Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kash Heed Resigns/Breaking news

Well we nailed it folks, Kash Heed couldn`t take the heat, he has resigned from his cabinet seat for the second time, trust me, this case will see a by/election, not only will Kash Heed never be back in cabinet but there will a new election in the Fraserview riding.

Listen up B.C.Liberals, don`t ever bring Kash Heed back, call the by/election, ..........Kash Heed, I am glad you have resigned, your boss is finished, Campbell is done.

A little advice Kash Heed, resign your seat and go, your hands aren`t too dirty yet, save yourself from Campbell, get some distance, the Government is in free fall, one less required for recall.

17% in my riding on the HST petition, John Les is the next shoe to fall in July, bit by bit even those providing cover to the Government are being exposed, the floodgates are ready to burst, I have seen this play before, the Campbell gang will start eating their own for survival, keep up the pressure friends...................."Recall in the Fall"

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Recall will happen in Parksville/Kwalikum as well. Ron Cantelon showed this riding he had no gonads on the HST issue and voted in favour. As for the Hash eesh issue I cannot comment as it is under some Liberal sanctioned investigation by a liberal campaign donater anyway. What fools we have become in this province when we allow this corruption to continue. On a more positive note Alexandra Morton paid a visit to our local Costco yesterday and grabbed some attention towards their sale of farmed salmon. The order of Canada is next for this lady What do you all think ?

Anonymous said...

Good work Grant you is the MAN!!

You called him out and shamed him into doing the right thing.

Excellent, work.

Kim said...

Absolutely on the Alex Morton comment, anon! Also reached 10% in Juan de Fuca and Esquimalt!

Leah said...

Here, in an Interior city, we are 300% over the required number - and still gaining speed! The response has been amazing to say the least - and 90% of those who sign are asking when the recall petition will be started.

I am SO looking forward to November...but folks, if we think Campbell has done damage to this province before - it will be nothing compared to what he will do between now and November and on a vastly accelerated scale. And what he does do, he will try to make irrevocable...out of sheer spite. One has to wonder what deals he's making in Brussels - and how much of what is left has already been destroyed by pen on paper? What does that say about those who still defend him? To me, it says that in the end...however long that may take...they will get what they so richly deserve. This life, or the next, you don't get away from what you've worked so hard for - good or bad.

As for Alexandra Morton and the Order of Canada...hell yes! Few people have rendered the service she has to our country, and nothing would bring as much attention as The Order, to the work she has dedicated a lifetime to. How do we insure her name is there for consideration?

Anonymous said...

We need someone to nominate Alexandra who has a history of sorts of her lifetime acheivements/ resume. The info can be found on the order of Canada site with a simple google. I would love to submit that paper but it should be done by someone with intense background on Alexandra. Lets make this happen for her and her/our cause.

Anonymous said...

Is there a list of just who is in the exclusive suite in Brussels with Gordon?

Anonymous said...

I think we need to start planning on how we make our way forward. A lot of industry and infrastructure has been outsourced/privatized.

The next fight will be with Gordon's cronies who were not elected, cannot be recalled and were given things like our electricity and water rights...

Any ideas on how we go forward? A new government only has the power to do so much - consider how hamstrung Obama is. Its going to take some new ideas.

Anonymous said...

Grant - Instead of being the voice in the wilderness with your blog - you should be the new NDP candidate for Vancouver Fraserview (once $Cash$ Heed is gone) and espouse the socialist principles that BC needs for its own good!!!!!

jaydee said...

Anon 11:04 pm - I'll second that motion!

Crankypants said...

Kash Heed may have stepped down from his cabinet post but he is still a sitting MLA. I find this repugnant. Elections BC may not have the teeth to declare the results of the last election in his riding null and void unless they can prove that his campaign exceeded its spending limits. The bogus mailout that his campaign staff brought forward is apparently outside their jurisdiction.

In my opinion, the so-called safeguards that Elections BC operates under are woefully inadequate. This mailout did not reach all of its intended targets, but did get to some of them as well as some unintended one in neighbouring ridings. How many of the recipients passed on the message to others within Kash Heed's riding as well as to people in every other riding in the province. There is no real way of knowing, but chances are that word of mouth may have carried its message far and wide. This situation alone should be grounds enough to declare the last provincial election null and void, but we know that this will never happen.

The problem is that if something isn't changed, what is there to stop the same thing from occuring in the next election. Remember that the brochure was accompanied by a telephone campaign which is probably not even covered by the elections act. With the advent of computer sites such as Twitter etc. misinformation can be spread relatively quickly and no doubt untraceable.


Grant G said...

Gabriel Yui deserves another shot a Fraserview riding, Gabriel is a good man, he has my support.

lets jusy say that policy direction is going to be my role, the NDP is a split party, Moe Sihota and Carole James on one side, John Horgan and a left of center army on the other, unless "Recall in the Fall" brings power to Carole James she is gone at the next convention.

Cam, Kash Heed`s election win IS NULL AND VOID....Kash Heed will never be in power, never be Solicitor General, Kash Heed is a scoundrel, not until there is a by/election will legitimacy come to Kash Heed.

And, Kash Heed has shown his colours, his colour is yellow for cowardice.

And I Grant G am calling for something else, if Barinder Sall and Suptal don`t plead guilty, if they don`t admit to their crimes, if it goes to trial and they are found guilty then the cost of the Fraserview riding by/election will be borne by Barinder Sall and Suptal......

Call it double Jeopardy, they need to come clean and confess, if Barinder drags out a court case for years, the penalty must be large for stalling a by/election....

The cost of a By/election will be paid for by selling Barinder Sall`s assets.

As for me running for office, my home is on the Sunshine coast, maybe when Nicholas Simon`s steps down, you may find it hard to believe but policy makers and the media, including Canwest and CKNW, including the stooges and especially politicians and PAB...

They are coming here to The Straight Goods for ideas.....Who ran with the Kash Heed story first, who jumped on the porngraphy case, who called Barinder and CO going down for election fraud, who called Kash Heed going down for blind incompatence or looking the other way.

We Did, all of my faithful readers stood up and called a spade a spade,we won`t be intimidated, we will break stories and call em the way we see em.

Heed is done, Donna Barnett will be resigning before recall, that comes from a source inside her family, Don McCrae is afraid to show his face in Comox, there are 3 politicians that are gone, 4 more to be discussed in the future.

Blair Leckstron, you`re next, I will personally bring down the Peace, you sold out Blair Leckstrom, you turned into a lying cheese ball, Joeseph Goebbels would be proud, you laugh and tee hee Leckstrom.......

We will see how hard you laugh when your crying on the legislature floor begging for forgiveness....None will be coming, you are a weak broken liar Leckstrom.


Anonymous said...

The rot in "gordon the impalers" government is comparable to a third world government. I have read several articles in many papers, other then our own, and the graft in the governments as well as police departments are staggering. Gordon the impaler, the womanizer, drunk, and liar, be afraid you drunk we are coming after you next.

Kam Lee

Anonymous said...

Other cases where Terrence Robertson acted as special prosecutor need to be re-opened, starting with the one involving Ken Dobell, (the former deputy minister to Premier Gordon Campbell)

“Nobody seems to be making the Dobell connection,” said Dean Skoreyko, who ran as a Conservative in Vernon-Monashee in last year's election. “It's an identical situation, if not even worse.”

BC Mary said...

It's good to see the active enthusiasm for cleaning up the political management of British Columbia.

I think we should mobilize that enthusiasm and produce our own changes.

I believe in the power of positive imagery; that if we create in our own minds, a concept of success, then success is on its way.

If each of us does one positive thing each day to change government (both sides, the Fake Liberals and the Fake New Democrats, and even the Fake Greens and Fake Conservatives), it will happen.

We tell our kids that they'll grow up big and strong and smart. Same thing. BC needs to hear that reassuring message now. Enough with the listing of betrayals! Enough despair! It drags us down.

On the other hand, Alexandra Morton gave us a wonderful image of British Columbians coming out to greet and encourage her Walk For Salmon. And yes, to weep for what has been lost. That was their POSITIVE CONCEPT. They created a bright image of British Columbians caring passionately about the very things they lost -- but can regain.

I think there's great power in such a positive concept. It tells us that, together, we can imagine a greener, kinder, healthier, happier British Columbia ... like the one we used to know ...

If we can do one positive thing, each day, to regain that beautiful concept, it will happen. I believe that. It doesn't have to be huge individual actions: but it needs all of us to be steady, fearless, agreeable, and positive. I'm pretty sure we can create the positive changes needed in the beautiful province we call home.