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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gary Korpan, Overstuffed Ego Maniac!

 This post is dedicated to Tony Parkin and Angela Negrin, two people I admire for standing their ground and standing up to ugly bullies like former mayor of Nanaimo Gary Korpan...

This type of story is right up my alley, the big bad establishment using lawyers and courts against the little people, Gary Korpan who was Nanaimo`s mayor for decades but when the people of Nanaimo said enough is enough and threw this blowhard out of office with thud! Yes folks a thud, John Ruttan received 46% of the vote in the 2008 mayoral race, Dianne Brennan received 36% of the vote and the incumbent mayor Gary Korpan received a paltry 16% of the vote, the actual numbers for dictator Korpan was 3,119 votes.....In fact Angela Negrin who ran for city council garnered 6,032, 132 votes shy of being elected...

Not only was Korpan defeated but he was trounced and sent packing with a one way ticket, one might have thought that would have been the last we hear from this ugly mean spirited blowhard but no, this dirtbag has been terrorizing local citizens with what only could be described as a overblown hissy fit, Gary Korpan has filed writs of claim against Angela Negrin who owns a little restaurant called Pirate chips and he has filed writ against Tony Parkin, the issue the garbage man is flailing his arms about was a bumper sticker that thousands of Nanaimo residents put on their trucks, cars and boats, the bumper sticker read....

``Stop the Koruption`` 

 This overstuffed whack job believes that the bumper sticker harmed him and cost him his self perceived GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to be Mayor of Nanaimo, it`s a classic case of ego over-load, Korpan`s ego is larger than his pant size, the issue many Nanaimoites were upset with the mayor was for his strong-arm tactics against the people, locals didn`t share Korpan`s vision of turning Nanaimo city Harbour into a high rise blight, local store owners including one Angela Negrin fought back and part of the fight back was the bumper sticker, but there were far more issues than that, Korpan like the city of Vancouver also drank the Millennium development Kool aid.

(you remember Millennium Development, they built the Vancouver Olympic athletes village and now Vancouver is out $hundreds of millions of dollars)

In particular the Nanaimo hotel and convention center, under Korpan Millennium Development was given extension after extension to build on the free land the city provided, well, we all know how well that turned out, the city of Nanaimo eventually surgically removed the clutching grip Millennium had on the city and booted them out, unfortunately it was too late, Nanaimo lost $millions of unrecoverable dollars because of Millennium Development`s lies!

This was the issue that ultimately brought down Gary Korpan, that and his strong arm bully tactics he deployed against the little guys, after Korpan was routed and sent packing this ugly egomaniac went on a legal tirade against the very citizens of Nanaimo, his focus of rage was aimed at Angela Negrin and Tony Parkin and others, ..Korpan has filed claims against these individuals for slander, Korpan with his high flying legal buddies are suing them for slander over the bumper sticker....(Stop the Koruption)

Well well well, my friend Tony Parkin after being terrorized for years now by this ugly pig apologized and offered an olive branch to the disgruntled and now deposed mayor Gary Korpan, but that`s not good enough, Korpan has nothing better to do with his unemployed time than attack the little people and he wants to bankrupt both Angela Negrin and Tony Parkin.

Tony Parkin, by no means a wealthy man, he does his best to keep food on the family table and doesn`t have the money for $400 dollar an hour attorneys, last week papers were sent sent to Mr. Parkin demanding he respond to the law suit or lose to a default judgement.

That`s where I come in, Mr. Parkin asked for a little advice from the Powell River Persuader, I strongly suggested to Mr. Parkin to file a defence, do not let a default judgement be placed on your name, for those not legal savvy a default judgement is a win for the plaintiff, it is deemed that the defendant accepts the plaintiffs assertion and a judge renders a decision of cost and damages against the defendant....

I have had my share of threatening legal type documents calling for me to cease, stop or be sued, well, this persuader has three word for those bastards....BRING IT ON

I told Mr. Parkin a few things, for one, the word koruption has no meaning, Gary Korpan doesn`t own that word and Gary Korpan isn`t the one that decides what the meaning of words are, it`s liken to calling someone a dufuasarian or fatuglislobertarian, those words have no meaning, that and Korpan lived in a political atmosphere,  he threw as much mud as he received, that bumper sticker doesn`t even come close to the nastiness of most political ads, who deemed Gary Korpan that special that no one can lay a verbal or printed glove on him, man up Gary Korpan....Maybe Gary Korpan is related to Kash Heed!

I also advised Mr. Parkin to ask Korpan for all his documents, all his provable financial losses, ...

Tony Parkin has followed my advice and filed a defence against Gary Korpan and is defending himself, I told Parkin to call Gary Korpan`s bluff and force him to spend his dollars on lawyers, drag it out, fight it out, I also suggested that there is a good likelihood that Korpan will back off and give up on his overblown ego based vendetta once his bluff had been called and he has to start paying lawyer fees.

Gary Korpan doesn`t have a legal leg to stand on, tens of thousands of people FIRED KORPAN not Tony Parkin and Angela Negrin, thousands had the bumper sticker, well, maybe not thousands but they were seen everywhere, speaking of bumper stickers I see them everywhere, stickers like..

Stop the scampbell...Stop the Tax..Anyone but Campbell...Burn the Bush...people kill not guns...Gordo Sucks...and I am sure our readers can cite all kinds of intriguing bumper stickers.

As for stop the Koruption bumper sticker, the only reason I can think of that this bumper so offended Gary Korpan is that maybe he is korrupt, who knows, it appears thousands of Nanaimoites thought that, after all they threw him out of office with a thud.

But personally speaking I believe Gary Korpan is probably in desperate need of a brain doctor, actually not a doctor but a whole team of doctors.

If there are any graduate law students or pro-bono lawyers out there that would like to assist Tony Parkin in fending off this ugly ego maniac let me know through the comments, if you don`t want the comment published just write NOT FOR PUBLICATION......For a little background on this story you can read these  link, or this one.

Mr. Tony Parkin, your cause is just, Gary Korpan doesn`t have a legal leg to stand on, fight the good fight, make Korpan pay and pay some more for his lawyers, never backdown when you are right, the people of both Nanaimo and BC are on your side, including Grant G...And if Gary Korpan has a problem with my post....


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


motorcycleguy said...

ugh......I liked it better when the first thing one saw while visiting your site was the photo of Honourable John Horgan.....not this guy.....now I am jaded again

JIM TAYLOR (Not the famous one!) said...

I didn't read all your article, but you do realize that Korpan is a lawyer??
It is one thing to say your political opponent is incompetent or whatever, but to say they are engaged in illegal acts is quite another.
No, I am not a Korpan supporter, just trying to inject a little balance in your rant.

Grant G said...

Try reading before you speak Jim(not the famous one) Taylor...He`s not my or anyone`s political opponent.

It`s about a petty little ex dictator who is having a hissy fit, he has no legal case that a first year law student couldn`t trounce.

I suspect that your uninformed opinions are caused by you ...

Not Reading.

Grant G said...

Oh...One more thing, since you didn`t read anything..

No where did I say that Gary Korpan was engaged or did anything illegal.

Signed Grant G....The Famous One

Anonymous said...

JIM TAYLOR, where the hell do you get the idea that someone has said Korpan was engaged in illegal acts ?
I have never seen a sticker in any community that states Gary Korpan is corrupt. The sticker in dispute states Nanaimo is corrupt not Gary Korpan. I guess his big ego got in his way and somehow he is god like and connects himself solely to the word Nanaimo. Being the Mayor doesn't entitle you to ownership of the city nor entitle you to sue and slander citizens without being criticized by your electorate. This Man has publicly and maliciously brought forth the names of respected citizens in his vendetta and should therefor be held liable for slander himself. If anyone has been victim to his bullyboy ways it would be Tony Parkin and Angela Negrin and Ilan Goldenblat owner of the Camel restaurant. The people he has targeted in Nanaimo have families and they also suffer from these false allegations by this horrible Man. The courts will see the vexatious side of this person in very short order that I' sure of.

Anonymous said...

You appear to be a Korpan supporter Mr. Taylor.


Grant G said...

Thank you very much 12:42 PM..

Very interesting, the not famous Jim Taylor has a blog, and he LOVES Gary Korpan,...Yes folks, the above link will take you there..

Scroll down on his home page...Way way down at the bottom right is no other than Jim Taylor, picture included.

And Taylor has the audacity to come here claiming neutrality on Gary Korpan.

You Jim Taylor are as dishonest as you are stu_i_ err....


Good Day Jim(not the famous one) Taylor

Grant G said...

And judging from the ZERO COMMENTS on Jim Taylor`s post on Gary Korpan tells me one thing...

No one agrees with Jim Taylor, imagine that!

Gord Fuller said...

Too much Kontroversy. Have had all the different versions of the Koruption Stickers posted on my blog, crap noticed I haven't posted anything since March 17th, for eons and never a peep from Big K.

Grant G said...

Mr. Fuller, can I cut n paste part of your post linked below?


spellcheck said...

I know Korpan's brother, Korpan II. (I think he's younger.) Will only say you can tell they're brothers.

Gord Fuller said...

Sorry about the delay responding Grant. Cut and paste away.

JIM TAYLOR (Not the famous one!) said...

To Rantin' Grant.....

Last word ..... you will not find one item on my blog supporting Mr. Korpan BEFORE he retired.

You bias is showing and your lack of 'reading' also shows ..... and you call me the stupid one???

Tell me grant. do you foam at the mouth when you write????

Anonymous said...

@Jim Taylor, Only Korpan's closest of friends would know if he is "retired" or not considering he 's never made that in a public statement at any time. Tell us more Mr. Taylor! has the big fella finally hung his hat to dry ? Nanaimo wants to know.

Grant G said...

Jim Taylor...You are very stunned.

the written word is proof.

Good Day

JIM TAYLOR (Not the famous one!) said...

Grant G
you clearly are a unfair moderator. You edited my reply which pointed out, I did not support many of Mr. Korpans decisions, most notably the decision to sue over the Koruption sticker.
I don't expect you to post my complete response this time either.
Don't let the truth get in the way of your opinion.
I may be stunned, but you are a very funny fellow.
Keep up the fine work.