Saturday, April 16, 2011


Hello Canada, can`t you see what the hell is going on, call your friends, spread the news, turn on their computers and lastly.


"When you fear your own Government the time for change has long passed"   Grant G/ April/12/2011

More on this later.

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Anonymous said...

Iggy finally grew some balls. They are at least bb size now, will they grow bigger?


Anonymous said...

wtf are you talking about now? What link?

Grant G said...

Try clicking the word "minds"

BC Mary said...

Thanks a million, Grant.

I just got a coupla bozos over at my place saying "So what ...?"

Wow. This'll tell 'em what.

Oh, and have you seen shitharperdid ??

Add in Guelph University and the VoteMobs ... RossK is correct ... the kids are all right.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Norm has a "got to read". Where are the dollars or SHOULD BE TAX DOLLARS going? Not to pay for what we believe in, but for a select group, for this elite group to wipe out the middle and lower classes, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I have read, the shitharperdid. I hope everyone does.

Ignatieff is so right. If Harper wins a majority, we are going to lose our country. Harper ignores our Canadian Constitution. Harper has taken our Civil Rights and Liberties, away from us. It is totally true, our Democracy and Freedom, is gone. We are being dictated to, forced into what we know is wrong for the country and our Canadian people's lives. We, the people are sneered at by Harper. He did prorogue Parliament twice within a year. He was too stubborn and arrogant, to think he had to answer to the inferior opposition, and, to the rabble citizens.

We got his message loud and clear. It's time he gets our message loud and clear. We resent the fact, he has criminals working for him. He and his Conservative Party are held in contempt by the House. We citizens, now hold him in contempt as well.

BC people got it double whammy. We had the criminal Campbell to contend with, who worked for his partner in crime, Harper. I remember Harper chastising the BC people, for forcing his best buddy Campbell, to resign. That really made me furious, after all of the dirty tactics Campbell used against his own people, he had sworn an oath, to do right by.

I see Harper's damned near, acts of treason, toward this country. I never forgot he said, we would not recognize Canada, after he was done. That I DO believe, because when he would be done, there would be no Canada left.

Anonymous said...

This is off topic, sorry.

I just heard on TV. The jets Harper blew billions on, don't even have the engines included. They are being built separately. No wonder Harper was ducking and dodging queries.

Canada has been a peacekeeping nation, since WW11. Harper has involved Canada in two wars now. Harper also had harsh words for Iran too. We had better get rid of this war monger, before he destroys this entire country. We did have terrorists threats, over Canada's involvement in Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

Jim Bronskill Canadian Press Globe and Mail article ("Anti-abortion Tory candidate called Obama worst U.S. president, biggest liar")quotes Harper:

'In a Friday campaign speech, Prime Minister Stephen Harper touted a Canada that is by turns a "courageous warrior and a compassionate neighbour."'

I find Harper's reference to Canada as a "courageous warrior" troubling, and at odds with Canada's once proud identity as a peace-keeper.

Anonymous said...

comment re an online article about the debate:

An alert viewer of the debate commented on an online article about the debate (Globe and Mail?)(both a friend and I missed this new-speak):

"Harper doesn't refer to "public healthcare" anymore. He is calling it a "public insurance" program. Harper is going to wipe out public healthcare, it's pretty obvious."

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