Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vancouver Sun, Home of Yellow Journalism II

What a week this has been and as predicted by many, Christy Clark has turned out to be nothing but a Gordon Campbell clone, same lies, same broken promises....

Christy cluck Clark promised during her leadership contest with the other Liberal liars that she would fund both sides of the HST referendum equally, well that turned out to be a blatant lie and to tell you the truth I am glad Christy Clark has lied before even getting into the house, it proves that nobody runs the BC Liberals, what I mean by nobody is none of the names, Christy Clark, De Jong, Falcon, these losers are powerless, if you want to see the people who are running(ruining) this Province you will have to book an appointment with Teck Cominco, EnCana Gas, Plutonic Power, Accenture and General Electric, it`s the only conclusion one can come too considering Clark couldn`t even keep her first promise on the HST referendum, it`s no longer a referendum it`s a two month long exercise in stupidity, the tax will be voted down but the BC Liberals will never remove the HST tax because their corporate bosses will not allow that to happen, unfortunately the BC Government is controlled by corporate board rooms and not the public, the only answer is to purge the Liberals from office either by the vote or by more nefarious means.

Clark has chosen to run in Vancouver Point Grey, no surprise there, I imagine the brain dead voters in Point Grey will continue to vote for both the unqualified and corrupt Liberal leaders, I don`t know how much weight the voters will give the recent BC Supreme court decision, that decision being...The BC Supreme court stated that Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark as education minister deliberately broke the law, the bill Clark brought forward in 2002 was illegal, it was disgusting, Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark(education minister and deputy premier) brought forward illegal bills for but one reason, to bust the unions and remove human rights, both the health workers and teachers have been vindicated by the Supreme court, when Christy Clark was confronted with this news by reporters she looked like a deer caught in the headlights, she was dumbfounded, the same day she announces the by election date the supreme court called her and her Government a law breaker!

The reporters asked Christy what she was intending to do about this ruling, Clark responded with..

"I have not read the ruling yet, the court has given us one year to resolve the problem"

I personally was not impressed with her response, the ruling needs to be respected and changes must be made for the upcoming school season for if Christy Clucking Clark uses the entirety of the allotted time allowed..... That would mean the entire 2010/2011 school year will have illegal class sizes and the same glaring problems that exist today.

So anyway, I was curious as to how the main stream media would react to the ruling, Vaughn Palmer wrote an intelligent story for a change and gave Christy Clark a definite slap, I guess even Vaughn recognized the dagger the court threw at Clark and couldn`t avoid the harsh rebuke, Michael Smyth also slammed Clark over the story but what about the others?

CTV ran the story and showed Christy Clark squirming like a worm when being questioned but they ended the story with a shocking untrue statement, what CTV said at the very end of the story was and I quote..

"This ruling will cost the province hundreds of millions of dollars if not billions of dollars" snip

You can`t make this stuff up, how they came up with the cost to improve class size and composition with a range from $hundreds of millions to $billions is beyond me, I believe that statement at the end of the story was meant to sow the seeds of the future Government(Christy Clark) arguments, it was not so subtle but CTV left the impression that improving class sizes will cost $billions of dollars, that folks is reckless yellow journalism at its finest.

Christy Clark on her CKNW radio show must have done at least 150 segments minimum bashing teachers on everything, her show was a anti-teacher rant fest, I don`t know if this stems to the fact that her father was a teacher and maybe Christy hated her dad or perhaps she hates teachers because Christy attended three different universities and came away with a incomplete fail at each, who knows for sure, maybe her plastic surgeon or hairdresser knows the truth but the point is this ruling will do one but one thing, it will improve the outcome for our most precious resource, your children, this ruling doesn`t reward the teachers it rewards the children, I wish everyone would keep that in mind, this will mean that more teachers and teacher aids will have to be hired but it doesn`t mean teachers will receive more money, even though BC Teachers get paid a mere 70% of what teachers in Alberta and Ontario make the BCTF is more interested in the children this time and perhaps they can get wage increases to keep up with the cost of living increases(Inflation).

So my review of the big media was mixed until I read a Vancouver Sun editorial, it was unauthored meaning no one put their name behind it, but from past stories from the Vancouver Sun editorial board it had the fingerprints of Fazi Mihlar all over it, those not familiar with Mihlar, he was/is a big time member of the right wing Fraser institute, no more need be said, Mihlar is a moron extraordinaire....The editorial is all about the BC Supreme court decision they rendered on the teachers.

The editorial claims that the ruling isn`t that bad but, the unnamed author claims that just because the supreme court ruled in favour of the teachers it doesn`t mean class sizes have to change!...That`s right people, whoever the idiot author is claims the court didn`t rule on class size the court ruled on the "process"...Meaning this, the author claims the court ruled that the Christy Clark Government failed to "consult teachers on class size and composition" ...The seeds the author was planting is....The Government can decide whatever it wants about class size and composition only it must consult the teachers and let them know WHAT they decided!

This was a cheesy bullshit editorial, I don`t know who the Vancouver Sun is getting their legal advice from, maybe Kash Heed or illegal Gag law Wally Oppal who knows but what the editorial is suggesting Christy Clark do is...Pull a Gordon Campbell, whoever wrote the story should be fired!

I would like to show you a couple of the key lines and paragraphs in the garbage Vancouver Sun editorial.

"It should be noted that this ruling was based on a Supreme Court of Canada decision that did not exist at the time the offending legislation was enacted. The legislation was part of a restructuring of government and of provincial labour laws that the Liberals undertook when then premier Gordon Campbell took power in 2001"

"In 2007, in response to a challenge by the Hospital Employees' Union to Bill 29, similar legislation that negated the contract provisions, the Supreme Court of Canada made a 180-degree turn on its own earlier rulings and recognized that collective bargaining is protected as a charter right under freedom of association"

"That said, the government made a mistake in refusing to discuss what it was planning with teachers before bringing in the legislation, which Judge Griffin ruled was much more sweeping than needed to accomplish the province's stated goal of optimum allocation of resources to schools."

"That omission, the judge noted, was taken by teachers as evidence of a lack of respect by the government for their contribution to the education system".

And the next paragraph in that pathetic editorial goes right too the meat of the author`s intent, trouble making!

"  Looking ahead, it's important to recognize what the ruling does and does not do. It does not give teachers the right to impose their collective view on class size and other workplace issues. What it does is restore their right to bring such issues to the bargaining table. What emerges is still up to negotiation. This ruling is about process, not outcome"

And I have a couple more juicy lines from the bullcrap editorial to share with you.

" So the government should and will still have the right and responsibility to set the curriculum, set standards and to control costs in the public school system"
Well well well, the Vancouver Sun editorial board has given both Christy Clark and the BC Government some crappy legal advice, the gist of what this asshole is saying is....The Government can do whatever the hell it wants as long as they consult stakeholders first, it`s not about the outcome it`s about the "Process" snip.
That is one sick and twisted editorial, beware teachers, Christy Clark`s bosses have again given her and the BC Liberals their marching orders.
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Anonymous said...

Grant, I've commented here before about the working conditions in my district of Mission. Thanks to randy he-hawes, crusty , and gordo, we have classes in my elementary with 5-10 special needs in every class while at the same time we've lost 5 teaching aids and reduced leaning assistance. I know this is the same story across the provice but my school has a higher percentange of students living in poverty, single parent, and aboriginal backgrouds. We see those with neglect, mental health ,and learning issues on a daily basis. I am dedicated but ground down by the attack on our most vulnerable, our youth.You are right in linking coporations to this story. It is obvious to me that corporations are dictating education conditions across North America for two reasons. One, to get the tax dollars spent in the K-12 system, (by way of the voucher system)and to dumb down an entire generation who will nerve understand what Democracy looks like.They only want a class of wage slaves.Teachers early on identified as violent the two teens who where found guilty of murder last weak , but the liberals didn't care then or now. I see many ticking time bombs in my school but try as I might the help is not there.

Grant G said...

Thanks for that 9:05...Dumbing is down is definitely an issue.

But that editorial my gawd...Do you hear what the Vancouver Sun is saying?

They are telling the BC Government it`s business as usual,

They are telling the Liberals to meet with the teachers, tell them this is the way it....Take it or leave it and ...

PRESTO....The BC Liberals followed the judge`s ruling in CONSULTING the teachers before they lay the hammer down.

That is exactly how WCB operates, when they lose an appeal or review they send it back to the board for a new decision, they tweak the old decision and start the bullshit cycle anew.

Christy Clark has a hate-on for teachers, you will never get anything from Clark, I guarantee that.