Thursday, July 1, 2010

CKNW is a Racist Radio Station!

Another trip to the big smoke, and what a traffic mess, gridlock everywhere, one accident and traffic backs up for miles and never recovers, glad to be back to fresh air.

While traveling I listened to cknw, Christy cluck cluck Clark, Bill Liberal Good, Michael Levy, Michael Campbell, Neil Veldhuis, Gord MacDonald, and boy did they ratchet up the propaganda, I have one thing to say about those six......

They are RACISTS!....The CKNW rat pack are racists.

Let`s start with Christy Clark, she has been spraying venom towards school boards, teachers, she agrees with shooting bears for trophies, she hates roadside memorials, she attacked the mayor of Tofino for passing a bylaw preventing big chain stores from setting up shop there, obviously Cluck cluck Clark has never been there, for if she had she might realize that Tofino is small, quaint, and unique.......Clark is against public education, public health, Christy Clark is a economic racist, it`s quite evident from her anger and fangs towards social safety nets.Clark had Neil Veldhuis from the Fraser institute on again, Clark allowed Neil Veldhuis to lie and spin, Veldhuis was promoting the HST, he lied about the cut-off for HST rebate on new homes, he lied about restaurants paying PST on vegtables, he lied about everything and spun like a top, now some callers called in and corrected Neil Veldhuis, the point I`m making is.....

Christy cluck cluck Clark allowed him to lie and spin unchallenged, there must be a law against letting so-called experts lie on radio, the performance was sad....

Gord Macdonald was lying too........Gord said....: "Carole James if elected will not remove the HST and raise income tax and every other tax"....

Gord Macdonald lied, do you hear me Gord Dweeb Macdonald, YOU ARE A LIAR! Sue me assface!......Gord MacDonald was also saying that Gordon Campbell has been a great premier, the best, Gord Racist Macdonald also called the NDP..."Socialist hoardes"....

What Gord Macdonald said, what he implied is that the 50% or so of voters who voted NDP are delusional, losers, demented, he exspouses political RACISM...Gord attacked Vander Zalm, he talked about a bag of money and called him a hypocrit because he brought in the property transfer tax.....

For goodness sakes, there has been 5 elections since Zalm was in power, when he brought in the tax houses were how much...$150 K,,,.....Homes weren`t $800K.......Every Government in B.C. with a stroke of a pen could remove that tax, no Federal legislation, no bribe, Gord Macdonald is a RACIST, a political racist!

Bill Good, boy oh boy did he let some sick PAB and Liberal shills call and vent against the NDP, one caller said that Gordon Campbell did the right thing by lying during the election...The caller clamed..."If it means keeping the NDP from power it`s OK to LIE during the election!

And Bill Good keeps flipping from saying the HST is revenue neutral to the Government needs money for services to Atlantic Canada prices fell, Bill Good is spinning like a top, Bill Good is a RACIST, Bill throws venomous lies about the NDP, CKNW is like watching/ listening to a bad soap-opera, Good comes across like everybody is a Liberal, NDP is a socialist disease....Bill Good you are throwing mud at 50% of all BCers......

I analyzed the Atlantic Canada HST .......Some prices fell about 1%...other consumers items went up in price, as did housing, while looking into Atlantic Canada.....Businesses got a 12% to 13% break....You see folks, the PST in Atlantic Canada was 12% when thay harmonized in 1996, shouldn`t prices have fallen by 12%.....Hmmm.....Hansen and Campbell keep saying prices will fall by 7%.....

They will not fall, there will be no new jobs because of the HST, it will be a direct drag on consumer spending, a double dip reccession and Campbell wants to crush the consumer with the HST......Criminal Premier.....

Michael Levy and Michael Campbell.....Both are gross Racists bastards.....Michael Levy keeps stumping against raising the minimum wage, he cites the Fraser institute, callers yesterday wanted to rip Michael Levy`s face off......We are now the lowest minimum wage in Canada by $2.50 per hour....$2.50 below New Foundland....And Levy claims business will leave, the economy will collapse if the minimum wage is raised, big Mac`s are the same price in Ontario..Newfoundland, B.C.......The same price for burgers across Canada yet in B.C. minimum wage is frozen by RACIST Bastards....In Australia they have a $10 minimum wage, it goes up every year by $1 dollar, minimum wage maxes out at $16 dollar per hour, or when you reach age 21 you must be paid $16 per hour....Australia economy is strong, their unemployment numbers are way lower than Canada....But old Michael Levy screams...Hell no to raising minimum wage, Michael Campbell is against the raising the minimum wage, hell, we are the only Province with a $6 dollar starter wage......

Michael Levy....Michael Campbell are economic RACISTS......Both of those bastards are blaming socialists for California being broke, these losers have been spreading propaganda about socialists and proposition 13 in California as being the cause of California`s financial woes,.....

Those damn socialists keep voting down tax measures.....

Well Michael Levy, Michael Campbell.....You RACIST BASTARDS!

California is broke because gas spiked to $5 dollars per gallon, Cali is broke because of selling homes to people with no money or jobs, people and Californians are broke because of Enron...Lehman brothers...JP Morgan....KPMG....Pricewaterhouse coopers,California is broke because of Wall Street, Outsourcing to slave labour countries, a betrayal by Corporate America.....Europe is broke, every country is broke because they were all conned by the rating agencies and Wall Street....Socialism didnt cause any economic collapse, 1929 crash(Speculators) the savings and loan scandal in the 80s, dot com bubble in the 90s, real estate bubble, cheap money, derivatives, credit default swaps.......

The damn Capitalist criminals caused the financial meltdowns, here in Canada Conservatives and Liberals have debted and stole and played the same game!......

And now these asses want to blame Socialists for all the problem of the world, oh indeed friends, the new normal, Socialize the losses and privatize the profits......And now Michael Campbell, Michael Levy, Fraser institute, Bill Good, Gord Macdonald, Christy Clark, Neils Veldhuis....

All of them, Gordon scum Campbell...Kevin Falcon...Mary Polak...All of those habitual lying politicians and their puppets, there are new buzz words being used, austerity measures(CUTS).....Slashing ENTITLEMENTS......Those are the new tactics, all the various countries, all the promises of pensions, health care, education, social nets, all.........

Of those perks of life are now too expensive, these Capitalists forgot that people paid in to funds, pensions plans, negotiated contracts, the new normal in Canada is slash, burn, sell, privatize, deregulate, cut bank taxes, cut corporate taxes.

There are many average people I have talked as of late who are convinced that a Class warfare campaign has been launched, I believe they are right, class warfare being launched by racists, by the Michael levys, the Michael campbells, The Bilderbergs, the Fraser institute, Stephen Harper, Bill Good, Keith Baldrey, Vaughn Palmer, Chrisy Clark....The Aspers...

These people are Racists, economic class RACISTS......These bastards defend never raising minimum wage.....

Yet here in Canada the NDP brought us....EI insurance...Health care... senior`s and social Housing....Social safety nets...Public education...The ALR.....Everyone of our most cherished, most vital programs that we rely on were brought in by NDP Governments.

So to have those RACIST BASTARDS at CKNW and Gordon Campbell`s Government calling 50% plus of the population of B.C. Socialist Hoardes....Well!

I sense a lot of violence very soon....Violence towards Government, The day is coming when we stand against the RACISTS of the world, the river will turn red!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Thank you Grant. You are so right on. The anger of the people is just begining and will continue now as we watch these arrogant SOB's continue to lie to us, sell off "the peoples" assets, ruin our environment etc. and the list goes on, to fill the pockets of a few. Yes, it is time to take to the streets. I think also, a list of the businesses who support the HST needs to be made available for all of us so that we can make the decision to patronize or boycott. A full and complete list of each and every business, big or small.
A quote I came across:
The next election when someone tells you they are going to vote for someone because that individual knows business, suggest they think instead about voting for the teacher, the lumberjack, the farmer, or the poet.
We might then end up with more representative politics and a better understanding of how business fits into the kind of society we want.
Prior to the recent election, a friend of mine remarked that he wanted people with knowledge of business in government, as they would be best at managing the country's finances. In fact, the opposite is true. It is the overweening dominance of the business class -- and "business-think" -- that leads us into repeated financial disasters.

Gary E said...

Great analogy Grant. Racist. A good lead into the class warfare statement.

I think these paid Liberal Goofs are coming out en masse to cover the fact that the pricing is going up higher that the 7% it is supposed to. They are trying to deflect the situation. I posted part of a forwarded email from cherylb at my place with comment. These pricks haven't just shot themselves in the foot. They have put the gun to their heads and are digging the hole deeper by the day

Evil Eye said...

Grant, the anger of your post is also reflected by many people i have talked to lately. We do not live in a democracy, but an autocracy run by Gordon Campbell and a few of those in the 'elite' classes.

The taxpayer be damned.

Good, the Liberals radio shill is at it again, going on and on how the government needs revenue, but always fails to mention the HST is revenue neutral.

Me thinks Good is suffering from the early stages of dementia, he can not think for himself.

Turned off the radio because the 'Three Amigos' are at it again, shilling for 'Gordo the Hated'.

I think we should boycott NW and all companies that supported the HST. As well, boycott every company that supports the Chamber of Commerce. It is blunt financial power that will change companies minds.

Paul said...

I was listening to the Wednesday MP3 podcast of Bill Good throwing more powderpuff questions at Gordon Campbell this morning and one thing Campbell said startled me.

(Download or listen here):

MY QUESTION: Are Gordon Campbell and Bill Good close personal friends?

Listen 10 minutes in when Gordon Campbell says to Bill Good:

"If you're a quality restaurant, that I'm sure you and Georgia go to, I bet you occasionally buy a bottle of wine. The costs of your bottle of wine are going to go down."

Is Georgia the name of Bill Goods wife?

Are they so close that Campbell refers to Good's wife by her first name?

I knew that Campbell was VIP at Bill Good's Board of Trade "20th anniversary at CKNW" broadcasting roast less than two years ago.


It now appears that their relationship is a lot closer than that.

jaydee said...

A vote for a right wing party is a vote for corporate rule. The 200 unelected, highly paid public affairs bureau tell elected what to do and say. IMO the PAB are corporates/organized crime.
GENERAL STRIKE NOW, we can't wait any longer, we don't have a voice.
The corrupt mainstream media has silenced and sensored us, allowing Campbell and his low-life B.C. Liberal mob, corporates and organized crime to rule unabated.

Anonymous said...

Grant - You should lead a Spartacist movement here in BC and with your fellow compatriots storm the BC legislature and declare a socialist republic. And then storm CanWest Global and throw the Goebels PAB network into prison for treason.

The Spartacist League:

"The question today is not democracy or dictatorship. The question that history has put on the agenda reads: bourgeois democracy or socialist democracy. For the dictatorship of the proletariat does not mean bombs, putsches, riots and anarchy, as the agents of capitalist profits deliberately and falsely claim.

Rather, it means using all instruments of political power to achieve socialism, to expropriate the capitalist class, through and in accordance with the will of the revolutionary majority of the proletariat."

Grant - you can be BC's version of Karl Leibknecht!

Anonymous said...

This may be a little of topic, but I have just arrived back from the USA. We did some shopping, etc, This is the sad facts about the trip colin "the lying weasel" hansen. Money saved above and beyond my wildest dreams. I saved $10.00 in fuel costs, $40.00 in food costs!That was on purchases of $110.00, quite a savings. The asshole said that we would be charged 12% as we came across the border, nope. We not only saved the HST, we saved a lot of money besides that tax. We will be going south as much as we can, good work asshole hansen! I figure we will save about $1000.00 per year minimum. So colin, take the druggie campbell and just go! RECALL IN THE FALL!

Kam Lee

Anonymous said...

That was a one day trip. Imagine how much I would save if I stayed down for a fe days at a time.

Kam Lee

Anonymous said...

Well Grant, I'm feeling a little racist myself. Racist against that greedy class. Racist against the corporations that never stop fucking the working persons. Racist against our politicians that insist on supporting the theft of the public purse. After all what emotion will get us collectively off our duffs and start the revolution?

cherylb said...

All you have to do is go into your local Chamber of Commerce office and ask for a list of members. You may have to say you just want to make sure you only patronize Chamber businesses. Or, most of them have a list on their website. Once you get it, go into the business and ask them if they are aware that the BC Chamber has launched this court challenge, using their membership dollars. If they are unaware, ask them to write the BC Chamber and copy their local Chamber and demand they cease and desist. If they are agreeable, don't boycott them. If they are disagreeable, well then, that's another story. Don't punish them without giving them the chance to act. Many of the small business Chamber members not only provided Fight HST with a place to collect signatures, but also signed the petition themselves.

Paul said...

The BC Chamber of Commerce
The BC Chamber of Commerce represents approximately 380 individual corporate members.


[1] Corporate membership alphabetically:

[2] Corporate membership by category:
The BC Chamber of Commerce represents 126 local Chambers of Commerce accross the province. Browse the Chamber membership and access their websites if available.


If these Chamber of Commerce people want to challenge the legality of our democratic citizens initiative then I say name, shame, and BOYCOTT them all.

cherylb said...

"These Chamber of Commerce people" did not challenge the legality of our petition. Many of them signed it. Many of them allowed us to sit in their business to collect the signatures.

The BC Chamber DID NOT consult their member Chambers before launching this action. John Winter and the boys are out of control. Do not punish your neighbourhood small businesspeople who simply belong to this organization to access affordable Visa/MC rates and a benefit plan that they cannot otherwise afford to offer their employees. These people are your neighbours, your friends, not some anonymous giant corporation. The best way to deal with it is to make them aware what their umbrella organization is doing and ask them to stop.

Now the 380 corporate members of the BC Chamber are a different story......

Anonymous said...

Was Hitler a racist ?
Go to Wikipedia , type in Heritage Dictionary,definition of Fascism
you will get the answer , then apply it to BC

Crankypants said...

Cherylb-I disagree with you on the BC Chamber of Commerce members. The members all display a sign stating that they are a member. Too many business types play both sides of the fence. They chose to join the Chamber of Commerce to gain potential business. The only way they will register any type of negative feedback towards their association is if they start losing business. That means avoiding them entirely. A downfall in business activity will get their attention much quicker than verbal threats.

As far as to whether CKNW is fascist or not, may be a bit of a stretch. What they are is bought and paid for stooges of a fascist government. All the bean counters see is revenue, and the paid mouthpieces must use their verbiage to make sure the money keeps flowing in. Any rational discussion becomes secondary to revenue produced. When the government and its major financial backers, which advertise extensively on said station, feed the station's pockets, one cannot possibly expect any balanced reporting or editorials.


Anonymous said...

I'd give you my name, but you're so loco I can't reason with you.

Don't you worry, the BC Legislature is NOT going to Langley. It's peeps like you that make being a BCLib easy.

Anonymous said...

People, these are the people in place to distract you from the real issue. The government has sold off all our assets (BC Gas, BC Tel, BC Hydro, BC Rail, list goes on). They have just about gutted us and the next take is going to be the pension funds.

Cops better realize that your being set up for warfare against the public. All these police brutality videos constantly coming out is designed to make the public hate you. So when people start loosing their houses you will naturally hate them. Bill Good is there to keep you fighting Liberal vs Conservative when really they are both in on the raping of our wealth.

Psychological Warfare people