Sunday, June 13, 2010

Trillion Dollars in Minerals, Go Figure!

Well, isn`t this special, over a trillion dollars worth of minerals, plenty of cheap labour, gold, copper, and every other rare mineral society needs, this latest find has the ability to change the world of mining, well, at least to change its location.

No need to mess up fish lake, no reason to pollute pristine watersheds with mine tailing`s, this latest discovery could change the world, as I write this story mining officials around the world have drool running from their mouths, the greed runneth over, one Government official has already been replaced, apparently he accepted a $30 million dollar bribe from a Chinese mining company to get the mining rights to one copper deposit.

Maybe this discovery is a good thing, maybe the miners in B.C. will leave for greener pastures, after all, why pay someone here a $100,000 per year to mine when you can pay dollars a day for miners there. Strange days indeed, first off, I have no idea why Pentagon officials and geologists were flying around doing mineral surveys in that land but, the fact is they found the mother load, for thousands of years men have craved buried treasure, Teck Comenco must be all over this one, and considering only a few countries have people on the ground there and Canada being one of them, well, unless, finders keepers, losers weepers, I`m sure we can work out a deal with the Americans to share the bounty.

And it`s not just gold, all the rare minerals are there, minerals for computers and batteries, minerals for solar cells, how on earth did these massive ore bodies go so long undiscovered, never the less the cat is out of the bag, this mineral bounty has the ability to stop wars, or perhaps to start a new war, who knows for sure, all the pieces are in place, a corrupt Government already exists there, greasing of the palm is standard fare.........

OK, I kept you faithful guessing long enough, where is this bounty, Australia, nope, the arctic, not, in the gulf of Mexico, that`s liquid gold, the moon, nah, that`s green cheese, the massive ore wealth is located in.........Drum Roll please.......

Afghanistan......Right, I must be drinking, wrong again, the Russians did some preliminary mapping in the 90s but they left, the Russians left a few maps with preliminary results, so here`s the deal, apparently when the Americans invaded Afghanistan they also sent in a few geologists, this was several years ago, the geologists made some interesting finds, but for some reason these geologists remained silent, a few years go by, things aren`t going too well in Afghanistan, the occupation rages, from what I read the Pentagon redevelopment panel were looking for ways of jump starting the Afghanistan economy, their yearly economy is a mere $12 billion dollars, that of course is excluding the $60 billion dollar opium market, so this redevelopment group, along with more geologists flew around in specialized aircraft that take special pictures and lo n behold.................

There`s gold in dar mountains, there`s copper, there are valuable minerals everywhere, initial estimates are at least a trillion dollars worth of metals.

Let the gold rush begin!

This my friends changes the whole ball game, of course I am a suspicious, is that why the Russians didn`t want to leave, is that why the Americans are still there, in my opinion....

This war was never going to end, a forever occupation, maybe this latest ploy is too share the wealth with the Afghani citizens, jobs, prosperity, mining towns, new housing, new transmission lines to service the mines, schools, 7/11 s in every town, fine dining, "The roads will be paved with gold"!

I`m all ears friends, maybe this will be the catalyst for the war to end, we can start an exchange program, turn in your AK47 and trade it for a pick and shovel!

You can read the story here

It must be true, the New York times had the story.

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Anonymous said...

More of the same:

kootcoot said...

Interesting Grant, I talk to a fair number of mining types locally - mining being why white people ever moved here and I had heard about major deposits of the highest quality iron ore conveniently located next to the highest quality metallugical coal deposits, all the better to make high quality steel, all in the NE corner of Afghanistan, if I remember correctly.

My only reservation about this is the inconvenient land locked nature of the land that repelled Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, the Brits, the Ruskies and is patiently wearing out the patience of NATO. It is much more convenient to ship bulky iron ore via water, like all the current sources around Lake Superior in the USA and Canada. Iron ore doesn't really lend itself to shipment by air like say diamonds (or even gold) from North of Sixty!

Kim said...

This is not likely to benefit the Afghan people in any way. The IMF will insist that Afghanistan allow multinationals in to mine it. They will make their shareholders richer. Or, the Afghan people will die defending their resources. The Americans and Canadians were well aware of this before they invaded.