Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Mouse Among Men, Kash Heed Edition

What ever happened to class, morality, honour, take the Kash Heed affair, the Victoria Times Colonist actually used the word "Exonerated" in the title of their Kash Heed article on Mr. Wilson NOT RECOMMENDING CHARGES against Heed.....

Such a blatant false headline, it`s liken to a driver having a dead body in his trunk with a bloody knife stuck in the corpse`s back, maybe the LAW, maybe the legal law can`t prove the driver placed the dead body in the car and or stuck the knife in the victim, however to call such a car driver "Exonerated"  after he gets off on a technicality(no search warrant).

Here`s another example, a man/woman owns a business, the man`s employees defraud the customers, the employees pick the customers pocket and proceeds of the fraud flow to the business owner, the police are called and the employees are arrested, found guilty, does that mean the business owner can keep the proceeds of crime?

There is absolutely no difference in the Kash Heed affair, Barinder Sall and Dinesh Khanna didn`t profit in any meaningful way, the beneficiary of the election fraud was Kash Heed....Very similar to the Corrupt John Les and the zoning scandals he and his staff were arranging when John Les was mayor of Chilliwak....Again, charges were filed against one of John Les`s employees but just like the Kash Heed affair the only beneficiary in the land zoning frauds were John Les and his brothers, an underling takes the fall for John Les....And just like Kash Heed affair, even though the John Les property rezoning scandal benefited John Les he too was allowed to keep the proceeds of crime.

What ever happened to morality, resigning, the gutless criminal Kash Heed has had stench after stench follow him like a shadow for years, ...Mr. heed, how do you feel about holding office illegally, are you going to hide from both the media and your constituents for another 2 years and what about Christy Clark, the new sensation of change, we had another Friday trash day, what about you premier designate Clark?

Miss Clark, do you have faith in Kash Heed?....Would you Christy Clark stay in office if your campaign over spent, broke the election act? Well? Would ya?

For me, if I was a new premier trying to promote real change I would make Kash Heed resign, if he wouldn`t leave he would be kicked out of caucus, you see Christy all you have demonstrated is....Same old same old special prosecutors clearing BC Liberals of criminal charges, in both cases, the John Les land zoning corruption case and the illegal election of Kash Heed....Both cases the special Prosecutor did not clear the BC Liberals, in both cases the special prosecutors stated that...

"The likelihood of a criminal conviction is in doubt"

Those are not exonerations or even clearing one`s name, back to the driver with a dead body in his trunk, the driver claims his car was stolen then returned back too him, he had no idea anything was in the trunk and he never even reported the car stolen, with a good lawyer the car driver is scott free, Kash Heed`s election team broke many many elections laws, illegal brochures, they overspent, they lied to Elections BC, they lied to the police, they obstructed the investigation,...And all this happened in plain view of Kash Heed`s eyes and he claims ignorance...Again friends, only Kash Heed benefited from the election fraud, maybe I`m old school, the only thing to do is resign.....

If Kash Heed was a real man he would resign, Kash Heed is not a man, he`s a weak no morals mouse and Christy Clark is Christy Crunch cereal, new package but same old slop, a new sensation, I don`t think so, I think Christy Clark is a little un-educated girl who never got any formal education, failed every university she attended, she failed in her bid for mayor of Vancouver, she failed with her marriage, she was outclassed by Grant G, forced to retract on air for lying to me, a vindictive little girl who hates teachers, and considering her father was a teacher I suspect that you hated your father and his profession but that`s a matter for trained brain doctors, however...You Christy Clark had the perfect opportunity to show BCers that real change and accountability meant something, but you failed, you dumped the Kash Heed press release along with BC Hydro threatening the Public along with gobbliy goop about the HST referendum on Friday afternoon, same old play book, same old excuse making for your MLAs,.....

Kash Heed`s entire campaign team are being charged, 16 charges between Barinder Sall and Dinesh Khanna alone, the Fraserview riding election was won by criminal means, it`s a fake phony win, a corked bat, a stacked deck, dirty illegal actions won that election and Kash Heed is hanging on to a faint hope chance that the BC Supreme court makes a mockery of our BC Election laws and allows Heed not to file anything,

Is there anything more important than election laws, for if the BC supreme court allows Kash Heed relief from Elections BC on filing accurate reports, if that were to happen new precedent would be set, for then one could break any and all election laws and merely ask the court to shield them from Election officials, one could spend unlimited money to win an election, one could have dirty illegal flyers going out everyday, one could have their campaign team lie, cheat, steal, coerce, blackmail, bribe the voters to win the election and if caught afterwards the Bambi candidate does the Sergeant Shultz routine and says..."I see nothing"....That my friends is the reason Kash Heed must resign, that is the reason the BC supreme court can`t grant Kash Heed any relief.......And besides, hey Kash, how can you look in the mirror, your prize is dirty, a man, a real man, a real INDO-Canadian MAN would step up to the plate and swallow his sword and resign, you think you won, face your constituents, what a sorry piece of work you are Kash Heed, go put on your dress and hide behind behind your wife.

Same old no representation of the people, same old mocking the public, same old Gordon Campbell tricks and cover ups....What you say New Sensation?

Which brings me to the June 24th/2011 HST referendum, isn`t that silly, no point in calling it the June 24th hst referendum, what does June 24th have to do with it, maybe we should name it....

The June 12th to August 15th HST referendum.....Two months, the referendum is 2 months..Are you kidding me!

Barry Penner, my gawd the man is insufferable, I`m being polite, he`s an idiot, however, he`s an idiot following orders, Barry Penner has no original thoughts, no brain power, wind him up, bend him, twist him Barry don`t care, he is a nothing, I could dance on Barry Penner in any court of law and trounce him, and no, I didn`t get a degree from a match book, but my brain works, Barry Penner is IQ deficient, mothers side, fathers side, mailman`s side, doesn`t matter, Barry Penner wasn`t blessed with a brain, maybe we should call Barry Penner the "Straw man"..Remember the Wizard of Oz?

But as for the HST referendum, I really hope the NDP and Media(lol lol) try and pin this down...The mailout will start on June12/2011 the deadline for returning ballots is July 22/2011 and counting complete by mid August..Are you kidding me!

Why not send out the ballots starting on May 12th/2011....And the deadline for the return of the ballots June 24th/2011 and a week to count them...We should know the results before the end of June, in fact we can have the HST removed and our PST returned starting on July 1/2011...That is what makes sense, an actual election would be preferable however...

Christy Clark, do you feel a two month long referendum ending in mid August is keeping your word?  Is that what you call moving up the referendum to June 24th/2011...Is that being honest with the voters, Elections BC has an entire month to ready the mail out ballots for May12/2011, there is no legitimate excuse that you or Craig James can make that can justify not having ballots ready for mail out by May 12th/....This way the June 24/2011 date would mean something, why is you want 2 months to count ballots, is your plan to look at the ballots first and when you see the tax voted gone the 2 months gives you time to figure out another con to lay on the public, it doesn`t make sense.....

All these moves Christy Clark are not helping you, your advisors are idiots leading you to the slaughter at the polls, personally speaking I think you should cancel the HST referendum, instead call a General Election for June 24th/2011, no need for the Kash Heed and Gordon Campbell by-election, no need for a mail out ballot, we can do everything all at once, how many $millions to hold two separate by-elections.

I going to give you more advice Christy Clark, change the HST referendum, have all ballots to be returned by June 24th/2011...If you screw around like this you will make Rita Johnson look like a populous, I guarantee you that the NO HST ballots(Vote yes to return the PST in conjunction with the GST) will come in droves and come early, also, when the counting is taking place when the early numbers are 70% opposed to the HST pull the plug, kill the HST and save yourself the embarrassment.

And lastly, the BC Legislature needs to be opened, we have major problems to resolve, like funding for the evergreen line but most importantly the BC Government needs to draft legislation and enacting laws in preparation of the defeat of the HST, our BC PST tax collectors need to be hired, this leg work must be done before the HST vote, a contingency plan needs to be prepared pre-HST referendum.

And lastly, come on Christy Clark...A two month long HST referendum, Kash Heed hiding and illegally holding office, Jane Thorthwaite in North Vancouver court on April 12/2011(this week, Tuesday morning to be precise) for her trial on drunk driving, are you the New Sensation or are you......Premier Gordon Christy Clark Campbell?

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

What isn't corrupt in this province? With Campbell in office, he was at the top of the food chain. The Judicial system is corrupt. The RCMP are corrupt. Elections BC is corrupt. The FOI tampered with. Anyone opposing Campbell lost their jobs. Even the media is biased in favor of the BC Liberals. We can't trust them either, they are a, shameful disgrace to their professions. Campbell out and out thieved the BCR and our rivers, and sold them. BC is rotten to the core, with ugly, disgusting corruption. Christy dares not, clean up the corruption. That is far too close to home.

JonH said...

Hey Grant, I hear you're getting to that flake Baldrey , way to go I guess he peeked out from under Christy's skirt (we all know what Good, Palmer and him are doing there) long enough to realize people see MSM for what they are and he doesn't like the scenery out from under so he'll go undercover again.

PS If you're reading this Baldrey I'll say the same thing to your face. Any time you want to talk to me just post to this blog and I'll oblige you.

kootcoot said...

Crusty is so obviously stalling, this is so not change, but a stall for time. Deja vu appearances ala the Surrey Hospital Expansion that was originally announced in 2005-6 and supposedly already in operation a year or two ago - now a dozen or more photo ops and god knows how many shiny new shovels later - f*** the shovels, we're getting pitchforks.

The State of Oregon has been doing all their elections by mail for years, even the Federal elections. The voters are sent out their voting package a month or two in advance of election day in November and then can either turn in their ballot in person on voting day, or post it before that day. The same way as absentee ballots are done elsewhere for those who know they will be away on November whatever.

"And lastly, the BC Legislature needs to be opened"

Whaaaaaat? We have a legislature? Crusty doesn't want to open it, since she would have to sit in the gallery and watch!

Hugh said...

Kash Heed was elected in 2009 in part because of lie-filled pamphlets distributed by his campaign team. That violates the Election act. Therefore he was falsely elected. Therefore he should step down as MLA.

Heed only won by less than 850 votes out of 18,000, according to the Times Colonist.

Anonymous said...

We all know why Campbell refused to have, a fall sitting of the Legislature. That was just another, Campbell dirty tactic. Nor can Christy Clark, afford to open Legislature either.

Because, the BC Liberals are so corrupt. I have heard many people say, they don't trust the ballot count. So, they aren't going to bother voting.

I agree, this province is really sick, actually, terminally ill. The province and the people have been thieved, right down to the bare bones. The next onslaught will be, the Campbell and Harper's pollution plans for BC, coming up in the near future. Has everyone seen the photo's of, the damage the run of the rivers, (the rivers, Campbell thieved and sold), is doing to our eco system? How this is going to disrupt our wildlife? What a disaster!!!

Hugh said...

BC Hydro is hiding $879 million in costs:

But it's ok because the BC Liberals have hired a 3-person crew to look into how the BC Liberals have screwed up BC Hydro.

cherylb said...

Interested to see if Crunchy will appoint Heed to Cabinet now that he's been "exonerated". This government is different from Gordo's how?

Anonymous said...

I have also noticed the pro provincial Liberal bias on CTV and especially on Global with Baldrey et al. If you are reading this, please take not that after decades of viewership, I have switched to the CBC. A much more neutral slant indeed!
If the HST is manipulated by the powers that be, there is always a court of public opinion. Next general election, these crooks will pay big time. Back to NW, Chrusty. A station I have not listened to in decades. BORING! AM1090 for me.

Anonymous said...

Great commentary Grant.

I would like to share you mine...