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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Silence from Tzeporah Berman and David Suzuki is Deafening

I have been patiently waiting for Tzeporah Berman or David Suzuki to speak up on the latest developments, I would settle for hearing from any of green sell outs, well Marc Jaccard, Andrew Weaver.......
Not one of you have gone public, why do I have to write what is in the heart of real Greenpeace believers, the carbon tax, it goes up another 1 cent per litre in July, it will also start to take in more money than they will pay back, Mr. Jaccard, could you explain why there are more than 200,000 vehicles on the roads in BC then there was before the carbon tax, perhaps you can explain why BC is the only Province in Canada that had an emission`s rise, Andrew Weaver, perhaps you can tell me how much you charged for the robo-calls during the last election, was it pro-bono, or was it off the books like the stunt Barinder Sall pulled?
I like to pick on Marc Jaccard, he is such an easy target, even Jaccard admits now that Gordon Campbell`s carbon tax is flawed and useless, Jaccard confesses until you completely penalize the driving public with $3 dollar per liter fuel Campbell`s carbon tax is nothing but phony greenwash, it hasn`t reduced a single emission, but the hypocrisy of the carbon tax, a massive spike in gas drilling and flaring in northern BC and yet we are insulted by an illegitimate Government inflicting a useless greenwash on us, Blair Leckstrom and Gordon Campbell are pushing the Enbridge pipeline while shoving a tiny carbon tax down our throats, sorry folks, time to remove the carbon tax, the exercise failed, it didn`t work, emissions rose, the gall to charge you and I a carbon tax while pushing to spend $5 billion dollars on a pipeline to move tar sand oil to Asia.......
Am I missing something, this Government can`t have it both ways, and where is Tzeporah Berman, I haven`t seen or heard from Tzeporah since Copenhagen, Tzeporah Berman praised her mentor, presented Campbell with a self-made award, I`m not sure what the award was for, I think it was an award for the largest rise in emissions in Canada, but since then, Site C has been announced, a massive oil spill is decimating the gulf states, millions of square miles of ocean have globs of oil floating beneath the surface, well Tzeporah, wern`t you a appointed to the green energy task board, where is your press conference Tzeporah, what about Enbridge, what about Site C.....What about the carbon tax,,,,,,,,,,,,,You see folks, I`m not a big global warming guy, but I am in favour of mandating industry to clean up or pay, a non-pass through tax for polluting, where I live there is no transit or taxi service, you either drive or walk most of the day, we have no choice, build clean, fuel efficient transport, you build it we will buy it.
What about you David Suzuki, what about Enbridge, we have to fight on this side of the ledger, once it starts we can`t stop it, there are thousand reasons not to build the Enbridge pipeline, number 1, the oil already finds a home without risking the West coast, Enbridge is a back-up plan to supply oil to Asia in the event the USA decides tar sand oil is too dirty, for Tzeporah Berman and David Suzuki to remain silent on this issue could almost be considered an act of National Treason, if those two icons of a Green future can`t join hands to fight loud and proud against offshore oil n Gas and tankers, if neither of you can`t or won`t call press conferences on stopping Enbridge then leave, retire......Step down, a ecological disaster unfolding before your eyes, a demented premier hell bent on scorched earth campaign, to hell with rivers, wild Salmon, to hell with protecting our B.C. coast, you can`t remain silent, Tzeporah Berman, you can`t sit on the fence, either denounce Gordon Campbell`s energy policy or embrace, get off the silent fence, as for you David Suzuki........
You are ruining a once great organization, what kind of a gutless coward are you David Suzuki, Gordon Campbell is threatening your back yard, my back yard, we don`t own the coast, it`s not ours to risk, where is your voice, why aren`t you on CKNW.......Why aren`t you calling daily press conferences, time for you David Suzuki to publicly denounce Gordon Campbell and all proponets of Enbridge.
You David Suzuki and Tzeporah Berman are directly responsible for the election of Gordon Campbell, all the pre-election press conferences from Tzeporah and Suzuki, you have a responsibility to the world to stop Gordon Campbell, the whole world is listening, the time to talk about these projects are precisely now, let people see what can happen, strike while the iron is hot, if Enbridge can`t be stopped with complete first Nation opposition, with a huge world push to cut emissions, with an oil disaster being played out before your eyes, there will never be a better time to stop Enbridge forever.
Join with me David Suzuki, get ready to turn on that charm Tzeporah Berman, the time is now for a joint press conference, time to use the power of the press, the time is now to publicly scold Gordon Campbell, if you aren`t up too the task, ship out, I have had enough,
"The silence from Tzeporah Berman and David Suzuki is Deafening"
Both of you are directly responsible for Gordon Campbell holding office, do the right thing, make amends or go to hell!
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Grant maybe this is why we have those special visitors in our waters in Van . the whale and the dolphins,we are poisoning there habitat in the gulf,I'm no marine biologist but maybe .... just maybe....they are following their food source right out of there?Genuine.

Crankypants said...

Not only should Berman, Suzuki etc. be speaking out about the proposed pipeline, they should be ringing alarm bells about the new "clean energy act". It has stripped pretty much any accountability to all of us in the name of the all mighty dollar for the friends and insiders of Gordo and his minions.

Meanwhile the Harper crew are working on weakening the federal side of environmental assessments. Where will it end? In my opinion, if Harper and Campbell get their way, not very well for our kids and grandkids.


Evil Eye said...

Berman & Suzuki have been bought and paid for like cheap Walmart goods. Their opinions are tainted, paid for by Gordo & Harpo. They are the Canadian version of Quislings and should be treated thus.

kootcoot said...

Great post Grant. Interestingly, even without Enbridge, tanker traffic in Burrard inlet has TRIPLED in the last five years in an effort to dispose of the waste from the icky goo pits of Alberta. They should (actually they should leave it in place) keep all that crap on their side of the goddamn Rockies and enhance the existing pipelines south and east - we don't want that crap on the left side of the mountains.

The proponents of the goo pits are jumping on the tragedy unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico and implying that somehow that makes what they are doing GREEN! These assholes' arrogance and opportunism knows no bounds.

BTW your piece yesterday was wonderful, except it almost made me admit to myself that I have feelings and I hate that. Being a few years farther along than you I could really relate to the things you were saying about the perspective one gains as they age and start seeing their elders pass on and their peers either deteriorate or show up on the obit page. It may be one of the best Mother's Day pieces of this year - by the way, didja know that Mother's Day itself was originated by Ms. Howe who wrote the "Battle Hymn of the Republic ("Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.....etc.) as an anti-war statement by mothers tired of sending their sons off to die - before it was turned into a commercial opportunity by Hallmark and Florists?

Anonymous said...

zep-whora-berman!how much does she charge?

Anonymous said...

david sleezuki what a shill.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has a 'talking point' in their head that they believe to be true. The delivery of these is to further personal or corporate interests and the appearance of credibility is of utmost importance. Using Suzuki and Berman has added a lot of credibility to the useless BC carbon tax. It is really disappointing to see that they work on the electorate and even with the NDP trying to explain how useless this tax is, it still is hard to erase erroneous information from people's heads once it is in there.

Grant G said...

Sorry Kootcoot, I was never buying the hard-line from you, yea, you have tough hardhitting posts and commentary(one of the best)....

But as for emotion, your words care, your passages plead, your messages cry for help,you write therefor you care, welcome to the warm side, and if I make you angry or sad........

Smile, you`re still alive.

Meanwhile, time to scorch Tzeporah Berman and shame David Suzuki, if they were hoodwinked and betrayed they need to tell the world, I want the press conference this week.

This Government is weak and vulnerable, time for a multi-flank attack!

The Long Hot Summer that will build into Recall in the Fall, we are going to send shock waves across Canada, imagine knowing we can remove Government for dirty betrayal and corruption.

Leah said...

Why is it every time you see a picture of Campbell smiling - you just know somebody, somewhere, is getting majorly screwed?

Anonymous said...

Upon looking at these two holding hands ,cross cumtamintion immediately comes to mind.
Henri Paul

jaydee said...

Hopefully the Greens will disappear from our polluted planet soon. More stuff to take to the garbage dump.

Anonymous said...

Berman has moved up in the world.

Who is Tzeporah Berman?
Why is Greenpeace hiring her as a director of their climate campaign?
* A member of the "Green Energy Task Force" of the Government of British Columbia. She was appointed by BC Premier Gordon Campbell, immediately after she supported Campbell's Liberals and attacked the NDP during an election.
* The architect of the Great Bear Rainforest sellout, where a back-room deal okayed the logging of nearly 70% of the Great Bear Rainforest and cut public oversight out of the negotiations.
* A leading promoter of "run of river" power generation, which will lead to the privatization of over 600 rivers in BC, and likely be used to offset fossil fuel developments like the tar sands.
* A frequent collaborator with resource extraction corporations; she has been praised by the Forest Products Association of Canada, among others.