Sunday, April 17, 2011

Premier Adrian Dix

A tip of the hat to my worthy opponents, our man Horgan battled hard and was coming on strong, we needed another 2 weeks, his performance was exemplary and it made me proud, the big media all but ignored Horgan, if he was even given half a media shake he would have won hands down.

Now is not the time for sour grapes, there is still one more ballot to go but I believe Adrian Dix will prevail, Bill Teileman`s name recognition and organizing machine prevailed again, I salute you Bill T  and...


I don`t mind making a sharp left turn, I would have preferred another leader to slide left with but we have no choice, as a party, as a people, we made history with the HST petition, we will win the referendum, we will battle.

This war will be bloody, every big media will be loading both barrels as we speak, we will hear about big labour(what`s that?) ..Big union money, runaway deficits, socialist hordes, welfare handouts, taxing business out of the Province, the Vancouver Sun will attack, Hocstein, big mining and gas will attack, boards of trade, chambers of commerce, every paid economist in the world will be attacking.

But we also will hear about seniors, health care, social justice, fair taxation(with high commodity prices nobody is going anywhere even if when we raise corporate taxes) education, this will be class warfare, the cards are stacked against us, our leader has some background issues and we have very few media friends and whole lot of bought and paid for stooges working against us.

We are strong, the time to rise up is here, Wall Street, Big oil, raw logs, salmon farms, HST, we have plenty of ammo too and we have the Christy Clark Gordon Campbell dismal decade to attack, we have the BC Rail inquiry, Kash Heed, Jane Thorthwaite, we have Kevin Falcon and Mary Polak in our sights, we will also have John Cummins and a resurgent BC Conservative party to bleed votes from the right, are you ready to fight, I am!

Lastly.......Congratulations Adrian Dix, let`s get ready to rumble!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open 


Elwood said...

With Dix in I'm now going to look at John Cummins. I have no time for either Cluck Cluck or Dixey Cup.

Leah said...

I'm with you Elwood. Membership cancelled. It was Horgan all the way, or no one. NDP just became a party of the irrelevant.

Grant G said...

@ Elwood....I have no comfort words, the battle hasn`t changed, just the leader, I have invested a little time in this venture and I implore all of you to take a little time before leaping off a bridge.

Horgan would be a great energy minister or future premier, Horgan is still young, there is time possibly in the future for Horgan to shine again and run for premier.

Good Day

Spellcheck said...

You do know that Cummins is far to the right on some of his that what you really wanted for an NDP leader? Geesh.

I voted for John but I will tell this story about Adrian Dix; when I was having a problem with a waiting list for surgery, he helped me. Not his office. HE helped me. And I'm not one of his constituents. I'll never forget that.

I believe he really does care about people, not corporations, first and will be a formidable opponent to Snooki Clark.

BTW I also know John Cummins and I know who the power brokers are in the BC Conservative party and all I can say is, if you want to vote for a hard right party, feel free. Just wonder why you would support a party that dislikes people, particularly women, so much.

Kim said...

Does Dix support a full public inquiry into BC Rail?

Leah said...

You're right Spellcheck...I should have clarified. I agree with Elwood inasmuch as I refuse to support Dix, however; I will not be voting conservative and certainly not liberal.

Anonymous said...

Elwood and Leah, Give your head a shake,Dix,Farnworth or Horgon are a hell of a lot better than campell or clark,,,,think about it.....Chow

Grant G said...

They all support a BC Rail public inquiry.

Horgan was loudest on BC Rail, then Dix..Farnworth was softer on the issue.

It will be an alection issue with Dix..

The lines in the sand are clear...Corporations or the people.

There has never been a better time for hoing after corporations, they`re fat with cash, the HST, write offs and capital losses.

And BC`s population of BC is aging, health care(the protection of affordable health care)will be a front and center issue.

Education, we have our issues, who`s up for a fight.

We can`t give up.

KenC said...

Maybe the battle hasn't changed but without the right leader it will never be won. I believe the party made a poor choice today which will not bode well for forming the next government.

I will be looking at other voting options come election day.

Spellcheck said...

Look, I didn't vote for Adrian (I voted for John) but I will continue to support the party because that's what I believe in...not everything should be about big business first (which is very Liberal thing).

Give the guy a chance before you give up.

Anonymous said...

And, the corporations can always leave BC and there will always be someone else to take their place. The "greed for money" will ensure that we will be adequately served.

We need to ensure that whoever stays in BC, that the money they earned from doing business in BC, is put back into the economy of BC. That way everyone wins.

Lots of things to ponder - many Campbell cockups to fix and of course, lest we forget, the Judicial system needs an overhaul and those "bent judges" all need straightening out (McKenzie ??? )

Yes, things are starting to look a bit better now. Also, it seems like Ignatieff is starting to stir a little from his slumbers too.


BC Mary said...

Grant, I felt proud of you when I saw what you wrote above.

Thank you for your strong spirit, which encourages the rest of us.

Too right, we must not give up. The Campbell-Clark Gang must be voted off the map. That's the issue now.

Crankypants said...

I think that the BC Liberal Party will consider this result with mixed feelings. Dix may be vulnerable over the Glen Clark situation, but he has been elected twice with this resume. The part they will not like is the tenacity he puts into his role as a politician. I wouldn't be surpirised to see him and his sidekick John Horgan expose Christy Clark for the phoney she really is. At some point she will actually have to answer questions on issues where a hackneyed response will no longer be accepted, and that is when the fact that she has little actual knowledge on many issues will be exposed.


Anonymous said...

I, agree with Grant we all have a common goal to defeat the Liberals. Isupported John but the membership has spoken.Congratulions to Adrian game on.

Anonymous said...

WTF Grant?

jaydee said...

I too voted for Horgan, then Larsen, Dix, Farnworth.

Let's all remember JOHN HORGAN may and should get the second most important position in the new NDP Government. He is a huge asset that can't be overlooked. Sooooo...Horgan AND the people win too, whatta team!

Out with Cluck Cluck Campbell and in with the NDP!


The peoples' future as of today looks a lot brighter than the last decade of absolute corruption served up by the B.C. (Liberals), really Harper Conservatives and all the absolutely corrupt mainstream (media)...that is if the corrupt B.C. Libs don't rig the election again.

Thanks to Grant for all the hard work and thanks to HORGAN for his wonderful campaign and hard work.


Grant G said...

Come on people....Look what we did, we introduced John Horgan to British Columbia, nobody knew who he was, the media blasted Farnworth and Dix at every opportunity, we came that close friends..

Nothing but a few web sites almost beat all the big media combined, Sister sage, the Straight Goods, who else promoted Horgan?

Look at the power we possess, even sites like the Tyee were more interested in both Dix and Farnworth.

We came close and just imagine Horgan beating the BC Hydro/IPP drum during the next writ.

"I swear one day the sky is going to open up and treasures will fall, bliss will rain on me and a lifetime of seconds will turn to firsts"

Grant G..

Anonymous said...

Voltaire said words to this effect: Don't let perfect be the enemy of the good.

For over three decades I have very rarely voted for anyone who is selected. However, I choose to see the glass as half-full. Although I was briefly disappointed the I didn't get my first choice: Horgan, I am heartened to know that he will not be going anywhere. He will be part of a dynamic team.

Anonymous said...

Bill Tieleman won the race for Adrian? Really? Is that what Bill told you?

How about the organizing of Mable Elmore, Sue Hammell, Harry Bains, Gerry Scott, Bruce Ralston, Michelle Mungal, UFCW 1518, Unite Here Local 40, Steel Local 1397, Ken, Derek, Jasmine, Sam, Neil, Tim, Raj, etc etc etc.

Hugh said...

BC Legislature back in session April 27.

Time to ask questions about BC Rail, BC Hydro etc.

Like, why did the govt pick up the defendant's $6 million legal bill, after they pled guilty?

And why is BC Hydro buying new power from IPPs at $100+/MWh, when the Mid-C market price has rarely gone over $40/MWh in the past year?

Anonymous said...

"During the primaries you fall in love, in the election you fall in line" Randi Rhodes. Boot the liberals.

Anonymous said...

Like Randi Rhodes, Dix better start acting like Ed Schultz or it's all over before it starts, and it starts in Vancouver-Point Grey.

Grant G said...

@ 4:18 AM....Perhaps you had a little too much to drink.

Here it is, 4:18am in the morning and you start blathering about who got thanked and who didn`t?

Talk about being a gracious winner.....That`s pretty sad.

And as for everyone you mentioned, the Province of BC never heard of them..They know Teileman and his HST petition and strength made a difference.

I try to be gracious and you spoil it, did I blog sour grapes, did I blog last night about Dix`s membership snafu?

Heck ....I didn`t even blog about the NDP Brass(or someone) leaking Adrian Dix the election results Saturday night..Hence Adrian Dix booking his party at the Waldorf hotel the day before he won!

Imagine that!....Go to Sean Holman`s site and confirm.

Organizing?..Workers?...Memberships in hand won the leadership.

Think again before coming here looking for compliments.

Good Day

Anonymous said...

from 4:18 am

Have you been around campaigns before? Kennedy Stewart will plan a victory celebration week(s) before E-Day. Does that mean he'll have secret fore-knowledge of outcome? Nope, might even turn into a defeated/thanks to volunteers party instead.

You assume I'm from the Dix campaign, but I'm not - I voted for the same candidate you did. LOL

Anonymous said...

Ha! Grant you have grace too!

I supported Horgan, but now I am 100% behind Adrian.

Right now over on the cbc bc forums we are witnessing every pab smear bend all their scheming into smearing Dix how ever they can.

That's 30 million of our tax dollars going into a bunch of creeps screaming about how great they are and how terrible Dix is.

Grant G said...

Well 4:18...You sure know alot for someone not involved with the Dix machine..

Well, I don`t want a pissing match about forecasting and voting leaks, maybe Mable and Jenn should be more careful about what they tweet!

Who cares, knowing the vote count didn`t change the vote count.

Adrian won, I just don`t appreciate you suggesting Bill T told me anything or you assuming I wasn`t saluting Dix`s entire machine.

You noticed I used plural in describing my opponents.

And I wasn`t in the mood for sass, I could have easily let fly with a nasty post, I didn`t..

Nuff said about that.

Have you noticed every talking head and big media came out all guns blazing about the socialist Dix...

This is going to be entertaining one way or another.


Anonymous said...

Bill Tieleman worked hard and very long hours, for the BC people. We owe him a lot. I don't even know what we could do, to repay him.

I liked John Horgan too. However all the NDP candidates, are excellent people. Adrian Dix does care about our province and the BC people very much too. Dix did own up to his bad judgement.

Has Campbell and Christy ever apologized, for their wrongs, regarding the corrupt sale of the BCR? Never!!! It is business as usual with the BC Liberals. Thieve from the citizens, to give to the giant greedy corporations.

You would have to be as brain dead as Martyn Brown, not to see the terrible damage the HST has done to this province and the people.

We also know Spring is here in BC. It's price gouging time, gasoline is going up to $1.45, just in time for, the May long weekend, as usual. However, Christy supports the huge gas and oil company's, as Campbell did. The wealthy, greedy corporations paid Campbell big bucks, to fight to keep the HST. And, the dirty tactics, always used by the BC Liberals, really kicked into high gear then. As we see, nothing will change.

bgreen said...

I would like to see the ndp focus on a team approach to forming governmen. dix, horgan, farnworth, james better than anything the liberals have to offer.
make the election about which team is better rather than what the leader do when they are premier.

Anonymous said...

Grant April 17, 2011 10:26 PM said: "Look at the power we possess, even sites like the Tyee were more interested in both Dix and Farnworth."

Well, of course they were Grant. Don't people get it? The Tyee is another outlet for unions. Just like the CCPA.

They don't want smart, com/passionate, independent thinkers like Horgan to be in the province's top job. They only want someone who will support unions –– not the rank and file mind you, just the fat, happy union execs). BC's union bosses wield their power as irresponsibly and in as corrupt a manner as the corporate bosses do.

So, I too have given up on the NDP. When will that party's dinosaurs die off? Or does the province have to die first?

By the way, Dix had a chance to come through on a health care issue for me recently, and didn't even bother to respond. Horgan responded thoughtfully and with real, practical assistance, even though the situation wasn't in his riding, and he isn't the NDP health critic. Dix is no altruistic saint.

And hey Grant, please don't slag me for the hour of my posting. The health care problem has woken me, and I'm on the computer to help me fall asleep again.

ps I like your blog, haven't spent much time here before. Will come back regularly.