Monday, May 17, 2010

Marc Jackass Jaccard crawls out from under his rock!

Well guess who showed up today on the Christy(Crusty)Clark show?

No other than the biggest phony in the Green movement Marc Jaccard, Jaccard was sent in by Gordon Campbell to engage in damage control, and as usual Marc Jaccard was deceptive and downright dishonest, I was wondering when Jackass Jaccard was going to show up, I am no fan of the Vancouver Sun but.......

The other day there was an opinion/editorial piece posted in the Vancouver Sun, there was no name attached to the article but it was a good piece, the article was slamming the Campbell Government for gutting the BCUC.......So a day after the article out slithers Marc Jaccard from under his rock to lie and obfuscate and defend the gutting of the BCUC.....Jaccard today said.....The BCUC will still have authority to approve projects, Jaccard also said.... The BCUC will be able to protect the rate payer........

Jaccard said many things today, or should I say Marc Jaccard lied his face off today, Jaccard talked about having to reduce emmissions and he mentioned over and over again "The tiny micro private power projects" in referring to the IPPs..........Jaccard was trying to implant a picture of a tiny windmill or a little turbine that gets plunked into a river.

Let`s start with the editorial in the Vancouver Sun and what they had to say about the gutting of the BCUC....

"The new legislation goes too far when it excludes new energy projects from the scrutiny of the commission"

and this...."The commission is now left with only the job of approving rates based on factors over which it no longer has any control."

The editorial said further....."Since many of the energy purchase agreements between BC Hydro and private energy companies are being kept secret, without the scrutiny of the BCUC we will no longer have any independent oversight" and lastly.....

"The clean energy act also calls for yet another energy plan, this one to be prepared by BC Hydro, that will not be overseen by the utilities commission"

(you can read the whole editorial here)

So one by one Gordon Campbell`s allies are abandoning the BC Liberals, after the scathing rebuke by the Vancouver Sun Gordon Campbell sends out one of the slimiest fake environmentalists who ever walked on earth.....Marc Jaccard, like I said Jackass Jaccard was defending gutting the BCUC, he didn`t say why, he didn`t mention any of the above items, Jaccard merely mentioned that the BCUC has as much power now as it ever had.....What planet do you live on Jaccard?

Look friends, this is the same Marc Jaccard who claimed that the carbon tax was great, claimed the carbon tax would reduce emmissions, and when the carbon tax failed and hundreds of thousands of more cars have been registered to drive in BC the same Jackass Jaccard said....."The carbon tax needs to rise 20 to 30 fold to be effective"......This idiot has an excuse for everyone of his failed teachings!

Still with the Jackass, just before the last election began when the NDP came out with a plan to tax the Natural gas industry to force them to stop flaring and polluting Marc Jaccard came out with a phony paper claiming if we taxed the natural gas industry for flaring it would cost 61,000 jobs....Marc Jaccard you are an idiot, you advocate punishing consumers who have no option but to drive their cars all in the name of reducing emissions but when the NDP wanted to target the Natural gas sector that has skyrocketing emissions with a flaring tax, you Marc Jaccard write a phony paper claiming job losses if we dare challenge the Oil n Gas sector to clean up their act! You are nothing but a paid shill!

Marc Jaccard now admits that the carbon tax is useless in its present form, and now Jackass is defending gutting the BCUC, where is your voice on the Enbridge pipeline?

(For a good read on the phony Marc Jaccard read this)

So isn`t that funny, the carbon tax has now been totally debunked as a useful tool to reduce emissions, yet charging for gas flaring has been proven to be effective yet Jaccard advocated leaving the big polluters alone!

Here is the link to Jaccard`s April/2009 PDF report about job losses if we dare try and clamp down on gas flaring.

Don`t bother clicking the above link, like I said in the past, the Jaccard report on gas flaring and job losses was a hasty bit of gibberish, no research, innuendo with no basis for its claim, in fact Marc Jaccard is obviously ashamed of his pre-election paper/Campbell endorsement,for some strange reason the PDF has been purged from the internet, Marc Jaccard`s phony paper defending gas flaring has been vaporized, hmm! What are you afraid of Jaccard? Are you afraid your peers will laugh at you for endorsing gas flaring?

Anyway folks, Marc Jackass Jaccard was summoned to defend gutting the BCUC, you can hear his interview with Christy(crusty)Clark here.....Cue-up May 17 ..1:30 PM

And again folks, Jaccard referred to all the IPPs as tiny, micro, in fact halfway through the interview when Christy asked Jaccard about site C and whether or not it`s green, Jaccard said....."Would you rather have a thousand 1 mega watt IPPs or a site C"

Well Mr. Jaccard, I don`t know of any 1 mega watt projects, perhaps you could point one out to me, and perhaps you can talk about how tiny the Ashlu IPP is, or how benign and the Toba and Bute inlet IPPs are....Perhaps you can talk about the thousands of miles of access roads, thousands of miles of transmission lines, the hundreds of miles of water diversions, perhaps you can talk about fish being chopped up in turbines......

I believe Marc Jaccard should be forced to return all monies collected from teaching students, the man is not ethical, one more thing, Jaccard mentioned how Tzeporah Berman is in favour of IPPs, he mentioned how Tzeporah is now working for Greenpeace and how she is now based in Amsterdam.....

Jaccard again reiterated getting off of fossil fuels and electrifying everything, but that doesn`t explain his stance on gas flaring, that doesn`t explain his silence on the Enbridge pipeline and or offshore Oil n Gas drilling here in BC....And of course Christy Clark didn`t bother asking, could you imagine folks, a person claiming to be an environmentalist and he is on the air during the biggest oil disaster ever in US history and Jaccard doesn`t mention it once, or Enbridge....

You Marc Jaccard are not fit to teach, you are not honest, you don`t believe in your election slam paper you made up out of whole cloth, that`s why you purged it from cyberspace.....You Marc Jaccard are worse than Gordon Campbell, you are nothing but a paid stooge hiding behind a degree and a green veil!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Jaccard was a prominent appointment by the government of the 1990's and was paid huge sums of taxpayer's money. And then what does he later do? Stab the same NDP in the back and help that habitual liar Gordo to win the election with his phony 60,000 job loss report that was all over the MSM and supported the phony carbon tax.

And that habitual liar Gordo then helps himself by also lying about the HST tipping the balance in the LIEberals favour for a fraudulent election win. Thanks Jaccard!

Jaccard is an enemy of the state and should also be charged and put on the stand when the people's financial "war" crimes trial against the LIEberals begin in the future!

Crankypants said...

The whole Jaccard segment made me want to puke. As you so rightly state, he downplayed the run of river IPPs as if they were something you could put in the back of a pickup truck. And the BS about the BCUC not being castrated was total folly. If as he states, he conferred with a lawyer friend of his and came to these conclusions, then his lawyer friend must be dumber than a stump.

On the HST front, I heard Hansen claiming that a lot of the people that signed the NOHST petitions now wish they hadn't. Everytime he opens his yap, he become less and less credible.

And Mary Polak is still trying to screw with the court ruling that came down against her and the rest of the BC Liberal cabinet.

What a bunch we've been stuck with. Recall can't come soon enough for me.


Grant G said...

Indeed Crankypants.....Why would Marc Jaccard "confere with his lawyer friend"

And Marc Jaccard`s lawyer friend has said, according to Marc Jaccard, the BCUC still has some power...

Well if it`s good enough for Jaccard`s lawyer friend it must be good enough for the public!!!!

Just more of the propaganda, messaging from the enemy within..CKNW/Bill good/Crusty Clark is the enemy!

It was such a strange segment with Jaccard, it wasn`t really about Site C, it wasn`t really about the BCUC, it wasn`t about private power, it wasn`t about much of anything except....

It was about Marc Jaccard telling the public that he has a friend who is a lawyer, who believes that the BCUC probably still has power.
It definately was a hastily put together segment.

Marc Jaccard is a fool, can you believe Marc Jaccard is saying the editorial board of the Vancouver Sun is wrong?

No wonder Jackass Jaccard removed his election/gas klaring garbage from cyberspace, perhaps his lawyer friend suggested that the gas flaring attack against the NDP be burned!

Crankypants said...

The Monday morning quarterbacks was extremely pathetic today. Monty "The Wallflower" Paulson and Erin Chutter made watching grass grow seem like an epic event. No matter what the subject, neither one had anything useful to say.

Of course Sam the Sham got to spew some more of his pro-HST drivel. It's almost as if Bill needs Sam's input to justify his existence. On a scale of 1-10, CKNW rated about a minus 5.


Gary E said...

I get the feeling that there is a new club forming. The Turncoat Environmentalist Club:
Pat Moore..........Founding Member
Marc Jaccard.......President
Tzeporah Burman....Secretary Treasurer
David Suzuki.......Vice President

And they've probably hired "Jabba" for their PR.

kootcoot said...

"Marc Jaccard`s phony paper defending gas flaring has been vaporized, hmm! What are you afraid of Jaccard? Are you afraid your peers will laugh at you for endorsing gas flaring?"

Who would these "peers" be, juvenile delinquent kindergardeners?

"And again folks, Jaccard referred to all the IPPs as tiny, micro, in fact halfway through the interview when Christy asked Jaccard about site C and whether or not it`s green, Jaccard said....."Would you rather have a thousand 1 mega watt IPPs or a site C""

Theres a piece about this (at top of page) at:
WaterWalk dealing with fantasies and reality.

Gary E - I figure that the board of directors of your proposed club all have a good case for a full refund of their tuition expenses years ago!

Evil Eye said...

I see that the corporate CORUS Radio is desperately trying to discredit Bill Vander Zalm. Old Bill has a lot of faults, but trying to make what happened 20 years ago, seem like the massive corruption taking place in Victoria, some sort of a sick joke.

Balderdash & the Palm also are trying to destroy his credibility at almost every turn.

The way I see it, old bill has more credibility than Gordo, Balderdash and Palmer combined, yet the game goes on.

CORUS trots out Joker Jaccard, father of the gas/carbon tax to again fog the debate. It is getting downright laughable that the mainstream media is in a lover's embrace with the Liberal machine, unfortunately, the great unwashed still treat both dailies as honest purveyors of the news.

We live in evil times, led by the anti-Christ himself.

Hugh said...

This recent VanSun article shows how R-0-R IPPs can damage fish habitat:

Thanks to IPPs like this one, we in BC get to pay more on our Hydro bills, due to BC Hydro paying big $$ to IPPs for power it doesn't need.

We also get damaged salmon habitat on a major river (Tzoonie).

Hugh said...

The project referred to in the article has been shut down.

TonyGuitar said...

May 21, 2010 at 9:13 pm
CBC ‘The Current’ program May 20 AM had Peace Valley farm owners Gwen Johansen and Larry Petersen speaking against the proposed Site C Dam project this morning.

They did fairly well, yet could have been far more effective. They need to present clean cut ideas that will win over a mass public following. Logical concepts clearly outlined can make all the difference.

Gwen Johansen came closest when points were made about the need to produce power near the places of use like homes business and industry. This saves million$ spent on lines, towers and power stations. It also saves line losses and transformer losses, not to mention wages for staff who maintain all these things. Power lines are prone to weather outages, of course.

Walmart, Google, Fedex and other corporations have power production ‘Bloomboxes’ on their grounds for reliable energy supply. No power lines, hence no power outages. Bloomboxes look something like a heat-exchanger only larger.

Wind power generation can take place on your garage roof and provide power for lights and electronics. The concept of huge remote wind farms with costly power lines, stations , and staff seems silly. You can’t put a site C dam in your back yard, but you CAN install wind generation there easily. One needs the grid for heavy power appliances like clothes dryers, ovens, base board heaters at least until Bloomboxes or the like become available much as home heat exchangers are now. Volkswagon is also working on a home based power supply appliance.

By the way; What is this pressing need for Site ‘C’ anyway? Since we stopped shocking bauxite into aluminium in Kitimat, all that tremendous power has been added to our BC power grid. And it looks as though the huge power dam near Prince Rupert for northern coastal mining is going ahead. California can’t afford to pay us for power we supplied them and are still in arrears. Is Site C an ego boost for Premier Gordon Campbell just before he gets voted out ?