Sunday, April 3, 2011

Is David Hahn Actually Moses?

I made a trip into the big smoke last week, duty calls, friends, family and a little bit of entertainment.....

Living on the Sunshine coast requires me to ride on our fandangled top of the line new and improved BC Ferries....Well, I like to get to the ferry terminal early park and relax and not worry about missing the boat, at Langdale I was so early I was  first and the front of the row, I was two hours early so when the ferry came I was put on the upper deck and was right up front, right out into daylight again(The upper deck, the first few cars go from under cover to a little area out in the open air).......What a view and I get full radio reception, nothing in front of me but Howe Sound and it was dead calm, the ferry I was on had to be 40 years old, the ship pulled away from Langdale like it had the previous 40 years that I had rode it, I don`t bother going upstairs to the passenger deck anymore, well rarely, the same old ferry food, hamburgers and slop, more food varieties than 30 years ago but the never the less, the cafeteria has operated selling coffee and grub forever and the change there is negligible, the ship approached Horseshoe Bay and I was driving the ferry in my mind, just past Boyer Island I ease off on the throttle, I use the momentum to almost coast into the slot, as we enter the shoot I ever so slightly engage the forward gear and about 20 feet out from contact I put it in reverse and give a little shot of gas, the boat lurches a bit and comes to almost a complete stop, the last forward bit of momentum carries the ferry gently forward where it gives a little bump to the dock, I then engage the forward gear and press the ferry to the ramp and use a little forward push to keep it there while both people and cars unload and reload.

I have made this same voyage hundreds of times, nothing has changed, same route, same technique, same food, same schedule, the departure Bay- Horseshoe bay run has less sailings today than of years past, Tawaassen to Duke point run is unchanged, what I am talking about is how some idiots in the media and in Government put David Hahn on a pedestal, the man is a rude American who has mocked the paying public, he has ordered the Ferry Corporation to rip the public off, $1.2 million in pre-paid passes ripped up by David Hahn and he has no remorse, remorse would be nice but Hahn doesn`t exhibit remorse he exhibits disdain, scorn and anger towards the paying public, the $million dollar per year man for what?

What has David Hahn done Harvey Oberfeld?....Did he build the new sitting at the dock most of the year ferries, did he hire his own work force, has he transformed BC Ferries into anything they haven`t already been for 50 years, are there new ferry routes, new record travel numbers, did David Hahn design the terminals, can anyone tell me one thing that David Hahn has done that would warrant a $1 million dollar plus pay package running a Government monopoly? BC Ferries now have a $1.5 billion dollar debt, the interest rate on that money is several points higher than the Province could borrow at, but as a private corporation they pay higher interest rates, ridership is down, ridership is about affordability and a strong economy, Hahn deserves to be ripped for his economic performance first, he failed and on public relations and charm he scored zero.....Yet the media put Hahn in some fictitious reality where failure gets churned and spun until it`s called success....Absolutely laughable how the media slurped up Hahn juice when the simplest of looks would reveal a bankrupt company going the wrong way..

And when tired hacks criticize John Horgan for saying that he thinks David Hahn should be put on latrine duty scrubbing floors and toilets is a bit rich, according to Harvey Oberfeld that isn`t very premier like, according to Harvey Oberfeld not only should Horgan never be premier for being so childish he claims that Gordon Campbell and or Christy Clark would never call people names, those two are far more premier like compared to the amateur Horgan...

That`s the problem with age(for some)..They become senile, what did Christy Clark call 720,000 people who signed the HST...It was Taliban Harvey, you hear me Harv...TALIBAN....And how about Gordon Campbell and his lies, I would have preferred Campbell calling people names and telling the truth, Gordon Campbell is the most corrupt premier to ever rule this Province but that`s okay with Harvey Oberfeld because Campbell never called anyone any names(Unless they were NDP).....

Of all the things one could write, Harvey O writes about Dix calling voters the mushy middle and Horgan for calling out Hahn who in my opinion should be taken out back for a real paddling, mano a mano yet Harvey Oberfeld gives his compadre Farnworth a free ride, I`m not going there but the post was a pathetic soft Farnworth endorsement while throwing poutine at Horgan and Dix....

I am sick n tired of the observations through the looking glass, now don`t get me wrong, Harvey Oberfeld writes some good stories but he makes these statements as if he lived in a bubble for the last decade, for example Harvey O wrote a story saying that Christy Clark should deal with the contract-less paramedics, anyone with connected brain cells would agree with Harvey O about the paramedics but then he ruins the story by making statements like this.

But I do KNOW one thing …to take away ANY public servants’ right to strike or protest or even negotiate an agreement, and IMPOSE a legislated settlement WITHOUT MANDATORY BINDING ARBITRATION is simply wrong. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! And that’s exactly what happened to BC’s paramedics in Nov. 2009 under Bill 21.
It is dictatorship at its worst.  Denial of fairness and justice.
BC is not Wisconsin; BC is not governed by right-wing  Republican or Tea Party extremists; most British Columbians of every political stripe  DO have a sense of fairness and justice. And to force people to work under imposed working conditions, wages and lack of basic rights is simply wrong

I highlighted one part in bold....Where has Harvey been living, Freedom of information has been gutted, courts are financially out of reach for both litigants and defendants, Gag laws, bills that stripped town`s rights away..BCUC gutted..The environmental assessments have been corrupted, new police powers, the shredded HEU contract, BC Rail corruption trial, Kash Heed, Gerry mandering, Translink given the power of taxation, theft of gaming grants, treatment of seniors and the autistic, shuttering schools and lies lies and more lies and I haven`t got into the skyrocketing BC Debt, run of river, hydro rates and the HST lie.......Yet Harvey believes we don`t live under a right wing Republican like Government, Christ Harvey half the Campbell Government should be jailed, Falcon, Bond, Bell, Kreuger, Bill Bennett and every other damn lying BC Liberal have called any and all NDPers every name in the book, not just names but fabricated lies about the 90s when the truth of the matter is in the 90s....

GDP was higher in the 90s under the NDP than Campbell`s decade....Employment numbers were higher in the 90s...Business investment was higher in the 90s...More housing starts in the 90s....More net migration to BC in the 90s...Lower debt and smaller deficits in the 90s, all facts, all provable, all ignored from media stooges and looking glass inhabitants yet these same paid idiots come crawling out of the woodwork to attack John Horgan for taking a jab at David Hahn....Oh the humanity.....What next Harvey, cancer survivors can`t run for premier, hair too long, poor eye sight, Irish ancestors, what next damn it?

At least my motives aren`t disguised and hidden under a garbage filled post.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Op-en


Anonymous said...

Grant, thank you. Couldn't have said it any better.
And you know, we are on our way to being Wisconsin. It started with Bill 29 for the hospital workers. And legislated teachers and ambulance workers. Shame on the liebs. Right now we have a Supreme Court who hasn't been bought, yet. Thank goodness for them and as much as at times I have a problem with the Charter of Rights, thank goodness for it.

We can't be fooled. If the BC lieberals get in, and the Cons federally, all I can say is, LOOK OUT. We are all egyptians.

istvan said...

Anon 6:45 don't bet on the courts.And Grant,thats just Harv.

Anonymous said...

Re paramedics: I'm certain John Horgan and his fellow candidates will offer the paramedics the same support as they do the ferry workers.

The concept of volunteering as a fire-fighter or paramedic worked many years ago because people that lived right in their community were willing to provide this service for THEIR neighbours, friends,family and community for free.

Paramedics "volunteer" for two dollars an hour, many in communities where they have no ties. That is the ONLY career path to full employment.

What happened to the concept of equal pay for equal work?

The highly-trained people we depend on in our communities when are in crisis spend their weekends waiting for a call.

A fast-food worker should not make more than a dedicated professional. The minimun wage should be the very least compensation that is offered.

Grant G said...

No, you are wrong...Harvey has endorsed Farnworth now for the second time...

I could give a rat`s ass over who Harvey is endorsing but to try and drag the others through artificial,fictional mud...

David Hahn deserves the same respect he gives the public...NONE.

Horgan had the balls to speak to truth and Harvey lambastes Horgan for it in a cheesy poor written waste of words...

Harvey can write if he tries, that last piece of slop could have been written by a child, perhaps it was...

Harvey O can kiss Hahn`s ass for all I care, Harvey lives in a bubble and is clueless to the real issues...

The real question needed to be asked is why Harvey Oberfeld wrote a pathetic article but more importantly one needs to ask themselves what do Farnworth and Oberfeld have in common and then the light will reveal the true dirtiness of Oberfelds article and underlying motive.

Grant G said...

And perhaps you missed this gem of a statement from old tired Harvey O at the outset of the NDP leadership campaign. below is cut n pasted from Harveys post last month.

"More of the same … just what BC voters DON’T want. Yet that seems exactly what we will mostly get with any of the NDP leadership candidates.

MLA Mike Farnworth was first elected MLA in 1991 and is a nice guy: where have we heard that before? And clearly part of the “old” gang of New Democrats.

MLA Adrian Dix also has a long party history…including being involved in improper backroom NDP operations and controversies: just what BC needs?

MLA Harry Lali has threatened to take legal action against his own party over “contaminated” new memberships submitted by Dix: won’t that produce a vote of confidence for an alternative to the Liberals!

MLA John Horgan sought guidance from a spiritual elder of the T’Sou-ke First Nation who “looked inside my soul …and advised me that my cause was just and my heart was pure and I should take that journey. That was the turning point for me.” Say no more.

Dana Larsen is a pot activist and MLA Nicholas Simon reportedly thinks “all social policies should be seen through the eyes of a child”. Right!

Now tell me, honestly please, which of these do YOU think British Columbians would enthusiasically entrust with $40 BILLION annual provincial tax revenues?"

So Harvey Oberfeld slams Horgan for talking to a First Nation`s elder....And Harvey adds emphasis "Say no more"....

So Horgan calls out the asshole David Hahn and spoke to a first nation elder and for that Harvey Oberfeld dismisses his potential..

Oberfeld is a racist, Oberfeld is an environmental dinosaur, he`s clueless on the Fish lake prosperity mine yet he chirps away on job issues without one solitary fact on his side, Harvey Oberfeld is what I call lazy and backroom dirty.

Harvey knows exactly what he is up to......He may expect a little slack because he`s old...

None will be coming from me...Only until Harvey Oberfeld feels policies in his own pocket book does he care...Thus his scathing rebuke of 7/11 because he couldn`t return his 2 litre pop jugs for money...That got him riled up and researching, salmon farms, copper poisoning and Government lies float over an oblivious Harvey Oberfeld.....Unless it`s a populous story like BC Rail ....

Anything gutsy or solo will not be seen on his site.

Good day

ron wilton said...

David Hahn is to BC Ferries and Gordon Campbell, what David McLean was to BC Rail and Gordon Campbell.

They were both set up by powers beyond our knowing to use the sociopath Campbell to facilitate the transfer of public wealth to corporate interests.

Why we are paying Hahn a million dollars a year to take our ferries is worth exploring, especially when one realizes that Hahn is still receiving thirty thousand a month from his supposedly bankrupt previous business operation.

It is interesting to note that McLean's personal wealth has increased threefold since he delivered BC Rail to his corporate masters.

Neither of these David's knew or know squat about ferries or railroads before their rather dramatic appearance's on Campbell's doorstep.

Interesting as well is the shadowy prescence of a third David (Emerson) weaving himself in and out of most if not all of the Campbell giveaways.

Anonymous said...

Grant, didn't know where else to pout this:
Kash Heed
What a frickin disgust is this?

Anonymous said...

Please stop dissin' David Hahn. He is not Moses - he is actually the reincarnation of Noah. As in...
Noah breaks from higher fares
Noah free rides for ferry workers
Noah won't disclose any financial details
Noah don't care that BC Ferries was designed to provide a low cost route for island people to prosper and help the whole BC economy grow.
Noah don't care that it costs over 400 dollars (376 plus tax) for a single person in a single vehicle to get from the Haida Gwaii to the mainland and back. Those people don't have enough money to take ferries anyway.
Noah don't care that any one of those three fast ferries which were sold for about a nickel on the dollar would have been ideal for that run. Stop bothering me.
Welcome back to Biblical times. Bring a life jacket 'cuz this Noah doesn't like people riding on his boat.