Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Who elected these idiots?

As I have stated before "There is no one to vote for federally" I have been waiting patiently for someone to emerge, I am no Stephen Harper fan,slippery Jack Layton,not in this decade,which brings me to the federal Liberals, a disgusting batch of politicians,not people,not thinkers,a sleazy bunch of power hungry losers, having said that it brings me back to Harper,the bar is so low all it takes is someone to hold key while singing to win me over.
Lets talk about Ruby Dhalla, a federal liberal MP, I never heard of her either until I read this little article, I am giving fair warning to my regular readers, I`m not going to be kind,both barrels blazing, call me a racist,a bigot, I don`t care anymore, the federal liberals have been pandering to immigrants and giving this country away for far too long.
I am sick and tired of being classed as a second class citizen in Richmond, all the writing is in Chinese or Mandarin,same thing in Surrey and it`s only getting worse, my surgeon`s assistant out at Surrey Memorial hospital(back when I was being worked on several years back) told me about a systemic problem in Surrey, elderly grandparants, elderly relatives of immigrants (especially in the east Indian culture) would come from where-ever to visit relatives in Vancouver/Surrey/all over Canada....Well these elder relatives come for visits when they are in dire, critical or dying conditions, that`s right, relatives of Canadians in certain cultures have their relatives visit when they are on their death beds, and once they enter Surrey memorial or some other hospital they are there for life, for these episodes are planned, free care and or medical treatment that isn`t available in their homeland, the people here are too poor to pay so the bill gets dumped onto the Canadian taxpayer.
So when I read about federal Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla`s ( east indian ) private members bill I almost throw up, Ruby wants to give/allow elderly immigrants to be eligible for Canada pension after only three years in the country...........SAY WHAT....Currently there is a 10 year requirement before being pension eligible, ......Ruby Dhalla went onto to say " Well I was elected to represent and voice the concerns of my constituents"
Did I read that right, what the hell is going on ? Her constituents want elderly immigrants to get pensions after only three years in Canada, I worked for 30 years only to get mangled and receive nothing but shit on a stick from Worksafe BC, what kind of a riding does she live in?
I suggest to Ruby Dhalla that she resign from politics, there are two issues at play here,three actually, first off, Canada has an aging population of baby boomers,in fact you can see Gordon Campbell is gradually dismantling health care in BC,less service,longer waits and at the same time a push to private for profit care,so when my dad has to sit in a emergency room for 18 hours while individuals are clogging our hospitals with unpaid invaders riles me up......
Why, tell me why we should allow any immigrants older than 30 into Canada? OK,maybe 40...but we shouldn`t be bringing in immigrants of age without 100% backing and care to be provided by family here in Canada, and a big fat no to elderly immigrants receiving pensions after three years, open the floodgates if that bill passed, anyways, there is no free lunch, the standard of living in Canada and especially in BC is in free-fall and the federal liberals have been using immigrants,promises,gifts to garner votes for too long, and as sure as god made little green apples the federal Liberals are up to their old tricks again. (read about Ruby Dhalla`s private members bill here)
Life is a bitch,there is no free lunch, immigration should be put on the back-burner until this depression is over, no pensions,no elderly immigrants, no free medical treatment for relatives on their death bed, no pandering to immigrants for votes, federal,provincial, look at how the ridings are won and lost, Conservatives win rural settings(mainly white ridings) and Liberals win the concentrated ethnic ridings around cities, this culture of promising gifts,money, family reunification for the sake of power must end, the federal liberals have been doing this from the Trudeau era on, and believe me,Gordon Campbell uses the same technique, the idiots in Richmond are too stupid to realize that Campbell isn`t even a Liberal.
As for you Ruby Dhalla,you go back and tell your constituents that the three year pension is out! And as a Canadian getting treated like a piece of garbage,I expect you Ruby Dhalla to apologize to all of Canada.
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