Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kash Heed--A Cowardly Gutless Mouse Among Men

Another week, another scandal, it`s bad enough that Colin Hansen and Gordon Campbell can lie to your face over and over again with such ease, Colin Hansen, his name is ferret face to me, a beady eyed ferret who hides in the shadow of Campbell.

I had to weigh in on the rather silent Kash Heed affair revelation, here is what we know so far, Kash Heed fired {apparently without cause} Keith Frew, he fired the top constituency guy for that Fraserview riding, in fact Keith Frew is sueing Kash Heed over the dismissal in February/2009.... Sean Holman had this earlier story http://www.publiceyeonline.com/archives/004910.html

Why would you fire an expert on the riding? Unless you were bringing in hired guns to flaunt and break B.C. election acts!

So Kash Heed fires Keith Frew, Kash Heed brings in Barinder Sall and Dhanna Khanna, look frieds, we knew the story had legs, long hairy legs, Elections B.C. smelled a dirty rat, they hand it off to the RCMP for investigation, after 10 months and a shell game of playing make-belief, here is what we learn, according to charges the illegal nasty election literature sent out to Chinese voters in the Fraserview riding was sent out with the direct knowledge and instruction of Barinder Sall and Khanna, not only did they attempt to hide from Elections B.C. investigators but both Barinder Sall and Khanna were playing tag and pretending to be some fictional person named "jag".......Those are the charges, everyone has a right to plead innocence, but in my opinion, both Barinder Sall and Khanna are going down, CASE CLOSED!

(Andrew MaCleod at the Tyee has more details on the investigation here) http://thetyee.ca/News/2010/05/04/ChargesForHeed/

Here`s the deal, Kash Heed ran a dirty illegal election campaign, regardless of whether Kash Heed had direct knowledge or not, it was Heed`s campaign, Heed is ultimately responsible.

What happened to honour among men, we here at The Straight Goods know that Gordon Campbell has no moral fiber, it`s apparent the Campbell is a demented child mind, but what about Kash Heed himself? Any real person would agree to a by/election, but from the below comments it appears Kash Heed cares not about the appearence of conflict, looks like another B.C. Liberal will be riding pine under the shadow.

Mr. Heed, you have stated that "It feels good to be exonerated, I knew I did nothing wrong".....and this little statement....."It`s up to the premier to return me to Cabinet"


Cabinet ??????........Let me see, Barinder Sall was probably conducting illegal ad campaigns, right under Kash Heed`s nose, and Kash Heed thinks he is Top Cop material? What the heck is going on, where are your ethics Kash Heed, you directly benefited from a illegal ad attack on your opponet and you Kash Heed are claiming the high road, you are claiming all is good, have you Kash Heed even have but one scintilla of morality in you?

Where is your police code of conduct, even you Kash Heed know that Barinder Sall and Khanna charges make your MLAship null and void, as a cop you must have heard hundreds of similar type complaints over a career, you must know the election will be declared null and void. you must be aware that you have zero legitimacy!

Between you and me Kash Heed, what kind of low-life runs from charges in West Vancouver, charges against you in a child pornography case, you left a $200,000.00 a year gig in West Vancouver why? To flee from those charges, and now Kash Heed, you fire a long-time constituency guy Keith Frew, you bring in Barinder Sall and Khanna and you have the gall to say you are exonerated! How big is your ego Kash Heed.

You are a mouse Kash Heed, not only are you a coward for not taking responsiblity for your election campaign but you proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are not and will never be Solicitor General material or any high ranking police authority.

What kind of puny mouse would be content to sit in our house when your election is illegal, well Kash Heed, where is your courage, or class, are you not a man Kash Heed, where are your cojones, what happened to your spine Kash Heed, if you think your election win is exonerated or even legal, well, you must be as morally depraved and cowardly gutless as Campbell, Falcon, Coleman and more, how does it feel to be the laughing stock poster boy in a Government of heathens?

Save some face Kash Heed, offer to resign as MLA, or forever be known as the cowardly mouse that lived in the people`s house.

The Straight Goods

Cheers_eyes Wide Open


Evil Eye said...

Heed must resign. In the parliamentary system, the MLA is ultimately responsible for the conduct of his minions. His failure to do so is a slap in the face of parliamentary democracy and the BC voter.

That Campbell doesn't turf him out again shows his utter contempt for the law and the people.

All he needs is a wee mustache to see who he really is.

kootcoot said...

"You are a mouse Kash Heed, not only are you a coward for not taking responsiblity for your election campaign but you proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are not and will never be Solicitor General material or any high ranking police authority."

Sorry Grant, but Kash Heed has proven that he is top drawer material in the Campbell Crime Family regime. The sleazier you be the higher you rise under the regime of the head sleaze Gordon Muir Campbell. The last guy with a spine and/or moral compass to sit as a BC liaR was Paul Nettleton, and you may have noticed how his star rose, all the way to out of caucus and eventually out of province.

I pay some attention to Kash and Karry with no Heed over at the House today also.

Jeff D said...

Your rudeness undermines what you have to say.

Grant G said...

Sorry to hear that Jeff D.....Kash Heed should do the right thing and resign.

Without Kash Heed resigning it sets a precedent that anything goes....Just close your eyes,look the other way.......

Sorry, this Government doesn`t understand subtle, maybe we can embarrass Kash Heed into stepping up to the plate...

I doubt it, Kash Heed can prove me wrong by resigning, the ball is in his court.

Gary E said...

Jeff D

So by your reckoning would you also say that Campbell, Hansen, Heed, DeJong et al by their arrogance undermines any bills that they have forced through the Legislature? Or for that matter, any bills they have signed?

Anonymous said...

In fact Frew was fired in 2010. Well after the 2009 election. The chronology is wrong here. Frew was still working in the constituency durhing election 2009...just clarifying.

Anonymous said...

Premier Gordon Campbell says former Solicitor-General Kash Heed will be restored to cabinet.

Campbell tells CKNW Heed will be re-appointed as Solicitor-General, possibly as early as today.

Heed stepped aside following allegations of Elections Act misconduct in his 2009 campaign office.

Anonymous said...

Grant - How about this for rancid corruption?

The special prosecutor who exonerated $Cash$ Heed yesterday has now stepped down because he donated to Heed's re-election campaign. ROFLMAO

kootcoot said...

Just when you think it can't be any effing more obscene and weird, it gets even more effing weird.

Just now on GlowBall's NoNews at Six after announcing that Kash Heed (who never did anything wrong) is once again Solicitor-General, it was announced that the "oh so" Special Prosecutor has removed himself from the case - after doing his job of exonerating Kash of course.

It seems that the SP's law firm donated to not just the BC LIEberals, but to Kash's specific campaign, you know the squirrelly one with phoney flyers and questionable financing. Now Mr. "oh so" Special Prosecutor was aware that his law firm's being a campaign donor MIGHT be a problem right from the get-go, but decided it wasn't, until today, right after Kash got to be top cop again, and has now had second thoughts and removed himself from the case. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez.

And Jeff D is concerned about your manners, Grant - and they wonder why sometimes folks go postal! Meanwhile they have bomb threats at the Palace of Justice in Prince George - how's that for manners Mr. Jeff? Is there any recourse for normal people who aren't close personal friends of Capo Campbell, Kinsella and Dobell or will it require sterner action than anything political?

Anonymous said...

He won his riding by default, he must stand down..... if these ass holes don't start playing by the rules, nobody else should abide by them either.....

Henri Paul

Evil Eye said...

It is my firm belief that the "Rule of law" doesn't exist in BC anymore and we are ruled by corrupt thugs. Maybe it's time to rise up and get rid of these malodorous and vile mob. Treat them as you would treat Nazi's.

Josef Fisher said...

Every not intellectually challenged Canadian undoubtedly knows that the "Rule of law" never ever existed in Unceded Indigenous Territory aka B.C. "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure." (Thomas Jefferson)

Crankypants said...

Terrence L Robertson was also the special prosecutor in the Bountiful disaster, after two others refused to take on the case.

I just saw Heed interviewed in a scrum and he stated that he did not know either Robertson nor his law firm. One has to ask why this firm would donate to Heed's specific campaign?

The vile odor emanating from this election gets worse by the day. The Legislature needs a major house cleaning, and I'm not referring to the furniture and carpets.

Recall in the fall can't come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

It seems the RCMP is used as a dirty laundry cleaning service for the LIBS. They just send a corrupt minister into the fold, and voila! he is clean again.

kootcoot said...

"Terrence L Robertson was also the special prosecutor in the Bountiful disaster, after two others refused to take on the case."

Thanks for that Crankypants. It certainly seems that in BC that some special prosecutors are "extra" special or some prosecutors are more special than others.

Beth said...

There needs to be some mass resignations and a forensic audit done in this province.
This is disgusting pay offs corruption by politicians done in the open, how can we stop these guys? other than recall months away criminal activity is done every day out of the highest offices in this province! where is the rcmp? why is it no criminal charges were laid when it was found that B.C. rail documents and emails were being shredded during the election , Mr Campbell resign! call an election the house should be dissolved under this latest episode

Anonymous said...

I read some time back, about Alberta, wanting to seperate from the east, then, said all the western provinces and the territories, should seperate from the east. The claim is, the west would be 40% better off. The wests tax dollars, would stay in the west. Never again would BC citizens have to contend with a dictatorship. There was a lot more info, however, I read it, quite some time back. The BC Liberals are full of corruption, felonies, broken promises, lies, deceit. How many Liberal ministers, are under investigation now? Campbell, of course, will reappoint Heed, because, Campbell is worse than he is. The entire Liberal government is a litany of indecent followers. To wait until November for a recall, would be a ghastly mistake. If a general strike, of citizens sitting out until the BC Liberals were gone, would work, why not? The BC Liberals are totally lawless. If seperating would protect the BC people from a dictatorship, thats good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Surely to God, people can see through Cambell, Hansen and the Liberal party. Do they not realize, the subject of the budget and the HST, are not uttered with the same breath. The Budget: Home heat 6% hike. Hydro, topping up to 33%. Our "new" carbon tax, 4.45, and another hike July 1st. Food costs went up 27% in the last year and a half. Phone and cable has the HST applied. Everything people need to run their homes, is taxed. Kids who need adult sized clothing, used to be exempt, now parents will pay the HST. Need a new stove, drywall, paint, new frying pan, garden plants, tiles, grout? Look very closely, the HST, has a very long arm. Where the budget doesn't get you, the HST does. To survive, people will have to have at least, $2,400, more per year, and that depends, on how many family members there are. Campbell and Hansen are the most underhanded monsters, I can think of. They should be tried for, crimes against humanity. They quite enjoy the thought of children living in poverty. Disregarding, Prince George citizens breathing poisoned air. They are no different, from the Nazi gangsters, as Churchill used to call them.

Anonymous said...

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