Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mike De Jong, the Thinker? Not

Well well well, I find it very interesting the speed at which this corrupt B.C. Government operates at, lets look back at what happened after our fraudulent election, within weeks of stealing the last election the liar Gordon Campbell announced the HST.

Of course everyone in the Province knows Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen are habitual liars, Gordon Campbell has not only been lying to BCers for a decade plus but he has been living a lie, an adulterer, a womanizer, but leaving that behind us for the moment, the HST, a complicated agreement between the Federal Government and B.C......

A deal with limited exemptions, a tax that will hurt BCs economy and the public`s buying power, a tax that is regressive, a tax shift of monumental proportions, a yearly $1.9 billion dollar consumer hit, a tax deal that eliminates our sovereignty, a tax deal that that covers millions of items, transitional rules, a transfer of BC Debt, BC debt being added to the Federal debt, small businesses will lose the $1200 dollars a year they were paid to collect the PST, now small business will be non-paid tax collectors for the Federal Government.

This HST agreement is so complicated (according to Government) that Gordon Campbell and ferret face Colin Hansen state...."The voters don`t understand it" and perhaps that is true to some extent, as you know Blair Leckstrom(Minister who brought in the clean energy act on Gordon Campbell`s orders, has quit Government over the HST, Blair Leckstrom is on the record saying.....

"I wouldn`t have voted for the HST if I knew what I know today about the HST" snip

Apparently, in the past the people and workers in the Peace region of BC could buy cars in say Dawson Creek, give an Alberta address and like magic a point-of-sale-rebate removed all the PST tax, I can imagine there was lots of abuse of this practice, the workers of the Peace got tax free cars, of course us poor saps in the rest of the Province have had to pay this tax, anyway, apparently this "Putting out of business" of all the northeast auto dealers was enough to get Blair Leckstrom to quit Government and sit as an independent something.

The point being is that the HST has thousands of tentacles, the HST will increase the underground economy, the HST will drive shoppers to Washington state for cheap(Tax free) goods, new tires, new electronics and a full tank of gas, the HST will cost people money on mutual funds, retirement funds, the HST will also drive more people to shop HST free online, the HST will cost thousands of jobs in the restaurant industry, the HST and carbon tax will keep tourists from coming to B.C..........Three days after the fraudulent BC election Gordon Campbell sent his officials from the finance ministry to Ottawa to finalize the pre-ordained deal, a deal that was planned well in advance of the election, one only needs to look at the BC Progress board`s report to Campbell to confirm this, despite the lies and spin!

But what I really wanted to talk about was the law school flunky Mike De Jong, the only one Mike De Jong could beat in court is ....Maybe some welfare recipient who was over-paid $50 dollars per month by mistake, but I have my doubts.

There was an article in the paper the other day, lawyers, media, legal aid, BC Civil liberties, and the justice department have concluded that the fees for online information from our courts is hurting average folks, it`s cost prohibitive, almost no jurisdiction in North America has fees to access court information, and guess what folks, Mike De Jong and the Government have come to their senses(albeit a little late)......Or have they, as you know legal aid offices for the poor have been closed all through the Province, and of course the HST will apply to legal fees thus making legal advice less accessible to the millions of poor BCers.

But back to the removal of these online fees, it`s good news, sort of, the HST deal between two Governments hashed out a deal on the HST just days after the election, thousands and thousands of details, tentacles reaching into everyone`s pockets, a tax that has far reaching implications, we even lose our taxing authority, we cede everything to the Feds, one complicated tax deal, and it happened so fast, no notice, so perhaps someone could explain to me the complication involved in removing the on-line court fees for information?

Because friends, according to one of the dullest-knives-in-the-drawer Mike De Jong........It`s very complicated removing these fees, in fact Mike De Jong states the very earliest these fees could be removed is August 31/ 2010......

That folks is almost 3 months away, now I am not a rocket scientist, i`m not an engineer, I am but one political coffin closer with a hammer and nails, but, if your credit cards get lost you can get replacements within days, 2 for 1 burger deals can be input into cash registers in a minute, gas station can change the price at the pump several times per day in seconds, yet for reasons beyond my comprehension these court fees are hanging on, almost like that old broom who wants back in my life, sorry broom, the SWIFTER is in, your out!

But I digress, maybe the province and Mike De Jong could get some expert advice from Bill Gates or a computer programmer, geez folks, do we not have the technology to remove these fees before August 31/2010? A man on the moon, particle accelerators, nano technology, the gennome mapping, or even Rubik`s cube, but those fees, my god folks, call in the exterminators, kill those fees, 3 months before a program can be written, a complicated dilemma, a computer engineer`s worst nightmare, a problem mankind has dealt with for eternity.

How to remove a Government Fee!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


kootcoot said...

"according to one of the dullest-knives-in-the-drawer Mike De Jong........It`s very complicated removing these fees, in fact Mike De Jong states the very earliest these fees could be removed is August 31/ 2010......"

This is the same "genius" Ding Dong who stated on the CBC radio that "it would be nice to televise the BC Rail Trial, but there isn't enough time to get set up for it." This in spite of the fact that MILLIONS were spent to outfit a courtroom in the very same building to televise the Air India abortion of a trial, thanks to RCMP "never get their man if they can help it" and CSIS comedy (if only it wasn't so unfunny) of errors!

By the way, am I the only person who detects some high grade hypocrisy in the vendetta against the poor woman who killed the 4 year old Angel. It is definitely tragic, but this poor woman, who apparently blew .10 (borderline legal just a few years ago) is deemed worthy by the RCMP to be harassed by undercover operatives who even go to Vancouver Island with her while Cpl Monty Robinson can kill at will almost annually, drunk or sober and no one even thinks pressing charges would be appropriate.

I'm not saying the woman shouldn't be held accountable, but even the mother of the dead girl was feeling some empathy for her daughters killer upon hearing the testimony of the tax payer paid undercover operatives who spent God knows how many tax dollars building a case against this woman.

We live in a lawless jungle and if the wild animals aren't tamed soon, I'm gonna start hunting!

Grant G said...

Thanks Kootcoot....I agree, tragic yes, negligence yes, did it warrant a sting operation, no!

How about a sting operation into how much Jane Thornthwaite drank during the olympics, or caucus meetings!


Crankypants said...

Seeing as we know the PAB trolls your site on a regular basis, and assuming that it doesn't take all 200+ of them to read a simple message, I'll offer up some easy to use and understand advice so that Mr. DeJong can expedite the removal of the fees to coincide with month's end.

Mr. DeJong, just tell the computer programmers that look after the department that levies the fees to change the rate to "zero", and it's a done chicken.