Tuesday, May 18, 2010

HST Myth Unraveled

(Best of luck to our friend Laila Yuile today, she will be on the air with Guy Gentner on his radio show, Laila will follow the other scheduled guest Glen Clark, remember him?.....Knock em dead Laila!)

Time to clear up a few of the HST lies that are being spread by the Gordon Campbell Liars club!

First off, I keep hearing stooges like Bill Good and Crusty Clark talk about how people demand more services and the HST is a way of paying for them, that is totally false, the HST revenue being stolen from the public doesn`t flow to Government it flows to business, Colin Hansen and the finance department have said the tax is revenue neutral, in fact according to Colin Hansen the HST will see the Province collect $180 million less dollars in 2010, the PST actually brings in more money to the Province, so the bottom line is that the HST will mean cuts in service!

Colin Hansen and Pat Bell have said that the HST will be a boon to forestry, let`s examine that false statement, Pat Bell is on the record as saying there is $7 dollars of embedded PST in every 1000 board feet of lumber, that may or may not be true but let`s dig a little bit more...

18 months ago export lumber prices fell to an all time low, roughly $160 dollars per 1000 board feet of lumber, lumber prices at one time were over $800 dollars per 1000 board feet, today`s price for lumber is roughly $345 dollars per 1000 board feet......

So here`s the deal, Pat Bell states the HST will be a boon to forestry, well over the last 18 months the price of lumber has risen 20 times the HST advantage.....20 times, if lumber rises to $500 dollars per 1000 board feet that is equivalent of 50 times the HST advantage....

The bottom line is the HST would only help forestry if the price of lumber was stationary, it isn`t, the price has doubled in the last 18 months and is still very low, forestry depends on a robust market and high price, the HST will not deliver as promised by Pat Bell! (you can read about lumber prices here)http://www2.canada.com/nanaimodailynews/news/story.html?id=9df0bb63-ba3b-4516-8845-25b9bb124705

What about mining, does mining need an HST gift from the consumer, no bloody way, in fact mining in BC has never made more money, even during the global recession the miners in BC made record profits, no matter what tax breaks the mining industry gets the price of gold, silver, coal, and every other commodity is controlled by international exchanges, the price of Gordon Campbell`s gold retirement watch will not be lowered through the HST, the price of aluminum in can of soda will not be lowered no matter how many tax breaks the miners get, the HST will not create one single forestry job or one mining job, those are the hard facts folks! (You can read about the record mining profits in BC here, even during the recession) http://www.brandonsun.com/business/breaking-news/bc-mining-industry-sees-profits-shrink-in-2009-but-remain-at-historical-highs-93601259.html?thx=y

Here are some quotes from the above article.

VANCOUVER - Profits in British Columbia's mining industry remain at historically high levels despite the effects of a global recession and lower commodity prices, according to a new report.

The report, released Wednesday by PricewaterhouseCoopers, says B.C.'s mines earned $2.3 billion for 2009. This was down 28 per cent from $3.2 billion in 2008 but was close to the profits seen in 2007, which at the time was a record.


Record profits for miners and they won`t lower the price for metal buyers in BC...The HST means nothing to big mining, a few extra dollars from the public that will go to shareholders...

And what about the natural gas and oil industry, does anyone believe the HST will mean lower gas prices? Of course they won`t, natural gas is very low right now yet the Province just raised the price to consumers in BC, gasoline keeps going up even though the price of oil has been fairly stable, in fact oil right now is at a 5 month low yet gas prices are higher in BC today than 5 months ago, the HST means nothing to that industry, the oil n gas sector won`t hire one employee or lower the price by a penny because of the HST, in fact Encana gas made triple their expected profits in the first quarter of 2010 even though natural gas prices are very low, no savings will be passed on to the BC consumer! Encana gas made a record $1.48 billion dollars in profit for the first quarter of 2010.......Do they care about the HST, will they hire extra people because of the HST....Absolutely not!(you can read about record Encana gas profits here)http://celebrifi.com/gossip/Encana-profits-triple-2280843.html

So on and on the HST lies are being spread, Bill Good had on as a guest today no other than Helmut Pastrick ...Head of central 1 credit union, Helmut was there today to talk about the HST, the whole segment backfired on Bill Good, I give Helmut credit for being truthful today about the HST, Helmut stated..."The HST will cost consumers in BC more money"...."The HST will make the cost of most items in BC go up" That is what Helmut said!

And the segment got better and better, I could feel Bill Good becoming frustrated with Helmut`s answers to HST questions....

And the highlight of the segment was when a man named Jesse called in and asked Helmut about ten questions, Jesse asked Helmut to answer yes or no to his questions....Jesse asked Helmut...."Does a logging company who buys a front end loader pay PST? Helmut said yes.....And Jesse fired off roughly ten questions about lumber, about exports expenses, all the questions Jesse asked ended with Jesse saying..."Do they pay PST on the transaction....Helmut answered yes to every question, .........Then Jesse laid out Bill Good and Helmut Pastrick by saying that Helmut got every question wrong!

Jesse then said to Helmut and Bill Good "here is my phone number/my email and you can call me or email and I can show you documentation to prove everything I said!".......To which Helmut responded.....

"I am not a tax expert, I am an economist".....It was about that time that Bill Good dropped the microphone, almost lost his breakfast on the floor and quickly broke for a commercial, the segment didn`t recover!(you can listen to the CKNW audio vault here, except for one thing, everything that happens on CKNW that is harmful to Gordon Campbell gets mysteriously purged from the audio vault, I just checked the vault, the segments before Bill Good`s program is there, the segments after Bill Good`s program for Tuesday/May/18th are there but for some strange reason the Helmut Pastrick and subsequent segment have been purged from the audio vault! Another coincidence or more controlling the message from the enemy!)http://www.cknw.com/other/audiovault.html Cue up Tuesday/May 18 9:00 AM...The segment is gone!

You see friends, one by one the liars are getting caught with their pants down, the myth, the con, the HST will do nothing but steal $1.9 billion dollars from the consumer, it will stagnate the BC economy, the HST will fuel the underground economy, drive consumers to Alberta and Washington state........The HST is a fraud.

There is only one benefit to the HST, it will mean the death of the BC Liberal party and the hasty retirement of Gordon Campbell!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Crankypants said...

Pastorik's appearance on CKNW was a total bust as far as the pro-HST crowd is concerned. I don't recall anyone phoning in and promoting its benefits. Just negative comments. I guess Sam the Sham couldn't find his phone today. Jesse's call was out of this world. Another caller asked about the advantages the Maritime provinces gained since they adopted the HST and all Pastorik could say is that the benefits were too hard to quantify because of other influences on investment and job creation. That statement alone just blew Jack Mintz's report out of the water.

After all was said and done, the HST was shown to be the crock of crap it really is.


Anonymous said...

If you want to be up-front with people and give them "the Straight Goods" why don't you be a little more honest with people about your real name - Brian G. - instead of playing silly, deceptive games by using the phony Grant G.?

And then you deceptively talk about Brian G. in the 3rd person on your blog.

Most people aren't that dumb.

Remember, deception first begins at home.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... May 19, 2010 10:58 AM
And I suppose that your being up front by using Anonymous as your name.
Nothing like leading by example eh...

Henri Paul

Grant G said...

Thanks Henri Paul....

Anonymous 10:58....Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, what did you add to this comment thread? Sweet F_ _ All

Maybe you would like my SIN number...DL number and credit card numbers as well all my pin numbers.

My friend Brian G provides me with lots of information and research.

I don`t need to post any identities on this blog, Grant G...Brian G...or the man who nailed Gordon Habitual Liar Campbell`s coffin shut.

You can call me whatever you want, I have an open comment section, nothing gets pre-moderated, I give everyone the benefit of the doubt, almost every blog gets contributions pre-screened.

No one is forcing you to come here or to read my blog....

The PAB have tried over and over again to discredit me and the people`s blog...It`s not working, I suggest you start looking for a new job, yours will be ending very soon.


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Leah said...

Anon 10:58 AM...does your Mother know you're messing with her computer?

Anonymous said...

Grant - The PAB is actively at work again? They must be VERY, VERY worried about your web ranking - I will repeat again - You are now at a worldwide rank of 7!


Don't forget that El Gordo's criminal shenannigans are now reaching world-wide exposure! They certainly will be on the unemployment lines SOON - sooner than they think! LOL