Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blue Door, Red Door, Orange Door or Outhouse Door

Lately I find myself being pulled in so many directions, I would like to write about poor children, starving children, salmon, water and the environment, the Japan tragedy pains me so much because I knew when the reactors exploded this meltdown wouldn`t stop and I knew the media and Japanese officials would allow a slow bleed of facts, very similar to the gulf spill but time and time again I`m pulled back into the political arena...

I got on CKNW today with Michael Smyth but he cut me off after one sentence, I was phoning in on the Athletes village and the point I wanted to make was the warning Estele Lo gave the city of Vancouver, Estele Lo was Vancouver`s chief financial officer, she warned not to sign off on the athletes village deal because the city was taking all the risk, she was promptly fired, given severance and forced to sign a vow of secrecy, this all happened under the NPA, Peter Ladner and mayor Sam Sullivan, CKNW didn`t want that information out there, it might be high time I file another complaint to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council(CBSC)....

The media, our biggest enemy next to the politicians, all these issues I care deeply about have been put on the back burner while the political season is in full bloom, nothing in the way of change will ever happen until the rule of law is returned and the politicians are tossed out on their collective butts, I know you fine people see my anger in these posts and I apologize for that but the niceties just don`t work, the Jane Thorthwaite story on its own means nothing but symbolically it bodes a scary future with laws and judgments being decided by politically motivated special prosecutors.

And when we combine these decisions with corporations controlling all Governments the day of reckoning is fast approaching, who among you are prepared to stand with me to give both limb and life for change, for the future, for everything we hold dear, how many aquifers are to be poisoned, how many watersheds to be drenched in crude oil, how many species will disappear having never even been discovered, I am greenpeace, you are Greenpeace, we are all Greenpeace or we are all dead, dramatic, no, not nearly dramatic enough.

Family pressures and extending life have consumed my sleeping hours and those tears I waken with have stained my pillow but those tears, those salty tears are proof that I care and damn it, I cannot  remove  any of this from my programming, I am not the same person I was 20 years or even last year, for all of you have given me both purpose and hope.

Doug Pyper, Alexandra Morton, BC Mary and so many others, you heroes are real, your goals are honourable and the passion you display only makes me try harder and harder and even though it`s like banging my head on a brick wall......My head may crack but not before the bricks and mortar are laying in a dusty heap.

Who will help tear down the bricks and mortar of our Parliament with Democracy.......The day is here and sacrifices must be made, peaceful demonstrations will not suffice, politicians need to see placards and people outside their personal homes, fear of reprisal must be on the minds of our elected officials, one vote, one pitchfork, one funeral, one dead political party and until our elected representatives have the fear of God burned into their souls nothing will change, until the corporate elites run out of expensive safe hideaways to keep their yachts, helicopters and screen pixels it will never stop.

We are not alone, there are over 5 billion victims ready and willing to rise, gated communities and security guards will not stop us, these crimes against life must stop, madman or genius, terrorist or freedom fighter, life or death, we all have choices to make and you can`t take wealth to heaven or hell, this is no longer Canada, I`m not sure what country we live in anymore but when you fear your own Government the time for change has long passed..

Why did our Grandparents fight in Vinny ridge, why did we stop Germany, it wasn`t so General Electric and Accenture could take over our Government, they fought for freedom and the right of law and human justice, Iran is not our enemy, Columbia is not our enemy, North Korea isn`t the enemy.....

The enemy smiles and promises you a new Ipod,  triple AAA securities and a shiny new toilet brush......

Which you use to clean their toilets.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Thank you and God Bless.

Doug said...

"Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.

Even as the stone of the fruit must break, that its heart may stand in the sun, so you must know pain.

And could you keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life, your pain would not seem less wondrous than your joy.

And you would accept the seasons of your heart, even as you have always accepted the seasons that pass over your fields."

_-- Kahlil Gibran

Anonymous said...

Your sorrow is our sorrow, Grant.

We all owe you a lot for your dedication of, saying it the way it is.

Campbell and the BC Liberals have harmed and wronged, this province and the people terribly. Campbell's theft of our assets and resources, we may never be able to recover, nor mend. Campbell and his Liberals in their corruption, have trashed all of the good things, that used to be unique to this beautiful province.

Christy Clark called the people who opposed Campbell's insanity, the Taliban. The BC ministers, mla's and Christy Clark, backed Campbell to the nines. Christy refuses to allow a criminal investigation into, Campbell's corrupt theft, and sale of our BCR. Christy is no different than Campbell, and never will be. She has started out with lies, and will have to keep on with the lies, because, she refuses to clean up the BCR crimes.

The corruption in this province, started with Campbell at the top of the food chain, and spread through the entire province. As we have seen many times, the judicial system is so corrupt, we are all revolted. As we are also sickened to-day, by the judicial system saying, it's just fine to drink and drive, for the politicians. Campbell and Thorthwaite, could have very easily killed people. It was said, Campbell was even driving on the wrong side of the road. If Thorthwaite wasn't drunk and wasn't swerving all over the road, why did the police pull her over in the first place? Was it just fine with the judge, a drunk driver hit a young doctor and his bride to be, and killed them? Where do we draw the line here? It is blatantly obvious, there are two sets of laws in BC. One for criminal politicians and another set of laws for the everyday BC citizen.

My hope is John Horgan wins the next election. BC is so rotten with corruption, there has to be a deep purge. The judicial system, hopefully is the first to be fired. We can't have a lawless, corrupt province, corrupt police, corrupt Elections BC, dirty tactics, theft of our assets and resources, theft of our rivers, insane taxes. Campbell belongs in prison for thieving our BCR and selling it, and so does everyone else that was involved. That asset belonged to the BC people. The real estate of the BCR, was worth a fortune. Where did that money go? Who profits by, Campbell's theft and sale of our rivers? who gave Campbell permission, to thieve a $60,000 salary increase?

This province is dirty. I feel for anyone having to, clean this cesspool up. John Horgan being premier...BC people could at last, feel safe and not have to watch our backs everyday, in fear of what the BC Liberals will do to us to-day.

We are grateful Grant. You care enough about the people of BC, to spend countless hours, to bring us the real truth of the abominations, this BC Liberal government bestows on us, even in your sadness, you have done this.

Prayers for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Grant, wasn't sure where to put this. BC Mary has it up on her blog. Don't the BC Lieberals do this too? Sheila Fraser gone.
Wow, when they say corruption is at the top, this as an indication as to how high it has gone. Every nook in our so called governments.