Monday, June 28, 2010

FortisBC Joins Gordon Campbell`s Clean Energy Scam

Another one of Gordon Campbell`s friends applies to commit a scam, a con, a ruse, a deal that will harm fish, risk a watershed and will require more imported power than the entirety of the power it will produce!

This deal folks is a gouging scam....What FortisBC proposes is this.......

FortisBC wants to pump water out of Nicola lake uphill to a man-made reservoir and then during peak hours (Between 4pm and 9pm) release the water back to the lake and produce electricity......

There are many glaring problems and contradictions with this plan......I will start with the biggest problem.

  1. It will take more power to pump the water uphill than it will recover on the water`s return to the lake.
  2. There are already problems with low water years, there is no guarantee how much water will be available for pumping.
  3. The lake will be lowered by about 1 foot during the pumping uphill process.
  4. The lake water will be warmed by this process.
  5. The disturbance to fish on the waters return will be severe.

Let`s start with the first one....The project claims it will produce 770 megawatt hours, but it will require importing 1200 megawatt hours from Alberta!

So here Gordon Campbell has been lying about the import/export power ratio in B.C......Gordon Campbell has been running around crying foul about importing dirty power from Alberta in the middle of the night, this project will increase that ratio and will directly mean importing MORE dirty power....FortisBC wants to buy cheap power in the middle of the night from Alberta which it will use to pump the water uphill.....Then when power rates are higher during peak use periods they plan on releasing the water back to the lake?

BC Hydro has been making lots of money for our Province for decades doing the same, BC Hydro would buy power in the middle of the night, dirt cheap Alberta power that would other wise be wasted, you can`t store electricity....But there is a big difference, BC Hydro was not importing more power than what they were producing, BC Hydro wasn`t using the Alberta power to pump water uphill, BC Hydro wasn`t buying twice as much power to produce half the power....

This will adversely hurt fish, the Nicola lake watershed will be warmed.....Water will race back to the river at 20 times the rate that the Nicola lake empties into the Nicola river!

This project is a net energy loss, a net loss of power by hundreds of megawatt hours.

If this project was to proceed it would mean that Gordon Campbell`s clean energy scam would have to scam us with another project .....Because as you know, Campbell claims that we must be energy efficient by 2016.....With projects like this will only add to the import/export deficit...This is a scam, everything Gordon Campbell does is a scam........Gordon Campbell....You must stand up and say...

(This project goes against everything I have been saying about being self sufficient, the project is dead)....But friends, Gordon Campbell will not say that, this project is about firming up intermittent wind can read the story here.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Crankypants said...

It's not only ludicrous to use more power than they can create, but where are they going to store the water they pump out? There will have to be some sort of environmental impact involved with their storage of the water.

Things are getting nuttier by the day.


Grant G said...

Cam...They intend on making a giant reservoir on top of the mountain.

This project must be stopped before it gets started.

curt said...

And the selling off and out of "our" resources continues. Read from the following:

(Didn't they back out of the Port Mann cause they couldn't get their financial house in order?Or no, they wouldn't make enough money.

Boy, are we going to be paying dearly!!

Skookum1 said...

I just happened to drop by looking for Railgate posts to send to an activist-type friend in South America.....and this blew my mind when I saw it.

There's a LAW against promoting stock or other capital-raising ventures involving perpetual motion machines and other impossibilities. Because that's EXACTLY what this is; it's like claiming you can make energy out of thin air, or sell it in bottles, freshly distilled from the gravitational field.

Cold fusion is a better bet.

Gee, maybe I should start a cold fusion IPP and get a First Nation to back it with their credit....but then I'm not a BC Liberal and don't have any money to donate to their party machine so wouldn't get a licence. But it makes as much sense as pumping water uphill to make energy when it comes back down again.

Clearly they went to stockbroking school, but not engineering school....

Naikun's only marginally more scientifically they intend to get power from the wind-generator buoys scattered through Hecate Strait I'm not sure. Tesla talked about direct transmission of power through the air, maybe that's what they've got up their sleeve.....other than that a web of undersea cables.....shades of an aquatic version of HAARP......

Hmmm. Rube Goldberg Energy Inc. Has a certain ring to it huh?

Skookum1 said...

Let`s start with the first one....The project claims it will produce 770 megawatt hours, but it will require importing 1200 megawatt hours from Alberta!

Oh, I get it now - it's not a perpetual motion machine, it's a perpetual CASH machine. The markup on generated power is so high that it's basically buying Alberta power at cheaper rates, then "recycling" it through some artificial process such that the resulting lesser megawattage is still more valuable than the cheaper megawattage it took to "produce" it.

There oughta be a law.....oh wait, there IS......just not one that makes any sense.

How come if I'm an independent power producer I can't just go and buy some cheap power on the open market, then sell it to BC Hydro at artificially high prices, and not actually PRODUCE it at all.....I guess they ARE rebottling energy. Almost like bottled water, though more lucrative and no return on the deposit....