Friday, May 7, 2010

Kash Heed`s Final Chapter

Time to wrap up the Kash Heed affair.

As you know there has been a new special prosecutor assigned to investigate Kash Heed, sorry folks, that bus has left the station, despite a rush by Gordon Campbell to exonerate the one time Solitor General, I have complete faith in Mr.Wilson(The New SP) coming up with the same conclusion on the review of Kash Heed as did Terence Robertson, that doesn`t give me any comfort, the scope of the investigation on Kash Heed is flawed, one can`t ignore the benefit Heed enjoyed despite lack of knowledge, the question is of legitimacy, the special prosecutor must look further in, for if the Fraserview election stands then throw out the election act, all campaigns can operate like the Heed Camp, as long as the candidate doesn`t have direct knowledge anything goes, that is what Terence Robertson said, you can`t separate out cause and effect, a driver of the car in a bank robbery, like the Enron scam, you can`t claim ignorance, the terms of reference must include the election itself, it must take in account the election results, was it fair, was it tainted, did Kash Heed`s top campaign workers break the elections act for the benefit of Heed, if the answer is yes.....Well

Expecting Mr. Wilson to find a different outcome than Robertson is foolhardy, Mr. Wilson must be very cognizant of the fact, if he comes back with a recommendation to charge Kash Heed he knows there will be shock waves reverberating across B.C. The easy way out for Mr. Wilson is to agree with Mr. Robertson`s findings.......But knowing lawyers and the games they play, I can guarantee you that Mr. Wilson won`t be hanging up Mr. Robertson, if they exclude certain terms the investigation can only reach one conclusion, if a man, or a woman, or Kash Heed deny seeing or approving any advertising, as long as Kash Heed states, "I didn`t see anything, I heard nothing, I know nothing" If Heed makes that statement it wouldn`t matter if Barinder Sall directly implicated Kash Heed, it wouldn`t matter if Barinder Sall stated that Kash Heed instructed his actions, even if Barinder Sall, Dinesh Khanna and Satpal Johl all implicated Kash Heed the SP can only say, "We can`t prove Kash Heed is guilty" the SP must be able to ask about an honest election, that question can`t be excluded, personally I don`t think lawyers should be examining the case at all, in this type of proceeding involving elections there should be a 5 member panel of the public to hear the evidence.

So in a couple weeks Mr. Wilson will come back with the same conclusions as Terence Robertson, but that is where this case goes sideways, even if this new Special Prosecutor comes back with the identical exoneration of Heed, it`s meaningless, they`re not asking the right questions of Heed.

First off, here is what we know, Barinder Sall and Satpal Johl have a dozen charges between them, they were Heed`s top campaign personnel, Barinder was the campaign manager and Satpal Johl the financial accountant and their buddy Dinesh Khanna had the BC Liberal friendly print shop in Richmond.

  1. They spent the maximum amount of money on Heed`s campaign, they spent to the election limit.
  2. 10,000 chineses flyers were almost sent out through the mail, illegal libelous lying material,
  3. 1000s of flyers got delivered through the mail, countless more were dropped off at Chinese homes in a brown envelopes.
  4. If the illegal flyers get counted against the campaign for what they cost, they blow way over their spending limit.
  5. There were robo calls made to Chinese voters stating the same thing the illegal flyers did.
  6. Both Barinder Sall and Satpal Johl misled elections BC and the Police, they both pretended to be someone named Jag.
  7. The print shop in Richmond is connected with Barinder Sall and Satpal.
  8. Clearly the illegal advertising was arranged by Barinder Sall and the finance manager.
  9. The illegal advertising puts Kash Heed`s election campaign over the spending limit.
  10. Whether Kash Heed saw the illegal flyers or not, it doesn`t change the fact that the Heed campaign over spent.
  11. Election laws states that the MLA must give up his/her seat if they overspent.
  12. Clearly Kash Heed top campaign officials overspent and broke the law.


It`s too late to ask Kash Heed whether he saw the illegal advertising, the advertising was bought by his campaign, the literature got out into the voting public`s hands, it certainly had an effect on the campaign.

Is the special Prosecutor or Gordon Campbell going to ask Kash Heed if he thinks the election was fair or honest? That friends is where this case stands, that is the one question that no one is asking, that`s the most important question of them all.

If Kash Heed can`t stand on a soap box and shout to Gabriel Yui of the NDP and the voters of Fraserview ........."The election was fair" ....."The election was fair"......"The over spending and illegal vicious flyer`s didn`t make a difference"

Unless Kash Heed can state that to the world it doesn`t matter what conclusion the special prosecutor comes up with, if the special Prosecutor doesn`t get a wider swath, without the proper terms of reference the only thing a lawyer can say is....."I can`t guarantee conviction" That is not exoneration! That`s is nothing but tied hands.

The Kash Heed affair can only go one way now, Barinder Sall and Co must plead guilty right away, they need a double jeopardy penalty, they either plead guilty now or if found guilty they have to pay for the by/election, because folks, there will be a by/election, Barinder Sall was Heed`s top guy, Barinder Sall arranged this literature, even though it wasn`t all distributed some was, therefor the Heed campaign over spent, illegal advertising, filthy lying slurs attacking the NDP, and over the spending limit, a double whammy, there has to be a by/election.

Gordon Campbell, Mike De Jong, you can`t change that fact, Kash Heed will never be Solicitor General until there is a by/election, the BC Rail case is going on 6 years, John Les case is over 3 years old, theoretically the Barinder Sall case could be years in the making, Kash Heed could be in Government for a whole term before Barinder goes before a judge.

So forget about lawyers being special prosecutors, these lawyers will be looking at the finite definition of the law, Kash Heed will state he never saw or knew about the illegal advertising, and if Barinder Sall backs up Kash Heed`s claim the lawyer and or special prosecutor will come up with the same old "Legal" exoneration of Heed.....Something like this ..."Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil"..........That`s what lawyers do, but a 5 member panel of average Joes can look at the big picture......

And the big picture is this.......It doesn`t matter if Kash Heed didn`t see the illegal advertising literature, the flyers were sent out, they were illegal, Barinder Sall and Co hampered the Elections BC investigation and both pretended to be someone else named Jag....

The Kash Heed campaign overspent on the campaign, the illegal flyers must be counted against the campaign.

Was the Fraserview election fair? No, it wasn`t, it was a one-sided dirty campaign, a vicious smear campaign, a illegal smear campaign originating in Kash Heed`s campaign manager`s office.

A exoneration coming from lawyers not recognizing or including the totality of events, without the illegal flyer arranged by Barinder Sall, Kash Heed wouldn`t be under investigation, without the cost of the illegal advertising putting Kash Heed`s campaign over-budget Heed wouldn`t be being investigated, if Barinder Sall didn`t do dirty tricks Kash Heed wouldn`t be investigated, Barinder Sall wasn`t the benefactor of the illegal advertising, Kash Heed was, Barinder Sall wasn`t the benefactor of Heed`s campaign being kept in budget, Kash Heed was..

Kash Heed cannont benefit from illegal activities on one hand and on the other claim ignorance, Kash Heed was directly responsible for the Barinder Sall tricks, Heed you are either incompetent or ignorant, wake up Farnsworth, Krog, Horgan, ............Barinder Sall, plead guilty and get it over with, Mike De Jong, cancel the special prosecutor, Gordon Campbell, your star candidate is caput, call a by/election.

Kash Heed, call a joint press conference with Gabriel Yui and tell Gabriel to get lost,tell Gabriel the election was fair, tell Gabriel the flyers and robo-calls didn`t matter, tell the voters you were legally elected by a legal campaign.

If the likelyhood of a Barinder Sall conviction is good, then those are the consequences by which Kash Heed must be subject to, the Special Prosecutor must look at the Barinder Sall evidence, if the evidence points to the conviction of Barinder Sall, those are the ramifications Kash Heed must live with, if a Barinder Sall conviction means a by/election than Kash Heed must accept the by/election, the Special Prosecutor must be able to throw out the Fraserview election, anything less is a breakdown of Democracy.

Until you can do that Kash Heed you will never be in Government, have you got the guts, the courage, how about ethics, how about it NDP....Or are you going to roll over and play dead on the Heed affair too?

The Straight Good

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Leah said...

Answer to the last question:

Yes, why would they change now?

Evil Eye said...

Grant, the fix is in, Heed going to get another crack at it.

The "Eye" (from a RCMP Friend) has found out that things are so corrupt in the BC Liberal Party, it will make the last two Campbell Government illegal. It seems there is far worse afoot than anyone could imagine.

We do not live in a democratic society, rather we are a Corporatist state, the same sort of Corporatist state thousands of Canadians died to defeat from '39 to '45!

Drug dealers own the courts and politicians own the police. The mainstream media have been owned for over a decade.

Canada is a dead society, blindly staggering from one corrupt administration to another. There is no change, there will be no change.

The only way to change Canada and BC is a revolution; a very violent and nasty revolution. The question is: Do Canadians have the fortitude to take on a completely corrupt country?

Sad to say, the fight that was in our fathers and grand fathers doesn't exist today.

A summery of the last chapter in 1984:

"Winston, now free, sits at the Chestnut Tree CafĂ©, where dismissed Party members go to drink. He enjoys a glass of Victory Gin and watches the telescreen. He accepts everything the Party says and does. Without acknowledging it to himself, he can still smell the rats. On the table, Winston traces “2 + 2 = 5” in the dust. He remembers seeing Julia on a bitter-cold day that March. She had thickened and stiffened, and he now found the thought of sex with her repulsive. They acknowledged that they had betrayed one another, and agreed to meet again, though neither is truly interested in continuing their relationship. Winston thinks he hears the song lyrics “Under the spreading chestnut tree / I sold you and you sold me,” which he heard when he saw the political prisoners there many years earlier. He begins to cry. He remembers a moment of happiness with his mother and sister, but thinks it must be a false memory. He looks up and sees a picture of Big Brother on the telescreen, making him feel happy and safe. As he listens to the war news, he reassures himself of both the great victory he has won over himself and his newfound love for Big Brother."

Sounds somewhat familiar?

kootcoot said...

without the illegal flyer arranged by Barinder Sall...... without the cost of the illegal advertising putting Kash Heed`s campaign over-budget.......if Barinder Sall didn`t do dirty tricks"

Kash Heed wouldn't be an MLA, much less the third, fourth and maybe fifth Solicitor-General (the top officer in charge of making certain the law doesn't apply to certain people in British Columbia)!

Breaking news:

Peter Wilson could certainly be the right guy if the agenda is to DEFEND Kash Heed. Mr. Wilson is a DEFENSE lawyer of great stature who has a reputation for defending hideous murderers with great success.

According to NoNews at Noon on GlowBall he was the defence attorney for

1. Kelly Ellard in the Reena Virk Murder - how many trials of Kelly have Reena's parents been put through?

2. Shawn Murrin in the murder of the young Misty child in the OK Valley - other than getting allegedly beat up by guys the cops sicced on him he walked...

3. Allen Schoenberg, who murdered his own children and got acquitted due to his insane delusion (?) that his kids were being molested. If I recall correctly the guy who caught him hiding in the woods once stated he almnost wishes he had shot him - I mean he must of realized he did something wrong or why was he hiding in the woods.

I'm just speculating about the agenda, maybe Mr. Wilson will be the ideal SP, at least he is familiar with CRIMINALS and not some corporate/lobbyist type lawyer and should be able to spot a crook when he sees one.

Crankypants said...

There is only one thing I don't like about Robertson having made a ruling the excusing himself and having a new special prosecutor, Peter Wilson, named.

The Bountiful hearing was booted by the judiciary because Stonewally was accused of shopping around for a special prosecutor. The first two lawyers he approached declined before Robertson accepted.

I know the cercumstances are not identical, but the Bountiful ruling set precedence. Judicial rulings are usually based on precedence. Our judges are also known to make some unbelievable rulings regarding such things as admissable evidence etc. There is always the possibility that the judge could rule that the Bountiful case sets precedence because of the two special prosecutors and toss the damned thing. It would be a travesty, but stranger things have happened.

I believe that Kash Heed has already lost in the court of public opinion, but we already know what the BC Liberal party minions think of those they pretend to represent.

Hell, for all we know, Robertson may have intentionally brought forward his charges and then bowed out to cut the legs out from under this whole investigation. I wouldn't put anything past what Gordo and his supporters may try.


kootcoot said...

Cranky, as I point out over at the House, there is a difference between "prosecutor shopping" to get the desired finding, no matter how many SPs Wally had to churn through and replacing a special prosecutor because he was in a conflict of interest and should not have been appointed in the first place.

The fact that Robertson was NOT qualified to hold the position (as attested to by his own stepping down) makes his findings invalid and of no consequence as far as I'm concerned. For all practical purposes Robertson's involvement may as well have never happened and his conclusions should carry no weight. Peter Wilson should have a complete do-over including Kash Heed's legal liability as well as a total review of the charges that Robertson did recommend.

There are also more issues of conflict than mere political donations, especially in the case of Bill Berardino in the BC Rail case. His $500 or $600 donation to Wally's campaign is minor compared to his previous law partner relationship to Geoff Plant and Seckel. They may as well have Gordon Campbell's mom be the special prosecutor - though who knows, she might not give him such a free ride.

Leah said...

"The "Eye" (from a RCMP Friend) has found out that things are so corrupt in the BC Liberal Party, it will make the last two Campbell Government illegal. It seems there is far worse afoot than anyone could imagine."

Eye, that being the case, why do they not step forward and SAY and DO what they know to be right? No matter the cost? If it makes his last two governments "illegal" then every thing he's done is invalid, every contract undertaken null and void. Why don't they STOP this when they know they have what it takes to do it!? Do they have any idea how the people would once again rally around the RCMP for bringing this to light and life? Knowing the know something that horrific, and that they choose to do nothing about it, devastates me...

My God! Is there really no hope left?

Anonymous said...

My contact in Victoria said: "Kash Heed is not well liked by anyone. He is so arrogant, and not very trustworthy".... Ya think! Things are brewing over there, gordo is a little scared.

On the lighter side...

I was at the anti-HST signings at Blue Mtn Park in Coquitlam. WOW! Lineups, traffic jams, LOL. No one was asking what party, only that the present criminals are not the people's choice now. I suspect with the flow, the amount that signed up there while I was present, makes me believe there will be big numbers on the day. I would think at least 2000 or more. It is ROLLING FAST! Tar / feather, then recall.

Kam Lee

jaydee said...

We have over 15% in Surrey/White Rock riding so we have moved over to help Surrey/Panorama and got over 250 signers on Crescent (Beach) road yesterday.
Back over there today my shift 2-5. Panorama is the riding the mobster changed the boundaries on and the NDP lost it because the goon took Crescent Beach (extreme right wing) out of Surrey/White Rock riding and put it in with Surrey/Panorama. We're getting them anyway!! The NDP MLA there had the smarts to move to Surrey/Tynehead and won the seat there. Down with the useless HOGG in November.
Go Kam Go!

jaydee said...

If the RCMP were not corrupt to the core THEY would be over there doing their job but they prefer to be bedfellows with Campbell because their 20 year contract comes up again next year and probably lotsa other 'reasons'. If Campbell gets to stick around we will be stuck with years more of an RCMP that is absolutely corrupt from the top (mostly) down.
Hope your parent is doing as well as can be expected and I know she/he knows she is in the bests of hands. Hope you have the privilege of caring for her/him until the end and they don't have to go into a dreadful care home.

Anonymous said...

Just for Laughs: His mother, Jinda, didn't want him to be a cop. "She's very proud of me now," Heed told the Courier in 2003.

Anonymous said...

For the life of me, I can't remember where I read this. It was suggested, Campbell would go east and work for Harper. Is Campbell a liberal, or a Conservative? Their style of governing is, pretty much the same. I caught, just the end, of two M.P's, from down east, accusing P.M. Harper of being a fascist, arrogant, and too stubborn to work with. What is going on in this country? Perhaps, the idea of, the western provinces separating from the east, isn't so bad after all. Anything is better than what we have now.