Thursday, May 27, 2010

Michael Campbell, messages from the enemy!

Well folks, an interesting week, obviously the B.C. supreme court knew Grant G was down in the big smoke to watch some court proceedings, to my dismay little Bobby and his two friends have the sniffles and were allowed to stay home with their moms and suckies!

What I don`t understand is why would the court allow the trial to stop, Martyn Brown was on the stand, none of the defendants would be taking the stand, the defendants would not be doing their own cross examination, how can a court of law shut down a dozen lawyers, shut down court services, close down the whole undertaking because someone has a cold, something is afoot, unless the defendants were getting emergency surgery or knocking on their death bed the trial must go on! Who will be sick next week?

I don`t know if any of you noticed what is going on, there has been a concentrated effort by media to distort, lie, brainwash the masses, the usual store bought pimps are hard at work convincing us to embrace a tax fraud!

Occasionally I get very fearful, my eyes have clarity, my ears can see the enemy, just think about it, 90% of BCers are against the HST, Jack Mintz has been dismissed, all the phony Government spin has been rejected, the public have figured out that there is no benefit from this tax, a complete snow job! Yet CKNW cares not, they repeat the same lies, more Government service with the HST, more investment, embedded PST, give me a break already!

I have recently become a "You People" as of late......Let me explain......

An older woman attempted to razz me for the third time while canvassing on the coast, a month ago she cussed me out, two weeks ago her husband went after me about the HST, he being in favour of the tax, I told him about the HST being a tax shift, how consumers costs would go up, I mentioned how it won`t generate any Provincial revenue for services, he came around to my side real quick, meanwhile his obviously domineering wife hauled him away from me(The heathen anti-HST promoter), look friends, after collecting over 500 signatures in a small town the amount of people I have met who were opposed to anti-HST I can count on one hand, but this woman, WOW, so hear last Saturday at my usual canvassing spot at our mall, while I had several people signing..........Along came Maude!.....I don`t know her name but, ....So Maude strolls up to us and says....

"I don`t understand YOU PEOPLE"

........Then she blathers on about how the Province needs the money to provide services for us, I informed her that the tax was revenue neutral and even reminded Maude what Colin Hansen said about the HST bringing in $180 million less than the PST was bringing in, she got quite loud, she shouted out,

"It`s not revenue neutral the HST will bring in more tax dollars".........

So I say to Maude, are you saying Colin Hansen is lying about the tax being revenue neutral? Maude flips me the bird and scurries away, oh well!

But what I really wanted to talk about was the pure propaganda and enemy messaging coming from CKNW, 90% of the public are strongly opposed to the HST and CKNW has decided to push the Government line and directly mislead and fight the public, a huge majority and CKNW has decided to risk everything to promote bad, possibly illegal tax policy, a direct assault from the CKNW alien force! It has been building for the last month but last Friday CKNW drew the line in the sand, it started on the cutting ledge with Keith Baldrey claiming no evidence had come out of the BC Rail trial, then the three stooges brought up the Evi Mustel poll, in that poll the NDP are at 44% and the Campbell Liberals were at 32%.....First off, Evi Mustel has a close relationship with BC Liberal Joan Mcintyre, in other words the Mustel poll is bogus, Mustel`s Provincial polls are always out 10 points, so put the BC Liberals at 22% and the NDP at 50%.....That is the current spread........

The reason I brought up the Mustel poll is because CKNW ran with it, following the cutting ledge last Friday on Christy Clark.....She started her program by saying, the Liberals might be bad because of the way they brought the tax in but......She then said the NDP won`t get rid of the tax, the NDP love taxes, the NDP will raise other taxes, then she praised the Liberals and......

And she said, call in and tell me who you will vote for and why........Ok, here we go with stacked calls, the first 2 callers said they love the HST and the NDP drove the economy into the ground, the next couple of callers said they are mad at the Liberals but would never vote NDP, Christy`s quick spot poll was 4 Liberals...3 NDP....3 Conservative......And amazingly about 8 of 10 were in favour of the HST. 90% of the public are against the HST but CKNW callers are 80% in favour, what a coincidence!

So that was Friday, Monday on CKNW the enemy messaging continued, Bill Good has Sam on speed dial, Sam informs the Government that it isn`t doing enough on social networks to fend off the mis-information about the HST, Bill Good agrees, Sam was the only phone call Monday until about 11:00am, Bill Good tells Sam before he hangs up to tune in this Friday, Bill Good states the entire program is about the HST, all being broadcast from the Vancouver board of Trade......Imagine that, Mr. Winters, Hocstein, probably Michael Levy, and Helmut Pastrick all telling us how great this new consumer tax is, there will be no anti-HST speakers, nope, one way messaging from the enemy, now we lead into Tuesday morning, the civic affairs panel, boy did Bill Good give them their marching orders, Francis Bula, Mr. Green and Daniel from city caucus, what a sick joke, all 4 of these paid stooges were tripping over themselves to compliment Gordon Campbell and Rich Coleman, all 4 of them called Gordon Campbell...

"The greatest social house builder in Vancouver history" snip

And Daniel was putting Rich Coleman on a pedestal, in fact Daniel stated ......"Rich Coleman deserves the order of Canada" snip!

Then all three weigh in on the HST petition and blather on about how good the tax is and why the petition will fail!, well isn`t that interesting, Daniel was a complete idiot, 84 of 85 ridings have 10% or better with 6 weeks to go and Daniel and the other stooges are beaking off about it failing! Unbloody real! So this morning , CKNW is at it again, this time with Gordon Campbell`s pathetic brother Michael Campbell........I almost threw up listening to Michael Campbell...

At 8:35AM Wednesday Michael Campbell blurted out stuff that made my jaw drop, either Michael Campbell is on the crack pipe again or his Evil brother Gordon Campbell has got control of the strings on Michael`s back!

Michael Campbell started by saying,

"Be careful what you wish for"

Then Michael Campbell said, when people wished for cheaper oil in 2007 they got it, look how that worked out , less Government revenue, less employment, less company profits,...........Then Michael Campbell said this about the HST, .........You people who want to cancel the HST and bring back the destructive, job killing PST, and what about the $1.6 billion dollars in revenue,what services are to be cut with the loss of that revenue from the Federal Government, so be careful what you wish for, then Michael ends with the BS about how big corporate profits are good, it means higher employment and wage increases, and his last words were....."I am Michael Campbell and this is money talk." SNIP!

Lets examine what the financial idiot Michael Campbell said this morning....Remember a $1,50 litre fuel, I do, I remember everyone was broke, the oil companies made record profits, food outlets and retail stores got hammered, most disposable money was going into the gas tank, food prices were spiking, transportation costs were spiking, meat/produce costs were going through the roof, third world countries were rationing fuel, third world farmers were getting crushed, $10,00 per litre fuel in many countries, in fact I believe the high priced oil helped drive the big recession, the poor consumer and little guys around the world got crushed with high priced oil yet all is good in that world for Michael Campbell!

Then Michael Campbell finishes off telling the listeners that.......Corporate profits are good, it means more employment and higher wages. SNIP .....Perhaps Michael Campbell can you tell us about our minimum wage, frozen at $8 dollars for a decade, median incomes have been dead flat for 12 years in BC while corporate profits are increasing!

What planet are you from Michael Campbell, lets examine what you said about the $1.6 billion dollar bribe, what services will have to be cut if we don`t take the bribe, ......Don`t you get it you retard Campbell, it`s a bribe, Ottawa has no money, the $1.6 billion dollars is being added to our National debt, so instead of adding $1.6 billion dollars of debt to our $55 billion dollar B.C. debt we are adding $1.6 billion to Canada`s debt.....Is that about right Michael Campbell? Are you that damn stupid?(You have to listen to the audio vault here, cue up 8:00 am wednesday 26th....Fast forward to 8:26am and prepare to hear the retard Michael Campbell speak!)

Anyone listening to Michael Campbell for financial advice are asking for trouble, any finance guy worth his salt wouldn`t have said what Michael Campbell did today, $150 dollar per barrel oil almost busted the world, bankrupted millions, moving B.C. debt to Canada debt isn`t fiscal wizardry, your advice Michael Campbell is bad, your political spin isn`t financial advice, your blather is political jibberish that has exposed you for what you are, a no-talent flunkie who is controlled be a demented Gordon Campbell! Anyone who made the comment you made wednesday morning must have a screw loose or you and your brother are so desperate you care not about optics!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Evil Eye said...

Grant, that's why the "Eye" doesn't listen to NW anymore, Good, Campbell's huckster brother and many other assorted shills, all sound like they all once worked for Radio Moscow.

Sad fact is, the Campbell Government is teetering on oblivion and all the good little Liberal boys and girls are scared to death the Gordo 'free lunch' will come to a dismal end.

Campbell retinue of spoiled 'silver spoon in the mouth' types wouldn't know a honest days work, if they tries; these people are percentage people who work for a 'cut of the action'. Like blood sucking leaches, they drain the lifeblood out of the province.

The "Eye" is a p****, coz I like phoning customer service of companies that advertise on NW and say I am boycotting their company because I do not like your advertising practices on NW.

The only way to stop these shills is to go after the thier bank account!

Anonymous said...

I'm very proud to be one of "you people".

Anonymous said...

Did you hear Gordo saying his hated HST would create HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of jobs??? I almost vomited hearing that. What utter Bull$hit. First, would kind of jobs is this creating? And second, do you honestly believe this?
Look what's gone on since 2001 with wages, contracting out of services (still would love to see the closed contracts and what this is really costing us!!) privatizing, selling our assets and continuing and the list goes on. These dictators need to go before there is nothing left. Recall in the Fall !

Anonymous said...

In regards to the notice about an Information session on the HST, small business owners are expected to attend the Information Sessions on the HST from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on a weekday?
Are you serious? Are you so disconnected from real hard-working people? Have you been dealing with big business so long you are completely out of touch?
Small business owners are not government workers who switch off the lights at 430 p.m. and go home.
The salt-of-the-earth small business owners do not have other people pick up the slack. Who will pay them if they take off for a three hour meeting (plus traveling time)?
Small business owners are not government or big business! They don't have sick pay-they soldier through; too busy juggling balls and plowing through paper work till 11p.m. at night just to keep up! In lieu of fancy pensions, they end up with worn out bodies and early deaths.
This is the problem with bureaucrats-you live in a world apart from regular people-constantly justifying ways to bring in more money on the backs of the poor, to build your empires, so you can climb higher on the pay scale and thus retire, as early as 55 years with bodies intact and higher pensions.
That's why bureaucrats are foisting the HST on unwilling regular folk. It's the same reason Europe is now groaning under the financial burden of resource-draining bureaucracy. You need to realize that no human being is entitled to tax others to line their own pockets.
Come down from your lofty perch and take a look from this angle, then you will understand why government has become so hated.

You can't believe anything you hear and read in the news in the province of BC as the reporters are part of the crime.

Leah said...

"You can't believe anything you hear and read in the news in the province of BC as the reporters are part of the crime."

That sentence deserves the Golden Peach award of the day for Truth!

To find out just how "out of touch" the Campbell/Brown government really is, read today's Province column by Michael Smyth. Find out what the head of the committee that decides what will be done with the Initiative really thinks.

Anonymous said...

Never has there been a conservative government that ran a surplus, they always find some freeloaders that they give a tax cut to, then someone else has to clean up their mess. What they are very good at is blaming others and spreading HATE, LIES, and FEAR.

Anonymous said...

HST, The Truth.
We have far too much Government (Provincial,Municipal), far too many Government employees, and not enough grunts to pay the bills. The wages of Government employees have risen through the roof, while the private sector wages have been stagnant for many years. The ratio of non productive workers vs productive workers is out of sync, and needs to be reversed. We just can't continue this way. Government workers are a necessity, but not in such large numbers.

It's time for a reality check, or in other words a proficiency and efficiency check. Just how many people does it take to change a light bulb. We need more people producing a product (productive) and less people feeding off these producers.

A Governments job is to govern, not to own various businesses that require masses of employees. Governments need to get out of businesses and get back to what they are intended to do, that being to govern.

Crankypants said...

CKNW and their cast of miscreants have gone from a credible source of information to nothing more than a shill for the BC Liberal party. Unfortunately so have the Canwest/Global conglomerate and the Black Press. The so-called fourth estate has gone from an investigative entity to nothing more than an infommercial for the highest bidder. Unfortunately that leaves the common person sitting at the back of the bus, if they are even allowed to get on board.

The sad part is that there are so many people that assume that the MSM still operates in an unbiased fashion that they accept what they hear and/or read as gospel. Nothing can be further from the truth.


Anonymous said...

Listening to Michael Campbell's editorial this morning was another ode to Goebbels. He yacked on about how we need a discussion about healthcare, education, pensions etc. Another corporate lackey that regularily asks for such a discussion is Aaron Chutter. However, they never ask for discussion of the massive ongoing drop in corporate income taxes in BC or Ottawa, that is creating the fiscal crisis.
Like my old man used to say; " They are as phoney as a rubber crutch".

kootcoot said...

"The ratio of non productive workers vs productive workers is out of sync, and needs to be reversed."

So true, but the NON-PRODUCTIVE workers who are bleeding the planet and its denizens to death aren't the poor rapidly becoming extinct public sector workers, who actually provide services for the people, protect the environment and wildlife, provide law enforcement and fire protection and all the other things that serve the common good.

Nope it is the paper shuffling, fat fingered computer key pushing overpaid thieves of Wall Street, Bay Street and Howe Street. It's the corrupt titans of Goldman Sachs, AIG and ilk who reward themselves with multi-million dollar salaries plus bonuses for driving their companies to the verge of bankruptcy, knowing full well they own the Congress and the Parliaments who will come to the rest of us to pay for their "socialism" and bail them out and guarantee their undeserved out of all proportion compensation for theft and gambling with other people's money.

Neurosurgeons deserve handsome compensation, but they are on welfare compared to these blood-sucking parasites. People who clean hospitals deserve much more than they receive, people who build things and fix things are necessary for a reasonable quality of life for us all. The greedy elite who suck the oxygen and as much money as possible from the rest of us could die and go to hell where they belong and not be missed by 95% of the rest of humanity.

Anyone paying attention to these clowns knows that the trinkle down theory is just a self serving "theory" to serve their interests and the "golden showers" that come aren't the kind they lead us to expect. The invisible hand of the market is a scam.......look how well it is working in Greece, the UK, the USA....yeah, right.

Privatize Profits - Socialize Risk

Anonymous said...

Today, Monday Gordo has come out and said that the HST fallout is all his fault. The MLA's must have been whining in his ear this weekend big time!

Now the ever so desperate Libs are going to reduce ICBC insurance rates by 1.5% (in November). Imagine that!

Kash Heed still has not resigned...??? We're still waiting.


jaydee said...

ICBC to reduce rates by 1.5%.....the first time in 10 years, Campbell's total time in corrupt government and after our very successful HST initiative petition. We are coming to get you all and we will get you. What a coincidence, they just never run out of evil ideas. I would like to know how much they should have been reduced each year in the previous ten, including the $$$$778 million the B.C. Liberal Campbell gang stole from us just out of ICBC alone. Now the partners in crime, the useless MLA's and all the rest of the goofs are whining after answering every Campbell command and still think we are dumber than dumb. They really got that wrong, it's their corporate buddies who got them elected and not one of all of them care about the people they are paid to serve or our beautiful B.C.
Jail time.
Campbell's whining and crying just like when he got convicted of drunk driving and allegedly beat a speeding ticket while swerving from one shoulder of the road to the other, narrowly missing an oncoming car and he was trying to change seats with his mistress when the cops pulled them over, him and his 1/2 inch very wide gold 'wedding' band. What a waste of space.

Anonymous said...

November is going to be one of the best months EVER in the political history of BC.

My hope is that Campbell and Hansen haven't already resigned. I will personally be taking time off my business to be a recall canvasser.

There is an unstoppable train moving towards Gordon Campbell and the bc liberals - and I'm happily riding that train.