Monday, May 10, 2010

HST.....My name is Sam the Scam!

As predicted, today Bill Good performed an enema on himself, Bill Good and company inserted many large pointy wooden fence parts up their..._SS.

As a long-time listener of CKNW it`s shocking to see how far they have fallen, their credibility is all but gone, today`s Billy BS show started out with Stephen Owen talking about special prosecutors, the program was a yawner, sad really is a better descriptive of the Owen interview, nothing of substance was uttered by Bill Goood or Owen, talk about Bill Boring footsy being played on the radio, watching paint dry would have been more exciting.

Then we move into round 2 of the Bill Good pukeathon, the Colin Hansen interview, nothing new here, a few real callers and a call from a tired old man without a brain named Sam, a Bill Good regular caller who claims he`s smarter, wiser, more intelligent then all of the masses in B.C......

Well Mr. Sam Scam, let`s talk the Straight Goods........One caller called Hansen a liar, another caller asked why the B.C. Liberals haven`t put up on their web site a list off all the things that will cost more under the HST, well......Colin Hansen put his foot in his mouth again, he almost caught himself but too late, Hansen responded by saying there would be pages and pages of items that will be going up across the spectrum, Hansen then realizing he put his foot in his mouth statred backpeddling about how........And Hansen made this statement,..."We might have a list on our webpage this afternoon telling what items may go up under the HST" snip

Well I just checked, there is no list, there will be no list, there will be only more lies from Ferret face Colin Hansen, another caller complained about the BC Liberal`s saying there would be no HST during the election then after the election they brought it in........Then Hansen went into his spin and glow mode, Hansen stated..." No, what we said was, that it wasn`t on our radar"........And Hansen wasn`t done with his lies, Hansen went onto say..." It wasn`t until the Federal Government approached us with a more flexible HST, we were able to negotiate the lowest HST in Canada" SNIP.......

Well friends, listen up Ferret face, the HST tax is different all through Canada, the HST is the GST plus whatever Province`s PST rate is, you combine the established rate and voila, the HST.......You lying sack of garbage Colin Hansen, you didn`t get B.C. a deal, you got nothing, you got our 7% PST combined with the GST at 5% for a combined 12%, .......No deal, nothing special, yet you lay out a con about negotiating a deal......

Would you like to see an example of a deal, listen up Ferret face Hansen, you mentioned today how prices went down on some items in Atlantic Canada when they adopted the HST in 1996........Well that is true Ferret Face, some prices went down roughly 1%......But you silly little liar, the Atlantic Provinces knew how to negotiate in 1996, something you have never learned, in Atlantic Canada the GST was 7%.....The PST was 12% .....The combined rate that Atlantic Canada agreed on with harmonizing to the HST was......Drum roll please....

The Atlantic Province`s leaders negotiated in 1996, at that time, the combined GST and PST was 19%........They enticed the consumer by lowering the combined tax rate by over 4 percentage points to a combined HST of 15%.........

So shut your lying little mouth Hansen, talk about flexability, Atlantic Canada cut taxes by over 4 percentage points, that is completely different in B.C........Here in B.C. prices will be going one direction.....UP UP UP and AWAY!

And a propaganda piece on CKNW with Billy aldoph Good wouldn`t be complete without Sam....Sam is a caller who claims to be the smartest man in the world, in fact Sam has said in recent days on CKNW that the public in BC are stupid, yup, and Sam has said that 98% of all accountants agree with him, Sam went onto say that people are too stupid to understand economics.........And of course Aldoph Good just lets Sam the scam blather on and on uninterrupted.........

Before I carry on exposing how Sam is a fool, time to explain some HST facts....

  1. First off, the population of B.C. is roughly 4 million people.
  2. Of the 4 million people roughly 1 million people pay no tax, these people being children, students, and young people.
  3. That leaves 3 million taxpayers in B.C.
  4. According to Ferret face and Sam Scam, 1.1 million people in B.C. under the HST will be receiving a low income cheque, roughly another $200 dollars per year per poor person, roughly $200 dollars will be added to the GST credit, and added to the carbon tax credit.
  5. According to Sam Scam and Ferret face Hansen, these 1.1 million low income earners will be ahead, according to sam the low income HST credit will be more money in their pocket than they will ever spend on the HST.....After all, these are poor people!
  6. Let`s look at the facts that we do know, 4 million people in BC, 1 million people are too young to pay any tax.
  7. 1.1 million people will receive low-income HST credit and according to Sam the Scam and Ferret face Hansen they will break even on the HST.
  8. The HST is a $1.9 billion dollar per year tax shift.
  9. The HST means that per year, Big business will pay $1.9 billion dollars less and the $1.9 billion dollars will be paid by the remaining 2 million taxpaying BCers, remember, 1 million are too young to pay and 1.1 million low income earners will receive an HST credit and remain even.
  10. That leaves 2 million people to come up with $1.9 billion dollars per year...That is real simple math Sam Scam......Divide $1.9 billion into 2 million people and you come up with roughly $2000 dollars per taxpayer per year.
  11. That is the raw data friends, no spin, numbers don`t lie, who lies are all B.C. Liberals and Sam the lying senile old Scam.
  12. Here is one more fact about the HST, small business used to get paid to collect the PST, roughly $1000 dollars per year, business never ever were paid to collect the GST, in fact in that televised economic statement the Campbell made on TV in 2008, Campbell actually raised the amount small business was being paid to collect the PST, well under the HST everyone of the small business`s are getting the $1000 dollars per year snatched away from them, the majority of small business will lose more money on that against any savings they might see as a result of HST credits.

So listen up you stupid old man Sam, you haven`t a clue what you are talking about, no prices will go down, big business won`t pass on one penny of savings, mining won`t lower the price of minerals, Oil n Gas industry won`t lower fuel prices, the price of a 2X4 milled in China or BC won`t go down in price......Tax evasion and the underground economy is a National pastime in Europe to avoid paying HST tax or a VAT tax.......But you Sam are too stupid to pull your nose out of Hansen ass, can you tell what the Ferret face has been cooking Sam, besides the books?

So today friends on CKNW, I knew Sam would be allowed to blather on and on about how stupid the public is, about how he and 98% of his accountant friends are so wise, how only economists can understand how it works, only economists understand eh Sam Scam, you mean like Enron economists, Bear Stearns` economists, how about Wall street accountants, how about Bernie Madoff, how about the SEC, what about packaged garbage, class 1 securitires, bundled up failing mortgages sold as class 1 investments, credit default swaps, accountants and economists betting trillions that everything will fail on one ledger sheet and the next desk over in the same office trillions are bet that everything will win.

Oh indeed, the gall of any economist or accountant taking the high road on taxes or accounting practices, a bunch of thieves have robbed the future from the masses, and you Bill Aldoph Good march out Ferret face and the loser old man Sam who was too stupid to get a real job and too naive to be listened too by anyone except Bill Aldoph Good!

Sometimes I get angry friends, I do respect my elders but, Sam, if we ever meet I will make you eat your own HST garbage!

Today Sam Scam on CKNW made a pathetic attempt of justifying the HST.....This loser Sam and Bill Good....Sam made the example of a family of 4 in B.C. earning $25,000 dollars per year in B.C. will receive(if their kids are of a certain age) roughly $800 dollars per year in HST credits, Sam the Scam went onto say, this lucky family of 4 will be further ahead and have more money in their pocket with the HST credit, in fact Sam was almost saying how great it must be to be a family of 4 earning $25,000 per year.....

Well Sam scam, lets look at this lucky family of four earning $25,000 per year, this family may buy a used car, this rich family may buy a used car through a bank loan, a $10,000 used car under HST(VST) will have $500 dollars in new tax on that car, if the rich family of 4 should happen to lose a child, a $10,000 dollar funeral will have $700 hundred dollars in new tax, in fact if that rich family of 4 earning $25,000 per year did both of those things in one year it would take 2 years of HST credits to pay for the extra tax load....Not to mention HST on school supplies, meals out if they can afford it, HST on strata fees, on landlord services, HST on house repairs, on labour, on bicycles for their young children, in fact bicycles will go from tax free to 12% tax overnight.

But I think you are a sick demented man Sam, the only example you could come up with is a family of 4 living in complete poverty, in fact Sam a single person making $25,000 per year is living in poverty.

But that doesn`t matter to you Sam, you have your home in Kitsalano that you paid $5000 dollars for that is now worth $3million dollars, you have your university pension, you have your other Government perks, you have your rental income, you have plenty, but there are no liveable pensions for young people today, there is no cheap rent, cheap fuel, you had your day in the sun Sam Scam and now you want to banish people to scraps, you expect corporations to throw a few pennies our way and we should be grateful.

Well listen up tired old fool, you lived in a time where your wife sat at home, raised kids and didn`t have to work, one income could raise a large family and buy a home, a car and groceries, you had opportunity to live, Corporations paid their share of taxes back then so you could have your wife stay home, but now that you Sam have joined at the hip with Colin Hansen you could care less about both parents working, having no kids because of costs, sure Sam, change the rules of the game so you and your ilk can watch and enjoy the suffering, so you Sam can watch the middleclass vanish for the sake of you and other shareholders!

Sorry folks, unless you listen to CKNW you have no idea who he is, Sam is a loser, in fact Brian before he was banned called Sam a loser and confused all the time on the air, I do respect elders, I also know when it`s time to remove them from public speaking when they have gone senile.

Looks friends, lets look at the regressive taxes, low-income earners received the GST credit, now they get the GST/Carbon tax credit, with the HST low income people will be receiving a GST/Carbon tax/HST credit........There is something wrong with new taxes that you have too suppliment the poor.

Simi Sara was in today for Christy Clark, what a great voice she has, Simi Sara tells it the way it is, she had Vanderzalm on today, guess what, we are over 400,000 signatures, 55 riding`s are over the top with still two months to go. (On a side note on the Simi Sara show, a caller called in and called Sam and Bill Good liars and fools, thanks eh!)

On another side note, the Conference board of Canada has been paid to tell the gullible public that Ontario and B.C. will lead Canada in growth because of the HST......Remember this date friends, May/10/2010.........Conference board of Canada states B.C. and Ontario will lead growth in Canada because of the HST, I guess we can expect a huge Provincial surplus eh Hansen, eh Sam.....Oh right, Colin Ferret Face Hansen already covered his butt with that one, Hansen stated that the big corporations all lost money the last several years, and.......Because these corporations lost money they will be writing off all their losses against future profits therefor B.C. won`t be receiving any Corporate tax, therefor the Government of B.C. we see no money or surplus for years, can you write off your loses, can you claim back what you should have made against being unemployed, can you write off your decimated RRSP, your Mutual Funds etc etc etc.....

Sorry folks, to hear losers like Sam or Levy or Michael Campbell or Colin Hansen quote economists who have been wrong about everything and anything claim that they know best.

Stuff it up you know what Bill Good, Sam, drop dead!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Grant - I still can't believe that you aren't tooting your own horn. Your website visits are now surpassing all of the local MSM!!!! Congratulations!!!!


Worldwide Rank - 7

Monthly Users*
20,212,620 per day

*Monthly Pageviews*
106,116,250 per day*

*Estimated Traffic Data - Overview is a website that ranks 7 in Alexa and has a Google PageRank of 8.

That's unreal!!!! Again CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

You definately are BC's Gordo Terminator.

Evil Eye said...

Grant, CORUS Radio is a joke, not worth listening to as is with Bill Good.

I'm so sorry, but rumour has it the Big Bill wants an Order of Canada and he will kiss ass as long as he gets one.

Grant G said...

Mr. Evil....I know CKNW is now nothing but propaganda, but their losing the war, I know what most listeners think, Bill Good and Christy are bucking the tide, their message is being drowned by the power of the net...

BC..83% are on line...The most in Canada, CKNW is only able to infect a few dinosaurs, Bill Good and Christy will mess up and will have to answer to the CBSC...They know the Persuader is listening.

8:43PM....Well those are some impressive numbers but...A wee bit out, but having said that, there has been a steady growth in faithful readers....

But numbers aren`t everything, the important thing is WHO is reading us, someone is quite concerned, if this was China or 1930s Germany I would be dead....

And my stories for the most part are local/provincial....No world appeal, maybe I should do a Tiger Woods story, ah...Never mind.


Crankypants said...

Sam the Sham(no Pharoahs) must have a private number that he gets to use to get through to CKNW. This in itself makes one suspicious of the validity of his input into any discussions. Is he a shill hired by the PAB. I remember that it wasn't too long ago that he was championing the idea of removing the homeowner's grant from property taxes to subsidize Translink. From some statements he made in the past, I heard that he is now visually impaired. Well in my opinion he is very myopic when it comes to the HST. He and all the other proponents of the HST tend to key on one small part of its impact and ignore everything else. They all fail to realize that it is a total package, most of which will lay some serious hurt on the majority of us.

Unless I missed something in the Conference Board of Canada's prediction of BC's projected growth, I don't think that they attributed any of it to the HST. I believe that Colin Hansen injected that in after the fact trying to BS the troops a little more.

There is something that I think has been lost in all the discussion about the HST. In the last two elections the BC Liberal party has crowed about how the economy of BC has flourished under their leadership. Well, if the economy was percolating on all cylinders, as they claim, then one must assume that the government's coffers must have been overflowing with money. They also stated that BC was immune to the recession that was devastating the rest of North America.

My question is, where did all this increased revenue go? Under their stewardship they have sold off many of the assets that belonged to the people of BC, increased the debts of many of our crown corporations and doubled the size of the provinces long term debt and increased pretty much every user fee they could possibly think of. Where did it all go? Can Mr. Winter, Mr. Finlayson, the Fraser Institute, the Great Kreskin or a Ouija Board enlighten us? Maybe Sam the Sham has the answer.

Methinks that there is a lot of splainin' Campbell and Co. need to bring forth.


Anonymous said...

Great post! Sam, like bill can't tell the truth. Hansen is a complete fool, better at running mommie's flag shop. It is all coming down on them, but they have earned it. The firsst thing is the HST, then getting gordon the impaler ousted, and into jail. RECALL IN THE FALL!

By the way, the real people do understand the HST lies, thats why 85% say NO!

Kam Lee

islandcynic said...

As an aside Grant, did you hear the little tidbit on the news this morning about Canadians, on average, are carrying more debt than ever? Yes, those middle class Canadians are only able to keep up with the Jones's by going into more and more debt. Maybe Sam the accountant would like to suggest to the book-cooker LIBS to tax debt. What a windfall that would be!!!!

BTW, to all those smart accountants out there, will your businesses now be charging 7% more on July 1st? Bet your clients will be happy about that....

Love your posts Grant, keep up the fight

Anonymous said...

Well, my accountant doesn't like the HST. If your accountant likes the HST, you should switch. But of course the numbers are fabricated anyways.