Monday, June 21, 2010

Vancouver Sun, HST story vanishes! UPDATED JUNE 21

B.C. households to be hit hard by HST, analysis shows

The average B.C. household could take a hit of $521 to its bottom line next year as a result of the harmonized sales tax, according to a model prepared for the Victoria Times Colonist by stats Canada.


Updated with new link at bottom of this post.

The above the line title and words were cut and pasted directly from the Vancouver Sun front page.

What the heck is going on folks, there was a story in the Vancouver Sun, the story was about the latest Stats Canada study, the story stated, after an in depth study that all households in B.C. are going to get hammered by the HST, the story completley debunked the phony Fraser institute story, as you know I reported on and posted directly below about the Fraser institute report, after the Stats Canada story came out in the Vancouver Sun I updated the below post, in checking out the comments in the stats Canada story in the Vancouver Sun, I posted 2 comments under their story, when I returned to the story the link on their front page was dead, I quickly Cut and Pasted what they had left on the front page, I quickly came to my site and pasted into this post, then I returned to the Vancouver Sun and all traces of the story had vanished!

Unless they decide to re-run the story, one moment it was there, then it vanished, I cut and pasted the above from the Vancouver Sun, for whatever reasons, the headline was there but when you click to go to the story, it states, "Story is not available, but it was there..HMMM?

It`s a good thing I cut and pasted what I did, because I just went back to the Vancouver Sun and all traces of the story have vanished!

The stats Canada story stated that the B.C. HST would cost average households anywhere from $538 to over $1100 dollars, the stats Canada report ......Even with that, to arrive at those numbers they assumed that businesses would pass on every dollar of savings to BCers, and we know that won`t happen, so the hit to households will be far larger than even Stats Canada stated!....

Updated here June 21

Thanks to our faithful readers we have located a new link to the stats Canada story on the HST....Read the story here

Hopefully this link doesn`t get purged from cyberspace, never the less, it doesn`t explain why the Vancouver Sun vaporized the story, the emails I sent to Patricia Graham(editor-in-chief) of the Vancouver Sun have not been answered yet, I will keep you all informed.

Too late Gordon Campbell, I will find the story elsewhere. You are done Gordon Campbell, lies exposed, true facts revealed!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Paul said...

B.C. households to be hit hard by HST, analysis shows

It looks like this model was prepared for the Victoria Times Colonist by Statistics Canada and the Vancouver Sun temporarily posted it to their site.

I can't even find the story on the Victoria Times Colonist website but here is the link (without comments)

They couldn't bury this one fast enough, could they?

And what benefit did CANWEST MEDIA INC get for donating $50,000.00 to the BC LIBERAL PARTY in 2005?

Chad Moats said...

Still available here:

Grant G said...

Thanks Chad....Long time since I heard from you, I tried to print the story in your link, it won`t print for me, I have it cut and pasted in a post, I will save it for now,

I don`t trust Canwest...


Grant G

Norman Farrell said...

In case that link goes cold, I've published the entire article at my site.

Grant G said...

Thanks Norman Farrell...I have put a link on my home page....

Gordon Campbell must have csoiled shorts tonight, his vaunted Fraser institute report has been thrashed by stats canada...

Stay vigilant friends, the enemy is among us, big media, corporations, this story will spell the end of the B.C. Liberals...

MLAs better think long and hard about recall and their futures, let them try and debunk Stats Canada!

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Ont-air-e-on said...

Here in Ontario, the Dull-One (aka Dalton) has provided us with a letter yaking about how the new HST is going to "help create 591,000 jobs, cut personal income taxes and make our province more attractive for new business investment".

Amazing how they can come up with those exact job numbers --- must have the Global Warming Group doing their predictions since most of 'em have been exposed as frauds and need the work.

The letter goes on to say..."To help you through this transistion, you are receiving the Sales Tax Transition Benefit with payments delivered in June 2010, December 2010, and June 2011."

I just checked the bank account and yes-sir-re-bob, the account is healthier by 100 dinero with more on the horizon.

At least in Ontario, were being sold down the river in the Hundred Dollar + Canoe.

Gary E said...

I copied that file and saved it. Then sent it to a bunch of people who would like to know about it. Lets see what transpires.

Evil Eye said...


8:25 am local time - the sun has reposted the story including 40 comments. Look at the sidebar.

Grant G said...

Thanks Evil....They had no choice, the story went viral, also...I and others sent the story to every media in the Province, plus a barrage of emails to Patricia Graham.

The story will complete the B.C. Liberals death!


Paul said...

THE PROVINCE newspaper has also now posted this story with different comments.

QUOTE: "In a series starting today, the Times Colonist looks at how the HST will affect you and your family."

Paul said...

Here is the VICTORIA TIMES COLONIST (*** printer friendly ***) link with different comments.


The average B.C. household will take a hit of $521 to its bottom line next year as a result of the harmonized sales tax, according to a model prepared for the Times Colonist by Statistics Canada.


Twenty-two-year-old server Lacey Geary says she is like many in the restaurant industry. She fears a double whammy -- paying more tax and receiving less income -- once the HST comes in.


Margaret Scott Parry, 81, won't be hit as hard as some by the new tax, but she is upset the HST will apply to vitamins and therapy. Seniors tell us how they are reacting to the new tax.


Single parents struggling to make ends meet are disheartened the HST will be applied to items like swimming lessons and museum visits. Find out what impact the tax will have on single parents.


Middle-class couples with no children will be among the hardest hit by the HST, according to StatsCan, liable to pay as much as $801 more next year.


Middle-class families with children under 18 will also be facing higher taxes because of the HST -- and unlike their counterparts in Ontario, they are not eligible for rebates.

Grant G said...

Thanks Paul...

On CKNW, amazing, Bill Good did a segment about the Stats Canada HST shocker, he had a UVIC prof as his guest....

Bill Good advertised(pre-segment) that this guy was critical of the HST...

What crap, the guest couldn`t speak, he was a wet noodle, ummm, err, ah, oh, the man sounded like he was on death`s bed!

And.....The UVIC Prof was actually soft selling the HST, and he had all his facts wrong, he didn`t explain anything..

He never mentiones stats canada study was based on over 1 million tax returns.

Be mindful folks, the propaganda ministry is hard at work!

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Leah said...

Another thing people aren't seeing is that the "rebate" those on "lower incomes" will receive is coming from the "middle class"...the same class that's paying to insure the rich don't have to pay their fair share. So those fortunate enough to be in the middle, now get to pay the wealthy, the corporations...and those who aren't as fortunate. In Canada, there is now no middle ground.

This tax is designed to destroy those in the middle - to create a nation of stinking rich/rich/poor.

Welcome to Canada - such a pity.

Crankypants said...

The article you refer to was a front page story in today's Vancouver Sun hard copy. They also had an article in the editorial section courtesy of Niels Veldhuis and Milagros Palacios of the Fraser Institute with their misinformation. As I read the BS put forth by Veldhuis and Palacios, I did some quick mental calculations that just don't add up. They state that families with total incomes of $80,000 or less will make money. Those making more than $80,000 to $140,000 will will pay more of between $65 and $167 per year. I would think that the bulk of BC families would fit into the $140,000 and under category. So, my question is, who is going to make up the $1.9 billion that the businesses will not be paying. Something just doesn't add up.

The government and the Fraser Institute also fail to mention that they will no longer be giving low income people a sales tax credit which was up to $75.00 per person per year.


Paul said...

The HST And You: What this 22-year-old and other singles will pay

By Andrew A. Duffy, Times Colonist Wednesday June 23, 2010 9:20 AM
***Printer friendly link ***

Paul said...



Some not happy, especially with health costs

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