Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gordon Campbell, LIAR...... Need Proof? UPDATED june 20

(Updated here, June 20 th...make sure you have a look at this must read from Kootcoot over at the "House of Infamy)

Another very interesting week friends, Gordon Campbell and his minions are getting desperate, the HST story is turning tragic for the B.C. Liberals, every other day a different spin is being put out for public consumption, it doesn`t matter what the Habitual liar Gordon Campbell says, nobody is buying it!

Several months ago the Government made the ridiculous claim that the HST was being directed towards health care, everyone laughed, including Blair Leckstrom, the citizens rejected this idea, earlier this week Christy cluck cluck Clark was doing the headless chicken thing, first she said that 85% of BCers want the HST because only 15% of the population have signed the petition, the next day Cluck Cluck was pecking away at another stupid claim, Cluck cluck said that Vander Zalm and Delaney were afraid to debate the HST with the public, she must be drinking too much koolaid.

Monday Bill Good had on the liar himself, Gordon Campbell, the whole segment flopped, listeners were laughing in the aisles listening to those two fools, Bill Good ramped up the pressure 2 days later with Michael Levy, again the segment flopped, listeners were ready to rip Levy`s head off, and....Levy and Good officially started a new HST angle, and apparently CFAX radio on the island echoed the same spin, these clowns are now saying, "What $1.6 billion in services would you like cut if the HST is cancelled" .....Now that was a joke, a joke on the public, again the spin backfired.......

The cutting ledge on Friday, Good, Baldrey and Palmer, and again folks Baldrey acted like a stooge, Baldrey claimed that we BCers were becoming "initiative crazy"........Baldrey elaborated, he said that down in California the lawmakers can`t raise taxes, they can`t do anything because the initiative process is used, citizens put initiatives on the ballot, the result is everything gets voted down by the public, and Baldrey added .........The same spin about what services should be cut if the $1.6 billion dollar bribe was returned to Ottawa, and he mentioned that California is broke......

Lets clear up the initiative bullshit that Baldrey was spinning, initiatives in California are far easier, one petition sheet, no registering canvassers, a mere 5% in each county or district has to sign to make it succeed, but here in B.C........

We need 85 different petition sheets, canvassers must get registered, canvassers can only collect signatures for their specific petition sheet, by that I mean, as a canvasser myself, many people wanted to sign but were not registered voters in the Sunshine coast riding, the result was I couldn`t collect their signature.......And..

I remember well, at the onset of the HST initiative, Palmer was laughing at us because we only had 400 canvassers registered at the beginning, Baldrey laughed at us, Bill Good laughed at us, all the paid stooges laughed at us and said it couldn`t be done, their not laughing now!

I would like to remind Baldrey of something he said last fall.....

"There have been 16 initiative attempts and everyone has failed, by the time the HST comes around in July/2010 everyone will have forgotten about the HST"

So now Baldrey is fear mongering that BCers have become initiative crazy and Governments of the future will be hamstrung to bring anything in.......Really Baldrey? 1 for 16 on initiatives, they said it can`t be done, 15% of the voters in 85 riding`s, 85 different sheets, registered canvassers, are you still laughing Baldrey?.......The point i`m trying to make is this, they laughed and scoffed at us, Gordon Campbell didn`t even register as a proponent of the HST, the B.C. liberal party deemed it impossible from the get-go.......And now that we blasted through the petition they want to spin about stifling Government, about BCers being "initiative crazy".....Phony spin about cutting health and education to the tune of $1.6 billion.

But what I really wanted to talk about is Gordon the liar Campbell, specifically the low income HST rebates......

Colin Hansen, Gordon Campbell, Michael Levy, and Sam keep claiming that prices are going to come down, well I have indisputable evidence to the contrary......First off, Dalton Mcguinty is on the record as saying....

"The HST will cost middle class families between $900 dollars and $2000 dollars per year"

Dalton McGuinty is also sending every taxpayer in Ontario a cheque before July 1....And Dalton is sending every taxpayer another cheque in December, the cheques go to every tax payer, and those cheques are completely separate from the LOW-INCOME-REBATE cheques that Ontario`s poor will receive.

Here`s the deal for us BCers, no cheque to every taxpayer, and as for the low income people in B.C......Single poor people will receive $230 dollars per year, a family of 4 with a gross income $25 thousand dollars will receive $800 dollars per year.

Lets review that shall we, a family of 4 with TOTAL income $25 thousand dollars per year will receive $800 dollars, let me say this, a family of 4 with that low of income is dirt poor, that is one person working making slightly less than $15 dollars per hour!....In fact a single person living, renting making $15 dollars per hour is dirt poor.

The above 2 paragraphs confirm that Campbell/Hansen/Levy/Good/Sam are all liars, how can Colin Hansen and Campbell claim that prices will fall when a dirt poor family of 4 are being made whole with a rebate of $800 per year? And if that working family member gets a raise to $20 dollars per hour the rebate disappears!

Lets go one step further, Campbell and Hansen by their actions have admitted that the HST will cost middle class families a fortune every year, because.......How much spending power does a family of 4 have with 1 member of the family working for $15 dollars per hour? Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen have by their actions conceded that the HST for that dirt poor family will cost them $800 dollars per year.......

So how much will the HST cost a family in a big home, both parents working, a combined income of $100 thousand per year, that family has spending power, 2 cars, repairs, bingo, golf on the weekends, meals out, etc etc etc....One can extrapolate from the numbers that they will be out $2000 dollars or more every year, and in a Province of million dollar condos, property taxes, carbon taxes, tolls, expensive fuel, expensive education, $100 thousand combined income doesn`t make them rich.

The point I am making is, how on earth can Michael Levy/ Campbell/Hansen make the claim that prices will fall and the tax won`t be noticed when their actions and Dalton McGuinty say different?

Finally folks, the average funeral in Canada is about $10 thousand dollars, the HST will add about $ 700 dollars to the cost of 1 funeral.....When my friend Brian asked Colin Hansen about taxing funerals on the Sean Leslie show last fall.....Colin Hansen answered the question thusly, and I quote....

"When a funeral company buys a new carpet for their funeral hall they will get the PST back that was charged to them on the purchase of the carpet , so they will be able to lower the price of the funeral"snip

Let`s see if I have this right, what does a funeral hall sized carpet cost? They`re not shags, not persian`s, they are not flying carpets, usually the carpets are low maintenance and thin, let`s give it a cost of $20 thousand, that is $1400 dollars in PST.........

So unless they replace their carpet every 2 funerals, because 2 funerals would be equivalent to the entirety of the tax on that $20 thousand dollar carpet!

Let me do my own math, an aging population, let`s say the funeral hall is busy, let`s say they do 4 funerals a week, 50 weeks, 50 X 4 = 200 funerals per year, total HST tax paid on those 200 funerals....

$140,000.00 dollars per year in new taxes on those 200 funerals!

And guess what the stooge Vaughn Palmer is up to this Saturday morning, his column today echoes what Bill Good and Michael Levy said,

"what will we cut if we lose the $1.6 billion in transition money from Ottawa"snip

Vaughn goes on and on talking about the dreaded loss of this money, in fact Vaughn Palmer states that if we return the transition money to Ottawa, "the extra $1.6 billion in debt will cost the B.C. treasury $75 million dollars in long term borrowing"

I have but one question for you Vaughn Stooge Palmer..........

What is the long term cost of servicing the B.C. debt, you know, the $50 billion dollar plus B.C. debt, a debt that has more than doubled under Gordon Campbell?

You can read the Vaughn Con here

A real sloppy column by Vaughn, it smells like Kirk Lapoint (editor-in-chief of the Vancouver Sun)gave Vaughn his marching orders, and Vaughn like a good little toady writes a pathetic column not worthy of print, time to pack it in Vaughn, your old, stale, tired, your journalistic ethics are gone, be gone Vaughn, move your desk to Victoria, you`re already writing for the PAB(public affairs bureau)

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Ron said...

I read Palmers column and he really is a goof.After watching voice of bc he and Baldry are hard to stomach.The two stooges as well as Bill G and crusty Clarke have turned it all around and anyone who is anti GST has to explain how to function without the 1.6B.What a croc.The libs got us into this mess and could hardly wait to grab the cash because they never want the real books opened.They make all callers or responders feel like the antis are stealing from the citzens of BC by denouncing this tax,Remember all you stooges it is revenue nuetral so quit the spin.I found it funny yesterday when BG tried to say he wasn't a Liberal lackey.He blurted out BS before cutting the guy off.I'm naming them all Boots because that all you see sticking out of Campbells ass are their boots

Evil Eye said...

I listened to BS Baldry and his rant against US style initiatives; either the idiot is indeed ignorant or deadly desperate.

Palmer, Good, and Baldry are indeed the three stooges and their desperate rants are just laughable.

Liar is just too polite to use on these guys, rather I would like to call a spade a spade; all three are Quislings, agents of Gordo the God Awful and the BC Liar Party. It is so sad that this odourous trio is trying to manipulate the public but as the old adage goes:

"You can fool some of the people some of the time and you can fool all the people some of the time, bu you can't fool all the people all the time."

In BC All the people have stopped being fooled!

Anonymous said...

What pisses me off the most is the Canwest/Liebral mouthpiece leaves no room for a comment section as my answer to him and BC'rs is you probably don't want to start tearing off roofs on public stadiums until you can afford to replace the existing one. I often e-mail Palmer to share my disgust in his biased opinion of Gordon (KORSIKOFF'S) Campbell and encourage him to read the "Straight Goods" just maybe he will get it some day. It's so sad that these Canwest rags don't have the balls to tell the people exactly where our deficit starts and that is with corporate welfare in BC. We can only hope that the vulnerable minds of our seniors can see through this public propaganda. Good writing as always Grant.

kootcoot said...

"Gordon Campbell Liar.....need Proof?"

Wait until later today or tomorrow at latest, I will be publishing "documentation" that proves that Campbell can lie without even moving his lips! He can prolly lie without even leaving skid marks in his boxers, but doesn't care to bother!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog a lot and I've never commented before. I just want to point out, regarding the HST/GST credit that is paid by the Canada Revenue Agency, that this credit is not new. It's already being paid to poor people. It's not increasing as of July 1, 2010. Drives me crazy when I hear the Fiberals on the radio talkin about 1 million people getting this rebate. They never say it's a "new" credit because it isn't. They conveniently leave that part out, to obfuscate. Link to CRA website explaining the credit:

Anonymous said...

I think you missed something Grant....Ontario residents making total family income over $160,000 will not be getting cheques.

I know, some people are so hard done by, don't ya think?

Gary E said...

Grant, in another of your posts here you mentioned that Hansen came simpering to the TV station with a bundle of Huggies. He stated on camera that Huggies would not be taxed.
As you know I have a young family and the other day I went to Save-On to get some diapers. I happened to get Huggies. I have a receipt right here in front of me that proves Hansen is a god damn friggin bald faced liar.
SOM -4.00

GST 15.99 Tax 0.80
PST 15.99 1.12

LIES, LIES and more LIES

Grant G said...

Gary...Was there not PST on Huggies already?

Maybe the PST disappears on July 1st.

Let me know about your post July 1 purchases of Diapers.