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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Christy Clark`s HST Gamble.

Well it definitely appears that Christy Clark is plotting something for us voters, Keith Baldrey was tooting Clark`s horn on Global news and even Christy Clark herself didn`t deny the possibilities of a snap election in the short interview and sound bite they ran.....

And what I also found interesting is ....During the last month Global/CKNW/CTV referred to every NDP member who was part of the so-called baker`s dozen as a "Dissident" or rebel and we know what they called Jenny Kwan over the last month..."The Wrath of Kwan".."Party destroyer"...Those are the names I can repeat here, however now that Jenny Kwan has endorsed Global and the BC Liberals choice for leader Mike Farnworth the references to the evil Jenny Kwan have stopped, no longer does big media and the BC Liberals want to attack Jenny Kwan for endorsing Farnworth, the powers that be don`t want to upset the apple cart, Global news has been drooling over Farnworth, for now Jenny Kwan will not be mentioned but if Farnworth gets the leadership nod once the election writ is drpped both Jenny and Mike will be dragged through the mud together, family values against Mike and the wrath of Kwan, Christy Clark the single struggling mother versus the alternative guy Mike Farnworth.....If Kwan had endorsed Dix or Horgan the media would have pumped it for all it`s worth....

Back to this snap election buzz, the only thing I can see going on that would prompt Christy Clark`s rush to the polls...

#1)The BC Liberals are so worried about John Cummins as new BC Conservative leader that they don`t want to give them a year or more to gather up credible candidates to run in all 85 ridings.

#2)With Harper not getting his majority and probably losing seats in BC will not promote or help BC Liberal party unity, Clark may be worried about party unity and possible break up, especially with Iggy rising in the polls.

#3)The HST referendum is on June 24/th......Chris Delaney and Teileman came out with a new study today reinforcing everything we have said about the HST, it`s a job killer that harms not only consumers but Government too......Here is why Christy Clark wants a Provincial election early in June of this year......The HST...I`m priviy to some legitimate polling numbers on the HST and it`s going to go down in flames on June 24th...To cheat a way to victory for the pro-HST side would require fraud on such a massive scale, the numbers are that lopsided and the HST will be voted gone.....

There in lies the problem for Christy Clark, Gordon Campbell would send in his corporate buddies to file a law suit and use the referendum act to over throw the vote, and or Gordon Campbell would exact severe revenge on the public for not drinking his Kool Aid, but what would Christy Clark do?

The public the day after the HST vote want to be told when the HST is gone, they don`t want to be played, if the Province twiddles it`s thumbs and waffles while not doing anything on the HST except stall for time the public will become very angry very quickly, if the big business lobby files a court challenge after the referendum vote again the public will freak, the returning of monies to Ottawa will definitely cut into Christy`s $1 billion dollar slush fund...

But if Christy Clark waits until after the HST referendum vote to call a Provincial election would be suicide unless the HST was gone, if Christy Clark just blows off the HST referendum results and plays the 5 year deal card and promises when the budget is balanced to lower the tax she would be toast....

Therefore my gut tells me that Christy Clark wants to call a snap Provincial election before the HST referendum which if she won a majority she would have 4 more years to deal with the HST, if Christy Clark waits until after the HST referendum she will have to act on that((that being the will of the people)......

Is Christy Clark going to roll the dice on a snap election, I think it`s very risky, however if she waits until after referendum vote but still hasn`t dealt with the HST in any way except some sorta stall game , well that would come up snake eyes for sure....

And as I sit here musing about the possibilities, those big business bullies want that HST, Bill Good is throwing everything including the kitchen sink to promote the HST, every forestry and mining mouthpiece are whining of the consequences of removing the HST, nobody is whining for consumers out $2 billion dollars every year with this hideous tax.......

So as I mused and pondered this time I answered my own questions as to what Christy Clark will do....

Christy Clark knows too that the HST is going down to a big defeat, so if Christy Clark was really truthful about eliminating the HST after the referendum she should wait til then to call an election, imagine this headline on June/25th/2011.....

HST is defeated, Christy Clark makes executive order, Old Tax System is returned starting July 1/2011.

You see that hypothetical headline, if Christy Clark did something like that right after the HST referendum her political stock would soar in value, however if and when the HST is defeated and the legislature isn`t even sitting, and if the Clark Liberals whine and pout and don`t even open our legislature until the fall, if the Liberals delay, stall, warn and or continue to press for the HST Clark will become even more hated than Gordon Campbell, heck, even if the big business lobby goes after the referendum results the same public backlash will occur, snake eyes or box cars....My gut tells me that Christy Clark Liberals are lying about the HST referendum and abiding by the people`s wishes, she will call an early June election in an attempt to get a new 4 year mandate before they stiff the public, however if Christy Clark waits until after the HST is voted gone she will have to remove the tax and that will certainly upset her Federal Conservative Relatives.

And I wonder about the obvious, if you were really an honest politician, have the referendum and dump the HST fast, return our PST exemptions and become popular, then call an election, it`s a no brainer unless.......Unless the BC Liberals have no intention of ever removing the HST.

This should be very interesting!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, and the lies will get bigger, more empty promises - assuming of course that the government can keep it's silence during the process.

I am sure that our corrupt and crooked Craig James will try to intervene and make some fictional ruling - which will only serve to make the public even angrier.

It will be an interesting time for sure. No doubt the MSM and the PAb will be working overtime to try and tell very convincing lies - as always.


Elwood said...

Grant, I think I may go back to supporting Horgan again. The next election could be a 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' scenario about family values:

Cummins who is anti-abortion and anti-same sex marriage. Vander Zalm all over again.

Farnworth who is gay, which might not sell with rural BC.

And Chrusty who is a female soccer mom who might be 'just right' for many. Ugh.

Looks like only Horgan would be able to overcome Chrusty on that front.

Crankypants said...

I think that you are right Grant. She will hope to gain a new mandate before the HST referendum because she knows that things will likely get very messy for the BC Liberal Party after the referendum votes are counted. I still think the main reason she even ran to replace Campbell had nothing to do with politics flowing through her veins. It is all about burying everything regarding BC Rail. I suspect that a proper full inquiry into the BC Rail sale through to the bogus end of the sham known as the Basi-Virk-Basi trial could well unearth a mountain of sleaze involving a lot of prominent people and politicians.

One thing is certain. The next few months will be anything but boring on the political scene.


Hugh said...

Did you see this article on the G Ears bridge? Translink is desperate for people use it:


Evil Eye said...

I think Cummins will prove to be more of a headache than the Clark Liberals would have us think.

He was a good MP for the area, he took interest in a lot of local initiatives and he is very approachable. He is also a maverick.

As I have said before, he was the best MP I never voted for.

She has to go for a snap election as Liberal funding may soon be very tight as previous monies earmarked for the Libs, will now flow to Cummins.

The later she leaves an election, the more seats Cummins will get.

Grant G said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
seth said...

As an aside Mr G. do you have trouble get posts past the censors at the Straight?

I'll post more or less the same thing on the Globe,Tyee. str8 and always it's the Straight that blocks it. The common theme is you can't be seen to be attacking the author or subject by pointing out the fallacies in the presentation. Jennifer Clarke, the fascist candidate in Vancouver Centre, just got a free ride with only a few short mostly ineffective comments getting past the censor. I've seen the same thing when a Green party candidate or Gordon Campbell posts/

Charlie Smith, the hypocrite here, blames libel concerns that the others apparently don't have, claiming that referring to Harper as a fascist is libel.

Grant G said...

I don`t waste time on Charlie Smith, however, when one outclasses the rubbish pile or the big O or even Mr. F....

The comments get deleted, no balls...

As for libel...There is also a rule about those who dish it out, one is free to send it back in spades.

Name one person who was sued for calling Gordon Campbell a liar or thief..

Grant G said...

As predicted...Federal Conservative support is falling, especially here in BC..

Harper will never see the numbers he was polling at at the start of the campaign, the HST is resonating..


Hugh said...

Jack Layton said that BC will not have to pay the Fed back the $1 billion for the HST if the NDP is elected.

Anonymous said...

April 17 Farnworth new leader of BC NDP

April 19 C. Clark calls snap election for June 4th

April 17 Horgan new leader of BC NDP.

April 19 C Clark calls for by-election Point Grey June 4th

Walter v E.

Hugh said...

Alexandra Morton (salmon researcher) is supposed to be on CBC Radio One Ideas, tonight at nine pm.

Parzone said...

Hi Grant,

Here are a few other thoughts.

Yes of course you are right to point out both the HST and the BC Conservative dilemmas and how the BC Liberals need to minimize the damage these two potentially lethal problems could cause them before the next election.

But here’s the thing.

( A )Why would CC+BC Libs hurry into an election - if defeated - only to be subjected to an almost immediate investigation (inquiry) and probably a criminal investigation in regards to BC Rail?
Wouldn’t they wait until the mandatory ten years of maintaining the evidence involved with BC Rail has elapsed (2012-13?)? Then destroy the evidence. Assuming the evidence is not already destroyed.

Imo, the BC Liberals cannot win the next election unless they cheat. They need to win!

( B )As CC+BC Liberals wait for the BC Rail evidence to be destroyed, ramping-up the push for a computer generated voting system in time for the next election must be on their radar. This could make it easer to manipulate the voting system and could insure the win. The work is probably going on as I’m typing this…maybe the outfit from back east that ran the BC Liberal (computerized) leadership race is involved.

( C ) The backers of the BC Liberal Party would surely like more time to finish the task of depleting the wealth of the province, another year or two before an election would certainly help in this regard.

Election now to take care of the HST and BC Con’s or election later to take care of BC Rail, election outcomes (?) and the continued rape/plunder of our province.

kootcoot said...

Awesome analysis Grant and commenters. One can only be reminded of the Shakespeare quote about weaving webs to deceive. I must say it is sheer joy to contemplate the BC liaRs faced with so many threats to their criminal reign to deal with. Talk about wheels revolving within wheels within turntables.

People just aren't paying attention whenever they think the BC MSM, who are little more than an outsourced private branch of the Public Affairs Bureau, don't have an ulterior motive when they have anything good to say, or quit running down any NDP politician. Carole James became the re-incarnation of the Virgin Mary once her leadership and position as a Liberal asset became threatened. The fact that the MSM ignores the candidate (from any party) with the most articulate policy positions, John Horgan, should be proof enough that he would not only be the best premier available today, but the most likely to wipe the street with Crusty and her fellow clowns and thieves. If they could attack him on the issues, they would. Since they can't they act as if he didn't exist and promote the gay guy, all the while preparing for their dog whistle "family values" campaign.

Think of the tactics already used, and a subject of investigation still, by Kash Heed in the last election targeting the ethnic vote with scary pamphlets attacking the NDP for supporting gay rights and just imagine the indirect attacks on a gay candidate, especially since Queen Crusty has been staking out the family values crowd since before her coronation. Unfortunately much of BC isn't as open minded as the West End or even Victoria. Of course they won't attack Mike's orientation directly, that would be unacceptable, but if the election is between Mike and Crusty, just watch as every dog in the province will have their ears standing straight up.

Don't forget, this is a province that sends mostly MPs to Ottawa that support the gay bashing chicken hawk Harper who then has the gall to do a terrible job of playing piano and singing "Imagine" (an anthem for peace badly mangled by a man who never heard of a war he didn't want Canada to join ) with the young girl who gained fame by singing a song by Lady Gaga promoting tolerance and gay rights.

This is a great time to remember Campbell's statement from a year or two ago, when he still felt entitled to be crime lord for life that he would do whatever it took to insure that the NDP NEVER EVER formed government in BC. The way he stated it made it impossible to discount any tactic including assassination, imposition of martial law or military coup.

For all of Crusty's denials of any knowledge or participation in the BC Rail theft/scam, she also chose to jump ship at about the same time as the other tainted cabinet ministers fearful of being caught up in the aftermath of the Ledge Raids(in case justice actually prevailed - a remote possibility in the banana republic of BC). Judith Reid and Gary "ferret" Collins. It was pretty obvious that "family" wasn't the real reason for her escape when she so soon launched her unsuccessful try for the Mayor's chair in Vancouver.

When Campbell became totally tainted and unsustainable as leader, perhaps a primary motivation for Crusty in seeking the leadership was the desire to cover her own ass by burying the BC Rail issue, which she could only accomplish as Queen of BC. So now she is Queen for now, helped to that position by and now surrounded by a cast of characters that reads like the witness list of the trial that never happened!

Anonymous said...

They're all partners in crime ...

Anonymous said...

We don't call the BC Liberals, the crime family for nothing.

The BCR wasn't for sale was, Campbell's election lie. We should have forced him to resign, right then and there. BC people, should have forced Campbell to resign when, he got his criminal charge of his DUI. Campbell sniveled and asked the people to forgive him, which we very foolishly did. He turned around and kicked the very people who forgave him, right in the face, for doing so. Has there ever been a convicted criminal, as premier in any province in Canadian history? The HST wasn't on Campbell and Hansen's radar, was another election lie. And, so was BC's small provincial deficit. Lies, lies, lies and more lies, right up to this very day.

Christy Clark and brother, were also implicated in, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR. Christy bailed out of government very quickly. We are not going to forget, about that corrupt sale, ever!!

Never should we ever, trust the BC Liberals again, they are not worthy. The BC Liberals, lies, deceit, corruption and cheating to win, has caused too much anger. Christy is trying to disassociate herself from Campbell. No point Christy, you were there when Campbell fraudulently sold the BCR, and so was your brother.

Christy, the BC Liberal ministers and the mla's, all backed the monster Campbell, to the hilt. On Christy's radio show, she called the people objecting to Campbell's insanity, the Taliban. Christy tries to portray herself as, little miss sweetness and light. However, she gave herself away, too many times, for us to believe that.

Anonymous said...

The question is whether British Columbians actually will have the strength to standup to this government and if they will selectively choose to forget what the Liberal party had done in the past. Sadly, it seems that many in big business seem less concerned with the effects the Liberal party inflict on the average British Columbian and more concerned with the botom line.

Something has to change and it would be great to have a 3rd party in BC.