Monday, May 10, 2010

Kash Heed Gets Eaten by His Own Kind, Liberals!

This story keeps growing by the day, Kim Bolan had her name under a story in the Vancouver Sun, as you know I have no respect for Kirk Lapointe, Kirk is a pure amateur, a corporate stooge with no spine, but Kim Bolan has done good work on the organized crime file, funny eh, Kim Bolan almost writes exclusively about organized crime, she doen`t add too much to the story but there are some good quotes from Terence Robertson that sound like they came from someone with a mouthful of bird feathers!

First off, it`s about time, the MSM finally is starting to wake up to the Kash Heed affair, who was talking about Kash Heed and John Les forever now, a few persistent bloggers kept the sterno lit and scorched this story, but the main thing is the story can`t be stopped now, Kash Heed is going down on this one, in fact it may come sooner than later!

Barinder Sall and Satpal Johl and Dinesh Khanna all have court appearences on June 1st/2010, so here is what we know, Barinder and Satpal both played phone tag and pretended to be someone named Jag to throw off Elections BC and the police investigation, Dinesh Khanna, close friend of Barinder Sall and Satpal Johl is the Richmond printer connection, even the mail out information came back to Barinder Sall and co....

What I am saying is.....It`s a cut and dry case, Barinder and Satpal are going down like the Titanic, being oh so guilty heading into court what would you do? Fight tooth and nail gathering costs that you will have to pay, or cut your loses and plead guilty, throw yourself at the mercy of the court, the evidence against Barinder Sall and company is a slam dunk, 10s of thousands of illegal flyers saying vile things, lies and scare tactics were sent out through mail and hand delivery, in fact these flyers went into three ridings, the tentacles could reach more BC Liberals from other campaigns, so Barinder Sall and Satpal Johl have a major decision to make next month, Plead innocent and start a complete and thorough investigation dragging as many into the investigation as possible? Or.....Cut your loses and Barinder Sall, Satpal Johl and Kash Heed all fall on their swords for fear of dragging more Liberals down with them?

I get the sense that Kash Heed will be devoured by the party, the stench is growing by the day, in fact the statements from Terence Robertson today are downright scary, it`s almost a (I am sorry confession)...


{Some excerpts from the Kim Bolan piece below}

While Robertson said he didn't think the $1,000 given by Harper Grey to the Heed campaign compromised his judgment, Gillen had a different view, especially after Robertson had cleared Heed a day before and approved charges against two senior campaign workers.
"He said 'Well, I think your perception is perhaps not accurate, because in my opinion there is a serious problem here, with respect to this and the way the public will perceive this. The fact that you approved charges against Mr. Heed's two main political campaign officers, but did not charge him, may be perceived as having been influenced by your firm's connection to the Liberal party,'" Robertson said,

"It is clear now that I should not have accepted this assignment. For that I am truly sorry," Robertson said.
"Harper Grey recognizes the public concern and seriousness of the withdrawal of Terrence Robertson as the special prosecutor appointed to the Kash Heed campaign matter. We regret that the action of one of our firm's partners has initiated concerns regarding the special prosecution process," he said.
Brown said the firm has returned all payments for Robertson's work on the file, and has decided not to make any further political donations.
The allegations stemmed from the mailing of a controversial Chinese brochure supporting Heed and smearing the NDP, days before the May 2009 general election. It bore no official candidate's marking, but was traced back to some people working on Heed's campaign.
"I would agree in hindsight it may look as though I may have been influenced in not laying charges against Kash Heed. The evidence was not there, in my judgment. I made that judgment free of any influence of any kind," he said.
"I am not a political guy. I am not a member of any political party. I have never participated in the process." (Read the whole Kim Bolan story here)

With all due respect to Terence Robertson, first off, why should Terence Robertson pay back the money, he did the work, he stands by it, secondly folks, and this one really bothers me, the law Firm has come out and said they are no longer going to make political donations!

Well isn`t that interesting, you decide after the fact, after the donations to the BC Liberals and Kash Heed, after you got caught you Terence Robertson agree that it doesn`t look right giving money to Government on one hand while doing lucrative Government work on the other.

In fact Terence Robertson your confession sounded weak, you now realize it was wrong to do legal work for Government while donating money, but not until Gillen of the Attorney General`s office asks you about the donations to the Liberals and Kash Heed does a light bulb go off in your head, and how old are you Terence Robertson, 60 odd years old, not exactly a legal rookie, your confession and back peddling rings hollow, I mean cmon Robertson, look what you said above.............

"The evidence was not there, in my judgement. I made that judgement free of any influence of any kind,"

and this statement from you Robertson

"I am not a political guy, I am not a member of a political party. I have never participated in the process"

Lets get it together Terence Robertson, you even confess like a professional lawyer, your not a political guy, so why the donations from you and the firm? Is that how you play the game? If you want Government work you have to grease the palm?

Sorry Mr Robertson, your apology and confession is pathetic cop-out, you have seen the light, a senior Lawyer who was asked about obvious conflict and you claim you didn`t think about it, but know that you think about it you agree it`s not Kosher! So why are you now going to stop all future Political donations? One reason could be the BC Liberals will wiped off the map politically and probably never be in power again after all the crimes are revealed! Sound about right Terence Robertson, no point in donating more money to a totally dead political party!

Anyway, Barinder Sall and Satpal Johl have really big decisions to make next month, my sources tell me Barinder and Satpal are going to fall on their swords and confess to producing and distributing illegal election material and obstruction, this of course will trigger a by/election which will kill off Kash Heed politically forever but........A quick confession and by/election will be easier than a long drawn out trial and investigation that will implicate many more BC Liberals.....Welcome to Politics in BC Kash Heed....Kash WHO?

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


G West said...

At least the firm has decided that there's a 'problem' with POLITICAL DONATIONS of any kind. Now if only all the Law firms who've accepted appointments which are clearly meant to be apolitical had as much sense.

Even so, the system is still very broken and, Stephen Owen to the contrary, it needs fixing.

Anonymous said...

Maureen Bader, spokesperson for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is on the record for saying that stopping corporate donations to political parties would limit their freedom of expression. Imagine that! It has nothing to do with buying favours.....

Leah said...

CTF is nothing more than another "political hack" arm of whichever party happens to be in power - or whoever can do the most for them.

Anonymous said...

I've been getting really cynical about the cbc lately for what I perceived as their lack of critical thought - until I was given a copy of "The Province" today. What. A. Rag. The spin was over the top - what they did not ignore the frankly sucked up to every conceivable BC Liberal scam...

cbc is not perfect but yeesh - "The Province" is so long gone!

Crankypants said...

When I read this article this morning, the hair on the back of my neck started to stand on end. Robertson has bowed out and should not have any commentary on anything related to the case until after the new special prosecutor does his thing.

Consider this scenario. Peter Wilson charges Kash Heed with being complicit in flyer-gate. Heed's defense attorney calls Robertson as a witness for the defence to refute Wilson's findings based on his findings. In my opinion, the fact that Robertson didn't recuse himself in the first place has tainted this whole process and every time his findings get regurgitated makes it less likely that justice will be served.


kootcoot said...

"In my opinion, the fact that Robertson didn't recuse himself in the first place has tainted this whole process and every time his findings get regurgitated makes it less likely that justice will be served."

You may be correct, and we are in BC, the land that justice forgot. But, in my opinion, Robertson was tainted from the get-go, and had mis-behaved in previous "special" assignments. Therefore, his "findings" should have no relevance and should be treated as if they never even happened. If he testified, as you suggest, all he could testify to is HIS OPINION, which for one thing isn't evidence and secondly has be shown to be "biasd."

If they don't get it right before long we'll have no choice but to resort to vigilantism to replace a failing justice system.

Crankypants said...


It all depends on whether there is a trial and whether it happens before a judge or a jury.

A trial by judge only may be less swayed by "opinion" than one before a jury. If Robertson were to be called as an expert witness, then his opinion could theoretically carry a lot of weight.

Unfortunately our judicial system tends to operate in a world of its own. There is no way that anyone can predict an outcome of a trial.