Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vancouver Sun, Enemy of British Columbia

A bold title to this article, but it`s true, the day before our last provincial election the Vancouver Sun officially endorsed Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals .......

And that`s okay, they can endorse anyone they want, but as media they have an ethical duty to tell the truth, when Glen Clark and his patio deck was an issue the Vancouver Sun and their reporters hounded Clark, they staked out his house, they had their outside cameras filming inside his house, they were relentless pitbulls in pursuit of Clark ......And that`s fine, but what happened to the last 8 years, they have given Campbell free pass after free pass, they have forgiven Gordon Campbell`s lies time and time again....And whether Kirk Lapointe or Patricia Graham is editor-in-chief matters not, the Vancouver Sun has an agenda and or cares only about their bottom line...

By that I mean, Government advertising, big corporations and their well-heeled connections, the Vancouver Sun should change their name to the...... BC Liberal Cheerleading Lobby!

And its not as if they have no ability to do critical investigative fact finding journalism, take Carole James for instance, if Carole uses weasel words in a speech or public statement the Vancouver Sun slices, dices, disects and does a CSI forensic audit tearing her words apart, and don`t get me wrong, Carole James has used many weasel words, especially when it comes to the hst, but with Gordon Campbell they give no such criticism, our current premier can say the most outlandish lies and the Vancouver Sun reports nothing, they ignore, actually they do more than ignore it, they report and repeat the outlandish lies as truth!

I have several examples of Gordon campbell spewing outrageous lies in the last few days alone, whopper lies, unbelievable lies, if Carole James or any NDP spouted these lies it would be plastered on the front page.

Yesterday Gordon Campbell said and I quote..

"Our Government lowered the hst from 13% to 12% and that cost the provincial treasury $800 million dollars" snip

What a whopper lie, when did we have an 8% pst?.....Just because Ontario has a 13% hst, Ontario`s pst was 8% when they harmonized, 8% plus 5% GST = 13%.....BC has a 7% pst ..add 5%gst to 7% pst and it adds up to 12%....Yet did the Vancouver sun report that lie...NO.

Look at the outrage 85% of BCers are feeling about the hst, could you imagine if campbell brought in a 13% hst....The people would be burning the Victoria legislature to the ground!

If the Vancouver Sun doesn`t care about the people of B.C. just come out and say it, the Vancouver Sun should run headlines saying....

We don`t care if Gordon Campbell is a liar, he`s good for our friends and our bottom line.

Or perhaps a headline like.....Public outrage doesn`t matter, we want the hst and Gordon Campbell.

hat would be more honest than running misleading editorials and opinion pieces attacking the NDP, attacking Bill Vander Zalm, attacking anyone who disagrees with the hst!...In the last few days alone......

Johnothan Fowlie wrote a misleading editorial yesterday, Fowlie reported that each recall campaign would cost $500,000.00 dollars, he got that figure from Craig James, the temporary Gordon Campbell appointed Chief electoral officer, but where is the research, because according to Elections BC(not Craig James) it cost $550,000.00 Dollars for......For 9 recall campaigns combined(that information is available here) a little research and Fowlie could have figured out he was being played by a Gordon Campbell appointee who is in hot water already for firing Linda Johnston(second in charge at Elections BC) without cause......But Fowlie wasn`t being played, Fowlie was merely carrying on with the Vancouver Sun practice of repeating lies and distorting truth for political gain!

Gordon Campbell who embarrassed our province by getting plastered and driving drunk in Hawaii after he was first elected, then Campbell lied and sold BC Rail, then Campbell lied again and tore up the HEU contract, deliberate broken election promises, those in his first term, BCs minimum wage is a Canadian embarrassment, $6 dollars per hour, Campbell lowered it from $8 dollars, we are now 40% lower than any other province........

Gordon Campbell said more lies yesterday, after the group :Rail for the Valley: commissioned a thorough study comparing light rapid transit(LRT) against the ridiculously high price of Skytrain......Gordon Campbell pulled whopper lies out of whole cloth to dis-credit the study, Campbell has no data to back up his statements, and yet the MSM media reports Campbell`s lies as truth, no research, no follow up questions to Campbell, nothing but reporting lies!...

Gordon Campbell has been forgiven so many times, he has lied so often without retribution that he doesn`t care what he says, Campbell knows the Vancouver Sun will write glowing reports and ignore the lies!....(Read Campbell`s lies about light rail here)

Will McMartin wrote last February/2009...Will wrote that the 2009 deficit was going to be in the $3 to $4 billion dollar range, Will cited low natural gas prices, falling corporate tax revenue, high unemployment, increasing social service costs(read it here)

Yet all through our last election Campbell and Hansen claimed the deficit would be "$495 million dollars maximum"....And days after the election Campbell admits that we have a $3 billion dollar deficit, how is it Will McMartin was right and the entire ministry of finance and Campbell were wrong? Campbell said the "HST wasn`t on our radar"...But it was, ministry officials were negotiating well before our election, the BC Progress board in their December/2008 report to Gordon Campbell asked him to bring it in the hst and actually warned Campbell that there would be major public backlash, Campbell heeded their warning and deliberately concealed his intentions, Campbell`s excuse that we had to do it was because Ontario did it doesn`t wash, Ontario announced in December 2008 that they were going to the HST....

Yet the Vancouver Sun doesn`t give a rats ass what the paying public think, have we as a province copied Ontario`s $10.50 minimum wage, do we have Ontario`s lower gas prices, does Ontario have a useless carbon tax, the answer is no to all of those things.

Gordon Campbell only used Ontario when....Campbell used Ontario to justify MLA and senior government pay raises and now the hst.....And the Vancouver Sun never stops, they ran an editorial yesterday, the editorial attempted to dis-credit Recall organizers, comparing them to nazi`s, radical right wingers, disgruntled NDPers, and or raving lunatics, and I can tell first hand as an HST petition signature gatherer that it was real average BCers who signed the petition, there were seniors, students, NDPers, Liberals, Conservatives, it was a vast array of people from all political and financial stripes that signed the petition...(read this brutal Johnothan Fowlie editorial here)

And yet another Vancouver Sun unauthered editorial a few days back, this one about taxpayers having to pay back their own hst refunds, it lays blame for the HST problems at the NDP and Bill Vander Zalm, read that one here

And Vancouver Sun`s Don Cayo has written several articles defending the hst with spin, forecast and crystal ball......And the Vancouver Sun just doesn`t quit, because there is another unauthered editorial today in the Vancouver Sun, this one slams Bill Vander Zalm and all anti-HSTers ....It claims that since ......
Since Gordon Campbell gave his word that the referendum next year will be binding if 50% plus one vote against the HST it will be gone, yet the referendum law states different, the Vancouver Sun is saying......

Gordon Campbell gave his word to honour a simple majority in the referendum and even though the act and law say different we can trust Gordon Campbell because he`s a man of honour....

hat is what the Vancouver Sun is saying in its latest pro-hst editorial, read that one here

hat is why I laid out the above facts, facts on how the Vancouver sun not only forgives Campbell`s lies, doesn`t report Campbell`s lies, they endorse Campbell`s lies and expect us, the people, the voters to take an habitual liar at his word!

The Vancouver Sun is an enemy of the people, they care not what you think, they care not about ethics, journalism, facts, they dont give a damn about anything but their bottom line and if it means promoting a corrupt liar, if it means conspiring against the will of the people, if it means hurting peoples wallets, hurting future generations, if it means ignoring the truth and repeating lies over and over again the Vancouver Sun will do whatever it takes to keep the status quo...

Goebells media at its finest, keep repeating the lies until the lies become fact, you can do what you want Vancouver Sun, lie, cheat, distort, the public have tuned you and the BC Liberals out and you and Gordon Campbell will find out in short order that there is nothing you can do to save the hst or the BC Liberals!

You can add another pro-HST opinion piece, this one from Craig mcinnes of the Vancouver Sun, Monday morning, September 27....September/28th...Add this attacking opinion piece too

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Evil Eye said...

The Goebbels Gambit - repeat a lie often enough in the media and the public believes it is truth!

Elwood said...

Vancouver Sun daily circulation - 482,000
BC Population - 4,455,000

Only 10.8% of BC'ers read the Sun! That's good news as only LIEberals read LIEberal ragsheets! The LIEberals are only standing at 10.8% in the opinion polls right now anyway so that makes sense. LOL

Everyone else reads progressive news like the Tyee, for instance, with its high ethical and journalistic standards.

Anonymous said...

Amen brother Elwood A_FREAKING_MEN.

Anonymous said...

It is not controversial or even an exaggeration. If anything you are understating the problem.

Our media is in the direct exclusive service of far right wing neocons. Our media purposefully works against the public interest.

The msm is traitorous and more people need to understand it or we can only expect more of the same.

Anonymous said...

We need to get blog addresses out there like this one, BC Mary's, Laila's and others who report. Print them off and start putting them up in grocery stores, bus stops, bulletin boards every where, and by fowarding them via email. Putting the www.NAME.ORG or .COM or .CA, whatever the case, and put them up all over with something like "Citizens News", or think of a good name catching phrase. People will start paying attention once they read a few. People will stop tuning into the lieberal propoganda machines. That's my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Vancouver Real Estate =DrugMoney
It is also interesting that they seem to write the most articles in support of the omnipresent organized crime business of illegal drug trade, money laundering,and gambling. Not to forget to mention the end less stream of articles that server only to distract the public attention away from the cause and to soley focus the view on the symptoms of the plague of corruption in British Colombia. Endless articles about the depraved nature of mental patients addicted to drugs out of their minds committing petty crime as been the only story told year after year since the late 1960's. All the while never looking at the money trail as who profits from organized crime and where the money goes. Makes you wonder don't it.
Oh yeah speaking of supporting organized crime and their illegal drug trade.
Only supporters comments allowed. Censorship the tools used by tyrants and their supporters to usurp debate and democrat rights.

Anonymous said...

Who in the hell, would believe any thing the, newspapers out of Vancouver would say? There has been no, honest and good journalism. All I could see was, the papers are just, biased slander rags. When citizens don't get the truth from a newspaper, there is no point buying one. So, I quit buying.