Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gordon Campbell`s Liberal Party is Officially Dead!

An anonymous contributor left a very perceptive comment on my last post, he noted that although the CBC seems to have lost it`s critical edge, that`s nothing compared to the drivel being reported in The Province newspaper, and he or she is exactly right, but it goes far deeper than what you can imagine, let me explain.....

I started a post a couple of months after the election, it was titled, "Vaughn Palmer is up to his tricks again"

I never finished the post, but the gist of the post was the sly trickery that Vaughn Palmer uses to endorse Gordon Campbell while pretending through the title of his column that he is being critical on the Campbell Liberals, but i`ll come back to Vaughn Palmer a little further down.

Right now Gordon Campbell and his party are in death throe mode, I have noticed a concentrated effort by the overlords of B.C. propaganda machine to juice any and all stories to promote the B.C. Liberals while at the same time ignoring everything that is wrong in the world and especially here in B.C.

I have some examples of the propaganda to share with you just from the last few days.

  1. The conference board of Canada came out with a report stating B.C. and Ontario will lead Canada in growth in 2010.

  2. The World Lottery association has given the CEO of BCLC(British Columbia lottery corporation) and Rich Coleman an award.

  3. On Global news tonight they did a 5 minute story on how marine life is thriving around the new fabulous Vancouver trade and convention center.

Lets discuss those first three starting with the Conference board of Canada, the story was all over CKNW and Global news about this entity saying how great things are going to be in B.C......But on further reading of the report, the CBOC gives a rosy forecast for every Province.

The below paragraphs between the lines are Cut and pasted From the CBOC report____________________________________________________________________-

Ottawa, May 10 — Propelled by a stronger domestic economy and a rebound in the auto industry, Ontario’s economy will rise from the ashes in 2010 to share top spot in provincial economic growth with British Columbia, according to The Conference Board of Canada’s Provincial Outlook – Spring 2010. “There are clear signs of economic recovery from coast to coast,” said Marie-Christine Bernard, Associate Director, Provincial Forecasting. “The improved domestic economies of Ontario and B.C., along with increased demand from the United States, will support a strong rebound in both provinces. However, the rebound will be gradual for most other provinces, spreading over the next two years.” A homegrown recovery is already underway in Ontario. Average housing prices have long since surpassed their pre-recession levels and employment has risen since the second half of 2009. Bolstered by stronger labour markets, Ontario consumers will resume purchasing big-ticket items. In all, Ontario’s real gross domestic product (GDP) will increase by 3.8 per cent in 2010.

British Columbia’s economy is also expected to expand by 3.8 per in 2010, fuelled by a one-time Olympics boost and recovery in the forestry, manufacturing and construction sectors. However, with the Olympic stimulus out of the way and growth in the housing market expected to ease, the province’s GDP growth will moderate to 2.8 per cent in 2011.

Alberta will benefit from a revival in drilling activity and stronger capital investment in the oil sands, but continued weakness in job creation will limit economic growth to 3.3 per cent this year.

Saskatchewan’s economy is again firing on all cylinders and real GDP is expected to increase by 3.5 per cent this year. The potash industry is slowly recuperating as global demand resumes for fertilizers. The agricultural sector is also expected to fare better this year.

Manitoba’s economy will benefit from a recovery in agriculture and manufacturing, as well as a mini-boom in nickel, copper and gold mining. But the province’s outlook will be tempered by a drop in construction activity, and real GDP is expected to expand by 2.2 per cent in 2010.

Quebec’s economic recovery is stronger than previously anticipated, with real GDP expected to advance by 2.6 per cent this year. The domestic economy is improving, as Quebecers are back in shopping malls and rushing to buy houses.

A host of major construction projects will compensate for weakness in Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore oil industry and the impact of a labour dispute in the mining sector. Growth of 2.4 per cent is forecast in 2010. Next year, the province is expected to lead the nation in growth, due to a brief upswing in offshore production that will boost GDP by 4.5 per cent.

Nova Scotia’s economy will continue to benefit from the $800 million in infrastructure stimulus spending by the government. In addition, a revival in consumer demand will help lift growth in real GDP by 2.2 per cent this year. In Prince Edward Island, a steady stream of government public infrastructure spending will boost the economy by 2.2 per cent.

A large drop in business investment and a modest recovery in New Brunswick’s manufacturing sector will limit the province’s economic growth over the next two years. With real GDP growth of 1.8 per cent, New Brunswick will post the smallest gain among provinces in 2010.

So friends, that is what the Conference board of Canada said about all the Provinces, but pay special attention to what they said about B.C.........Olympic stimulus ending, housing and construction weakening and the B.C. economy falling back to sluggish growth in 2011........

That is what was said in the CBOC report, but the propaganda machine in B.C. spun this story and only mentioned one line, B.C. and Ontario to lead growth in Canada, how could any media hang their hat on that reporting, especially when the CBOC was wrong about the recession down south, wrong about Canada`s recession and wrong on just about everything else, yet Global/Canwest and CKNW drag out the stories written by cockroaches, there is nothing in the report from the CBOC, nothing, no detailed study, nothing but a hope and a prayer!

Today on cknw they were pounding a news story, well it wasn`t news but they pounded the story all day and night.......

{The World Lottery Association} ........Has given an award to the CEO of BCLC and to Rich Coleman, the award is for fair and ethical gaming, or something like that.......So who the heck is the World Lottery Association?

I googled them up, browsed their web site, the web site is very sketchy and they have only been around since 2008....Not exactly a long time entity, but what are they about? They are about nothing but promoting gaming countries, specifically gaming Governments, and there was some very interesting catch phrases on their site, they were enough to make me laugh and scoff!

Between the lines below has been Cut and pasted From the web site of The World Lottery Association_________________________________________________________________________

The World Lottery Association

Mission----The World Lottery Association (WLA) is a member-based organization to advance the interests of State-authorized lotteries.

Vision----- Our vision is for the WLA to be recognized as the global authority on the lottery business, to uphold the highest ethical principles, and to support our members in achieving their vision for their own communities.

Values------ Our values are based on a commitment to the highest standards of corporate responsibility, including the WLA Responsible Gaming Principles and Framework, and respect for the duly authorized legal systems which determine where, and in what form, gaming products can be provided to the citizens of a particular geographical or national territory. The WLA is committed to sharing knowledge and experience amongst its members, and to improving their business in the interest of stakeholders as determined by the authorities in their respective jurisdictions.

Our core values are:Responsibility and the highest standards of corporate and social responsibilities
Integrity – transparency and accountability
Professionalism – excellence in service to our members, to all stakeholders and in our performance
Innovation and creativity


Global professional association of State lottery and gaming organizations from 90 countries and 5 continents

Numerous associate members from the supplier industry worldwide.

Member revenues in excess of $ 180 billion.

All members adhere to the strictest standards of social responsibility, responsible gaming, security and risk management.

All members contribute the majority of net revenues to good causes.

(You can visit the world lottery association here)


Ok folks, do I have to point out the obvious, this association is interested in expanding gaming, never the less, why is BCLC and their CEO and Rich Coleman getting an award?

  1. The BCLC has just started a $9,999.00 dollar weekly online limit(WOW).....($1 dollar under under the 10,000$ dollar amount, to facilitate money laundering) http://powellriverpersuader.blogspot.com/2009/08/bclc-gets-in-business-of-money.html

  2. Gaming Grants have been slashed and put into general revenue.

  3. There was a moral promise made by the BC Liberals back in 2002 about ....Expanded gaming will funnel to charities,sports and the arts.

  4. How come those gaming grants were slashed.

  5. Where does a $10,000 dollar weekly online limit show ethical gaming or responsibility.

  6. Have a good look at the last line above from the World Lottery Association...."All members contribute the majority of net revenue to good causes" SNIP

You see friends, another scam, Gordon Campbell has slashed gaming grants and has redirected gambling revenue to fund core Government services, according to the World Lottery Association the Campbell administration is breaking all of the moral rules, but that didn`t stop this group of cockroaches from donating to the B.C. propaganda machine!

The 5 minute story tonight on Global news tonight about how marine life is thriving, how the builders of the convention center cleaned the bottom and incorporated good design to encourage sea life to take hold, they talked about bulb kelp, salmon fry swimming by, dungeness crab.....Look folks, I am glad sea life is flourishing around the Convention center but.....

  1. Global news didn`t mention that the Convention center was $500 million dollars over budget.

  2. There was no mention of Alexandra Morton`s 5000 person march on the legislature to stop fish farms and save wild Salmon.

  3. There was no mention of the disaster on the eastern seaboard, a disaster that will kill millions of animals, birds, fish, crap, shrimp, and destroy nesting marshes.

  4. No mention of how those states will lose billions on tourism and billions in other livelihoods.

  5. No mention of the Enbridge pipeline or offshore oil n gas drilling and super oil tankers risking our fragile one of a kind, priceless wild west coast marine wonderland.

No siree, Global news didn`t dare too see fit to report any of that with their story, but just imagine, hundreds of millions to bring a tiny underwater area around the convention center to life, imagine trying to bring the Hecate Strait or inside coastal waters of B.C. back to life after a massive spill, we are talking generations of death and tens of billions of dollars in economic losses, and the loss of something we can`t replace!

That`s the deal friends, Canwest/Global/CTV/CKNW/CBOC/ TWLA.......And every other cockroach has been called by the B.C. PAB and asked to start spinning, all bad news has been turned off, you won`t get The Straight Goods from the MSM, you are going too have to find your own news on the net! Kirk Lapointe and the other spineless traitors have launched a silent propaganda war to try and save Campbell and the Liberals, it won`t work, everyone has tuned out this Government, this war, this life battle, we are going to have to cut the head off of many snakes before we are safe. If I didn`t know better this must be the 1930s and 40s in Germany!

Lastly, Vaughn Palmer the con man, he`s cagey but he`s getting old n tired, I am on to his game, despite Vaughn Palmer initially being against the HST he now promotes it as good for the economy, despite the stinky casino deal Vaughn is now in favour of the casino, despite the farcical Kash Heed affair and the tainted special prosecutors Vaughn wrote a story claiming there is no problem with this arrangement, Vaughn Palmer completely missed the boat about how serious the Heed affair is, Heed should resign his MLAship, but not according to Vaughn Palmer, Vaughn has thrown Gordon Campbell more life-lines.(read that bogus story here)http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Despite+spectacular+failure+special+prosecutor+system+doesn+need+major+overhaul/3002084/story.html

And today was more classic Vaughn Palmer double speak, the method to his madness, it`s so obvious, propaganda by the book, in fact Keith Baldrey is a student of the Vaughn Palmer double talk con while implanting a different message.

The below cut and pasted paragraphs are from Vaughn Palmer`s column today, the Palmer game exposed, the title of his column today suggests that the story is negative of Campbell but, the first half of his story does nothing but praise Campbell and hoist the Liberals up the flag pole while slagging Carole James with her own words!____________________________________________________________

Vander Zalm takes advantage of Campbell's terrible ratings.

By Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun May 11, 2010

-One year after Premier Gordon Campbell won a third term by promising to make the economy the No. 1 priority, he can point to some encouraging news on that front.

"B. C. and Ontario will lead all other provinces in economic growth this year," the Conference Board of Canada reported Monday.

"The economic impact of the Olympics will add roughly 0.7 percentage points to the province's bottom-line growth this year. But it is the vast improvement in the forestry, manufacturing and construction sectors that will solidify the economic recovery."

Almost simultaneously comes news that for the first time in four years, U.S. lumber prices have recovered sufficiently to eliminate the export tax penalty on shipments from Canada.
The recovery in forestry, like other sectors, is expected to vary widely across the province, nor is it sure to last. Sporadic and iffy would be more like it Still, the evidence to date supports the narrative that Campbell offered to voters a year ago.

"The most important election in a generation," he called it. "On May 12 you will choose whether to build confidence in B.C. that will provide more opportunities for our citizens, or whether to choose an Opposition that will destabilize our economy and cost jobs in every region of the province."

Campbell thus seized on the one issue that the opinion polls had consistently identified as his strongest suit in running against the New Democratic Party. Moreover, by the end of a losing campaign, NDP leader Carole James came to agree with the B.C. Liberal leader about the deciding factor.

"I think it's clear the economy was an issue," she told reporters as the votes were still being counted on election night. "People felt they wanted someone with experience who had been in the premier's chair already. I think that's very clear."

So Campbell won an election on the question of who could best preside over the economy. A year later, B.C. is poised to lead the country in economic growth. And if that were all that counted in the intervening 12 months, the premier ought to be on top of the world, never mind the opinion polls. http://www.vancouversun.com/business/Vander+Zalm+takes+advantage+Campbell+terrible+ratings/3011766/story.html#ixzz0ngzoUC6X


You can read Vaughn Palmer`s complete story today at the above link, but as you can see, that is the classic Palmer playbook, the title of his story is deceptive, he does at the end of his story talk about how the HST is killing his ratings in opinion polls but, but not before Vaughn Palmer echoes the cockroaches at the Conference board of Canada, Vaughn Palmer implanted into the minds of the sheep that despite being mad at Campbell over the HST.....Campbell has delivered jobs, prosperity, the better manager, the NDP aren`t up to the task, Carole isn`t up to the task, in other words friends, Vaughn Palmer in his column has stated that Gordon Campbell has delivered......

But that is where Vaughn Palmer has met his match, the CBOC report is voodoo economics, wishful thinking, in fact friends the CBOC had very little to say about B.C.....A little spurt then the balloon will collapse next year, that is what the CBOC said....Maybe Vaughn Palmer should read the whole report and not just the BC Liberal PAB press release!

So that`s the deal folks, the news in B.C. has been sanitized, every story that can be spun is being spun, the greedy cockroaches have come out of the woodwork to try and save Campbell and the Liberals.....Not this time friends, we here at The Straight Goods have got Campbell on the run. Beware, there are enemies of the public in every corner of this Province, they have ratcheted up their game, we won`t get fooled again! Spread the word, never ever buy a Canwest paper. These cockroaches won`t quit until their quivering in death, bring on the RAID!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

I personally have stopped buying lottery tickets in BC because I have the gut feeling that they aren't running an honest game...The scratch tickets sold in this province are a mugs game and you have a better chance at a street corner shell game.


Anonymous said...

There's an article in the Globe & Mail - while reading it I thought the same thing - "who needs to produce a flyer when you have a PR department in touch with biased media?" - even the choice of headline attempts to discredit VanderZalm to make Campbell look better...


By the way - you are the best ranter around! Thanks for all your informative writing - I know I can count on you to be bold and ruthless with your opinions!

Crankypants said...

After this report came out, Hansen was quick to state that the encouraging economic news was attributable to the HST even though there was never a reference to it.

On tonight's late news on Global we were treated to Jock Finlayson praising the virtues of the HST complete with a powerpoint demonstration. After the presentation, they showed a clip of Colin Hansen stating that every business has imbedded PST that they incorporate into their costs and therefore prices. It looks to me as if the BC Liberal party is doing an end around the ruling by Elections BC that the government did not register as an opponent of the NOHST initiative by employing their unofficial arm, the MSM.

Was this really a newsworthy item or an infommercial designed to skirt the law once again?


kootcoot said...

I'm gonna be the fussy picky little critic this morning Grant, just a couple minor details though.

It is "death throes" (I think a death throw is what Randy Johnson does - he is so long and lanky that the 100+ mph pitch doesn't leave his hand until it is within a couple feet of the batter).

The new betting limit isn't $10,000, a transaction of that size would require reporting. It is $9,999, which is much more convenient for money laundering.

And oh yeah, I don't think you want to go there with Hellena - you would need to shower for days afterwards and scrub with steel wool. Besides, unless you are as sleazy as Rahim, she probably wouldn't like you anyway!

islandcynic said...

BAd news. the National Post outbid Torstar for the purchase of the CanWest rags. Seems the PAB will continue as usual...

How do people read the daily praise set upon the evil little man, our premier, without upchucking their cheerios? The readership has declined, has it not?

Grant G said...

Thanks Kootcoot...I was aware of the 9,999,00$ weekly limit,in fact I was one of the first to write about the money laundering(I added a link to my money laundering story)

As for death Throw(throe) OOPS....I was thinking about how far I could toss the rotting corpse of the B.C. Liberals..

Islandcynic, Readership is down for all hard newspapers, B.C. leads Canada with a staggering 85% now on line, that means that Canwest is a joke, more and more people clue in everyday that they are the enemy!

Lastly, my comment on your Hellena story was meant to be humorous, but be rest assured, I know where the gutter is, I know what the gutter tastes like and I don`t live in a glass house.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of awards... The Chamber of Commerce in Nanaimo has handed out their citizen of the year award. It goes to no other than Bruce Williams from the A-Channel. AKA the C-Channel for chamber. The funny thing is he doesn't even live in Nanaimo. what a crock of $hit.

BC Mary said...

Hi Grant,

For another look behind the crazy way the BC news media works, check out the story at my place about Robin Mathews being refused press accreditation at the BC Rail Trial which begins on Monday, May 17.

I could hardly believe it ...


Anonymous said...

The LIEberals are akin to a wounded animal - cornered - nowhere to run. Be careful of wounded animals that are cornered - they will strike back to preserve their existence. And they will use any means necessary. In the LIEberals case - the PAB and the infiltration of the MSM to brainwash the body politic. One must fight evil with evil.

kootcoot said...

How can the National Post outbid anybody for the Canned Waste bird cage liner empire - I thought it was part of the bankrupt Titanic of media itself? Actually the Nat Poop was the LOSS LEADER of Reich Wing propaganda, losing money hand over foot as long as it promoted the lies in a glossy fashion.

Anonymous said...

Grant - News reports in the media today seem to confirm that the habitual liar and criminal Gordo might not stay on much longer. I hope to hell that doesn't mean that botox face Carol Taylor or accident prone Dianne Watts will take over th LIEberals and fool the BC public once again!!!

Grant G said...

8:50.....I saw the Gordon (Habitual liar) Campbell interview today, both CTV and Global played the clip....

Oh indeed, Campbell has called it quits, Campbell said he is 62 years old and.........

And he`s running away to avoid "Recall in the fall"

As for Carole taylor, she will be 68 in 2013..Too old for premier, Falcon and Coleman were mentioned for leader....

But the funny part was...Dianne Watts name wasn`t mentioned as a possible new leader of the B.C. Liberals...

Like I said in the past, Dianne Watts is afraid on conflict, she`s weak, she doesn`t thrive in a competitve arena, she is quite happy in Surrey, so is her husband who seems to get plenty of work from the city of Surrey! (Check out the plastic pipe man yourself)

Forget Dianne Watts, my sources have ruled her out, she has a sure gig in Surrey, why would she want to sit as opposition leader? After the Campbell Crimes are exposed, the B.C. Liberal party will disband as a party for a long long time...

Maybe Chris Delaney can get Dianne Watts to run for leadership of the Provincial Conservatives?

So lets see if I have this right....

Kash Heed will resign and a by election for Fraserview will be called, John Les will be charged in July resulting in his resignation and by election...

Gordon Campbell will resign before "Recall in the Fall" resulting in another by election...

That means a mere 4 BC Liberals will have to be recalled....Donna Barnett(Caribou chilcoltin)....Don Mcrae(Comox valley)....Blair Leckstrom and Pat Pimm(both from the Peace region).....

And then Carole James becomes Premier(Or John Horgan)

The BC Liberals are dead, caput, Campbell is demented, he will inflict as much pain as he possibly can on average folks before he runs away from "Recall in the Fall"

And we here at The Straight Goods are going to hammer his coffin shut!


Crankypants said...

I also saw Campbell's version of the fireside chat and have a little different take as to why this piece came about at this time. I think that he is trying to use the sympathy angle to con a lot of fence sitters to rethink their support for the NOHST initiative.

Whether you love or hate the guy, you have to give him credit for knowing how to work a crowd. He didn't get elected all these years based on his resume. I believe that this little clip hit the airwaves on the two most watched newscasts for a reason. The campaign is hitting high gear in the lower mainland and if he can con people into believing that he is considering packing it in then maybe many of them will not bother signing the petition.

Campbell and Co. may be on the ropes, but don't count them out until you hear the ten count. Remember they have a lot of taxpayers' money at their disposal and they know how to abuse it.


kootcoot said...

Jeepers I missed the Campbelloid clip, I was too busy watching the Habs knock off another powerhouse. Na, na na, Good bye Washington and Pittsburgh, the two best teams in the East. Next stop, Philly or Boston, heck it's almost like the good old days. And once again in the tradition of Dryden and Roy, a goalie (Halak) appears from nowhere to lead the Habs to the land of glory!

Can anybody confirm or deny my previous comment re: the National Post? As far as I know the Post was not only part of the Assperson Empire acquired from Convict Black, but perhaps the part of the newspaper (sic) side bleeding the most money.

Anonymous said...

I had an interesting conversation yesterday about the new BC Place roof. In summary the roof is a monument to an ideology. The roof is 1/2 a billion dollars from which we will gather 0 revenue for the province. This is 1/2 a billion dollars while people die in neglected hospitals and care homes, 1/2 a billion dollars while children go without adequate nutrition and shelter and clothes. 1/2 a billion dollars while we slash funding for schools...

But the point is - it is a sculpture - it is a monument - its purpose is not revenue - its purpose is symbolic.

It is a 1/2 billion dollar monument to Gordon's regime while the people get pillaged. It is evil.

kootcoot said...

"But the point is - it is a sculpture - it is a monument - its purpose is not revenue - its purpose is symbolic."

Maybe we can use the old roof as a prophylactic to protect us from the Campbelloids, or as a large pillow to suffocate the BC liaRs all at once!

Anonymous said...

It is the equivalent of a giant gold statue of the LIAR himself.

It is evil.

Gary E said...


The CEO of the Post led the charge {conglomerate) to buy the asswipe. I'm not sure if he did it independently of the Asswipe itself. ie: he could have used some of his shares for front money. Which brings up a whole new ball game. If he did would this mean that Canned waste still owns some of itself.
Too bad there are no investigative reporters left in the MSM. They would have the means to research these questions.

jaydee said...

May 14, 2010 a great day for our kids - Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, B.C.'s children's advocate a huge thanks. Campbell and Polak, not present, were ordered to hand over the documents she had been refused, immediately, right in the court room. The documents were needed for her to complete her audit. Wonder how much this court case and Campbell and Polak cost us this time??


jaydee said...

Grant, Sorry to be off topic, hurry back!