Sunday, May 9, 2010

Save the last dance for me, (Naikun wind power update)

I had a visit from the bear yesterday, it startled me as it strolled past my window.

I haven`t had a visit from a bear for many years, I opened the window and said....." Hello Bear"........The bear didn`t appeared too bothered by me, in fact he stared at me as I chatted to him/her, it was a fine looking bear, not old, not a cub, but definitely a young bear, blackie looked very healthy, almost to healthy, a fat, plump bear, the bear hung around for a few minutes then left, yesterday 2 deer were in the yard, a doe and fawn, they munched some flowers that are now in full bloom, the humming bird feeders that hang in front are running low on sugar water and those darn blackbirds wait for leftovers, caw caw caw, my friends of the forest.

Just another average day on the coast, well the visit from Mr. Bear was a treat, anyway, time for a Nakiun wind project update, snake oil salesman Paul Taylor still hasn`t attracted any outside investors, Naikun is down to about $10 million dollars and have laid off staff to preserve their dwindling cash, remember folks, the Naikun wind project is over a $2 billion dollar capital project, 10% of this project is over $200 million, Paul Taylor and the Naikun Wind power don`t even have half of 1 percent, they basically have nothing! (Read about the folly of wind power here)

The whole scam with wind power, just like BullFrog Power scam, they are still advertising on CKNW, I am still not sure that Bullfrog power is legal, I don`t believe they can inject more Green power from Alberta one customer at a time through wind or whatever means, and the fact that the power you use is almost all green power, greener than Bullfrog power, well that sure brings up ethics in broadcasting, how CKNW allow Bullfrog power to advertise when essentially it`s a scam, the thought of some company injecting a dribble of power into the grid and it finding it`s way into your home, well, a reputable firm would pass on the ad revenue, but that`s a story for another day........

Naikun wind power is now a 19 cent stock, it was worth 72 cents per share 3 months ago, Paul Taylor is almost out of cash, roughly $10 million, (here is a Naikun Wind Power (nkw) stock overview)

(You can access more information on Naikun in the above link)

The Haida/Haisla Nation have no money either, Paul Taylor has been dangling a 40% equity share for $800 million in front of them, but where are any other investors, shouldn`t there be $1.2 billion in other investors waiting on the Haida? Despite CKNW and other media promoting Naikun, Paul Taylor and company haven`t been able to attract any outside investment, if I was a Haida Nation member I would be very wary of Paul Taylor, 10% of $2billion is $200 million, 10% to 20% on setting up offshore wind farms can vanish in a blink............The reason I am bringing this up is, I just read there is a vote coming up for the Haida/Haisla nation on whether to proceed with Naikun Wind Power. (You can read about their election hear, early July)

According to my sources the Haida vote is going for the big NO, I have given them my best advice, for $800 million dollars of borrowed money having to be paid back it should create jobs, permanent jobs, Naikun has no such jobs, Paul Taylor was head of ICBC during the chop shop scandal, Gordon Campbell`s appointee, if Naikun can`t raise any money or investors then there is a reason for that, a person could retire on 10% skim on $2 billion dollars.

Windmills are not benign, giant fans spinning, vibrating, emitting sonic waves, no one can believe they won`t affect whale and bird movement, the Haida people will get a chance to vote on the project, can you imagine, democracy! The very people will be casting a vote as too pursuing the project, again my sources tell me the number will big time no. (Here is a little background on this project)

The HST petition is going great, we passed our buffer zone last week, I still intend on gathering more signatures, so many fronts are breaking for our team right now, John Les and Kash Heed going down, a successful HST petition, here the media, the stooges, the Bill Goods, Baldrey`s and Palmer`s said it couldn`t be done, I never imagined we couldn`t do it, the same goes for Recall in the Fall, 40% of registered voters, a done deal, and despite the hail mary being tossed this week by CKNW......Yup, Bill Good is back this week, and his guests on Monday will be Stephen Owen To promote Kash Heed and downplay the implications of Barinder Sall, and Good is also bringing on Colin Hansen for a stacked callfest, you watch friends, Bill Good will mention saving forestry, more taxes for Government services, he`ll talk billions in new investment, he`ll talk imaginary jobs, I have seen this play before, Bill Good will talk about how he read all about the HST during his down time and he has come to the conclusion that it is great, Bill Good will do one more thing tomorrow, good will also say that he was disappointed in the way the Government brought it in , Bill Good will get that fence post wedged up his butt so far it might take Rebbecca Scott a week to dig it out!

You can also bet Good plays up the .....The NDP won`t remove the HST so you might as well vote the same and keep the Liberals......The display this week will be sickening, the last gasp, but I suspect that Bill Good is going to get a wake-up call, his world of expense accounts, free fuel and ferries and restaurant meals won`t be able to fend off the anger, the anger is a bout a tax, a lie, a con job, a fraudulent election, the anger is about cuts to health, education and everything else, the anger is over pipelines and wild Salmon, 5000 concerned citizens marched hand in hand with Alexandra Morton onto the lawns of the B.C. Legislature today.

There is something special going on this spring, blooming flowers, happy hummingbirds, plump bears, Bambi, even the Wiley coyote has said hello, HST petition, Recall in the Fall, a new Government, and a new ability to remove enemies of the people, I am looking forward to have the last dance on Gordon Campbell`s political coffin, this victory friends, this isn`t a NDP victory, this is Bill Vanderzalm`s victory, this is your victory, this is the blogger`s victory, this is a triumph of people power.

It`s a marvelous night for a moon dance!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Leah said...

Amen to that!!

seth said...


Evil Eye said...

Bill Good has sat on the fence for so long, sucking up to Gordo and his odorous pals, his ass is impaled.

I gather Good is coming back early because Mike (weal as water Smith) was asking too many embarrassing questions.

The boys at CORUS couldn't have their pal Gordo the Great' so defamed that they had to get the king of ass kissers back on.

NOTE to CORUS advertisers. I will make note and boycott your business if you advertise on the Good Show. The only way to defeat CORUS is to destroy their bottom Line.

Anonymous said...

Boy hansen sure had a tough time on the show,a woman asked him to stop lying for one

Grant G said...

Hansen has been lying non-stop everyday for 2 years, no one believes Hansen, not now or ever again....

And as predicted the usual suspects called in, including someone named Sam....

Ancient old con man Sam brings up about a family of 4 making 25,000$ per year getting a $800.00 per year credit and how better off this family will be....

Do I have to state the obvious, well Bill Good, Well Colin Hansen, well Mr. Phony Sam...

A family of 4 earning $25,000 per year, hmmm..

Rent 12,000$ per $ 5,000 per year...utilities, heat, phone, cable, maybe internet $3,000 per year...Clothing, Transport, medicine, $5000 per year...

Despite what the phony Sam has to say, a family of 4 earning $25,000 per year are living in complete poverty, their rent is probably more like $18,000 per year...The best Colin Hansen and Phony Sam can come up with to justify the HST is a family of 4 living in absolute poverty won`t be worse off!

As for Colin Hansen lying,

"It`s a tangled web we weave when first we practive to deceive"

Hansen will go to his his as a liar...His Tombstone will read something like this...

{Here lies Colin Hansen, a ferret face and liar, Colin Hansen spent the last 20 years of his life lying and defending a criminal Government, despite many in the Campbell Government being jailed, Colin Hansen`s last words were..."It wasn`t on our radar, it wasn`t on our radar"}


Anonymous said...

Maybe its time for gordo to go to jail, and colin h to go back managing his mother's flag shop. He might be able to handle that.

Kam Lee

Crankypants said...

On the NOHST front, I heard that 56 ridings have now surpassed the 10% threshold, only 29 more to go. FAAANTASTIC!

As for Hansen's performance on CKNW today, he came across about as believable as an email from Nigeria. He is pathetic, and the more he talks the less convincing he becomes.

One thing that has me in a quandry is that nobody has registered with Elections BC as an opponent to the NOHST initiative. Yet the Vancouver Sun has published many articles by Paul Landry, Jock Finlayson, and a few others and I believe at least one editorial lauding the greatness of the HST. Could they be flaunting the rules of engagement?