Monday, June 28, 2010

George Abbot gets Tarred and Feathered!

Gordon habitual liar Campbell and Colin ferret face Hansen just don`t get it, B.C. Liberal MLAs don`t get it, in my entire life have never seen such anger, I remember when the GST was brought in and it can`t compare to the outright fury over the HST!

Sunday evening George Abbot`s constituency office was tarred and feathered, hot tar with fecal excrement mixed in, and feathers, we are not talking about a BC Liberal who barely won his/her seat like Donna Barnett in Caribou Chilcotin or Don Mcrae in the Comox valley, George Abbot won his seat by a bunch, of course there was tough talk from Bobble head Abbot about catching and punishing those who punked him but I think they deserve an award, you see folks that is what it has come to in B.C, The Government ignores the masses, they claim we don`t understand the HST, that is so false, the fact is people understand the HST all too well!......Read about the tar and feathering here

I wouldn`t be surprised if more Liberals aren`t targeted, and believe me, I would bet dollars to doughnuts that the police won`t be looking very hard to find the culprits, after all, the cops hate the HST too......I wonder how many BC Liberals have thought of that?

David Shreck had an interesting post yesterday on the HST......David was subtle but Shreck sent a shot across the bow of the BC Liberals......What David Shreck said was......:By the time "Recall in the Fall" (November 15) can be started we should be able to compare prices on the consumer index for B.C. and all other Provinces, for example, when November starts we can look at September numbers, or in September we can see August numbers, a month by month consumer index of household goods.....So we will be able to see if prices RISE or FALL.....And David Shreck also has a link which will show the restaurant numbers, month by month, year over year, and you can bet the NDP, Zalm, and others are documenting current prices in all Provinces....

So friends, with all of us, and sharp shooters like David Shreck monitoring prices very very carefully......So Campbell and Hansen can twirl, spin, and propaganda us until their blue in the face....The numbers will speak for themselves, and I can just imagine the anger people will have if they have a loved one die of a heart attack, stroke, accidental death, car wreck, not only will they be in mourning but when they have to pay an extra $1000 in NEW HST TAX on funerals....Well...Someone might blow their top, from weddings to funerals to ice hockey registration to labour on car repairs, labour on renovations, from birth to death Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen will be digging in your pocket! You can read David Shreck`s cheeky, shot across the bow here

I have bookmarked David Shreck`s links to the restaurant information and the Province by Province consumer index, I will be able to report on the rise of prices, so all those BC Liberals won`t be able to hide in the spin cycle, the numbers will speak volumes, numbers don`t lie.

Unemployment numbers don`t lie, we lost 10,000 jobs in April, soon we will have the May numbers...

So I echo David Shreck`s shot across the bow......Beware BC Liberals....You are already a corpse party beyond revival, and when prices are shown to rise, when unemployment numbers rise, where are you going to hide?

I suggest you don`t hide in your constituency office!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Evil Eye said...

Doesn't Abbot get the message? Doesn't realize when the ruling Liberal Party pervert the rules of the Legislature and the rule of law, lawlessness takes place.

When a government remains deaf to the populace, this sort of thing is going to happen - the public are beginning to hate the Liberals and anyone who calls him/herself a Liberal.

Gordon Campbell has embarrassed this province with his lies and shady business practices; he has ignored the voters and the only recourse are actions like the tar and feathering of Abbots office.

I'm sorry, the rule of law doesn't exist anymore in BC and by god the great unwashed are sharpening their pitchforks for a revolution.

Who will be next? Could the Great Gordo get tarred and feathered or worse?

Anonymous said...

Personally, I would like to see their families get tarred and feathered.

I'm the kind of man that's built to last,
tax me to death, I'll stick my foot up you ass.

Anonymous said...

I'm having a little trouble posting to your comment section. Did you get this? RECALL RON CANTELON MLA. SUPPORTER OF THE HST!!!

Grant G said...

yea...Many are having trouble commenting...BC Liberal PAB and spooks are jamming again.

Every other week this happens.

Anonymous said...

They went to Cantelons North Nanaimo office to tar and feather him but to their surprise Cantelon had closed his office and high tailed it to safer grounds in Parksville where he has been promising that community a health centre. The HEU members were pissed but they will get their chance to oust him anyways in the recall event. You had your chance Cantelon and you failed to represent your riding yet again.

Kim said...

Check this out! The arrogance of these people never fails to astound me!

Grant G said...

I am all over it....No worries ..

I hope they rule the petition invalid!

Think outside of the box my friends...

There is nothing better that could happen than ruling 700,000 voters are out of luck with the petition.

What better way to rile up the public for

"Recall in the Fall"

All is good...Bring on the judicial review!

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Anonymous said...

Grant - The HST Extinguishment Act that everyone is signing up for has worried me because when you read it - it comes across as flaky. Is it even legal? That's what I'm worried about after all my family members signed the petition and now that I've read it.

In that G & B article:

“Our legal view is that the Bill attached to the petitions is unconstitutional and unworkable, they should know that sooner rather than later.”

And then from BC2013:

"Their attached legislation to the initiative petition, the HST Extingushment Act, is very poorly written. It is so poorly written that the people that drafted and reviewed it should be embarrassed – it is like reading a grade 7 essay when it should be graduate level caliber piece of legislation."

If the Initiative gets overturned by the Courts because Vander Zalm goofed up big time and didn't have a lawyer properly draft same (the Zalm drafted it himself), I'm going to grab a flaming torch and pitchfork and will go to the Zalm's house in Ladner to make him know my anger for wasting everyone's time. Uggh!

jaydee said...

Either way, Recall in the easy..... not to worry! Save the flaming torches and pitchforks for the B.C. Liberal mobsters and the MSM.

Anonymous said...

Tarring and feathering is child's play compared to the total rape of BC's public resources under the Fraser Institutes stooges. How do we get them back, whileand putting Gordnoccio in prison for life? The adverse affects of Campbells poliices and give away of crown resources, are nothing short of crimes against humanity. He has subject millions to a lower standard of living, which is slso treasonous.

Paul said...

Business coalition asks court to quash anti-HST petition

Yeah, I posted these last night under my G&M username


B.C. won’t undertake legal challenge of anti-HST petition, Premier says

by Patrick Brethour (Monday's G&M)

Gordon Campbell "we will allow the petition process to follow its course."

I wonder how the G&M's Patrick Brethour likes it knowing he was being played for a fool.

..."the legal challenge, based on arguments set out by former attorney-general Geoff Plant"

Geoff Plant (Gordon Campbell's ex-roommate in Victoria) is also a current employee of the law firm HEENAN BLAIKIE which is handling this application so Plant is not just making arguments, he's making money.

For a good time, go to the Elections BC Political Contributions System webpage.

PASTE "Heenan Blaikie" (without the quotes) into the "Partial Contributor Name:" field.

Click on the search button at the bottom and enjoy noticing that this same law firm has been donating thousands of dollars to the BC Liberal Party since 2005.

Oh, BTW, this group of business organizations is being represented by PETER GALL, QC

For more fun, go to the Elections BC Political Contributions System webpage.

PASTE "Peter Gall" (without the quotes) into the "Partial Contributor Name:" field.

Click on the search button at the bottom and enjoy watching our democracy in action.

Gordon Campbell has one golden rule - the one who has the gold is the one who makes the rules.

Rick Jeffrey, president of the Council of Forest Industries:

"...they didn’t really know what they were signing"

President of the Council of Forest Industries eh?

Go to the Elections BC Political Contributions System webpage.

PASTE "Council of Forest Industries" (without the quotes) into the "Partial Contributor Name:" field.

Click on the search button at the bottom and enjoy adding up all of the money that the COUNCIL OF FOREST INDUSTRIES has given to the BC Liberal Party since 2005.

Kim said...

I counted $61,700. And the good Mr. Hochstein? $65,548. He published a letter last week supporting the tax so I looked him up then. Independant contractors eh? Very big on busting unions and importing mexican labour. Nice company Gordo keeps.

Anonymous said...

To me Gordon's governemtn looks like.... of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

cherylb said...

It was an awesome, incredible day delivering the petitions yesterday! Now that big business and our own government have declared open war on the citizens of this province, we're just getting started.

Bring it on boys! We don't respect you, we're not afraid of you, you aren't controlling this ride and there are way, way more of us than there are of you!

I'm in no way advocating violence or lawlessness. We don't need it. We have RECALL!

P.S. Thanks for filing the lawsuit. You and your Lieberal buddies still don't get it. The petition has already succeeded and the end result doesn't matter anymore. It provided a focus for the anger and united this province like it's never been united before. Your lawsuit just makes the rest of the job easier for us.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My neighbor, just came home from a trip to the grocery store, in a fury. She will throw shoes at Campbell if he comes to this town. The HST was so confusing, such as different bottle sized drinks, some were HST and the other size isn't. She ended up getting a carry basket, to throw the HST items back. The store was pissed, because, they had to put all of the baskets of goods away again. She said, it is now not only anger, she said, this has turned to out and out rage, at the stupidity of, Campbell and Hansen. @$$ h*le Campbell, is touring BC, to sell his HST, to the citizens, good luck to him, he's going to need it. Tax payers are sick and tired of jet setting him and his significant other all over the globe. Now we have to pay him and his monster sized security, all over the province, for a totally useless venture. We even paid that S.O.B's trip, to the Bilderberg meeting in Spain. Campbell has the highest security bill, of all the other provinces. Between, Campbell and Hansen's insane budget and the asinine HST, Campbell can add even more to, his highest number of homeless in the entire country. Campbell is a dictator, who gave his useless self a 53% wage hike, and his henchmen a 29% raise. Campbell, Hansen and the BC Liberals, are no different than Hitler and his Nazi gangsters. I believe Campbell and his gang, are more corrupt. How many BC Ministers are under investigation now? How many more, of those corrupt cockroaches will surface?