Friday, June 11, 2010

Blair Leckstrom puts foot in his mouth!

More interesting developments, Blair Leckstrom has quit the B.C. Liberals to try and save his own skin. According to our good friend Seth B.C. Hydro has started selling IPP power and is getting paid 1/2 cent per kilowatt hour but we are paying the IPP over 12 cents a kilowatt hour, you can do the math, it`s simple, we our losing millions on the sale of this IPP power!

Here is the great knowledgeable comment from Seth .......From the Hook at The Tyee.....


Half cent A KWH


Leckstrom`s BC Hydro was selling Pirate Power`s electricity today on the Columbia grid for-Wait for this-Less than a Half Cent A KWH peak.

Off peak He`d be paying the grid to take.

Remember he is buying the power at 12.6 cents a KWH.

I`d suggest that is the real reason he resigned

Thanks for that comment Seth, contact G West, Seth, I would like you to do a guest post on my site, your knowledge is unmatched, G West can let you know how to contact me.

And Blair Leckstrom today on the Christy Clark show between 1:30pm and 2:00pm said some very revealing things, Blair said.....

"If I knew what I know today about the HST I would not have voted for it 10 months ago"

And this......Car dealers in my region will be decimated by the HST, point of sale rebates will be removed on car purchases.....

But the most revealing thing Blair Leckstrom said was .........A caller called in and said that the Federal Government must be making a fortune on the HST to offer B.C. a $1.6 billion dollar one time bribe.......To which Blair Leckstrom responded......

"I won`t cast any blame on the Federal Government, it was the B.C. Liberals who ASKED OTTAWA FOR THE HST" snip.

So much for the Colin Hansen and Gordon Habitual Liar Campbell spin about how the Federal Government wanted the tax change, according to Blair Leckstrom immediately after the election Gordon Campbell advised the finance department to go get some money from Ottawa!

I am glad that Leckstrom has quit Campbell but it`s a little too late for that, the main reason Leckstrom quit was he knew he was dead with a "Recall in the Fall" campaign.......

That and the fact that the first initial IPP power sales from BC Hydro are draining millions from the Province, Leckstrom has run for the hills, I guess we know why the PAB department hang on the shoulder of speaking cabinet ministers, to keep them from putting their feet in their mouth and accidentally exposing the truth!

The Game is over Gordon Campbell, your energy minister has spilled the beans, you stole an election and immediately set out to screw every BCer for eternity, your pathetic argument that Ottawa pursued B.C. to harmonize when the fact of the matter that you Gordon Campbell wanted money to try and hide your massive $3.7 billion dollar deficit, you sold us out Campbell, you robbed ICBC, you stole our railway, you sold our ferries, you gutted BC Hydro, ruined health care, gutted education and lined the pockets of your money donating friends.(you can hear the CKNW audio vault here)

Cue up Friday June 11/ forward to 1:30pm.....Blair is on the 1:30pm to 2:00pm segment

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Evil Eye said...

Looks like Gordo's mob is beginning to implode and all the CanWest men and all the CORUS women can't put old Gordo together again.

Leah said...

I found her cutesy-wootsey voice and attitude somewhat akin to strychnine. Especially with her comment about Paul Nettleton quitting over BC Rail.."or something like that." Makes me wish I could jump up and slap some sense into her head.

She also seemed to consider his actions as "disloyal"...without saying it in so many words. Also I was struck her attitude as being a bit on the terse side when he wouldn't agree immediately that the HST is a "good thing."

With the affect that the HST is having on the border communities, I give him points for standing up when no one else will...because I know it wouldn't take much for Northern BC to look at how it might become part of Alberta. That's something they were seriously talking about when I lived up there 10 years ago. I should note too, that Lekstrom is the only one I've heard actually admit this: “This is a major tax policy shift and it is time to engage British Columbians with a series of discussions about our province’s future.”

Where this goes? Guess we wait and see.

Hugh said...

The Bloomberg site says $6.33/megawatt hour for Mid-C Firm.

The power from a new IPP in northern BC will cost BC Hydro $120-130 per MWh:

Anonymous said...

And next we'll go after the federal cons. Giving it all away,our country and resources. Even robbing the EI fund that is for workers. Shame, shame and more shame. Gordo, Stevie, Iggie. All arrogant cons.

Anonymous said...

So far Blair Lekstrom has said that,

He likes the HST. He said that it was the idea of Campbell after the election and that he did not lie about that. He said that he thinks BCer's realize that we can't have more and more and more and that we need to pay the tax because government needs more revenue. He just wants to put a stop to the whole thing.

I may have missed some of his sound bites.


Does this sound like an MLA that is working on behalf of his constituents? Listening to them? Representing them?

A PAB troll on an anonymous comment paid tribute to him because of the big salary write down he is taking. What a hero.

Wait a minute.

My gut is telling me this whole thing is staged. Blair is either going to run for premier or he is doing this because it has been put into action for Campbells benefit. The Liberal parties benefit. Every Liberal MLA that will not listen to the voters and prefers to be a Campbell puppet benefit. We are dealing with a severely disturbed leader at the moment, and I don't trust him for a second.

I ask everyone to not fall for this dupe. Do not let this conclude this issue. Recall in the fall.

Every f'in one of them.


Anonymous said...

Blair L is a clown. THe only reason he resigned was to save his ass. He is the one who has signed off on the highest prices for hydro. They won't be able to sell it, to much cheap out there now. He is covering for the drunk gordo the impaler. We should know by now... gordo is a drunk, a thief, a breader of kids out of marriage. Ask his e-wife. Ask all of his girlfriends, hell ask Fred Latremouille, coke and shooters mmmm. Let the trial continue, let the truth come out. This prick micro-controls everything. Except the drinking and lying.

kootcoot said...

"This prick micro-controls everything. Except the drinking and lying"

Of course "micro" can't begin to describe the drinking and the lying, then we need words like MACRO and MONSTROUS and HUMONGOUS! But don't ask Fred Latremouille anything, his wife won't allow him to speak........(maybe he'll be cut off forever and lacks the girlfriends that Lord Gord has to pick up the slack)