Tuesday, April 12, 2011

BC Liberal Jane Thorthwaite gets Off Scott Free!(updated)

Well it`s been confirmed today, there is no justice in BC for BC politicians, unaware to me a special prosecutor made a deal with Jane Thorthwaite and threw out the impaired driving and charged her with driving without due care and attention, ..

Thorthwaite was fined $500 dollars and a 30 day driving suspension, the punishment doesn`t make sense, she shouldn`t have lost her license if she ONLY drove without paying attention, something stinks to high heaven...

Thorthwaite admitted drinking, she tweeted about BC wine being delicious, she apologized to her constituents for drinking and driving, there were hundreds of witnesses who saw Jane Thorthwaite drinking....

But again...A special prosecutor decided not to proceed on impaired driving charges against Jane Thorthwaite..That is so effing funny considering she blew over point 1.0 three times...

Well Christy Clark....Is this change, is this fair...This is crappolla...!

Well folks, fuck the drinking driving laws, go get wasted, drive away, who cares, the BC Government sent a message that drinking and driving is A OK.......Have another shooter, more wine please, glug glug glug...

Actually, please please never drink and drive, sometimes I just get so angry, the BC Liberals can`t even toss us a little morsel of democracy or fairness, nothing!

This friends is the final straw for me...Kash Heed illegally holding office, the BC Rail scandal and fraud, the John Les affair, the Von Dongen episode,.....

The special prosecutors are effing stooges and bought off, there is no justice, Gordon Campbell`s and the Liberals have destroyed the law, the courts, there is no justice, I guess thats why Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark closed 9 prisons and 25 courthouses and fired 300 prison guards in his first term...

Cut n pasted from the CBC below

B.C. Crown prosecutors have dropped a drunk driving charge against Liberal MLA Jane Thornthwaite, following her arrest at a roadside stop last year during the Olympic Games.
The North Vancouver MLA was stopped at an RCMP road check in North Vancouver last February as she was heading home from visiting two Olympic pavilions.
She was originally charged with one count of operating a motor vehicle while having a blood alcohol level over .08 BAC after she blew 0.11 BOC, according to police.
But on Tuesday in court, that charge was dropped by Crown prosecutors who said they had insufficient evidence to proceed with the charge.
Prosecutors said police failed to administer a breathalyser test at the station within two hours a roadside test, as required by the courts.
Instead Thornthwaite pleaded guilty to a Motor Vehicle Act infraction of driving without due care and attention. She was fined $500 and her licence was suspended for one month.
Outside the court Thornthwaite apologized to the public, and said she no longer drinks any amount of alcohol before driving.
First elected in the North Vancouver-Seymour riding in the May 2009 general election, Thornthwaite is a former dietician and former chair of the North Vancouver Board of Education.

You see the bolded part..She no longer drinks BEFORE she drives, what a pathetic statement, Jane blew over over more than once and guess what, the special prosecutor manufactured a technicality for Thorthwaite, they claim she did not get a breath test back at the station in 2 hours or less, I do not believe that, if she didn;t get a breath test in less than 2 hours why not, was that the advice of her lawyer, was it the advice of her Government masters, and as a kicker she intends on running again for office, do these BC Liberals know no shame. 

You can go to hell Jane Thorthwaite, you get plastered and drive drunk, you waste the courts time and plead not guilty, three appearances and a trial that never happens and on the day of the trial another oh so-special prosecutor cuts you a deal and gives you a free ride and no criminal record!....
 (updated here)
And I have one really big question, just what was Miss Jane Thorthwaite doing for over 2 hours at the station, this wasn`t a random police check, this was a planned road block designed to catch drinking drivers, surely they must have thought they would pinch someone in THIS PLANNED ROAD BLOCK.....They had to have had staff at the station, why did they delay, they know the law, who caused the delay, was the time on a written police report, why did the cop even bother with the second breath test knowing over 2 hours had elapsed....Did she refuse to blow until her lawyer got there, was it a Government lawyer, what caused the delay....What if she had run someone over, would they have delayed 2 hours at the station, would they?.....What if she did run someone over and got caught, fails a breath test at the scene, taken to the station, 3 hours passes and she blows, she blows over the legal limit...Would the charges be dropped, would they?...In that hypothetical situation, wouldn`t the eye witnesses at Sochi house come into play, Jane`s own confession, the estimation of what she drank, wouldn`t the crown go for conviction, in fact I want to thank Cam for his comment(Crankypants) for it opened up another lens....Carole Berner was convicted on testimony and self confession, she had no road side test I believe, the police and prosecution put a case together after the fact, she admitted to drinking three large glasses of wine, I`m not defending Carole Berner, but the comparison is identical except for a victim.

Only in BC....Flock the law...Bring on the pitchforks and water cannons ....Kootcoot has his take on this lack of justice here

I would like to welcome Doug Pyper to my blog roll....Sometimes we need to look at the bigger picture, Doug Pyper photographer extraordinair and his battle for the world`s children, I would like to personally thank him for soothing my angry spirit and for fighting the good fight...Bless you Doug and God speed!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

"Prosecutors said police failed to administer a breathalyser test at the station within two hours a roadside test, as required by the courts."
Utter Bull$$hit. Yes,there are NO laws for politicians.
The quote above is beyond belief.
And just to add, the within 2 hours would have put Janie well above the .11 reported. Well ABOVE!!

And you don't lost your licence on what she plead guilty to.


So citizens of BC? How long will you allow this blatant disregard and contempt for us, the citizens of BC, by this disgusting, sick, lying filthy bunch?

Wake up!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm joining the liberal party; to get my get out of jail card

Anonymous said...

We BC people all know about, the BC Liberal filth. They aren't called, the BC Liberal crime family, for nothing. They are the scum of the earth, low lifes, no different than the other criminals, except the Liberals are not required to pay for thir crimes. The everyday BC person is.

It seems BC is forever, going to be governed by criminals So she says, been there done that, case closed. I have lost count, of how many BC Liberal ministers have been under investigation, since Campbell's time in office.

Christy Clark has refused to have a review of, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR. However, I read Christy and her brother were also, involved in that crime.

The BC Liberals, are the worst, corrupt, dirty government, ever known in Canadian history. BC has even beat Quebec out as, the most corrupt province in Canada. The corrupt sale of the BCR, is the sleaziest, most corrupt, disgusting event also ever known, in the history of Canada.

The BC Liberals won't stop their crimes, until they get some Egyptian justice served on them. That appears to be, the only thing criminal politicians seem to understand. The lies, deceit, corruption, and thieving from the people won't quit, until we do rebel. The good decent people of BC, are forced to contend with, the evil, revolting corrupt BC Liberals. So, we have to go down to their level, as much as it repulses decent citizens.

Anonymous said...

I think the time has come, for a general strike. The BC Liberals, are so low of character, that there is nothing beneath their dignity, that they won't do. Most of them are criminals, so we can't expect anything, of decency from them.

If I had the expertise to arrange a general strike, I would do it. If we don't stop the crimes of the Liberals, this province will die. BC is very close to being, terminally ill right now. BC is in one hell of a mess. This province and the people, have been thieved right down to the bare bones. Nor, is there any letup in sight. Another Liberal drunk driver, is pardoned. She should have been thrown in the drunk tank, the same as other drunk drivers do. Both she and Campbell are a disgrace to this province.

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder what the police officer(s) has to say about this? Good heavens, there was a roadblock!! or will he/she toe the party line as well for his superiors? Or, is he/she one of the few that actually does have a conscience and tell the truth. Has he/she had enough of letting off politicians?

Also, under the Motor Vehicle Act the following is the penalty for Sec. 144(1)(a) Drive without due care $368 , and 6 demerit points. There is no suspension time. So why would the prosecutor do this except to throw everyone off of what has happened here. A little suspension to shut everyone up when it's not even called for?
There is something going on, or went on in this case for Ms. T.

Gary E said...

I have two questions here.

Why did it take the cops more than two hours to process her?

And, how many others have got off on this technicality?

One law or the liberals and one law for the rest of us.

Grant G said...

Gary E...She did blow within 2 hours at the station.

It`s a lie...Any stalling at the police station would have been Jane calling her lawyer or Jane calling her BC Liberal bosses.

It`s effing sick.

And I am glad this happened.

The reason?.....Because it has reinforced what everyone is thinking...Corrupt to the core.

John Les gets off scott free when he was guilty.

Kash Heed being cleared by a special prosecutor when Heed IS GUILTY

Basi and Virk...Say no more and now the Jane Thorthwaite affair...

Christy Clark`s advisers must be totally stunned, it would have been far less harmful had Thorthwaite fell on her sword.

Now the people know that nothing will change with Christy Clark...

And real funny stuff, yesterday`s big photo-op of Clark announcing she will be running in point grey...!!!! But did she announce a date?

No, what was the point...She was trying to change the news channel to herself...

And lastly...Did you see Barry Penner on the news tonight...Gawd, he is now wearing Gordon Campbell eye glasses...The identical eye glasses as Campbell, heck he even looks like Campbell(except Penner doesn`t have a brain).

Penner is a stunned idiot!

Rob said...

This has nothing to do with this post but as I read your blog on a regular basis I have come to the conclusion your writings may be having an effect on my thinking. Is there a conspiracy going on in this country and province to screw us over, or what? My daughter, who will be out of the country on Election Day asked me to find out when advance voting days are? I dug out the Elections Canada cards and to my amazement; advance voting days are April 22nd,(Good Friday), April 23rd and April 25th,(Easter Monday). Also in Surrey we have the Vaisakhi Parade (April 23rd) and Celebration on the same weekend. That weekend we are having our family dinner and people from out of town will be staying with us. They do not need to vote in advance but what of others? When you consider how many others may be away from home on this weekend then what effect could this have on voter turnout? I do not know if the dates are the same in all ridings but advance voting dates in our riding all fall on days when people will be involved in family and community festivities. Voting will be the farthest thing from their minds. Do they really want more people to vote or is this just good timing to keep folks at home?

Grant G said...

One must make the effort to vote, no matter what..

Take your relatives for a ride to the polling station.

Can anyone really say ....I can`t afford an hour of time for democracy?

People in banana republics risk death to vote, their turn out is higher than ours by miles.

Please make an effort to vote.

Everyday thousands of voters are dying(boomers)

What happens when the people that vote all die.

20% of the people will be voting...

High time there was a law mandating everyone vote or be fined and or no license renewal.

If kids can tweet all day long they can get off their asses and vote.


Rick said...

I'll vote again when the ballot includes None of the above until then I'll vote with my feet.
Maybe its time they held an election and no one attend?

Doug said...


Thank you so much for your very kind words. I just happened to be reading your blog and there it was....a total suprise!

It definitely made my day, and made me feel good about what I do. And your timing couldn't have been better, since I was feeling a little depressed having just watched the national leaders debate.

Cheers. Doug Pyper

Grant G said...

No Doug Pyper, thank you!

Crankypants said...

I am apalled by the turn of events regarding Jane "Chug A Jug" Thornthwaite, but expected something fishy ever since it was announced that she was going to contest the charge. She may have avoided a criminal record through chicanery, but I believe that the court of public opinion will render a different verdict.

Amazingly enough, this latest flaunting of the laws of the land by another BC Liberal politician could prove to be an albatross that the party cannot get rid of come next provincial election.

When Christy Clark was doing her radio show on CKNW, she was often doing segments on the evils of drinking and driving. She did a few shows supporting the rights of the police to conduct random road checks to catch drinking drivers whether there was any reason to pull over the driver or not. I believe that this was a proposal brought forth by the federal Conservatives, but I could be wrong.

Then she spent at least 2 or 3 shows going after the Monte Robinson story. For those that may have forgotten, he was the RCMP officer that killed a young motorcyclist in Delta, walked home with his sons, allegedly downed a couple of shots of vodka and then returned to the scene of the accident. This tactic meant that the Delta Police could not take a sample of his breath to ascertain whether he was impaired at the time of his accident. Christy went ballistic because Robinson used a tactic that he knew would save him from being charged with impairment.

Finally, she had the parents of Alexa Middelaer on her show many times talking about impaired drivers and the devastation they can impose on an innocent bystander and their family. Having seen Mrs. Middelaer on television many times, I got the impression that she is a great supporter of the BC Liberal Party and on a first name basis with a good number of their MLAs. The Middelaer family is currently trying to get funding to get 5 Alexa's buses on the highways of BC. These would be large RVs equipped with what would call a mobile lab capable of processing impaired drivers on the spot. How can Christy Clark now look the Middelaers in the eye and state unequivocally that she is sympathetic to their cause when a member of her caucus has utilized her MLA status to avoid accountability for her actions.

Having just watched the late news on both CTV and Global, I found it very curious that neither station saw it appropriate to get a comment from MADD on Thornthwaite avoidance of accepting responsibility for her actions. In the past, pretty anything newsworthy regarding impaired driving has featured an interview with someone from MADD.

In a way, the legacy of the BC Liberal Party over the last 10+ years reminds me of a scene from "A Christmas Carol", the only Christmas movie I watch every year. Ebeneezer Scrooge gets a visit from Jacob Marley's ghost. Jacob Marley is portrayed as being burdened with a humungous chain where each link represents a misdeed he committed against humanity while he was alive. His message to Ebeneezer Scrooge is that Scrooge's chain is much greater in size and still growing. I think that the BC Liberal has been adding links to their chain on a daily basis which will soon crush them under its weight.


Anonymous said...

Jane 'drunk driver' got off on a technicality. But she must be remembered for the crime that she committed. Gordo the drunk still sticks with him.

kootcoot said...

Rob above finished with:

"Do they really want more people to vote or is this just good timing to keep folks at home?"

Well, I'm glad you asked, Rob. The fact is that voter suppression by any means is a well used neo-liberal reich wing tactic to steal elections. It was developed by Dick Morris (ReThug consultant from Nixon days) and perfected by the odious KKKarl Rove and associates who have been kind enough to come to Canada to advise our own neo-liberals like Spiteful Steve, and quite likely our own Gordo has sought their advice during some of his frequent trips to the Empire with Lara.

Voter "Caging," careless purging of voters lists-ostensibly to prevent felons from voting as in Florida in 2000 but done in a manner to purge anyone with a black sounding name similar to a known felon, while ignoring Hispanic likely Cuban names felon or not as they tend to vote ReThug.

In our last federal election Steven Harper used many voter suppression techniques to his advantage, though not successfully enough to get his wet dream majority. First off he called the election for the day after Thanksgiving, knowing full well that many voters would be hundreds or even thousands of miles from their polling station at grandma's. Then even those who drove all night and day to get to cast their vote, maybe just before the polls closed, in many cases found out that they perhaps didn't have adequate ID to conform to the new (passed quietly a few months before) indentification requirements and no time to go home and get them, thereby being disenfranchised. No wonder Stevie got to be King with barely more than 15% of the eligible voters voting for the Deformed HarperCons.

The more barriers that are put in the way of exercising the right to vote, the better right wing extreme conservative parties (like the Harpercrites) do as their odd coupling of Corporate Elite and hayseed holy rolling rednecks that form their base will crawl over broken glass to get their chance to elect the party that will serve the Corporate Greed agenda or in the fundamentalist's case allow them to impose their Old Testament view of the world on the other two-thirds or more of the population that doesn't want to return to the fifteenth century and feudalism.

Of course the Corporate Elite are educated enough to understand this and how important electing, say Harper, can be to their bottom line and the party and the preachers in the pulpit make sure the other end of the base knows what is necessary to vote and who they should vote for in order to realize their dream of returning to the good old medieval days.

kootcoot said...

On another note:

As I point out over at the House, Laila has drawn our attention to how Crusty Cluck is busy once again changing the names of various ministries, for no apparent reason, other than perhaps the stationary providers might be big Liberal donors. I suggested that she get to work with a new more appropriate name for the Ministry of Justice, to something a little more accurate like Ministry of InJustice or Ministry of the Inqusition.

Once that is done the next change should be to can the title "Special Prosecutor" and call a spade a spade - How about "Taxpayer Supported Defence Counsel for Politicians and the Politically Connected."? It's a little long I know, but so much more accurate!

Anonymous said...

"Families first" eh Christie?

A fine example.

Crankypants said...

After thinking about this a little bit, I find myself totally confused by the results of Jane thornthwaites day in court.

She was charged with impaired driving last year. She first said she would take responsibility for her actions, then later changed her mind and decided to fight the charge in court. Setting aside the fact that she has proven her word means nothing, she was completely entitled to contest the charge.

Here is where things get fuzzy for me. If the police screwed up in how they handled things, then she should be found innocent on the charge and life goes on. Obviously that did not happen. We have been told that she has pled guilty to "driving without due care and attention" and accepted a fine and suspension of her driving rights. Did the police observe her driving in such a manner that she could be charged with "driving without due care and attention"? Not that we know of. I assume that the special prosecutor came up with this charge. My question is, what evidence did he unearth to come up with such a charge? Obviously he did not witness her driving skills that night. We are led to believe that the first contact the police had with was at the road block. It's unlikely they witnessed anything that would support such a charge unless she ran into a parked cruiser or one of the officers. Nothing to that effect was ever reported through the media, because I'm quite sure she would have been charged with more than just drinking and driving.

The only conclusion I can come up with is that the special prosecutor invented a charge out of thin air to create the impression that Ms. Thornthwaite did not avoid some sort of accountability. The problem I have with this whole scenario is that a person can now avoid being found guilty on something they are guilty of, or legally innocent of by technicality, as long as they plead guilty to something that they are not guilty of.

This makes a complete mockery of our justice system, which is not exactly ranking very high in the eyes of the majority of people as it is. But, it also opens more escape hatches for those that face a similar charge in the future. Any lawyer worth his fees should now be able to get the same deal for his client as Jane Thornthwaite received for hers.


Crankypants said...

This story gets stranger and stranger. The Vancouver Sun finally found some room in their print edition to comment on Jane Thornthwaite's day in court. It seems that the Sun didn't have enough interest in the proceedings to send a reporter to cover it. The article is by Jane Seyd of the North Shore News.

The information she brought forth is a lot more detailed than that of the MSM a day earlier, and also contradicts a lot of what we heard that day.

The claim of no evidence being collected at the North Vancouver police station was a fabrication. Thornthwaite blew twice with a reading of 0.11, over the legal limit of 0.8. She did not skate on a technicality.

What really upsets me is the comments of the judge, Carol Baird Ellan. In handing down sentence the judge stated that Thornthwaite's readings were "relatively low" and added that another person that blew 0.14 had pleaded guilty to the same Motor Vehicle Act earlier in the morning. So it seems that 0.8 is considered just a suggestion when it comes to being found guilty of impaired driving if one is ready to accept an unrelated charge and face minimal consequences. What the hell kind of legal system do we have?


Grant G said...

Cam....The game was rigged, it doesn`t make sense because it isn`t true..

If you remember at that time...There were public warnings over and over again.."The Olympics are upon us, please don`t drive, please don`t drink and drive"

The judge should have used the hammer, but like I said, I`m glad it went down that way, it will harm the BC Liberals far more than they are aware of.


Anonymous said...

Canadians are lame. You accept this baloney and do nothing, time and time again. Don't dare call yourself a democratic nation which allows free speech and believes in a charter of rights. What a farce!!!

Anonymous said...

After 600 years the Province of BC has trashed the Magna Carta - charter of rights. Adolf and friends would have loved this. This is just the beginning, what is next?