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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Colin Hansen begs Canwest for all the Help they can give!

As you know I have been writing a lot about the media, how they have been sanitizing B.C. news, omitting anything critical of Government, smothering the airwaves with anything complimentary of the B.C. Liberals....Today was no different!

I was perusing through various rags looking for goodies, the BC news front is quiet except for the BC Railgate trial, I search high and low for stories and believe me, the Vancouver Sun is next to last on have a look list, there is a reason for that, their pathetic, amateurs, biased, Kirk Lapointe is a Campbell stooge, anyway, I come across this story on the front page, the header on the story was.....

B.C. Finance minister states that recession is over!

Well well well, my curiosity was peaked, I opened the story expecting data, details and intelligent perspective, but to my dismay the story was two paragraphs long, there was a picture of ferret face Colin Hansen and a couple of statements, Hansen echoed what the always wrong Conference board of Canada said about B.C. and Hansen said the all the indicators point to recovery, Hansen said Forestry will recover this year, and the housing and mortgage corporation indicate that B.C. will lead Canada in housing starts that was the extent of the story, no insight, nothing new, it was a nothing article, why Jonathan Fowlie put his name under the story is beyond me, the article was an embarrassment for a main stream media front page story.(you can read it here if you can spare 30 seconds)http://www.vancouversun.com/business/Finance+minister+declares+economic+downturn/3048286/story.html

All it was ......Was a desperate attempt by Colin Hansen and Canwest (the enemy) to change the channel on the public, we here at the Straight Goods already went over how pathetic the Conference board of Canada was in their predictions, they predicted good things for every Province in Canada, Colin Hansen in this garbage article was touting that forestry will lead Canada and B.C. in the recovery...LOL LOL HA HA......

What is so funny, because Price waterhouse cooper said the complete opposite! Let me lay out the facts for you, confirmed by various sources, lets start with a story on the CNBC stock market web site....They had an article today that states..." Mortgage crisis in the US will be a drag on the economy" and...." Housing prices in the US will drop a further 5% and not bottom out until next spring" http://www.cnbc.com/id/37239418

And Price Waterhouse cooper here in Canada state that forestry in B.C. won`t recover until either late 2011 to 2012...Snip....Who are we to believe, Colin Liar Hansen, the CBOC or Pricerwater house cooper?http://www.nzfoa.org.nz/index.php?/News/Forestry_news/2010/BC_forest_industry_enjoys_upturn
Colin Hansen in the Jonathan Fowlie tidbit stated that "all the indicators point to recovery" snip...
And just what other indicators are there Ferret face? You mentioned an old tired already beat up report from the conference board of Canada, you mentioned the Canada mortgage and housing corporation, that`s it? Those are ALL INDICATORS?........Perhaps you forgot that the stock market is in the tank, the US is in the tank, the EU(European union) is swirling the toilet bowl....Oil prices are down at 6 month lows, natural gas prices are at rock bottom rates and there is a world glut of natural gas, the Cruise ship industry has slashed the number of vessels stopping in B.C.........
Tourism is in the tank, real estate sales on the sunshine coast are dead flat, even Bob Rennie condo king claims it will take at least two years to sell out the athletes village, where are the indicators? When are the 71 mills that have closed since Campbell took office going to re-open.
You see what is happening, we have CKNW, Canwest and other media engaging in a propaganda war against the public, why the hell would Colin Hansen ask Canwest to phony up a nothing story talking about indicators, wait until it happens, Colin Hansen has zero credibility, none at all, I read a bunch of comments under the Canwest propaganda piece, the comments were either laughing at Colin Hansen and stating the same thing as me or the comments were from the PAB saying, Carole James and the NDP would be worse, the NDP will raise taxes to give to people on welfare, the typical PAB .....
Like I said folks, the Campbell gang is scared out of their mind right now, I expect an announcement next week cancelling the HST, even Vaughn Palmer in his column today warned the Campbell Government to find a way to get out of the HST or face extinction, Vaughn Palmer has finally clued into the fact that the people of B.C. have never ever been this angry at a Government.
Today in the Legislature, question period Rich Coleman lost his cool and struck out in anger at the NDP, he had to apologize, the heat the B. C. Liberals are feeling can be cut with a knife, a full out B.C. Liberal revolt is about to happen, either Gordon Campbell is going to climb down from the HST or expect Liberal MLAs to resign or cross the floor, Canwest can`t save you Hansen, Bill Good and Crusty Clark can`t save you, you have one chance, cancel the HST, boot Campbell aside or be recalled into opposition and reduced to a handful of seats in the next election...It`s now up to you BC Liberal MLAs to save yourself!
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Kim said...

I wrote the Minister of Forests yesterday, no reply...

Mr. Bell;

I am writing to you today to ask that you oversee the decision personally on whether to allow the Mega Marina in Victoria's inner harbour. Do not pass the decision off to staffers to make based on technical information.

When you inherited this portfolio, you were asked to step into a difficult situation, caused almost entirely by your predecessor Rich Coleman. I refer, of course, to the decision to release the Jordan River (and much more) lands from the TFL. and allow those corporations free rein to develop our most treasured asset. Vancouver Island residents are angry at the lack of consultation and/or oversight by your boss,Gordon Campbell and his caucus.

Then, they thought a retractable roof for a Sport Venue was a good way to spend a half a billion dollars. Turns out it was for the mega casino to be built next door. More important than Education!

Now, they want to railroad, (and don't get me started on Railroads!) this decision to allow this ridiculous Marina for the Rich. Once again, the residents of Vancouver Island find themselves being completely ignored by the Federal Government and the Province on this issue. We don't need any more fancy playgrounds for the rich. They do not create meaningful jobs. We want to see our public Assets protected in perpetuity for generations to come. We want democratic, public access to our harbour, be it small craft, kayak, canoe, or dugout canoe. Jimmy Pattison and his friends will get over it.

Sir, these are trying times for your party. If I may, a little advice. If you are interested in furthering a career in politics, I would recommend that you distance yourself from the Campbell Liberals quickly and renounce the HST, even if it means crossing the floor.

Kim Poirier

Crankypants said...

You are totally on the mark. It no longer what these various fools say that matters. It is their body language. Coleman, Hansen, Polak, MacDiarmid etc may still be able to deliver the bull verbally, but their body language tells a different story. There is no aura of confidence or control being exhibited by any of them. Just verbal bluster.

The BC Liberal party MLAs are grasping at straws in an effort to salvage their existence. Unfortunately for them, all they are succeeding in doing is sinking deeper into the quagmire they created for themselves. From where I sit, it looks good on them.


Grant G said...

Thanks for that Cam, ...

"Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me"

These Liberals fooled most many many times, the public are switching channels on these liars, their messaging isn`t getting through any more...

Great stuff Kim....

Mind the store for me folks, I will be away until Friday late....

May I suggest BC Mary`s place and live blogging on Railgate over at Ross K`s place the Gazetter while I`m gone,......

You know where the links are.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.

Kim said...

...and his reply.

Thank you for your email regarding the marina proposed for Victoria Harbour.

The Land Act tenure application review process provided substantial time and opportunities for the public and stakeholders to become informed regarding the proposal and provide input. No decision has yet been made. The application is currently under review by the Integrated Land Management Bureau’s statutory decision maker (SDM), and I can assure you that the SDM’s review will be objective and thorough.

Again, thank you for sharing your views with respect to the proposed marina. I appreciate the opportunity to hear your thoughts on the other matters mentioned in your email as well.


Pat Bell

I wonder which of the "other matters" he was refering to.

Anonymous said...

The new HST propaganda has begun this week.....Colin is out and Campbell is in, shilling about lots of jobs and an improved economy in two years with the HST.

Bullcrap to that! There is no evidence to substantiate his claims about the economy, yet he falls back to the same old, same old lying to the public. Don't fall for his crap!