July retail sales. This is on top of soft consumer price statistics that suggest core inflation is slowing, and a bleak wholesale trade report.
These factors prompted IHS Global Insight to warn Canadian growth could slow at a more dramatic pace than that of the U.S. economy. The firm now estimates annualized growth in Canada of less than 1% for this quarter — a big comedown for an economy that advanced 5.8% in the first three months of 2010, followed by a 2% gain in the April-to-June period.
“When you look at relative momentum, Canada is declining even faster than the United States,” said Brian Bethune, the firm’s chief Canadian economist.
So WHO do we believe ?

Guy in Victoria

cherylb said...

Slight correction Grant. The mill is in Clear Lake, not Clearwater. The two mills in Clearwater have already been closed. One by Weyerhauser and the other by Canfor.

Grant G said...

Oops...Error fixed

Anonymous said...

Grant, Clear Lake is not so much a community on it's own but an area south east of PG. All the same though this is a sad day in PG and I personally know some of the fellas that currently work at that mill. I'm thankful I don't haul chips or lumber out of that mill anymore as that would have been the end of my and at least 9 other drivers jobs also. The media always points out the mill staff not considering the workers who are doing the outside employment associated with these mills. If all was totalled "KORSAKOFFS KAMPBELL" and his band of thugs have eliminated a hell of alot more than 30 thousand jobs, those are just figures that affected mill employees directly. Let's fire these idiots soon !!!

Anonymous said...

When the softwood lumber deal was finally over (well almost) the USA returned $5 billion to forest industries in Canada.
If we are conservative then BC companies should have received about $1 Billion.
How much of that was reinvested in BC Mills?
None, nada SFA.
I make my self employed living form the forest industry & have done business will almost every mill on Vancouver island & have seen nothing of new investment.
So ; who in his right state of mind is going to believe that forest companies having the HST rebates are going to provide jobs or upgrades?
As before they will use the savings for offshore investments.
The forests need to be controlled by us; the people.

Anonymous said...

sorry for the above typo's

Crankypants said...

Let's face it, the governments both in Ottawa and BC have been feeding us nothing but spin on the economy.

The economies in North America are driven by consumer spending simply because a good portion of the manufacturing has left to places such as China and other cheap labour countries. No jobs, no spending. It's as simple as that.

And yet, today on the evening news we were treated to the information that the likes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet increased their net worths this year over last. The investment banks in the US and the charter banks in Canada are making money like there is no tomorrow.

Something just doesn't add up.


marie said...

Can you NDP supporters tell me with certainty that Carole James will be able to do anything about ending the HST? I didn't think so and one has only to remember the NDP times in provincial politics to know that they were as corrupted as the Campbell government and even more so
And yep, NDP times are hard times for all residents and new business ventures in the province. You cannot build an economy or jobs using the NDP and their union members that are without jobs that they helped close down the mills because of high wage demands and no comprises to lower their wage demands as proved in the Campbell River mill as recently as this past summer asking for lower wages to open t up two paper machines and their refusal in the process all but killed those jobs. You know what? NDP politicians and union heads are all for their own jobs and not for their workers. When union workers are on strike, no pay them but their union leaders are still getting paid. Us as controllers have not worked because of our greed to keep those high wages. A little common sense would tell you that companies run by the working Joe means no work and company closed