Sunday, June 13, 2010

Carole James, B.C. Liberals best friend!

It`s time for Carole James to do the right thing for British Columbians, it`s time for Carole James to relinquish her leadership for the good of the party, and for the good of struggling, desperate, disenchanted BCers.

Now let me be perfectly clear, Carole James is a nice person, her heart is in the right place, but voters don`t vote for heart, they vote for leadership and under Carole James and Moe Sihota the party is lost, no vision, so unless the NDP grass roots get their act together by the time 2013 comes around the B.C, Conservative party will be in power in this Province, there will be "Recall in the Fall" campaigns to remove the BC Liberals from power, that my friends is probably the only way Carole James will sit in the big chair.

There have been several polls released as of late, the inaccurate Evi Mustel poll and the far more accurate Angus Reid poll, the polls despite the wide margin between the two have several common themes, lets have a look shall we......

Both polls have Gordon Campbell lower than a snail`s belly, rightfully so, both polls have the BC Liberals sinking faster than the Queen of the North, both polls have the majority of voters wanting new leaders and or a new party......................

Both polls have the NDP between 44% to 46% support, both polls have the B.C, Conservative party rising and they don`t even have a leader! Both polls have a dead BC Liberal party beyond revival but......

Despite the fact that the Campbell Liberals are in freefall and dead, despite the fact the BC Liberals have dropped 22 percentage points the Carole James led NDP haven`t surged, the NDP haven`t budged upwards, and believe me folks the NDP under Carole James will not increase those numbers.

I mean think about it, Gordon Campbell and the liars, thieves, fiscal idiots, tax and spend Liberals have thoroughly Focked the B.C. economy, tripled our debt, bankrupted BC Ferries, ran every project way over budget, hurt children, burned education, double crossed seniors, chased away tourists, gutted the forestry industry, hurt the environment and are hell bent on eliminating wild BC Salmon, a corrupt party run by backroom dealers like Patrick Kinsella, Ken Dobell, Gordon Campbell has shit on the public for a decade, a drunken scoundrel wearing red mittens to cover his blood stained hands and after all of that and more, Carole James.......

Is a nice person and cares but the people have spoken, time to go, my god folks, if as an opposition party you can`t surge in the polls with all that ammo and anger against the (Grueling) Liberal Government you never will....Is Moe Sihota stunned? Are the grass roots of the NDP that stunned?

I listen to the radio, for years now there has been a well oiled, organized brainwash campaign against the NDP, a deliberate mis-representation of the 90s, the have not Province, people leaving, tax and spend, industry leaving, unemployment, the dark and gloomy 90s.......

Yet where are the NDP leaders to set the story straight, employment was higher in the 90s, more housing was built in the 90s, more people migrated to BC in the 90s, GDP was higher in the 90s, the Campbell Liberals have spiked our debt, sold assets, run the five largest B.C. deficits in history, added double the debt of the NDP, Campbell sold our railway for a billion dollars(where the money went who knows) Gordon Campbell sold our ferry corporation for $500 million dollars, Campbell robbed ICBC for nearly a billion dollars, Campbell sold off 1/3 of BC Hydro, Gordon Campbell lowered the minimum wage, raised taxes, and even with Campbell selling off assets for millions and millions, despite the fact that the NDP left Campbell a $1.6 billion dollar surplus in 2001 Gordon Campbell has still managed to triple our BC Debt!

Yet when these lies are told, when the BC Liberal propaganda gets spewed by Bill Good, Crusty Clark, Gord Macdonald(idiot) Keith(ankle grabber and cougher) Baldrey and the greasy water boy Les Leyne where is the NDP to counter the brainwash? If a false fact is said of the BC Liberals on CKNW a MLA or cabinet minister calls in to correct, and it`s not like the true facts of the 90s are hard to prove, for Christ Sakes Will McMartin has written more good stories with all the facts, the numbers, by far Will McMartin is the king of numbers and numbers don`t lie yet.....

Yet Carole James and Moe Sihota merely leave the brainwash lingering, there is no leadership, there is no plan, propaganda can work both ways, or should I say "The truth will set you free"

Moe Sihota, Carole James, start phoning in radio stations, have all of Will McMartin`s archived stories on hand, the numbers speak for themselves, have grass root members monitoring radio, TV, newspapers, write some op-ed pieces, pay some money for a left of center PAB to expose the real truth.

I am but one unpaid blogger, yet I meet young people who were babies in the 90s, yet if I say NDP they say they ruined the 90s, there were no jobs in the 90s, the younger people are merely echoing the Campbell Goebel propaganda, day in and day out Bill Good and Christy Clark, Gord Macdonald and Baldrey say lies and distortions about the 90s...A slow drip of mis-information and it works, clueless masses of BC are subliminally affected, they have no idea how they are being molded and manipulated!

So Moe Sihota, either get with the program or jump on your horse and ride out of town, Carole James, sorry dear, the people have spoken, every where I go, everything I read, from pundits to school children, Carole James is not considered leadership material, you are not considered tough enough, you are perceived as a naggy wife, as soft, as too honest, after 8 years, 3 elections, the people have spoken Carole James, you are not leadership material!

Oh I know your nice Carole, I think you would handle the job fine, but what I think doesn`t matter, I have a brain, I haven`t been brainwashed, it`s what the brain dead think, what the masses think, what the big media thinks that matters.

So it`s up to you Carole James, you can hurt the Province, you can drive the electorate to a new upstart Conservative party, you can remain selfish and stroke your ego or.......

Or you can move over for a new leader, Farnsworth, Dix, Horgan, or you can stay on hurting the Province.......Are you listening Moe Sihota?

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Nice as she is,she has lost 2 elections to a DRUNK!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, time the BCNDP hired Lana Popham or Mike Farnworth or perhaps one of these blogheads like you that just can't stop hating the BCLibs.

The BCNDP needs to be "new" again. The BCLibs have gotten lazzzzzyyy.

Grant G said...

1:29pm....Sheesh, cmon now, Lana Popham? Are you Josef K/Polakite?

Lana Popham is pleasing on the eyes but she is a rookie MLA and winery owner, she is also a giggly laugher,she hasn`t one ounce of leadership in her, and she doesn`t want leadership,i`m not sure about your comment, personally speaking I should delete it for being idiotic.

It you think Lana Popham is leadership material you have been smoking too much herb or eating the wrong fungi!

As for me hating BC Liberals, you are sadly mistaken, I don`t hate any party, what I hate is destructive criminal policies, I hate a political group lying their face off, stealing our assets, destroying the Province...

I could accept any party providing they do the right thing, this group of liars,criminals, drunks,egomaniacs deserve to be fired lock, stock and barrel


Anonymous said...

I don't know... on the one hand I agree but on the other I might see a combination of a misogynistic Scamwest making her out to a cliche "harpy" or ignoring her completely. Maybe she puts real fear in the neocons?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, why can't the NDP budge any higher than 44% to 46%? That's what they have been getting in the last two elections. And we have the worst government in BC history. Even the LIEberals were approaching 70% in the late 1990's. Why can't the NDP approach that level of support? The NDP needs a fresh new face that people can respect and support. John Horgan is a good choice.

Anonymous said...

Where are the NDP? With all the rot Gordnochio has brought on BC they should be all over the Liberals. The should have continuous townhalls on the privatization of BC Hydro, telling the people the truth of what BC's absolutute worst government is doing. Instead, the job is left to Raif Mair and Citizen for Public Power. Sohota and James have two left feet, no pun intended.

kootcoot said...

I'm all for once the recall season starts, including Carole James as a recall target, if she hasn't stepped down as leader. Leonard Krog must go as well, unless he has died and let the seat become vacant that way!

We need an attorney general in the new government who hasn't been sitting around eating popcorn and watching the corruption of the entire justice system in our province with nary a peep.

Leah said...

I only hope our voices are heard...but hope don't pay the bills.

Koot, you're right - recall must absolutely include James and Krog. Their silence and/or inability to bring the REAL issues to the forefront, their unwillingness to fight Liberal propaganda of the "90's" with FACT, using whatever means necessary, (Hansard is a good place to start) speaks to me of complicity...and going along to get along. After all, they are earning very tidy sums not likely to be earned once out of government...and both have enormous ego's.

BC can't handle any more enormous ego's - we need common sense, integrity and a willingness to get dirty to clean up a mess not seen before here at home.

Anonymous said...

Heh - when did the Libs sell 1/3 of BC Hydro? If you look at their asset value, its double today compared to 2000. What are you smoking?

And if you are referring to the outsourcing of accounts - that had no value to begin with. Nothing sold. Does BC Hydro build its own trucks? No. So why should it do a complicated task like billing when it doesn't have the skills to do so? Its called outsourcing.

Oh - I figure - numbers have no truth value. Only rhetoric does in your little universe.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous - Rafe Mair is a rightwing liar. There is no privatization of BC Hydro. Their assets are going up and they are now spending another $10 billion of taxpayer money to build a dam that costs three times more than run of river for the same energy - and also plan to destroy the pristine and unique Peace River habitat. Don't parrot the public union rhetoric.

Grant G said...

Well D11.....You seem a little confused, BC Hydro isn`t being privitized, it`s being bankrupted, then it will be sold for its debt!

And I didn`t realize that billing was sooo complicated...

Well friend, no worries, the same players who made a fortune on the "outsourcing" of B.C. Hydro have a new cash cow, it`s called Finivera, would you like to have a read?

I will go to my Will McMartin archives, be right back.

Grant G said...

Enjoy the read, Will McMartin can answer your questions...


Crankypants said...

I am about to make a comment that will probably wrankle many of your regulars, but I still think it must be said. I don't believe that any party can win a majority in BC with a woman as the leader. If memory serves me correct there has only been one female leader that has been elected to the position of premier of a province, and that was in the Maritimes.

My view has nothing to do with the capabilities of women as a leader, but the public's inability to accept a woman in that role. Times may be changing, but I expect it will be at least a few more election cycles before a female stands a reasonable chance to be elected as the premier of this province.

I can't state with any certainty why this may be the case, but it seems that the fairer sex has made great strides in many areas over the past 20 years or so, there are certain fields where the barriers are still too well entrenched. If Gordon Campbell gets a brain and packs it in, I can almost guarantee that he will be replaced by another male only because the power brokers in the BC Liberal party are male.

If the NDP wants to win the next election, they must do the same.


Evil Eye said...

I tend to agree with Crankypants and Carole James proves the point; nice lady, dreadful as NDP leader.

My friends to the South who are desperately trying to get better and affordable transit into the region, with light rail and interurban are aghast how James and her 'girlie' retinue ignored the subject during the last election. Absolutely no help at all because "trains are a boys thing.". Shades of Gordon Price.

“Depart I say; you have been sat to long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of god, go!.”

Addressing the rump parliament. April 1653.

Anonymous said...

I still can't get my head around her wanting gender profiling. That says spades about her mental capacity, nice she is, leader shes not.

Henri Paul

kootcoot said...

I don't know how it has worked out for other regions of the province but the Bermuda based billing for BC Hydro here - where our valleys have been flooded to make the power - has been a disgrace. I've known folks who have had their power turned OFF during winter because Accenture suddenly expected them to pre pay a couple months in advance and many country mice aren't skilled at advocating for themselves.

I had to virtually book a flight to Bermuda (and figure out how to arm myself upon arrival) to avoid being cut off myself when BC Hydro OWED ME MONEY. I was off of work, taking a course and staying away from home, with an ill/disabled person at home and didn't want to pay any money (or the amount they wanted) as due to balanced payment (averaging over the year) and our own reduction in power waste they threatened to turn off the lights at home on the sick woman, unless I sent them $75 or so within days when their own statements showed they owed US OVER $300 for which we were receiving absolutely NO INTEREST. I had to spend about two days on the phone arguing with various people before someone acknowledged the absurdity of the situation!

Our power stayed on, we DID NOT send any money, but then I am highly resistant to taking crap, some people don't realize they don't have to and I have helped more than one of my neighbors get their power restored in these kind of battles with the bastards from Bermuda.

Parzone said...

Hi Grant,

Your right Grant it is time for a leadership change in the BCNDP.

Take for instance, the destruction of those very important emails during the last election. There have been two legislative sittings since then and to my knowledge this issue has not been raised once.

Why the silence?

This destruction of emails (evidence in an ongoing trial) is also against the law in a legislative manner and surely should have been used to hammer on Campbell for weeks.

Knowing full well that there would be no answers forthcoming the NDP still should have been at least asking the questions on behalf of the people of BC in question period.

Keep asking the questions relating to corruption in the Gordon Campbell government. Keep asking the questions so to keep pressure on the RCMP to look seriously into these matters. Keep asking the questions to put pressure on the media to put two and two together and maybe report on it.

The emails, in the sense of the trial, may be rightfully off limits but the breaking of the legislature laws should not only be fair game but a duty for the opposition to seek the answers. To say the RCMP is looking into it and then leave it at that….well, I don’t know what that is?

This is only one example of not going for the throat, instead nipping at the heels of government only to be brushed away.

Yes, the nipping at the heels subjects are important to the people of BC (health, education, etc) and would be taken seriously by an honest government but these subjects mean nothing to a corrupt government hell bent on destroying the province.

This corrupt government are focused on nothing but the light at the end of the tunnel.

Destroy, destroy, destroy!!!!

So given the mess we’re in, we need the leader of the opposition that will go for the throat and not be brushed aside.

How and who are a mystery to me.

John Horgan MLA Juan de Fuca

Bob Simpson MLA Cariboo North

One of these two would be fine, IF they went for the throat and IF they can figure out how to tell the people what’s really going on.

And forget treating BC Liberals with respect they deserve none.

Leah said...

The name is a dead giveaway, I'm female...and 100% against James gender profiling, and the notion that X number of women need to be part of government. Quite simply, IF they have what it takes, they'll get the seat female or no. If women aren't ready to take off the gloves and get bloody - they have no business in politics. If they get the job because of gender profiling and affirmative action - we are ill served.

That one issue alone tells me everything I need to know about Carole James - and that is; Carole I will NEVER vote for you again...even though I've voted NDP in every election for the past 11 elections! You've lost 3 times now, in elections that should have been a slam dunk for you, had you done your job correctly...and had your "handlers" understood BC issues, rather than Ontario's. And who the hell needs a "handler" anyway? Someone who isn't capable of dealing with issues on their own. Someone who looks to someone else for direction, and does what they're told. We already have a government full of those people! Look where we are as a result of it!

Quite frankly, I find BC's NDP a disgrace - as opposition, and as a political party in the running...yet one more time. The entire house needs cleaning - from Carole James and Leonard Krog on down.

Sunflower Pipes said...

The argument that allowed BP to drill in the gulf was that The Company would act in its own best interest according to its own profit motive. They then pointed out that they have some of the best scientists, engineers and oil rig experts in world, Therefore they would be able to drill safely at depths that far exceeded any than had been attempted before. This argument proved to be false. As a country we need responsible government regulation. Companies rise and fall and their only constant function is to make as much money as they can. By design companies have no responsibility to humanity, society , loyalty or the future any more than it serves its own interest. In order for this country to prosper in the future and pay off the national dept, we need to audit our relationship with every huge cooperation and make sure those relationships are responsible and fair.

Anonymous said...

BC Conservatives?
What about the new party that has received 18%- 15% of the electorate so far?
BC GREENS are what BC residents are really looking for, and would vote for if it didn't result in another Liberal regime, thank goodness next time it may not.