Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kash Heed, the Dullest Knife in the Drawer

You`re out of order and you`re out of order the whole court is out of order.

I have hummingbirds and feeders, fascinating, they hover in mid air, a stunning display of speed, accuracy and colours, they dart back and forth and jab that long beak through the eye of an needle, pure mind numbing perfection.

The Kash Heed affair grows by the day, and yet I`m still taken back with what Jeff D said to me in the contribution section, Jeff thought I was over the top in calling out Kash Heed, well Mr. D.....

I am going to try this one more time, as you know the Special prosecutor on the Kash Heed investigation has stepped aside because his law firm donated money to Heed`s campaign, a direct donation to a candidate, clearly the law firm and the individual donor had a vested interest in Heed`s campaign success, so how on earth did Robertson get that far into this investigation before excluding himself.

And what about Gordon Campbell, Campbell hears news about KIash Heed being cleared of direct knowledge of illegal campaign material and immediately reinstates Heed to cabinet, no thought, no nothing, just another slap in the face to the public, Mr. Robertson, can I ask some questions of you about the Kash Heed investigation. Did you ask Heed these questions?

  1. Kash Heed, did you know what Barinder Sall was up too?
  2. Did you know of any ad campaigns that Barinder Sall was working on?
  3. Did you ever see any of the 10,000 anti-NDP chinese pamphlets?
  4. Were you ever at Khanna printers in Richmond?
  5. Did the ad campaign originate through your campaign headquarters?
  6. Do you think the election results should stand knowing some flyers were distributed?
  7. Do you think Barinder Sall did anything illegal?
  8. Do you call that an honest election?
  9. Don`t you think there should be a by/election?

How come it took so long for Robertson to admit there is a conflict, how come Gordon Campbell is prepared to look the other way, eh Jane Thornthwaite, eh John Les, but what I wanted to talk about is honour, pride and word, let me be perfectly clear, Gordon Campbell gave up his moral compass when he got drunk with Fred and Kathy and drove, and when Campbell tore up contracts, sold B.C. Rail, sold our B.C. Ferries,when Campbell let health/education collapse, when Gordon Campbell jumped into bed with Ken Dobell and Patrick Kinsella, when Campbell cheated on his wife with the long time public employee Laura Dauphinee, when Gordon Campbell did all those things his morality, his judgement slid into the sewer, Gordon Campbell turned into a sleazy, lying, backstabbing, adulterer, con man not worthy of breathing air.

But what about real men, Kash Heed is displaying the same sick characteristics as Campbell, both Kash Heed and Campbell are sticking to the words (exonerated and cleared).....Excuse me, Mr. Robertson said to you Kash Heed.....

"We will find it difficult to PROVE that you had direct knowledge"

Mr Heed, what this special prosecutor has said is....... Kash Heed, are you as stupid as a bag of hammers? Maybe you didn`t know what Barinder Sall was up too, but you should have! Are you that stupid Kash Heed, some top cop you are Kash Heed, you meet with an employee of Jack Crone and warn her of a search warrant coming down, you use your position and interfere with a child pornography case, you smooze with the higher ups, you don`t get it Kash Heed, you are a stupid man, you have zero brain power, you are a clueless twit, and just because a tainted special prosecutor cleared you of not confessing to direct knowledge of illegal advertising, you have not been cleared, it`s your choice Kash Heed......

Are you a stupid brain dead zombie who is clueless about everything around them or are you a bold faced liar like Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen, you can`t have it both ways Kash Heed, what`s it going to be, what`s your plea, guilty by negligence, guilty by willfulness or guilty of pretending to have a functional brain.

What would you say to Gabriel Yui of the NDP, sorry the campaign was fair, tough luck, you have done nothing Kash Heed except show the next generation how to lie, to cheat, to steal, to ignore laws, ignore advice, stack the deck and look out for number 1, who cares about perception of honour or being a man, you chose to be a weak puny dormouse Kash Heed, you chose to hide in our people`s house, you chose to hide behind a badge, to hide behind regulations and get out of jail free cards, you are a weak immoral mouse Kash Heed, you have no respect, you can`t earn respect, you will never be granted respect, you will be forever known as Kash Heed the mouse that had to be carried in the premiers pocket for safety.

Hope your real proud Kash Heed! Wow, imagine being part of that culture and considered a gutless coward, a villian, a fake honour giving praise to a lifetime of the con, a lifetime of running from consequences, hiding from the truth, step up to the plate Kash Heed, resign today!

You are no hummingbird Kash Heed, no precision, no skill, no fascination, you are a DoDo bird, an extinct slow moving sour tasting bird that died off, a bird too stupid to defend itself, a bird so dumb it forgot how to fly, Kash dodo bird Heed........That sounds about right!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Evil Eye said...

Dead right Grant!

Jeff and his Liberal cronies just don't get it, they are not above the law!

“This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.” - Plato

If Plato knew the roots of tyranny in 428 BC, BC Liberals should be able to understand it in 2010!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to recall in the fall!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to your comments and agree most of the time. The only question I have is about Gordon's affair with Laura. Do you have any links to that story. I would be interested in reading more.
Thanks & keep up the good work.

Grant G said...

For more on Laura Dauphinee and Gordon Campbell....Just click my name, scroll down to April/28/2009....

There is a good read there.

Anonymous said...

I'm not prejudice,but why is there always a brown guy involved in most of the crap that this mostly white cabinet,that is flat out ripping us off,and they (brown dudes)are more than happy to comply,as long as there's something in it for them are they morally challenged?straight to the point can't you see your being used is it worth what ever it is you were looking for?this is happening quite regularly just ask basi or virk,wake up fools stop being so greedy it doesn't work for brown dudes,ask bornman or merisen or kinsella railway,or ken many hats dobell,brown dudes stop your greed and wake up you are being used lash back at the bastards tell us what you really know are the cushy jobs for you and your relatives really worth deceiving the rest of us?they do the crime but you do the time?